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The original yogic, agamic, definition of yoga: The science of exploring various powers The science of exploring various states of consciousness, The science of exploring various dimensions of the universe.


Scriptural References

Śāstra Pramāṇa, Scriptural authority

Sadashiva reveals in Karana Agama - Yoga Pada (2.3)

भगवान्- योगाद्सिद्धिश्च मोक्षश्च तदभ्यासाच्छुभम् खग | षडङ्गस्सच बोद्धव्यस्तस्याङ्गाम् सृणुष्व तत् ||

Bhagavān- Yogādsiddhiśca mokṣaśca tadabhyāsācchubham khaga | ṣaḍaṅgassaca boddhavyastasyāṅgām sṛṇuṣva tat ||

Through the practice of Yoga one can attain beneficent accomplishments. He can attain liberation. He can ascend to the state of ineffable bliss. Yoga is not just postures and breathing techniques, but the very science of achieving the space, radiating the state and manifesting the powers – the Shaktis - of the Original Yogi in the universe – Sadashiva Himself. Authentic Yoga makes people manifest spiritual powers from 'Advaita', the space of Oneness or Enlightenment.

The Lineage of Yoga

Throughout the Hindu history, after the revelation of Yoga by Sadashiva Himself, great Yogis and sadhus practiced Yoga to acquire the best physique and physiology to manifest the state and powers of Sadashiva. This is Authentic Yoga.

Aghoris, sadhus, sannyasis have always exemplified the yogic powers and demonstrated incredible feats. The miracles and extraordinary happenings written about in our Puranas are all true.

Krishna lifted the Govardhan hill with just the strength of his little finger. Sadashiva destroyed the Tripurasura with just the power of his Third Eye. Every miracle that you have read about or seen in a depiction of the puranas is more real than the book in your hands and the four walls surrounding you.

Yogis of Hindu history, just 100 years ago, were the proof that this is true. Just 400 years ago, Baba Kinaram was a great aghori, considered an incarnation of Sadashiva Himself, who flamboyantly expressed powers. He would roam the space of varanasi in a flying cot. He would take poison without even showing its effects. An entire lineage of aghoris exist because of him today.

Yogananda Puri and H.H Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Even just 30 years back, Yogananda Puri was alive on Earth, shamelessly showcasing the shaktis from the Hindu Shastra. He was born in 1921 in a small village in the outskirts of Thiruvannamalai. He grew up practicing the traditions of the Natha Sampradaya evolved into a powerful Yogi roaming all over India.

The Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the extraordinary power Yogananda Puri carried. He says, “ My Guru, Raghupati Yogi, he is extraordinary, forget about him. He is totally a body of miracles! That’s all! Anything he does will be a miracle. He will just sip the cold water through the nose, and spit that water through the mouth, and it will be boiling water! I have seen the kind of play he will do. And he will sip the hot coffee through the mouth, and just start releasing that though the nose. By the time it reaches the ground, it will become ice-ball, please understand, ice cube!

Means he can play anything with his body! He can make his body as hot boiler or freezer! I have seen with my own eyes, he cooking just by touching the pot. In two minutes rice is ready! He will tell, “Come on, eat!” The kind of heat he will generate through his body, or could he generate through his body! His body was a freezer, boiler, all put together! Early morning, when he wakes me up, and takes me to the temple, to teach Yoga, during this Margazhi month, the water will be very cold. I have seen him doing this multiples times. He will just point the area where I am taking bath. That area will be warm. Sometimes, even hot water! In the temple tank, he will put his finger, and say “Come on. Take bath!” It will be warm water or hot water; never I felt the cold. That is a totally different level. I am talking, normal so-called your plane. And my grandfather - the kind of faith he had about his body! We are the last generation who have seen those kind of people.”

Now, Paramahamsa Nithyananda has promised not only to make thousands of yogis but lead the whole world into a conscious awakening.

