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Responsibility means living and responding to life from the truth that you are the Source of, and therefore responsible for, all happenings in and around you.


Responsibility (Upaayanam) means living, thinking, speaking and acting, responding to life from the truth that you are the source of everything happening inside and around you. Therefore you are responsible for all happenings inside and outside you.

The person who does not feel responsible even for his own actions is an animal – he lives in a very low consciousness. The person who feels responsible for his own actions is a human being – he lives in a middle level consciousness. The person who takes responsibility even for others’ actions is divine – he lives in leadership consciousness – ishvaratva. Sometimes you may not be the reason for some happenings, but if it is affecting your life, you are responsible for those happenings. Just because you are not the reason as per your logic, you can’t say you are not responsible in truth.

Reason versus Responsibility

When we hear about taking responsibility for everything, the biggest question we have in our minds is, ‘How can I be responsible for everything happening AROUND me?

I understand that I can be held responsible what is happening INSIDE me. How can I be held responsible for what is happening OUTSIDE me? For example, if an accident happens in my life, how can I be responsible?’

Everybody asks this question! There is an important difference between being the CAUSE of something, and being RESPONSIBLE for it!

Sometimes you may not be the reason for a certain happening, but if it is affecting your life, you ARE responsible for that happening. For example, you may not be the cause of political corruption in your country, but as a citizen of the country, you ARE responsible for it! As per your logic, you may not be the reason for it, but that doesn’t mean that you are not responsible in truth.

You need to know that unless you take responsibility, you are neither going to improve the situation, nor are you going to expand your inner space.

Responsibility Makes You Powerful. We always feel that responsibility is a burden. NO! It is a power!

You Are the Source

The Power of Feeling is your ability to realize yourself as the source of all the happenings in your life. This understanding gives you tremendous control over your own life and gives you the power to be a positive influence in the life of others.

The Power of Feeling is unlocked when you recognize yourself as a leader and take responsibility for everything in and around you! Responsibility is the key that unlocks the Power of Feeling.

Responsibility directly leads you to leadership consciousness.

As long as you feel responsible only for your family, you remain as the head of just your family. When you feel responsible for the community, you become a leader of the community. As your feeling of responsibility expands, your leadership quality also expands. The decision to feel responsible for the whole Cosmos is enlightenment!

Feeling responsible for the Whole and declaring to live by your feeling is responsible declaration, known in Hindu spiritual practice as nidhidhyasana.

Responsible declaration unlocks the Power of Feeling in you.

Be Responsible, Be a Leader!

IN our lives we claim responsibility for anything good that happens, but we don’t take responsibility for anything bad that happens. Only if we take up responsibility for everything that happens in our lives will we start growing.

Swami Vivekananda says: “Take as much responsibility as you can shoulder. The more responsibility you take, the more you expand. Expansion is the only growth; without expansion, you will contract and die.”

A small story: Once a man was giving a talk on Responsibility at the Charity Club. He gave an example of what happened a few days earlier. He said, “A friend and I were walking down the street towards the park when we saw a helpless man lying unconscious on the road.” He paused and looked at the concerned faces of the audience. Then he continued, “Nobody had bothered to help him. Not only that, when we came back after our walk, the poor man was still lying there!”

It never occurred to the man that he could help! Instead of blaming others, let us look into ourselves and see what we are doing to solve the problem! We always find fault with others. But how many times do we ourselves do something to address the issue?

Understand: when we declare that we will do whatever we can for people, when we stand up with responsibility, we expand and the divine energy flows through us.

Can air flow through a blocked bamboo? No! A blocked bamboo will only help carry a corpse to the graveyard. The same bamboo will become a flute when it is hollowed out!

As long as you are self-centred, you will serve like the blocked bamboo. When you are free from ego and stand up with responsibility, the expansion happens and you become like the bamboo flute. Then, just as the air that enters the bamboo leaves it as music, so, too, will the air that enters you flow through you as energy, and things will happen through you!

If you feel responsible for whatever is happening around you, you start transforming your life and others’ lives.

Responsibility is one of the ways to consciously grow. You only need to do two things: trust that life is good and know that you can expand to the responsibilities that you take up.

Most of us wait for the status to come in order to take up the responsibility. Be very clear, it never works that way. Only if you take up responsibility will the status come. The more responsibility you take up, the more you grow. Only when you feel responsible for all that is happening around you do you become a leader. Until then you are just a follower.

