July 18 2017

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Be a Spiritual Warrior or a Worrier


In this discourse from 18 July 2017, His Holiness Paramahamsa Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Paramashivamji explains about manifesting powerful cognitions.

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nithyānandeśvara sadāshiva samārambhām nithyānandeśvari adīshakti madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande guru paramparām ||


I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the Devotees, Disciples, Samajis, Satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Thanedar, Kothari, Visitors, Viewers, everyone sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Kalki TV, Facebook Live on 100s of Aadheeenavasis channels, YouTube Live, Twitter Live and through 2-way Video Conferencing, having Nayana Deeksha all over the world. I will continue on Aadhenam chalo series and nitty gritties of shaktipata.

Today I will explain precisely on the science of manifesting powerful cognitions. When it comes to manifesting powerful cognitions, use every opportunity in your life with a ferociousness like war, understand. Either you become spiritual warrior or you will be worrier; that’s all. Even the laziness pattern, tiredness pattern, the pattern you feeling, “OH, 10 more minutes sleep it will be really nice. Understand, that pattern need to be handled in 2 ways.

One – enough oxygen has not gone into your body - means, leave all the windows and doors open and sleep. Let there be lot of free flow of air when you are sleeping. That’s one.

Second - have haritaki in the night, so food does not stay heavily on your stomach and take all your energy and attention, stopping the free flow of prana. Understand, the stomach is light. The stomach is light. The free flow of prana will be happening in your whole system, in your whole body.


Listen carefully, very carefully. Attending physiologically and physically is one. Second, attend in the level of pattern, means, dig out every pattern every time you said ‘NO’ to life, every time you denied life; dig out every time you said no to life, every time you decided not to be alive, every time you decided not to be intense, every time you decided not to be ferocious, every time you decided not to be active. Look into all those moments. Look into all those patterns. Listen carefully. Look into all those moments. Look into all those patterns.

Life…. when it is opening its doors to you, when it is happening to you, when it is welcoming you, when it is inviting you, when it is giving possibilities available to you, saying ‘No’ will be very costly. You might have said few hundred or even few thousand No’s earlier. Logically you cognize all the possibilities open in front in you. Just because you did not want to expand you say ‘No’ to something is what I am calling saying ‘No’.


Listen carefully I am defining. Jumping into the house which is burning, is not considered courage or taking risk. Let those fools who get married do that risks. Listen, I am not saying jumping into the burning house is saying ‘Yes’ to life and if you don’t jump it is saying ‘No’ to life. NO. Your cognition cognizes thoroughly all the possibility and you deny it just because you need to expand. Through your logic or emotion or physical or psychological, in some level you were demanded, you need to expand; you do not want that. For that reason you say ‘No’, if you say No, listen, that is what I say – ‘saying ‘No’ to life’

Look, dig out the incidents where you said No to life. Ability to say ‘Yes’ to life knowing that new dimensions of your life will be opening to you and there is lot of demanding over your body, mind and consciousness, that ability is called Rudra. Understand, Rudra means ability to say ferociously ‘yes’. Knowing that so many of your dimensions will be manifested through you in a very demanding way. I tell you, I allowed the existence to demand me and I stood up, said ‘Yes’. Understand, I don’t like this idea of growth. I love only breakthroughs.

Growth is for middle class minds, not for Hindus. Growth is for middle class minds, not for Hindus. If you are Hindu even you are not enlightened you are elite, understand. By your very hard wire, by the way you are hard wired, you are elite. Just add N- Nithyananda you will be eNlight!! J


Understand, people ask me, “Why this silver throne, golden throne, golden temple?” Arey, we Hindus are elite, come on! Poverty is neither our religion, nor our lifestyle till it was forced, dumped on us. Till we were robbed brutally, destroyed, cunningly exploited, poverty was not our lifestyle. That was not even our thought current.

The first Upanishad, starts with –

kurvanneveha karmāṇi jijīviṣet śataṁ samāḥ |

īśāvāsyam idaṁ sarvam yat kiṁ ca jagatyāṁ jagat |

tena tyaktena bhuñjitha, ma gṛdhaḥ kasyasvid dhanam ||1||

kurvann eveha karmāṇi jijīviṣet śataṁ samāḥ |

A real cosmic communist concept is enjoy by not possessing but owning. Listen. Enjoy by not possessing but owning. Owning means knowing you are responsible, it’s all yours. Possessing means having it under your control and not letting others to use. Exclusiveness is possession, having it for the sake of enriching is owning.