He has reconstructed the entire evolution in the grand scheme of the universe. He declared,” Amoeba to fish is physical breakthrough. Fish to money is physical and mental breakthrough. Money to man is physical, mental and conscious breakthrough. Man to super human is physical, mental, conscious and super-conscious breakthrough.” The Avatar Bhagawan Paramahamsa Nithyananda is creating a SUPER CONSCIOUS breakthrough!

Revival of Sadashiva’s Original Yoga

For most Yogis around the world, Enlightened Master Patanjali is the Father of Yoga. He presented a system called Ashtanga Yoga, compromising 8 dimensions of Yoga, approximately 3,00 years ago.

Little we know that Yoga was revealed in details by Sadashiva, the first and foremost Guru, in a system He revealed as Shashtanga Yoga, over 60, 00 years before Patanjali!

Sadashiva reveals Shashtanga Yoga in the Kirana Agama. (Yoga Pada 2.3), one of the original authentic scripture on Yoga.

Truths you need to know about Yoga

1. Yoga is from Sadashiva

The first thing you need to know is that Yoga did not originate from Patanjali. “Patanjali is the organizer, not originator. That’s the first thing you need to know,” said Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Swamiji explained, “With all my respects to Patanjali, I want to declare this truth to the world. 60, 000 years before Patanjali, a Being walked on the Planet Earth, assuming the physical form, Adi Guru, Sadashiva, the Founder, and Father of the Yoga system.

Patanjali Yoga Sutras is a great book, no doubt, but not the first book, Unfortunately, many popular Yoga Gurus all over the world, always stop with Patanjali. Very few say Yoga was before Patanjali, and even if they say, they are not able to present the scriptures and literature.

All the revelations of Sadashiva are called Agamas, the complete work of Sadashiva, where He presents detailed, elaborate material with high quality precision.

People are very comfortable having Patanjali as the originator of Yoga because Patanjali can be secularized, but not Sadashiva. But it is time for the world to know and understand that Yoga is rooted in Sanatana Hindu Dharma.

2. Yoga has a religion; it is Hinduism

“Yoga is from the HINDU SHASTRAS and the originator of YOGA IS SADASHIVA HIMSELF! ”- H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Always ask for the original source. It is unfortunate that the original scriptures revealed by Sadashiva are not available for mass. It is unfortunate nobody promoted that. Becayse it is very easy to secularize Patanjali; very difficult to secularize Sadashiva.

We need to understand that Yoga cannot be developed and cannot be separated from Hinduism. It is a perfect system that was revealed by Sadashiva and further organized by living Enlightened Masters, disciples of Sadashiva over thousands of years, with a clear purpose, an intention.

You cannot develop on Sadashiva. Yoga is a complete science that has taken into account all types of bodies past, present, and yet to come in the future. Altering Yoga is not development, but dilution.

The secular world has diluted a great science that we are yet to discover and reveal to the masses. But first understand, if you have practiced something in the name of Yoga, ask your teacher for the clear reference. Where did the technique come from? Always ask for the source. Only then you should even consider practicing these techniques safely.

3. Yoga is the science of radiating Enlightenment

The third important truth is that Yoga is not just the science of keeping you healthy, Yoga is the science of radiating Enlightenment.

Through Yoga one attains liberation

Bhagavan: Yogadsiddhisca mokshasca tadabhyasacchubham khaga | shadagassca boddhavyastasya gamshnu vatat ||

Through the practice of Yoga one can attain beneficent accomplishments. He can attain liberation. He can ascend to the state of ineffable bliss. Credits: Kirana Agama, Translated into English by Dr. Sabharathnam S. Pattusamy, The Himalayan Academy

Yoga is not just the ability to stretch your body. It is ability to manifest what you want. Yoga is not all about making you a better man. Yoga is all about making you Superman.

The best that can happen to you on the path of Yoga is getting rid of all self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-denial, the root cause of all incompletions. Paramahamsa Nithyananda actively teaches the science of completing with these SDHD, discarding all mental patterns that limit us from living to our highest potential. As along as we carry inadequate, immature cognitions about ourselves, about life, others, God, world, we continue to feel separate from the whole. When we complete with all our limited cognitions and discover our true Self, Yoga happens.

