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Authenticity is you being established in the peak of your energy, the peak of your capability, and responding to life from who you perceive yourself to be for you. And who you project yourself to be for others, and what others expect you to be for them.

Authenticity is tuning yourself to the highest of what you perceive yourself to be for yourself, and who you project yourself to be for others, and, what others expect you to be for them. With Authenticity - Nothing can stop you - No one can stop you!


Scriptural References

Aligning to Your Highest Identity is Authenticity

You don’t have just one identity, as you imagine. You have four identities! At all times, you carry four identities together.

The first of these four identities is Mamakara or Inner Image

It is the inner image and experience you carry about yourself : I am healthy – I am ugly – I am not intelligent – I cannot tolerate hard work. I love people, etc. You carry many such inner ideas about yourself. Unfortunately, the idea you carry about you is always less than what you project yourself to be for others!

The second identity is Ahamkara or Outer Image

It is how you project yourself to others. You may try to project yourself as powerful, talented, honest, helpful or whatever. Unfortunately, what you project is always far more than what you believe yourself to be.

Third Identity is Other's Image of You

Apart from these two, there is a third identity you carry, which is the image or expectations that others have about you. This is called Anyakara or Others’ Image about you.

How others perceive you may be different from how you project yourself to them, because people create their opinion about you from the subtle signals you give them, rather than what you openly project. Human beings are intelligent enough to catch even what you don’t say – or especially what you don’t say!

The Fourth Identity is the Life Image

The fourth identity is very subtle, because it is not directly related to you. It is called Sva-Anyakara or Life Image. Life Image is what you experience life to be for you. For example, you may feel -Life is lonely, or Life is complicated, or Life is sacred, or Life is scary, or Life is always showering me with everything I need. This is also your identity, because it defines the exact experience you will be receiving from the people and situations in your life!

Authenticity means living at your peak in each of these dimensions.

Honesty is not Authenticity!

Honesty is only the first step to Authenticity. Honesty is a socially good quality while Authenticity is a spiritual quality.

Authenticity means – living the spiritual truths authentically.

If you are angry with somebody, if you express it directly to that person, “I am angry with you,” It is honesty. In Authenticity, the two beings understand each other, where even the anger does not happen.

Another example: Husband telling the truth to his wife that he is a womanizer is honesty, but not Authenticity. Husband living just as a husband is Authenticity. If each person is completely living his or her role, it is Authentic.

I am giving a new definition of “Authenticity”: “What you like in your private Facebook page, where you changed your name and you kept a secret profile, in that private Facebook page what you like, in that private profile what you like, liking the same in real life also” is “Authenticity”. This is the definition of “Authenticity” for the modern-day youth. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Authenticity means living the truth, without compromise, suffering or bending, with courage and non-violence.

Honesty will always be demanding; I am honest, you be honest. Authenticity will be always flowing. I am flowing, I don’t bother about you.

Authenticity fills you and others. Honesty burns others and you. Many times honesty is a poor substitute for Authenticity and the very idea of honesty is built on your ego. But Authenticity is built on the cosmic understanding. Authenticity is, living the truths from yourself. Honesty is, living the versions of the truths given to you by society.

Cosmic Account Balance

The attitude everything is a gift to you is keeping the balance sheet authentic with the cosmos. Gratitude is such a powerful ingredient. The moment you add that, honesty become Authenticity.

I always tell people: if you are honest you will have your feet at my place, you will have a place at my feet. But when you are authentic you will have a place in my heart, your heart will have place in me. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Authenticity IS Listening

When there is no listening, communication is not possible. When there is no Authenticity, communion is not possible.

All initiations are communion between my inner space and your inner space. When communion happens I also feel fulfilled. When your Kundalini is awakened, I am fulfilled because in cosmic space all initiations work on you only when there is authenticity. People ask me why sometimes some healing by you works miracles, some healing doesn’t become miracles.