I own this property, not possess this property. Understand the difference. I own this property but not possess this property. If I don’t allow any of you, only I roll around, run around, and I build a walking trail for me and a jogging trail for me and a swimming pool for me and I live all by myself with my few servants, then you call I possess this property. Other than the few square feet where I am lying own, everything is used by everyone else; not only used - planned, designed, built for everyone else.


The other day we were having discussion with construction team. I told, “Don’t design this place just as a University where 1000s of people will stay, study, read, evolve; don’t design just like that… as a university alone. Design structure such a way, every month few lakh will gather and there will be celebration; literally spiritual rioting celebrations where the festive dimension of Hinduism is ALIVE.”

How in the modern day if a new jewellery or a costume or a dress, need to be introduced to the society, you put that on a model and make them do cat walk on the ramp. In Hindu tradition, when we introduce anything new, we put it on the deity and make then go round the world. Deities and temples were the way, methodology we introduced new inventions and revelations to the world. Devotion was the way, that was the platform, in which all the best discoveries, inventions, growth, artwork, everything, the cream of us was shared with the world. Understand, in this system, the Hindu economical system, a real cosmic communism, where you own but not possess.

kurvann eveha karmāṇi jijīviṣet śataṁ samāḥ | evaṁ tvayi nānyatheto’sti na karma lipyate nare ||2||

Understand, the Hindu concepts of life, economy, how the Hindu scriptures view body, mind, all this need to be understood thoroughly. If somebody does not live an orthodox life, means, grooming themself and hygiene life, I know for sure this fellow is a womanizer. A person who lives a very hygienic, orthodox, clean life, will have so much of reverence for the body. He will live a very respectful life towards himself and his body. I tell you, I am not talking about somebody having some extramarital relationship and all those and I am neither promoting nor supporting any of that. All I am trying to tell, understand, a hygienic, clean, orthodox, madi-madi person will never be womanizer. Practice this madi-madi lifestyle - that clean, hygiene, that lifestyle for one year. You will develop what Sadashiva calls sauca and santosha.


Santosha is the joy you discover through saucha. Understand, saucha infuses such large quantity of prana in you. Again and again Sadashiva says, “Take bath in a large water body where at least 1000 times more amount of water is there, than amount of blood in your body.” For example, a normal average human body may have 6 litre to 7 litre blood; for some people maybe 10 litre, maximum 10 litre blood in the body. Take bath always in a water body where 1000 times more, 10X1000, 10,000 litre water body.

And all of you are Shaivaites. We have already built a huge vaidya sarovar. I don’t know why you guys will neither bother to use it, repair it. Anyhow, I have achieved what I need to achieve. It is now up to you guys. I am not going to run behind, “ohhhh who is in charge, which department, where is the approval standing, where is the work standing” If you guys are enough responsible, so many thousand ‘supposed to be the Shaivaites’ living, you plan it and use it. Understand all this matters.


A large quantity water body when you take bath, every pore in your body will be forced to inhale water prana. Understand, Prana is available to us in five form.

Prana in the form of earth is the food, food you take.

Prana which is in the form of water comes to you when you take bath, when you wash your body; understand, not when you drink liquids. Liquids bring only the solid, the bhu prana not the jala prana. jala prana gets into the system only through skin. Especially your lower body, the private parts of the body… need to experience the pressure of large quantity of the water, to heal itself, rejuvenate itself and breathe jala prana. It is one of the powerful rejuvenation, detoxification method. If you guys are interested in following Sadashiva’s words, you-Aadheenavasis, it is your home. Own it, decide to repair it or do what needs to be done. Start using it. It is for you all, I built. Not just one, in my master plan I have 10 water bodies, large quantity of water bodies. Considering a water body of 10 acre in one, one water body. I have plan, in the master plan to include.


A person who lives the life of saucha, understand, every day at least few minutes inhale the smoke of agni, the homaagni; not this smoke [Swamiji gestures cigarette smoking] this smoke [gestures homa smoke]; not this smoke, this smoke. When you do the yajna, agnihotra homa with scared mantras and herbs, pure cow ghee. I don’t know how many of you know – just few milli litre, few milli pure cow ghee sprinkled in fire, generates large quantity of oxygen, prana. It’s all established facts, verifiable facts.

So whenever you sit in yajna shala or gou shala and breathe the agni prana is available to your system. Understand, that is why the brahmins who live the vaidic lifestyle live for quite a long time, quite a long time. The Vaidic lifestyle is not easy, I tell you. I sat and conducted, did rituals for hours by myself. I know it’s not joke. But people who do this lifestyle, they live for quite a long time; because that lifestyle is such, all pancha prama will be available to them – prana from the earth, prana from the jala, prana from the fire, prana from the air.

