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Karma is a collection of unfulfilled experiences that stay in us and which constantly pull us to fulfill them. These experiences stay with us because we did not do them with intensity and depth. These actions leave behind unfulfilled experiences in us. Anything that we do and experience intensely and deeply leaves our system. It will liberate us. However, any experience that we did not go through completely, through which we did not have complete fulfillment, that did not get out full energy, attention and awareness, remains inside us as Karma.

Karma needs to be understood clearly because Karma is the basis of life and death. It is the basis of blissful living.

Scriptural References

There is a beautiful verse in the Upanishads:

Om poornamadah poornamidam poornaat poornamudachyate Poornasya poornamaadaaya poornamevaavashishṣyate Om shaantih shaantih shaantih

From the Whole came the whole. If you remove the Whole from the Whole, the Whole remains.

It means that our basic nature is wholeness or fulfillment. We always seek fulfillment in what we do. Even though we carry some Karma, we are complete fulfillment. Any karma which is not fulfilled cannot rest in us for too long. It will try its best to fulfill itself. It will drive us again and again to do the same activity so that it can be fulfilled. Any desire, any experience which has not been complete in our system, will remain as karma and push us again and again to make us go through the same experience till it is fulfilled.

Karma - A Deeper Understanding

Any thought current or thought pattern in which you are stuck is karma. Stuck thought currents, suffocating thought currents, thought patterns, thought trends, is karma. Any stuck thought current which is not letting you cause your reality is karma.

Anything which raises you to the next level, which give you the push and breakthrough is freedom and completion. The thought pattern, thought trend which causes all the things which you want as reality, is completion.

Even if one thought current is discarded completely, you have mastered the method of discarding thought currents. Discarding thought currents is Completion.

Understand, when you completion with your root pattern, the collective, your family’s root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that; then collective, your society’s root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that; then collective, your country’s root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that; then collective the global root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that; then collective whole beings not just human, all beings’ root patterns will stand in front of you, complete that. Then the whole universal, the cosmic root pattern will stand in front of you, complete that. Then you are SADASHIVA. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Every completion is not completing with one thought pattern, but completing with the whole thought current. For example, if you have a slight tiredness, boredom, or headache after you wake up, change everything, not just your pillow or bed. Change everything – the way you think, the way perceive about life, the way you perceive about death, the ideas about God, the ideas you have about universe, the ideas you have about ‘you’. Say – NA ITI. NA ITI. Not this. Not this.

The time period you are stuck with thought pattern is a year, season in your life, parva. The time you are stuck in what thought current is ‘life’ in your life. A thought current, the time you spend with one thought current in your lonnggg life is one LIFE, means the time between one life and death. Understand your life or death, you life’s span is not defined based on the number of years you are in a body; it is based on the time you spend with one thought current. That is why whenever you completion certain thought current and enter into a new thought current whenever you are initiated into a new thought current, vedic tradition calls you a new born. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Types of Karma

You have three layers of karma – sanchita karma, agamya karma and prarabdha karma.

Prarabdha karma is the karma which you brought to be enjoyed and completed in this body. Agamya karma is the karma and incompletions which you accumulate after you assumed this body in this life. Sanchita karma is the reserve karma.

Usually, most people are satisfied if they complete with Agamya. Itself. Seekers go a little deeper than Agamya. They also complete the Prarabdha. But only when you complete with the Sanchita as well, will you be liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

Your Thought Patterns define your three karmas

The thought pattern which you don’t enjoy, which you already feel it is outdated and which is constantly suffocating you, shrinking you is Sancita karma. The thought pattern in which you feel you are stuck, but you are able to cause few things as your reality in your life, that is Agamya karma, but because you want to cause one or two things in your life as your reality, the thought pattern you accept, brings untold, unimagined, unexpected bondages, side-effects, after-effects in your life, that is called Agamya. There is a joke: Husband is person who stands by you during all troubles, tortures, sufferings, pains which will not be there in your life, if he is not there. That is the definition of agamya karma. You try to solve, cause your reality in one dimension of your life and you accept certain thought current, thought pattern, into your lifestyle, which causes multiple other suffocations and bondages, unimagined, unexpected, untold, unbriefed.

Prarabdha means not ready to allow either the outdated suffocating thought pattern or the thought pattern which causes your reality partially, deciding boldly to go on renouncing any thought current, thought pattern even if you suspect them, that they are not going to cause your reality completely. If you go on discarding, the discarding will become a lifestyle, that discarding thought pattern, thought trend, thought current is Prarabdha; means only exhausting, no more accumulation. Waking up to the reality. Any thought current, any thought trend cannot cause all my realities as reality, coming to that understanding and waking up to that reality is Enlightenment.

Not ready to be stuck in any thought current is the liberated thinking current. Not ready to accept any thought current as a lifestyle is perpetual completion.

Myths of Karma

MYTH 1: Karma means that the effects of our actions will come back to us in the future - Karma means the effect of your thought currents that will come back to your in the future till you complete. There is no CC TV recording going on in the Cosmos, where your actions will be bringing suffering to you in the future. But your thought currents will be bringing the results in the future. There is audio recording going on in the Cosmos, not video recording. Video recording means your actions being captured, audio recording means your thought currents being captured. Cosmos has only audio recording, no video recording. Understand, cosmos has no CC TV camera, it is only video muted camera, audio recording. A video recording getting punished is cheap and childish. God is not interested in that game. God is not playing the game of the judge. There is no such thing as you will be judged, weighed based on your actions. If God is supposed to do that job, you don’t need God, you just need men who can analyze CC TV footage of your life and pass the judgement. Only the thought current comes back as the karma, not the action current.