Manifesting powerful cognitions is Authenticity - taking it to the next level is Manifesting Shaktis! If you don’t develop powerful cognitions, even if cosmos blesses you, you will miss it or abuse it.

Ultimately, Yoga is for awakening of the Kundalini Shakti, awakening inner powers and merging the individual consciousness with the Cosmic consciousness. It is designed to experience Oneness, Advaita, and express all the mystical powers outlined by Sadashiva.

Three Methods to experience Yoga

The original yogic, agamic, definition of yoga is: The science of exploring various powers The science of exploring various states of consciousness, The science of exploring various dimensions of the universe.

For this, Sadashiva used 3 main methods:

  • Mani - Spiritual alchemy products which are non-invasive
  • Mantra - Spiritual alchemy processes. Sitting on special lines, special sounds are generated and initiation is induced, Shaktipada happens.
  • Aushada - Certain sacred herbs you will swallow or keep in your mouth which raises your consciousness to the other plane of the universe.

Nithyananda Yoga

Nithyananda Yoga is not just the practice of yoga; it is “initiation” into yoga by a Living Avatar. It tunes our body to super-consciousness through 800 traditional asanas revealed in the original Shashtanga yoga.

Nithyananda YogaSM is the revival of THE original Yoga, It has been revealed and gifted to the world by Living Avatar Paramahamsa Nithyananda as per the intention of Sadashiva, not as a mere physical exercise, but as a clear path to manifest yogic powers.

Nithyananda Yoga is all about experiencing, expressing, and manifesting the state, space, powers and glory of Sadashiva! The practice of Nithyananda Yoga is so seamless and blissful, that even the most complex asanas become easily possible for beginners. While ordinary Yogic paths require years and sometimes even lifetimes of effort,this unique path has Paramahamsa Nithyananda Himself initiating and awakening the highest possibilities within us. Ultimately, the purpose and goal of Nithyananda Yoga is straightforward: to awaken everyone to the divinity within, the experience of Sadashiva.

"We are done popularizing yoga. Now the next important job is getting back to the original source. That is why I have happened." - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Yoga is undoubtedly the most practiced religion across the planet. Millions cheerfully embrace it every day at yoga studios, centers and gyms across the globe.

Yet, very few realize that yoga is not just a fitness or wellbeing routine. Yoga is much more than just bending the body or focusing the mind – it is a pathway to expressing the extraordinary in every human being. In fact, authentic yogis have shown shocking talents such as reading blindfolded, remote vision (with the ability to see far off places, people and events) and even living comfortably for days without food or sleep! Yoga IS the science that empowers every being to realize his or her highest state of possibility. Yoga, comes from the Sanskrit word “yug” that means union. It takes us from being human to being divine – to the state of Sadashivoham – the state of being eternally divine and in union with the Source.

As Paramahamsa Nithyananda, the living Avatar reveals :

“Realizing your spiritual identity is the ultimate goal of yoga. Everything in yoga is finally aimed at awakening the Kundalini Shakti in you, to awaken the extraordinary possibilities and abilities in you. Yoga is to awaken Kundalini Shakti and manifest what you want as reality; merge with your highest spiritual identity – ‘Shivoham! I am Shiva! I am the divine!” - His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda

His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda once said during a yoga webinar: “Kundalini is the inner potential energy. Once it is awakened, you will experience extraordinary health, physically, mentally and extraordinary powers, abilities. Everything in yoga is finally aimed at, it can be as simple as washing your eyes or as difficult as Shivasasana, Kriyas, everything is aimed at awakening the Kundalini Shakti in you. To awaken the extraordinary possibilities and abilities in you, Yoga is one of the greatest gift given to the world by Mahadeva directly.”

Now He is simply waking up the Kundalini of all the participants, moving them straight into the spiritual experiences.

Nithyananda YogaSM is THE Yoga to prepare your body.

