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Types of Karma

You have three layers of karma – Sanchita karma, Agamya karma and Prarabdha karma.

Prarabdha karma is the karma which you brought to be enjoyed and completed in this body. Agamya karma is the karma and incompletions which you accumulate after you assumed this body in this life. Sanchita karma is the reserve karma.

Usually, most people are satisfied if they complete with Agamya. Itself. Seekers go a little deeper than Agamya. They also complete the Prarabdha. But only when you complete with the Sanchita as well, will you be liberated from the cycle of birth and death.

Three kinds of karmas

Prarabdha is the karmas you brought with you to exhaust in this life. Agamya is the karmas you accumulated in this life. Sanchita is the karmas you have saved for janmas, for lifetimes.

Let me be very honest, you cannot do anything with sanchita. Sanchita can be melted only by me working directly on it.

You can work on 2 things – agamya and prarabdha. Prarabdha is more like thoughts, engrams and patterns. Agamya is more like muscle-memory and bio-memory, which have become part of you. And Agamya itself has two parts – one is doing the actions in unawareness which bring suffering, and second is the pattern of doing such actions continuously and accumulating agamya, knowing it brings suffering.

For example, you know that by getting angry or irritated, you are going to suffer, but you still do it. This constant pattern of doing action and accumulating karma, even though you know it is wrong, is also agamya. This what I call as Agamya - the pattern of doing action and accumulating, even when you know it is dangerous for you. If you look into your sexual habit patterns, if you look into your drinking and addiction problems, you will understand!

So work on this strong pattern of knowingly accumulating agamya. Break that one pattern. Stop the agamya of agamya, that is the essence of handling all Karmas. That is the only way to save yourself from all the karmas.

A Story on Karma

Anything which is left in you incomplete and expecting your attention or action to go through it again and again for its completion, is "Karma".

Anything you left incomplete, whether your food or a cup of tea or alcohol or an action, anything which you left incomplete will naturally draw your attention to complete it.

Somebody goes to a Zen master saying, 'I am addicted to smoking, Master. Help me to come out of it.'

Master says, 'Take this cigarette pack.'

He was having it. Zen masters have all sorts of things!

He gave a pack of cigarettes and told that guy, 'Smoke these cigarettes completely. Means, when you pick them up, be aware, feel the touch. When you put them in your mouth, feel the touch in the lips. Don't put your attention on something else. Attend to this cigarette as if this the last cigarette you are going to smoke; after it you are going to die! Attend to it with that depth.'

After two days, the smoker who is supposed to be a smoker, came to the Master and said, 'Master, now I am not able to put the cigarette in my mouth. Not that I dropped the cigarette, the cigarette dropped me!'

Understand, anything when you do complete, the cigarette disappears! I am not saying go and do whatever you want completely! All I am trying to tell you is, anything you do completely, it drops you!

Krishnamurthy says beautifully, 'Anything you go through completely, leaves you complete.'

All you need to do in your life, anything you do, do out of completion, do it completely, so that, that leaves you in completion!

The incompletions you create in this life is Prarabdha Karma. And the root-pattern which goes on creating incompletions is Agamya Karma. Bio-memory which supports multiple root-patterns is Sanchita Karma.

Your Thought Patterns define your three karmas

The thought pattern which you don’t enjoy, which you already feel it is outdated and which is constantly suffocating you, shrinking you is Sancita karma.

The thought pattern in which you feel you are stuck, but you are able to cause few things as your reality in your life, that is Agamya karma, but because you want to cause one or two things in your life as your reality, the thought pattern you accept, brings untold, unimagined, unexpected bondages, side-effects, after-effects in your life, that is called Agamya.

There is a joke: Husband is person who stands by you during all troubles, tortures, sufferings, pains which will not be there in your life, if he is not there. That is the definition of agamya karma. You try to solve, cause your reality in one dimension of your life and you accept certain thought current, thought pattern, into your lifestyle, which causes multiple other suffocations and bondages, unimagined, unexpected, untold, unbriefed.

Prarabdha means not ready to allow either the outdated suffocating thought pattern or the thought pattern which causes your reality partially, deciding boldly to go on renouncing any thought current, thought pattern even if you suspect them, that they are not going to cause your reality completely. If you go on discarding, the discarding will become a lifestyle, that discarding thought pattern, thought trend, thought current is Prarabdha; means only exhausting, no more accumulation. Waking up to the reality. Any thought current, any thought trend cannot cause all my realities as reality, coming to that understanding and waking up to that reality is Enlightenment.

Not ready to be stuck in any thought current is the liberated thinking current. Not ready to accept any thought current as a lifestyle is perpetual completion.

More About Sanchita Karma

Sanchita is the totality of the past actions. It can be broken only when you understand that all your actions are just because of chemical imbalances in your body. See, once you realize that it is because of the high serum level in your body that you have expressed lust in the past, it is not just that you will have your life under your control in future. You will come out of even the effect of all past actions.

Actually, when you realize all actions are because of your hormonal imbalance, suddenly you will lose interest in all your pleasures. See, you will never feel like tasting and squeezing pleasure out of your own flesh! When you realize this truth, you will completely lose the very idea of pleasure and pain. When when you realize the intense excitement without the idea of pleasure, you radiate so much joy. Neither you run away from pleasure, nor you run towards it. The extraordinary joy without any idea of pleasure is what I call Living Enlightenment.


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