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Enriching (Aapyayanam) is you taking responsibility with Integrity and Authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself and life in and around you.

When you are committed to enriching yourself and all round you, Life showers you with the best of everything! You not only experience life within you but also outside of you with others. When you enrich, the Power of Living is awakened in you.

Living Is a Power

Everyday, you are walking, talking, sitting, thinking, speaking, feeling and so on. All of these put together is living. Living itself is a Power! You can harness the Power of Living in your life when you adopt the lifestyle of Enriching.The purpose for which you are born is Enriching yourself and others. When you operate out of this understanding, you are most alive, at your peak and living enlightenment! Enriching is the key that unlocks the Power of Living in you.

Everything Is Part of You

All your struggles in life begin the moment you start thinking that others are separate from you. Understand, there is no one called ‘other’ in your life! The ‘other’ is only the forgotten and disowned parts of you! Your struggles with others are nothing but your struggle with the forgotten side of you. When you enrich others, you are naturally enriching the neglected side of your own being.

So the more you enrich others, the more you enrich yourself. Above all, you wake up to the truth that everyone and everything is part of you.

Enriching Others Makes You Complete

Enriching is the only possible way you can relate with the universe, with others, which can expand you also. Human-beings relate with others in so many modes – mode of lust, mode of fear, mode of confusion, mode of jealousy, mode of attention-need. But, the best was to relate with others which will make you powerful, which will make you expanding, which will build you, is “Enriching”.

Your creativity can enrich God! Your creativity is always your contribution to the Cosmos. It is something which was not there in the Cosmos; you created it; you expanded it; you expressed it! Enriching others constantly expands your possibilities of life. Enriching can ring expansion in whatever dimension of life you want. The first step you need to reach for success is Positivity; then, Space of Possibility; then, Space of Leadership; then Space of Enlightenment. Only if you remove friction in your thinking, the Space of Positivity happens. With the right understanding, everything is enriching. With the right understanding, everybody is enriching. You just need to have understanding and shift in your cognition. Simply your actions will transform!

Enriching Gives Life to all the Powers

With integrity you experience the space of positivity, with authenticity you experience the space of possibility, and with responsibility you experience the space of leadership. With enriching, you experience the space of enlightenment itself!

Enlightened living is nothing but harnessing all your inner powers and using them to enrich yourself and others. So the Power of Living includes all the other powers in itself.

When you have integrated listening (shravana), authentic thinking (manana) and make a responsible declaration (nidhidhyasana), you will be living an enriching life.

When you enrich yourself and others, it is a step above taking responsibility. Enriching alone can burn any lack of integrity, inauthenticity or irresponsibility in you! Enriching is taking responsibility for everyone and everything, including others’ inauthenticity and lack of integrity because they are a part of you.

Questionnaire: ‘If Enriching happens by an incomplete person, it doesn’t really reach people. It might help the Enricher but the other person might be going away instead of coming. Should the Enricher be completely complete before enriching?’

Swamiji: “Completely completing” will happen ultimately only with enlightenment. So understand, Completion, Enriching, both are not supposed to be done one after another. Both are supposed to be done simultaneously.

Please understand, in Patanjali’s Yoga, there’s a word called “Ashtanga Yoga” – “Eight parts”. Somehow, unfortunately, all the English Yogis have translated this as “Eight steps of Yoga”. That one small mistake the“anga” word. “Ashta” means “eight”; there is no controversy. This “anga”, instead of translating that word as “parts”, it has been translated… – Not even word, word “parts”, too superficial. Anga word should be translated as “organs” because they have not translated this “anga” as “organ”, instead of organ they translated that as “step”, the whole Yoga tradition has become useless in the West. It has become just small few techniques or the methods to make your body flexible and little health. That’s a disgrace done to Yoga.

Please understand, when you get a diamond and use the diamond just as a vegetable cutter, vegetable cutter, it’s a disgrace to diamond. Same way, when you use such a great power, powerful science just as technique to bring little health. No. It is so unfortunate just that one mistake done by the Max Muellerians, means followers of Max Mueller, trying to translate Hindu scriptures just to destroy Hinduism, not for making the world realize the greatness of Hinduism. In my Sampradaya, in Nithyananda Sampradaya, nowhere the Max Mueller or Max Mueller translations should be accepted as a reference text book. I am banning Max Mueller and Max Muellerians translations of Hindu scriptures. They have done the translation more to abuse the Hinduism, not to make people understand Hinduism. This Max Muellerian translation of the word “Ashtanga”, instead of “the eight organs of Yoga”, it has been translated “eight steps of Yoga”. Over! And people are struggling with the second step and third step – Yama, Niyama, Asana. Over! No one crosses beyond.

Yama is “Integrity”, Niyama is “Authenticity”. Please listen, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana is “Responsibility”. Dhyana and Samadhi is “Enriching”.

Please listen, you are asking, ‘Should we do it one after another?’ No, no, understand, this is also like that Ashtanga, eight organs, not eight steps. Enriching and Completion, both are, simultaneously both should be practiced. Listen, with more and more Completion, more and more Enriching will happen. With more and more Enriching, Completion will happen. Actually, when you complete with somebody, you already started Enriching that person. How many of you have realized? I think still this batch has not yet started completing with others but, whoever has started Completion with others, the moment you complete with others, you already started Enriching the other person.

Enriching starts happening with the Completion. Without Enriching, Completion cannot happen. Without Completion, Enriching cannot happen. It is like you start both together, one supports the other. You cannot say, ‘First I’ll operate my heart and then once the heart starts functioning completely, then I will start operating the lungs.’ No, lungs is Completion, heart is Enriching. Both has to happen simultaneously.


Here is a video that describes this truth and power in more detail.


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