By Unlocking the Power of Feeling, You Will:

  • Always act from a space of power and completion
  • Start focusing on the solution, not the problem
  • Expand your inner space and open up new possibilities
  • Gain a high degree of control over your life
  • Raise yourself to the next level of success and evolve into a new being

Everyone in Your Cognition is a Part of You

"With whoever we live, if we are remembering somebody or seeing somebody more than thrice a day, we are responsible for how they feel about us.” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

"There is no being on the planet earth which lacks ambition, ambition is programmed into our DNA. It is responsibility which need to be cultivated." - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

"When I say 'be your own boss' I mean your whole day should be decided by you: whom you should serve, with whom you will share yourself. Being your boss means deciding your moves, and deciding your moods." - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Feeling Responsible is Life

Feeling responsible is life. You feeling not responsible is death.

For anything you feel responsible, your life in that zone expands. If you feel responsible for your family your relationship with family expands. If you feel responsible for your company the productivity of your company expands. If you feel responsible for your city the life standard in your city increases, expands. If you feel responsible for the world the world becomes better place. If you feel responsible for the universe you become enlightened.

When you don’t feel responsible you shrink in your life continuously.

When you start taking responsibility you can decide the way your heart beats, you can decide the way your lungs function, you can decide even the automated organs of your body, you can decide the functioning of non mechanical parts of your body. Each one of us have mechanical parts of the brain and non mechanical parts of the brain. Mechanical parts of the brain are responsible for the function of your body like heart beating, lungs, liver, kidney, intestine, the functioning of your nervous system, experiencing touch, taste, seeing. The non mechanical parts of your brain are responsible for the extraordinary powers like telepathy, teleporting, vaak siddhi. If you take the responsibility you can make your non mechanical parts of the brain function. When you don’t take the responsibility others take it on their own; society, politicians, media, all the other power hungry people who are interested in controlling you takes the responsibility of your body and mind and brain if you don’t take the responsibility. When you take responsibility for all the happenings inside you and outside you, a new energy, a new possibility opens up in you. The first step to realize the divine in you is to take the responsibility.

How can we be responsible for things for which we are not reason?

Everybody asks me ‘Swamiji how can we be responsible for things for which we are not reason?’ Being a reason, cause, is different; being responsible is different. Sometime you may not be directly the cause or reason but when you understand you are responsible you will be able to solve it.

Person who feels he is not responsible even for his own actions lives in animal level. Person who feels he is responsible for his actions lives in human level. Person who feels he is responsible even for others actions lives in the level of leader - Ishwaratva.

Take the responsibility. When you feel responsible even your breathing shifts to higher frequency, your thinking rises to the leadership consciousness. Being in the borderline health is not health. Unfortunately if you are not admitted in the hospital you think you are healthy. No. When you take responsibility only then you will experience real health.

The way you think, way you breathe, way you feel, way you experience becomes different. When you take responsibility the way you experience life becomes different.

Even the non mechanical parts of the brain which is responsible for higher experiences, teleporting, telepathy and all gets awakened. I tell you these extraordinary powers are not actually extraordinary. They are extraordinary as long as humanity does not know how to awaken those powers inside them. I tell you when you feel responsible, integrated and authentic; these powers are directly available to you in your inner space. They are straight available to you in your inner space. Whatever you are feeling inside you, outside you, whatever you are handling in your life, decide to take responsibility for it. You will experience new health.

I can tell you feeling responsibility can awaken a new cognition in you cognitive shift in you. It can heal you from your ordinary migraine to the fourth stage cancer. It can solve your problems of you not feeling inspired, excited, to work in your office, to change the world as you want. I am not giving you false promises. Listen, I am responsible for what I am uttering. When you feel responsible, the transformation you experience, the right space you hold, naturally makes all the eight great powers ashTa siddhis express inside you and outside you. eeshwaratva is achieved just by feeling responsible. Unfortunately human beings run behind powers; never take the responsibility. If you decide to take the responsibility, powers are showered on you; powers are showered on you.

Incarnation - A Being Who Takes Responsibility for Everything

When you take Responsibility for Vyaktha (what you see and experience), Avyaktha (what you don't see and experience) takes Responsibility for you.

If you take responsibility for all known things, the unknown takes responsibility for you. If you take responsibility for the known part of the world, the unknown part of the world - GOD - takes responsibility for you. When God takes responsibility for you, you are God! You are Incarnation! Incarnation is a being who takes responsibility for everything...!