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‘Alchemy’ is the science of preparing the chemistry to hold the higher frequencies of consciousness that occur through initiation.

Making the higher frequency of consciousness occur to people is an easy job for Sadashiva. For an Avatar, it just takes one look, one second, to transmit the higher experiences to us. Preparing the chemistry to hold, is the real job that needs to be done. Most seekers have the problem to retain that highest experience. Through this alchemy science, our body, mind and inner space is prepared to receive and hold the Enlightenment experience.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is taking the responsibility of reviving the Spiritual Alchemy Sciences from the Vedic Tradition.

The spiritual alchemy products are going to be my unique contribution to Sanatana Hindu Dharma and to this world. I will establish the authenticity and legitimacy of this spiritual alchemy products through various powerful scientific researches and studies and the personal experiences. Soon you will see, we will create tons of material on establishing the authenticity of the spiritual alchemy products, that is going to be My unique contribution to Sanatana Hindu Dharma and to the planet earth – evolving literally Enlightenment Pills, which you don’t even need to consume it, you just need to have it around you, pill will consume you. You don’t need to consume it, it will consume you. - HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Scriptural References


Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the significance of the alchemy science and its effect on neurology: “Thousands of things, extraordinary experiences, powers, can be made permanent neurological, psychological, physiological, physical experiences in you, through these alchemy products, through this alchemy science. Alchemy science can make the vessel, your body and mind capable of receiving and holding the ultimate Enlightenment forever.

See in this cup, I can pour only the hot coffee. I can’t pour the molten gold. For that the cup need to become a stone cup, only then I can pour the molten gold, melted gold. The alchemy products will make you melt….the stone pot. Then I can pour the melted gold, means literally Enlightenment into you. It can stay in the system.

This whole spiritual alchemy science, is raising your physical, physiological, psychological, neurological state, to the highest peak possibility, to the peak possibility, and making you stay there permanently. Making you stay there permanently. Understand. One of the biggest problem we have, all the Seeker’s face, is they get the state but lose it. So this time I decided. The uniqueness of Sadāshivoham, is through the proper spiritual alchemy products not losing the state. - HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

As Paramahamsa Nithyananda says - the biggest problem a seeker encounters is that he or she is unable to retain the space of Enlightenment. A simple horror movie clip for 5 minutes is enough, and all your years of spiritual practice is gone. You are shivering. Just a cough or cold is enough for you to become angry, irritated and agitated on someone you love and revere. A simple gas in the stomach can make you feel like your whole life is doomed. Hormonal fluctuations can make somebody look really beautiful, or make even God look like a devil.

You go through these physical, physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs, and therefore, quickly lose the higher states of consciousness. Not losing the higher states you experienced is the specialty of the spiritual alchemy products. Their uniqueness is that that they can support you with the highest frequency and permanently bolt it in your system.

Thousands of extraordinary experiences and powers can be made permanent experience in you through these Alchemy Products. When you understand and use the whole chemistry of you going through these physical, physiological, psychological, neurological ups and downs for Enlightenment - that is called Alchemistry. This alchemistry can make your body and mind - capable of receiving and holding the Enlightenment forever.

Subramanya, the Lord of the Alchemy Science

Skanda Shashti Brahmotsavam is the day Subramanya was conceived. He was expressed through the Third Eye of Sadashiva, from His five faces: Sadyojata, Vamadeva, Aghora, Tatpurusha, Ishana. From the Third Eye of all the five faces and the 6th space, the unborn, faceless space, the energies of Subramanya was made. Adi Shakti held the whole energy together. The bio-memory of Adi Shakti and the bio- energy of Sadashiva were too powerful to hold together till the baby was delivered, so Ganga came to help. She acted as a spiritual incubator, adding muscle memory to this garbha. The bio-energy of Sadashiva, bio-memory of Adi Shakti and muscle-memory of Ganga put together is the completion of Sadashiva - Subramanya represents completion, complete manifestation.

Sadashiva sent His DNA first to the Universe to expand and multiply in the form of Subramanya. He is the first DNA of Sadashiva, directly from Sadashiva’s five face Third Eyes, and the sixth space. That is why even Sadashiva has only five faces, but Subramanya has six.

