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Climbing the power ladder and still struggling hard to keep the personal interests is “Corruption.

Corruption in the Individual Level

Pure questioning leads you to the deeper and deeper space.

I tell you, I am never afraid of your questions. I am always afraid of your answers. The tons of answers you carry, where questioning is not allowed, is the frozen part of you. The frozen part of you, is pain for you. That is corruption for you.

Corruption in a Larger Level

Physical level scam:

Mental level corruption: means, spreading lies, which some of the media houses does because of their vested interests. It is mental level scam, psychological scam, information scam.

Conscious level scam: is like spreading lies as religion, some of the strong lies spread as religion, especially when you are talking something about what will happen to an individual after death.

Make Integrity part of you to be Corruption Free

Your Space has a Ripple-Effect!

Never think that you are so small that your personal integrity is not going to have a big impact on the world! All the poverty, corruption, calamities - whatever you see around you today - are the ripple-effect of some individual’s lack of integrity. There is no such thing as ‘group integrity’. The integrity of a group can be only as high as the integrity of the least integrated person in the group.

Listen: even others’ lack of integrity cannot be the reason for you not being in integrity. In fact, when someone else is being non- integrated, that is the time for you to raise them with your own integrity.

Only when you bring integrity, your relationship with another starts. Whether it is with God, your Guru, or your family and friends - the relationship starts only when you bring integrity, not before that!

You can receive all the boons you want to receive from God, only when you maintain the bridge of integrity. You can receive all the blessings you want from your Guru, only when you maintain the bridge of integrity. Otherwise, it is impossible!

Even if two people are sitting next to each other, God can reveal Himself to one person and not to the other - because He reveals Himself in Space, not in Place! If the Integrity becomes part of the people, first thing, the country will be relieved from corruption, swindling. Emptying the country will be eliminated! First of all, the conversion will stop. Human-beings will evolve as divine beings. Just see what a huge impact we will be able to create on human-beings if we can help them to find their root-pattern and complete with it! Root-pattern is the root cause of all suffering. When you start practicing these four principles – Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enlightenment – only then your life starts. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Corruption Free Knowledge: The Upanishads

The Upanishads, just by this one word – “apourushya” – means “authorless”, I have introduced Upanishads to all of you.

Why authorless? Because it is not touched by any vested interests.

The vested interests are at different levels: Material level – money, all that. Second, the psychological level – trying to influence people as you want so that you will be the leader. Then next the collective psychological level – trying to keep certain ideology up and alive for generations and trying to influence the humanity through some ideology and keeping humanity under the control, keeping under the control and bound through certain ideology.

Upanishads are free from all these levels of corruptions, neither bottom level, nor middle level, or high level. Corruption-free book in the whole universe is Upanishads! No individual is involved. No individual is glorified. No individual’s vested interest exists.

Authorless – “apourushya”! Aprameya Achinthya Anirvachaniya Apourushya! No author! The names of the people who penned down did not get recorded because it is not their thoughts. There is no influence of them on the thoughts revealed in the book. There is no influence of Upanishadic rishis on the great truths revealed in the book. That is why it is “apourushya”! Apourushya!