The whole thing boils down to authenticity. Understand, I pronounce these words with Mahakala’s Authenticity, the heart I carry, the will which makes decisions in me, and the energy, power, Shakti, which is functioning in me cannot escape from Authenticity. When it sees Authenticity, it cannot say no. When I see Authenticity, I cannot say no to what you are asking, whatever you ask. The best way to overpower me is Authenticity. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The Right Way to Unclutch

Do an acid wash of all your actions with Authenticity. Wash your whole life with the acid of Authenticity. I tell you, it will not even be acid, it will be sandalwood paste.

I wanted all the decision makers in our sangha also to wash the whole organization with this Authenticity. Let everything be practiced, preached, enforced, interested with Authenticity.

I tell you, with Authenticity when you stretch the body in the morning, your whole body will become a yogic body. When you sit for the guru pooja with Authenticity, your whole being will melt down. When you sit with Integrity and Authenticity only then Unclutching is possible. Otherwise, you will be misusing the Unclutching in wrong places. To hide yourself in your own inauthenticity, you will be using Unclutching. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Tune Your Thinking To Your Peak Possibility

Authenticity is the key that unlocks the Power of Thinking. Constantly functioning at your peak possibility is Authenticity. When you unlock the power of thinking, you will be able to spontaneously focus your thoughts to achieve your highest potential.

Authenticity Empowers You

Authenticity is the remedy for feelings of powerlessness. Any fear, any depression stems from some form of inward inauthenticity. When one's inner space is completely authentic, the power to lead and inspire others spontaneously blossoms and the individual radiates natural leadership.

A leader is one whose Kundalini is the most awakened among the members of a group. Quite naturally all will turn to that person and follow his direction. This ability to galvanize and motivate our surroundings clears the path to Enlightenment.

Nachiketa, the Fire of Authenticity!

The Kathopanishad graphically describes the power of Authenticity and how it can impact life.

Nachiketa, the wonder child, is the hero personifying the power of Authenticity. Nachiketa, with an innocent curiosity, took part in all the activities performed by his father, King Vajasravas.

His father was performing a sacrifice to please the gods, in which the person has to give away all his wealth. Nachiketa saw that the king started donating old cows that had given milk and yielded many calves for years. They were of no more use, but were considered as the objects of donation by the king.

Though a child, Nachiketa could understand that his father was behaving inauthentically. He decided to take responsibility for his father’s inauthenticity. Since the king was supposed to be giving away the best things in his life, Nachiketa asked him where he would be giving him. The king’s ego was unable to handle his own inauthenticity being exposed, and in a fit of anger, he declared that he would be giving Nachiketa unto death.

Yet, the boy was unperturbed. He was weighing his own significance in his father’s life, but not out of conceit. He was weighing his merit as a son and a pupil. Would he be a worthy gift to Yama, the Lord of Death? What would his going to Yama accomplish for his father? Although he realized that his father’s harsh reply was only the expression of a momentary outburst of anger, he believed that a greater harm might befall his father if his word was not kept. Therefore, he sought to strengthen his father’s resolution by reminding him of the transitory condition of life.

Nachiketa said, “Look back to those who have lived before you and look to those who live now. Look at grain; the mortal remains perish and new grain springs up. All things perish, truth alone remains. Why then, do you fear to sacrifice me?” Thus, Nachiketa convinced his father that he should remain true to his word and send him to Yama, the Lord of Death. Nachiketa proceeded to the abode of Yama, but when he reached there he found that Yama was absent. The boy waited without food or drink for three days. Just by his Authentic declaration, Nachiketa broke the very pattern of eating, and even breathing. Just telling his body alone would not have been sufficient to accomplish this. It was the authenticity of his declaration which made it possible.

When Yama returned three days later, his assistant told him that a Brahmana had walked into their home with intensity like that of fire and if he was not offered something, it would harm them all greatly. This statement comes from the ancient Vedic ideal that a guest is the representative of God and should be received with due reverence and honor. On hearing this, Yama proceeded to greet Nachiketa. Because Nachiketa waited for three days without food at his doorstep, the lord of death showered him with three boons.

