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Enlightenment very simply defined: Discovering and celebrating that you are unique is living enlightenment

Please understand the very purpose of human existence is to live enlightenment.

So what exactly is living enlightenment? Here is a video to start you off on this amazing journey!

101 Definitions of Enlightenment

  • 1. Changing what you need to change, accepting what you don't need to change.
  • 2. Approaching life with sincere playfulness.
  • 3. Feeling a constant connection with cosmos.
  • 4. Enjoying without craving and renouncing without suffering.
  • 5. Living beyond your ordinary logic.
  • 6. Discovering and celebrating that you are unique.
  • 7. Welcoming every way in which life introduces itself to you.
  • 8. Working with passion, waiting with patience.
  • 9. Intensity becoming part of your bio-memory.
  • 10. Restful awareness in every action.
  • 11. Living with a deep feeling that the whole cosmos is miracle.
  • 12. Surrender without guarantee from to who you surrender.
  • 13. Constantly supporting the needs of your being instead of the needs of your ego, the needs of your individuality not the needs of the personality.
  • 14. Running your life on inspiration, not on effort, fear or greed.
  • 15. Unclutching.
  • 16. Living with yogic body and Vedic mind.
  • 17. Living with a free and open liberated inner space.
  • 18. Freedom from whims and fantasies.
  • 19. Remembering what you need to remember and forgetting what you to forget.
  • 20. Not carrying vengeance against others or oneself.
  • 21. Taking responsibility for everything happening in you, to you, and around you.
  • 22. Living with the power to create your destiny every moment.
  • 23. Having the courage to change when change happens to you.
  • 24. Living without the gap between inner and outer worlds.
  • 25. Enjoying the chaos of life within the frame of your body.
  • 26. When the ideas of honor and dishonor can no longer touch you.
  • 27. Not being caught in extremes.
  • 28. Living effortlessly.
  • 29. Having the clear understanding of oneself and the world and god and humanity.
  • 30. Approaching life with the beginners mind.
  • 31. Opening your self to the other and through the other to the whole cosmos.
  • 32. Using the right mask in right situation with right people.
  • 33. When a spiritual awakening happens in you, and not falling back into old mental setup.
  • 34. The courage to live in utter insecurity.
  • 35. Intense seeking.
  • 36. Daring to unlearn.
  • 37. When you stop trying to live life and allow life to live you.
  • 38. Thinking, speaking, acting in alignment with the truth.
  • 39. The courage to face fear without fear.
  • 40. Saying YES to life.
  • 41. Welcoming the uniqueness of others without awakening your jealousy.
  • 42. Feeling a deep friendliness towards your body and towards everything through your body.
  • 43. Taking on responsibility without creating pressure and stress in you.
  • 44. Living in choice less freedom.
  • 45. Feeling all life as sacred.
  • 46. Freedom from guilt and experiencing life beyond guilt.
  • 47. Understanding that all your problems are no more than a hard hug from life.
  • 48. Having compassion which flows towards everything.
  • 49. Having the courage to love and to let go when required.
  • 50. Doing your best and leave the rest.
  • 51. An ordinary life lived in an extraordinary way.
  • 52. Working from intuition, not just from dull intellect.
  • 53. Gambling with life and losing it to the divine.
  • 54. Being true to oneself and honest to oneself.
  • 55. Intense passion directed towards no object, person, or situation.
  • 56. Correct listening.
  • 57. Knowing when to bend and when to stand and doing it.
  • 58. Going beyond doubt and faith.
  • 59. Celebrating your self as a conscious miracle of the cosmos.
  • 60. Love minus possessiveness and suffering caused by possessiveness.
  • 61. Being total in whatever you do.
  • 62. Seeing the world each day as if for the first time.
  • 63. Living in gratitude.
  • 64. Risking your beliefs to explore the truth.
  • 65. Living by consciousness, not for conscience.
  • 66. Keeping the possibility to trust alive no mater how many times it is broken.
  • 67. A constant conscious connection to something higher than you.
  • 68. Spontaneous living in and with cosmos.
  • 69. Understanding clearly that yesterdays free will is today's destiny and today's free will bee tomorrows destiny.
  • 70. Being a natural inspiration for conscious living for those around you.
  • 71. Not allowing your intelligence to destroy your innocence.
  • 72. Total surrender with total responsibility.
  • 73. Living with utter simplicity in outer world and abundance in inner world.
  • 74. The courage to be yourself.
  • 75. When you cannot be caught by desire or shaken by fear.
  • 76. Realizing that nothing needs to be added to you or taken away from you.
  • 77. Exploring your potential in 360 degrees.
  • 78. Moving from fulfillment to more fulfilment to more and more fulfillment.
  • 79. The courage to make mistakes and the ability to learn lessons from mistakes.
  • 80. Allowing all emotions to play in you without touching you, only letting them teach you.
  • 81. Living in romance with your self and through yourself with whole cosmos.
  • 82. Doing a little more than you possibly can in any field.
  • 83. Daring to live without ordinary beliefs.
  • 84. Intense excitement for no reason.
  • 85. Enjoying the path and the goal.
  • 86. Expanding beyond the boundary of your body and mind.
  • 87. Continuously bridging gap between your expectations and reality.
  • 88. Living without regrets.
  • 89. Radiating causeless overflowing love.
  • 90. Infusing silence into your being and bringing restful awareness to you.
  • 91. Enjoying everything that happens in your life as auspicious.
  • 92. The strength to face life and death lightly.
  • 93. Dropping the desire for suffering.
  • 94. Walking through life with open arms.
  • 95. The willingness to change your opinions and strategy for life.
  • 96. Simplicity in words and actions.
  • 97. Being aware of the games of the mind.
  • 98. Serving without knowing you're serving.
  • 99. Living without defences.
  • 100. Taking the leap in consciousness.
  • 101. Living in Nithyananda, eternal bliss.

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Introduction to Living Enlightenment

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