The prana for air is the gasping you do when you chant long mantras. Understand, when you chant long mantras that second… the vayu, the prana from the vayu enters into your system; gets assimilated into your system. Chanting loudly the long mantras like rudram, chamakam, makes the vayu prana get assimilated in your system. The akasha prana gets assimilated whenever you sit in oneness. Understand, the right sattvik food and drinks you receive solid, the bhu prana, prana from the earth energy, taking bath in the large water bodies….


If you all do something and from tomorrow morning if you start taking bath in the vaidya sarovar, I will consider all of you as my disciples. Understand, if you come back with any reasons that is the way life is going to treat you. Now it is up to you, whether you are going to make life happen or you are going to come back with a reason. When you start taking bath in the large water bodies, jumping, swimming, diving, rolling; you should live with that water body not just uuuu uuuuuu J

No, one very big leader told me in the Kumbha Mela. He came to my camp for kumbha mela. He did not have his camp so he came once. I made him sit and gave dinner and everything and then I told him tomorrow morning snan is there if you want please we will go together. Join us. – “no, Ennaku Jalpu Pidichidum …. Kuluru Thannila kulicha, ennaku Jalpu pidichurum” - J means if I take bath in the cold water, I will catch cold.

That day I decided, all my Sannyasis should do parivrajika and live with the nature. Live, live, live a ferocious YES life. I want my kids to be jumping into Ganga and swimming across the Ganga. I have seen Sadhus and children doing this in Ganga, in Kashi. Of course in Kolkata you can never cross Ganga. It is too large and too wild. But in other places like Gangotri, Haridwar, Varanasi, I have seen kids and Sadhus doing this; jumping, enjoying. I literally want that kind of a water body here and that kind of a life for our kids.

No really! That is the way the body should evolve. Morning 4-5 you just slap your body on Shiva sthamba or kundalini rope. Let’s have a Sanskrit name like Shiva Sthamba, Kundalini rajju – rajju is the Sanskrit word for rope. Shiva Sthamba yoga, Kundalini Rajju Yoga. And jump into the water body. Spend your time there at least an hour and then here for pada puja; you sit for pada puja and Shiva puja. Then literally slam yourself in the air in the form of kirtan. Then I tell you, slam yourself into Consciousness, in the form of satsang, Oneness, Shaktipata. Then your life will never know something called depression or low energy. That’s the way life should be lived. That is the way life should be lived.

With such large number of aadhenavasis, evolving a proper system, and providing all the life guards, safety measures, everything; it’s not at all a big job. Create all that ambience vatavarana and provide this for our next generation, for our kids; for that only we are here. May be the so-called senior aadhenavasis will be thinking, “Oh God! How many times we opened this vaidya sarovar and closed it”. But I will not stop opening, understand.


Shiva means auspiciousness. I am Sadashiva, always auspiciousness, opening, opening, opening, opening, opening. Every time I remember something is collapsing, collapse shut down, I will not keep quiet. I will try my best – again open it, again open it, again open it. All our big aadheenams should have water body, large quantity water, where people can take bath…. as per the instructions of Sadashiva, saucha. Understand, all this matters. All this matters. If you say, “What is difference between jumping into that water body and taking bath and then pouring few mug.” I don’t want to describe more.

Thou shall be healthy, active, alive, living.

Thou shall consider death as much better than Jalpu pidichikum life style

This is what ideally I want. Any of you consider yourself as my disciples, put your intelligence, energy, everything and make it as reality as early as possible. We will have a huge beautiful hall in front of vaidya sarovar, and manas sarovar where 100s of malla khamba means Shiva Sthamba and 100s of kundalini rajju will be hanging. Morning 4 O’ clock all of you are there, slamming yourself on that Shiva Sthamba or Kundalini Rajju, have intense heavy yoga.