MYTH 2: You can cancel out bad karma with good karma by doing good things You can cancel out any karma by cancelling that whole thought pattern, whole thought current. If you are not able to give up even one small part of your thought current and cause even parts of your reality, that is called bad karma. If you are able break and give up on parts of thought current and make parts of your reality into reality, that can be called good karma. If you are able to break the whole thought current and go beyond that thought trend, it is called Completion. So good karma does not cancel out bad karma. Cancelling out happens only when you break from the whole thought current.

MYTH 3: I will not accumulate karma if I do nothing. Do I accumulate karma through action or do I burn karma through action? This statement — “I will not accumulate karma if I do nothing” is a myth. There is no such thing as doing nothing. You can’t. You don’t know that space. When you achieve that space, you will not be making this statement – “if I do nothing”, you will make the statement—“if I be nothing.” You can never be doing nothing, if you are being something. Only if you are being nothing, you can be doing nothing. So there is no such thing as doing nothing.

TRUTH 1: Same action by different people will have different karmic effect. Yes.. Because it is the thought current behind the action is responsible for karma. Understand, Cosmos has continuous audio recording but not video recording. This statement, this truth will

Remember this one truth. Your life has no video recording, it only has audio recording. Your actions do not count, your thought current counts. Your fight with your mother or your fight with your mother-in-law, or your fight your brother-in-law, or your fight with your son-in-law or your fight with your grand daughter does not count; you fight – that counts. Same action by different people will have different karmic effect—the statement is true.

TRUTH 2: Karma cannot be changed.

Karma cannot be changed, it can only be discarded. It cannot be changed, it can only be discarded. Understand, the thought current of fight, thought pattern of fight, if you pick up, you can never see peace, it cannot be changed. You cannot alter the effects, side-effects, and the associated thought currents. It is like how if Mahadeva comes, Nandi will come, Devi will come, Ganesha will come, Kartikeya will come, with Ganesha, his rat will come, with Kartikeya, his peacock will come. With Devi, her lion will come.

When you bring the thought current of fight all the things associated will come, you cannot change it. Effect, side-effect, after-effect, everything will come, you can’t change it. You will attract the same type of people who are holding the same thought current in your life, again and again and again, it cannot be changed. Karma cannot be changed, it can only be discarded.

The great news is karma can be discarded. The moment you discard one thought current suddenly you will see, not only you are entering into the next level of your existence, you will seeing the people who exist on next level, surround you suddenly. Just like Indian movies, how the scene changes the moment you fall in love, your whole inside, outside changes. You friends in reality and your friend’s list in facebook; your likes in reality and your likes in facebook. Your right, wrong, good, bad, everything suddenly will change. You will have such big breathing space. Suddenly that feeling suffocated collapses, crashes..haaaaa..that haaaaaa become the music of your whole being. Whenever the haaaa become the music of your whole being, you are tasting completion, you are tasting completion, you are tasting completion. How to break from karmas

Karma is not like your rudraksha mala, if it is broken you can restring and wear and you can replace that broken bed with a new bead. Karma is not your rudraksha mala, it is your diaper, you have to change it completely. Karma is diaper, you have to change it completely. You can’t change part of it, you can’t wash and reuse. Karma is not your soap or your shampoo, or your mala, to repair, reuse, wash. No! It is your diaper, when it is smelling you have to change it completely. Even wash the area it was touching. If you feel stuck you have to change completely. Even the hand with which you changed it, need to be washed.

How do I decide what to change and what not to change in my life?

Change everything that can be changed. Most importantly, change the thought current, once you change that, everything which can be changed, will be changed around you. Blessed are those who have nobody else in their life who need to be changed when they change or with whom they feel stuck when they change. More blessed are those with whom they share their life also change when they change.

If you don’t have anybody, you are not stuck with anybody—your change is you change—you don’t need to wait for anybody else to change along with you, you are a Sannyasi. If you have somebody in your life who changes, when you change, you are a real Grihastha. If you have somebody to hold you even when you change, not ready to change, you are a householder. Grihastha means moving, moving, moving. The sthiti of grahas (planets) is moving and changing. But the very word ‘householder’ brings a different context. It is like suddenly after the aircraft lands, you put a bolt and nut and seal that in the runway. Grihastha means the plane is led to fly like grahas (planets).

Change anything can be changed. Change with challenge. Go on challenging anything which says — ‘I won’t change’. Try to change the very change itself. When you are ferocious to challenge anything which says—“it won’t change”, that ferociousness to change everything is Seeking. Ferociousness to change everything is Seeking. Be a Kalabhairava, Kali to your very life. Be Sadashiva to your very Life.

Create what you want to, maintain what you want to, destroy what do you want to, hide, put it into illusion what do you want to and grace, give your blessings to what do you want to. Be Sadashiva for your life. That is awakening to your true purpose and highest potential.

It is just your decision to change anything you know, liberates you from all karmas. Be Sadashiva for yourself in recreating yourself. Be Mahadeva for yourself for reinventing yourself.



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