The first boon that Nachiketa asked for is that his father should be free of all anxieties and anger, and that he should welcome Nachiketa home with joy. This shows how Nachiketa was not giving up on his father, even though he sent him to death. His Authenticity made him take up the responsibility to make his father also authentic. Yama agreed to grant this, healing Vajasravas’s anger, so much so that he could have a dreamless sleep. Only when one is completely free from inner conflicts, can one have a dreamless sleep.

For his second boon, Nachiketa asked, “Thou knowest, oh Death, the fire sacrifice that leads to heaven. Tell this to me, I am full of shraddha (authenticity). This I beg as my second boon.”

To this, Yama replied, “I know well the fire that leads to heaven. Listen to me, oh Nachiketa! This is the means of attaining endless worlds and their support it is hidden in the heart of all beings.”

By this, Yama was telling Nachiketa that there is a part of everyone that is non-perishable. He told him to become that part, and time will no longer have an effect on him. Time only has an effect on the gross parts of a person. So, the more subtle a person is, the lesser time affects them. Yama revealing this to Nachiketa is as good as a policeman teaching someone how to escape the law. Thus, Yama explained the process of the fire sacrifice that Nachiketa asked for. He said that this fire is the beginning of all worlds. Until Nachiketa understood the beginning, he would not understand the end, nor could he live an endless life. The fire altered a being to their next frequency of consciousness, through the mantras (chants) and offerings. Being pleased with his ability to learn well, Yama declared that the first fire sacrifice shall be named after Nachiketa.

Yama continued, “He who performs this Nachiketa fire sacrifice three times, being united with the three, that is mother, father and teacher, and who fulfills the threefold duty to study the Vedas, sacrifice and give alms, will cross over birth and death. Knowing this worshipful, shining fire, which is born of Brahman, the supreme soul, he attains eternal peace.” With this, Nachiketa’s boon was granted.

For his final boon, Nachiketa was intent on knowing the inner secret of life after death. Through this knowledge, he would help the world. This was also granted, which Death as a Guru bestowed on him after testing his worth. Nachiketa with his shraddha became the enlightened ruler of humanity, leading the people on a path of aligning with the higher truths. He became a hero because of his powerful authenticity and quality of extreme sacrifice.

Akashic Readings on Authenticity

Q. Dear Kalabhairava, can you enlighten us on what is Authenticity from the cosmic perspective?

Kalabhairava: The mind which takes over as an agent to live through your body and mind and consciousness, the mind which comes inside as a security guard or posing himself as an efficient servant, slowly puts you in unconsciousness and takes over charge of your life. The mind which takes charge of your life, constantly gives you the experiences to make you believe it is required to be part of your life if your life has to go smooth.

“Authenticity” is understanding that mind is not needed as in-charge of your life for your life to run smoothly.

“Authenticity” is understanding that mind needs to serve only its purpose for which it came into existence. If it has entered your house saying it will be protecting you, let him do only security job. If it enters inside your life saying it will make you more efficient, let him do only that job.

Allowing the mind to do its allocated job for which he came inside, not letting him to take charge of your whole life is “Authenticity”.

The inner identity which you carry does not exist when you have or when you realize you don’t have. The outer identity you have exists as long as others think you have. The Anyakaara of others towards you exists as long as others have their inner identity. And aligning your life within all these three with the clarity and the truth and responsibility for all these three is “Authenticity”.

Authenticity lives and leads your life to pure consciousness. The more and more you become authentic, the more and more your presence becomes intense. An authentic being does not need to use the word to enrich others, influence others. His presence is so powerful, that itself enriches everyone. With atma vikasa, life becomes new, enriching yourself and others becomes part of your very existence. Expanding the feeling cognition of what all you feel as you, what you feel as you, is “Responsibility”.