And the side of the hall there will be heap of the sacred pure ash from our goshala, and heap of original Ganga maati, the clay from the Ganges; where the land was not polluted by any industrial pollution. There are places where Ganga flows purely; there is no industrial pollution. The Ganga maati, means the clay of the Ganga collected from there should be made available here permanently forever. And the pure Erode Kaveri turmeric, the turmeric, manjal, which is grown from the pure kaveri water from Erode; that is the area, the best turmeric grows. That very sand has the right vatavarana for the turmeric. That pure Kaveri water, not the borewell water or any other water, the Kaveri water turmeric. Gangas clay, Kaveris turmeric, goshalas bhasma, all that heaps will be available. People should be able to use all that for cleansing themself, applying it on the body, to remove and cleanse all the dirt, and apply all that and jump into the vaidya sarovar. Dive, jump. Let your whole body be flooded. Understand, the whole body should be flooded, splashed; not that Jalpu pidichikum life style …. "oooo...thalamela thani oothathe, jalpu pidichikum. Mooku pakathula thani oothathe , ucha vanthudum"

Body should be slammed on the water body; so where the jalaprana enters into the system. So this what ideally I want for the morning routine. Whoever wants, whenever you want make this as reality. If you guys don’t, at least next generation somebody who sees this video will make this into reality wherever they live. Anyhow for the sake of humanity I have spoken what I have spoken.


The turmeric, manjal should be grown organically in the Erode Kaveri water and Kaveri delta; means where that sand…. the vandal mann ….the sand brought by Kaveri from the… from her birth place. It starts settling from Erode to Tanjore. That is the area where that millions of tonnes of fresh sand Kaveri brings, comes and settles during her flood period; from that sand, the turmeric which is grown. And same way the sand which she brings from Himalayas and settles when she enters the planes. Ganga brings the pure sand from Himalayas and settles when she enters into the planes that becomes the Ganga maati. That Ganga maati is for male body. The Kaveri’s turmeric is for female bodies. Of course it is not that men should not use the turmeric or women should not use the Ganga maati. It is usually used by those genders. But you can use both; nothing wrong.

And the pure desi cows brought up in organic way; the ash made out of their cow dung.


Understand, all these three should be available as heaps next to the yoga shed or yogashala and apply all that on your body, jump into Vaidya sarovar. These are the methods of sauca… methodology for living the lifestyle which Sadashiva says in agama. After all this whole campus is for that purpose I am evolving; not campus the whole sangha, not just this campus the whole sangha I am evolving for that purpose. So, have rest rooms like that where immediately after yoga you apply all this run to the rest room have your pancha kriya. Have enough number of restrooms so at a time all of you can do your pancha kriyas and jump into the Vaidya sarovar, cleanse yourself. We can, we are rich enough to have time for this and infra-structure for all this.

That is why I tell you, you are wealthy as per the need of agamas. Wealth is not having chlorinated swimming pool. Wealth is having agamic water body for your health. Chlorinated swimming pool may be useful for photograph and selfie in the Facebook; not for health. Chlorinated swimming pool till the last day you will have jalpu pidichikum lifestlyle.

So it is now up to you guys making what I want for all of you as reality as early as possible. And all this matters when it comes to living a beautiful, conscious, flowering life. To get all this it will not take more than few phone calls for you guys. None of you need to bend your body; it’s all just few phone call job. Hope you guys will do it and live.


So with this before entering into the next session I wanted to introduce an important thing to all of you. Nithyananda power manifestation centres. Inviting all the disciples who are manifesting powers already I am going to initiate all of you into the new power – not just body scanning, body scanning and healing!! You will be able to scan and tell a person. If you look through the third eye once it is body scanning, if you look through the same third eye second time it is healing. It will just burn those diseases, disorders. I am also going to initiate you into this next power. I am inviting all of you - whoever is manifesting powers or want to manifest powers. If you are an IA grad, if you have taken vishesha deeksha and want to start this Power Manifestation Healing Centres, I am giving a new name – Power Manifestation Healing Centers, Nithyananda Sadashiva Shakti Chikitsa 44:57 Mayyam, Nithyananda Sadashiva Power Manifestation Healing Centres.

To invite visitors… you will manifest powers of third eye reading, body scanning, remote vision. Through the body scanning you will even do the spiritual healing, introduction to power manifestation class and much more. Be well known in your community as Nithyananda Yogi, radiate Sadashiva and Adishakti and Swamiji’s eternal energies.

I am going to have 2 days special program. The next coming 2 day special program will be Glimpses of MahaSadashivoham. After that we will have a 2 day special program, weekend workshop to train people. It is like a orientation program for starting Nithyananda Sadashiva Power Manifestation Healing centres. Anybody who is interested please register tiny.cc/powermanifestationcenter. So it will have a new name Nithyananda Sadashiva Power Manifestation Healing Centres. Anybody who wants to register, register. We will have a weekend workshop as a orientation program for everyone…. and initiation, to start this Nithyananda Power Manifestation Healing Centre. We will make at least 10000 by the end of this year. Take it to the world, take it to the world and support the world, help the world.


So with this, I bless you all. Let’s all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, Sadāshivoham, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.

Thank you.

Be Blissful.



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