Power of yogic Physiology

Yogic Body means: power, energy, flexibility, health. All these 4 put together is Yogic Body. Yogic Body itself is a power. All four qualities are worked upon and developed through the authentic practice of Nithyananda YogaSM, including traditional asanas, pranayamas, yogic cleansing techniques, mudras, bandhas, and the traditional Rope and Pole Yoga, Shivastamba.

When the body is intensely prepared by the practice of Nithyananda YogaSM, and Shivastamba, the master’s initiation - the shaktipata, simply becomes Power.

The Power of Yogic physiology is the ability to go beyond food. The ability to build itself on pure prana and long breath. The ability to go beyond sleep, eat as much as it wants, or as little as possible. A Yogic Body is the one whose muscle memory expresses its peak possibilities.

Having a glimpse of Enlightenment, a satori, is not difficult. But to hold and radiate the same energy continuously, the body needs preparation.

It needs to develop a strong nervous system. Only then it will hold the master’s energy during initiation. It will directly manifest as powers.

In a male body, you should start with power, then add flexibility, then add energy, it will become healthy. For a female body, start with flexibility, then add power, then add energy, it will become healthy. That is why the male body should start from Shivastamba. The female should begin with Rope Yoga.

Nithyananda YogaSM is a great possibility! The possibility to live an extraordinary life, in an extraordinary body.

Align yourself to Cosmic Geometry

Yoga is not stretches. Aligning your backbone to cosmic geometry is Yoga.

Your spine feeling your existence is called prana. How your spine feels your existence is prana. Whole day you'll be so alive, with so much of energy in your backbone, in your spine. This is one of the cosmic resources.

The cosmic currency overflows in you the moment you become true to the thought current you cherish. Integrity makes the cosmic resources available. Decide to be integrated to any thought current you cherish. That makes cosmic resources available.

If you decide to be integrated to the thought current you cherish, you don't even need to do separate yoga. Whole day in the actions you're doing, your body starts aligning itself to the cosmic geometry.

Experience Anti-Aging

Anyone on earth would love to find the secret of anti-aging and eternal youth! The yogis of ancient India knew and practiced the secrets of anti-aging, but never had they been revealed to the world. Today, science and spirituality are coming together to discover the keys to anti-aging words: mitochondria and kundalini.

What are mitochondria? Mitochondria are an essential common component of every living cell. Their primary duty is to act as the battery or the energy center of the cell. Our bodies are made up of 50 trillion cells! Fifty trillion cells work in complete union for one single purpose: keeping us alive. Every cell is an independently intelligent organism by itself, producing its own energy. For instance, one molecule of glucose can be converted to 2 ATPs (energy molecule).

In the mitochondria, the same glucose will produce 32 ATP’s, which is a 1700% increase in energy production. This is what keeps us fresh and active. However, the DNA of the mitochondria is highly prone to damage, and does not have an efficient repair mechanism. A damaged mitochondria will produce less energy and more toxic free radicals, which lead to cell damage and aging: unwanted wrinkles, memory loss, change in blood pressure, rheumatism, respiratory deficiency, chronic fatigue.

How to slow down, prevent, or even reverse this process is a million-dollar question and a billion dollar industry!

Yoga is the age-old physical and spiritual science of experiencing and sustaining the eternal youth and reversing the aging process. All yoga traditions, like Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Raja Yoga boil down to one process: awakening the inner potential energy of the human body, called Kundalini Shakti. This energy is pure intelligence. It knows where and what to heal in your body and mind, it knows which painful memories to release, and above all how to express itself in the most creative way for your own inner fulfillment. This energy is the fulfillment what we have been looking for all our lives in the name of money, relationships, entertainment, acquisitions and so on.

When Kundalini awakens, it boosts the mitochondria energy production thousand fold! Energetic mitochondria means less cell damage, health recovery, strong immune system, anti- aging and more.

How to awaken the kundalini? You can follow any path of yoga and achieve the ultimate experience. However, without proper guidance, it can take years, or even lifetimes to achieve this.