Subramanya is the lord of spiritual alchemy science. His whole birth happened as a spiritual alchemy. He is the Master of spiritual alchemy science. In fact, Subramanya himself appeared in front of Paramahamsa Nithyananda to deliver these truths.

“Before my own Gurus made me manifest the spiritual alchemy science, I was put in the ‘Kaumar Saadhana.’ Experiencing ‘kaumara’- or Subramanya-, kaumara on Skanda Shashti Day. During these six days, not eating anything, making Subramanya Yantra on sacred ash, worshipping it reciting the Skanda shashti kavasa moola mantra 36 times.

It was a spiritual practice I was personally initiated by Vibhudananda Puri. Not only I completed it successfully, I had direct darshan of Subramanya, and received this whole spiritual alchemy science as one gift. After that, till I had the public life, never missed this Skanda shashti vrata. This is one of the most powerful spiritual experience I had.” - HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Subramanya is the Lord of the spiritual alchemy process. That is why the greatest spiritual alchemists, the 18 siddhas, all consider themselves as the descendants of Subramanya, and revere him as the Guru of their sampradaya.

Alchemy Products

Alchemy Products



Jnanānjana is an eye-liner prepared by an Enlightened Master by instilling his own bio-energy into it. It is actually an alchemy product where, with the pure ghee, pure cotton wick is used and the lamp is lit, energized through the Awakened Third Eye of an Incarnation or an Enlightened Being. His very bio-energy is instilled in that fire and the smoke which comes out of that fire is captured on a silver vessel and the pure cow ghee, desi cow ghee is added to that. Through the proper process, the alchemy product called jnanānjana is prepared.

There is a beautiful verse in Guru Gita. Sadashiva reveals in Sri Guru Gita to Devi ajñāna-timirāndhasya jñāna-anjanaśalākayā | cakṣurunmīlitaṁ yena tasmai śrigurave namaḥ ||

The translation: “ The One, who removes the blinding darkness of the eyes, caused by the absence of true liberating knowledge, by applying jñāna-anjana, the sacred black eye-liner anointing the three eyes, which is of the essence and bio-energy of pure knowledge, and awakens the all-pervasive in nite eye, cakṣuḥ, the intra-organ through which ‘all that is’ is seen, onto that Sri Guru, I surrender.”

For ages, this secret inside the Sri Guru Gita was hidden from even the greatest scholars. The Jnananjana was an initiation given from Guru to disciple, Shiva to Devi, to achieve Enlightenment. Shiva himself clearly dictates how to make this in the Agama. This jnanānjana when applied on the three eyes, detoxifies all the three eyes and raises your frequency; it is an alchemy product described elaborately in the Agamas to make you experience awakening of all 3 eyes and manifest the powers Sadāshiva describes in Agamas.

Jnananjana is applied on betel leaves, stone slabs and even mirrors to turn them into incredible spiritual machines. When applied on a stone slab, one can see galaxies and planets that are beyond the capacity of modern telescopes. With Paramahamsa Nithyananda, it is possible to raise the human civilization to the state of the highly advanced society of the Vedic Civilization once again.

Initiating Disciples into Jnananjana

Jnananjana Initiation

The Nithyananda Gurukul students started out by seeing scenes on the betel leaf which is covered with Jnananjana. Any onlooker could ask them a question. They would ask the Jnananjana, energized by the Third Eye of Sadashiva himself, “Please show me the answer.” They would close their eyes, and keep their chin down as if they were looking for something on the inside of themselves. Just as Paramahamsa Nithyananda does when he slowly open his eyes to the world again, the corners of their lips spread in a small smile as if they were utterly enjoying being alive at that moment, enjoying the beautiful relationship that they had with Sadashiva himself.

A few weeks later, Nithyananda Yogam delegates also began manifesting this power. Anything they would project, an onlooker would be able to see visually and tell them without any hint. There was no special penance that they did, no extreme tapas. They were lucky enough to be in the presence of their Guru and be witness to his ultimate compassion.

Later, the same initiation was given to the Nithyananda Gurukul students to see scenes on the sacred Banyan tree leaf and the mirror with Jnananjana applied on it.

Using the Krista Sila

Madurai Meenakshi is a great queen who ruled all of Akhanda Bharat and brought the Vedic civilization to its absolute peak. In her time, she had generated an enlightened population. This was the time where these powers were a way of life. Every human body was wired for Enlightenment. Every being was expressing joyously.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda says “Of course, in Meenakshi’s time, there was TV, traditional TV. In darshan I saw there were stone slabs in every house. They would sit in front of the stone slab, chant the mantra, raise their frequency, immediately Meenakshi would appear and give her message. There was no video or archival system, but live relay was there in Meenakshi’s time.

Just as they did in the era of Meenakshi’s civilization, the Nithyananda Gurukul students and Inner Awakening delegates are initiated by The Avatar into this power using the Krista Sila, the stone slab. The uniqueness of the stone slab, Paramahamsa Nithyananda says, is that the entire Universe is in their hands. They can find out the secrets of the Universe through this piece of granite far more than modern day science has. Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that the resolution of what’s seen on granite slab is highest.

He says, “In the Banyan leaf, if it is one unit, in the mirror it is hundred. In stone slab, it will be thousand, most perfect HD high quality!” Seeing anything in high resolution on stone slabs is the true revival of the ancient Vedic Shaktis to access any information needed to enrich humanity. All these powers express without much effort from the person, but by the direct initiation of The Avatar.

Mercury installation

Alchemy science starts with preparing the ground on which the meditation, alchemy process is going to happen. An Incarnation is capable of dismantling any molecule and assembling it as any other molecule, at any place and space and time he wants. The science of solidifying mercury is dismantling the liquid form of mercury, and retaining its mercurian quality, assembling it back as solid.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda recalls when he did this in the Bengaluru Adheenam, “In this body, I did this three times: once under Sri Dakshinamurti (the AdiGuru, rst incarnation of Bhagavan Sadashiva), once under the present Garbha mandir (at the temple), once under Vaidya Sarovar Nithyananda Lingam. It starts from preparing the ground and installing the solidi ed mercury, installing proper Yantras, Mandalas, as per the instructions of Sadashiva.” Just these three Garbha installed in Bengaluru Aadheenam contribute and play a major role in preparing the Nithyananda Gurukul students and their capacity to radiate so many powers because they’re constantly living in that space. When this is done while the muscle-memory and bio-memory of a child is growing, while they are living in the sancti ed space, living in the space where Prana Pratishta is done, it does thousands of good things to them, starting with preparing their whole system for expressing extraordinary powers right from childhood.

Pulluruvi Puja

The most unique feature of the Sanatana Hindu Dharma is the detailed rituals. in Agamas, for everything, from birth to death, to sanctify every act of man, and establish him in the frequency of the Divine. Every puja performed before the start of something brings the person and the whole space in a state of ‘poornatva’ or complete completion with the Whole.

The pujas that involve spiritual alchemy also raise the frequency of the entire space and keeps it in that frequency for long periods of time. Pulluruvi Puja is one such puja. The word “Pulluruvi” is Prakrit language, used by the great Siddhas and spiritual alchemists. Each herb has certain ability to retain certain bio-memories and muscle-memories. The Siddhas, who were the ancient Vedic Masters were adept in this whole science.

These Siddhas programmed objects through their will, clubbing different leaves’ bio-memories, muscle-memories and evolving a herb which can hold literally the whole Enlightenment bio-energy, bio-memory, muscle-memory. TThose plants and herbs are called, ‘Pulluruvi.’ It is ancient. Our Masters did it sixty thousand years ago for Enlightenment purpose. Just by will, they do it.

When Paramahamsa Nithyananda came to the Bengaluru Aadheenam campus, there was a huge Neem tree which had the Pulluruvi in it. That leaf which comes out from it, which is modified in the mitochondria-cell-energy can hold the programming of bio-memory/ muscle-memory/bio-energy which is required for Enlightenment. There’s a process called ‘Moolike Prana Pratishta,’ Prana Pratishta for herb, where prana is installed in the leaf, which will be there forever even a er leaf is taken out of the tree.

Even after the leaf is removed, may be 2 or 3 or even 6 months, it will be fresh, as if you picked it up today. There will be no signs of withering away!”