But When enlightened masters happen on planet earth, they bring with them the energy and the technology to help us taste the state in which they live. They can ignite the flame of enlightenment in you in the twinkling of an eye! Rare phenomena happen in the presence of an enlightened being, but it needs thorough study and interpretation. As millions are discovering around the world, with the spontaneous kundalini experience in Nithyananda’s presence, lifelong diseases are healed and people start to show direct signs of anti- aging. The simultaneous practice of yoga helps the body to sustain and radiate this powerful creative energy in your daily life.

Supported by the University of Ohio, the yogic phenomenon of kundalini awakening is now being meticulously studied by top scientists with the most modern equipment. Paramahamsa Nithyananda is opening the doors of Eastern mysticism to the world’s scientific community, demonstrating to the world a field where science meets mysticism, spirituality meets religion and the impossible becomes reality.

Experience Sattvic Ananda with Yoga in your Daily Morning Routine

When you do yoga, you experience your entire body becoming Amrita Sharira (body filled with nectar). It becomes an ecstatic body just by the air, without any external touch.

Create Your Inner Space Consciously

Have you ever heard or thought about the “space” you are in? You may think about the physical space, like living in a city, in nature, in a house or an apartment. Here we are talking about a different space, the inner space, the space you can create within you for life to manifest as a reality.

Nithyananda Yoga is about creating your inner space consciously. The truth is that the space you create inside you is how life will appear for you.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains a deep secret of yoga: when you move your body with any thought, intention or inner space, that space will get registered in your muscle memory, in your physical reality. Life will bring forth this reality for you.

Body Is A Reflection Of Your Space

Your body, your outer space is a pure reflection of your inner space. When you feel angry, your body boils with anger. When you are in fear, your body trembles in fear. When you feel lust, your body responds to the lust. One single thought is enough to activate your whole biology.

When your inner space is filled with unconscious thoughts and patterns, you will not even know why you act the way you act. It will be an automatic response to life from the limited cognition of the deep thought patterns rooted in your mind. This is the cause of all sufferings in our life, what takes us away from the space of yoga.

Spontaneous Disappearance Of Mental Patterns

Nithyananda Yoga is the space where you are free of patterns, where you are a spontaneous expression of the life energy that oozes through you. This is what Patanjali means by “Yogaha Chitta Vritti Nirodaha” in his second sutra (techniques) in the Patanjali Yoga Sutras. Yoga is the spontaneous disappearance of mental patterns. So, freeing ourselves from the root patterns we carry is the space of yoga.

During the yoga practice, deep breathing and asanas (posture), you continuously tense and relax the muscles, joints, nerves and every organ in your body. When you do these physical movements, you create the same space physically. New cells are born every moment. That new body is going to be a direct reflection of the inner space you carry. In that moment, if you inner space if filled with patterns like anger or worry even on the subtlest level, you are going to fill your body with the same patterns, allowing them to grow deeper roots. You may feel good for some time after the yoga class, but the moment someone steps on your toe, the same anger will come out.

Create A New Space

For example, if someone’s root pattern is that “I am not good enough”, every time they move their body there will be more of this thought filling their muscle memory. After 100 times of repeating this thought in their inner space, this is going to be their very bio-memory, at the DNA level. They are going to see, feel and experience more and more of “I am not good enough” in life.

You have a choice: You can create a limiting space filled with root patterns, or fill it with a new cognition of expansion and feel fulfilled and free. Do you want a limiting space to see more of the same experiences in your life, or create a free space for expansion to happen? The conscious choice is yours. It is a simple decision, a cognitive shift.

Radiate The Space Of Nithyananda Yoga

In Nithyananda Yoga, we do not simply move the body to achieve a particular pose, or breath. We move the body from a base of completion, where you are no more slave to your mental patterns. With this cognitive shift, your biology and your muscles start expressing and radiating the space of positivity, possibility, leadership and enlightenment.

What does this look like in the real world? Our physical bodies glow with life force, our relationships reflect true intimacy, our bank accounts are pouring riches, and our outlook on life is inspiring us to enrich and improve others’ lives to this same optimal standard of living. When these holistic results are radiating from the new found you, you are in the space of Nithyananda Yoga.