Chidambara Chakra

Akashic Readings

Mandalas are the geometric cosmic energy centers in whose shape the cosmic DNA is seen. Paramahamsa Nithyananda has facilitated the creation of multiple Mandalas, of which one is the Chidambara Chakra.

The Chidambara Chakra was given to Paramahamsa Nithyananda by Mataji Vibhudananda Devi which he took to Arunagiri Yogishwara. Arunagiri Yogeshwara formally blessed and approved that this IS the original Chidambara Chakra which can hold the inner space of Sadashiva! Even if you just keep it near your bed where you sleep, or where you spend more time, it’ll change your life!

Sadashiva Garbha


Sadashiva Garbha is an alchemy product that literally contains Sadashiva in the powder form! It comprises four tubes which contain a specially energized powder, which is prepared by mixing many sacred materials like bhasma, Kumkum, turmeric, haritaki etc. Paramahamsa Nithyananda infuses His very own bio-energy into this powder by a sacred process as per the Agamas. He draws yantra or powerful geometric diagrams with his trishul. The tip of the trishul is the bridge between matter and consciousness. It infuses the Bhagavan particle into the powder through this alchemy process.

“ The four tubes represent Sadashiva’s and Adi Shakti’s bio-memory and muscle- memory, Sadashiva’s bio memory and muscle is Sadashiva and Adi Shakti’s bio-energy . It is literally the garbha (cosmic womb) of Sadashiva and Adi Shakti.”

Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares a beautiful story from his childhood to explain the power of the garbha, “As a child, when I was brought up by Arunagiri Yogiswara, whenever I sleep next to Him, whenever I got a chance to sleep in His lap, I’ll pick up His thumb and put it in my mouth and hold with both the hands, so that He will not get up and go away when I’m sleeping. Only after I get up, I’ll allow His hand to be removed. Whenever I put His thumb and held, I know it is like a biting the live wire and I will be in a different plane altogether. I tell you, put this garbha under your pillow, you will be in that same plane.”

Sadashiva Garbha is the Bhagavan particle, the highest frequency of Sadashiva infused into matter and can be kept alive comfortably for next 20-30 yrs.


Alchemy Retains the space of Enlightenment

Keeping the higher experiences in your system needs a systematic preparation through spiritual alchemy process. Even a small thing, when I give an energy darshan and you go down from the stage, immediately if you consume honey and tulsi or honey and the bail leaf, the energy darshan will settle down permanently in you forever. Even if you miss 20 minutes the whole thing will be drained you are back again as if you spoke to your spouse just now. Even if I work and raise you to the highest state of Consciousness 10 hours, 10 minutes one phone call is enough, you are back to square one; no, square zero. This simple things like honey and bael leaf opens certain nervous system in your brain, certain signals in your brain which holds the memory of the energy darshan experience as a living bio-memory. - HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Without the spiritual alchemy process, spiritual and religious techniques are not successful. For example, the repetition of God's name, remembrance of God, contemplating and meditating on the glories of God, trying to achieve Bhāva Samadhi, etc - All these methodologies may give you a short-term experience, but will fail since the Seeker is unable to retain the higher states of consciousness. The spiritual alchemy processes and preparation is too important for you to hold the higher plane and manifest it as powers.

Also, the new age spirituality groups in the modern day and the groups which use marijuana and psychedelic drugs - They get a glimpse of the higher plane, but they are unable to retain it because there is no spiritual alchemy process done to their body. Body was not prepared to hold it.

The systematic way in which Paramahamsa NIthyananda is preparing your bodies helps you receive the higher truths effectively. For example, through morning routine (morning yoga, pancha kriya, puja, kirtan, satsang), by the time you sit in the Satsang, your whole system will be naturally be receiving what Paramahamsa Nithyananda is sharing.

When you raise yourself psychologically and achieve the higher planes of Consciousness after your system is prepared with the spiritual alchemy processes, you will be able to retain that experience in you. Unless it is retained, your body and mind fall back into depression. You may even start looking at alternative methods like marijuana, drugs, alcohol, heroin.

The spiritual alchemy processes and preparation is too important for you to hold that higher plane and manifest it as powers.

Just keep the Alchemy Products under your pillow

These spiritual alchemy products, you just need to keep it under your pillow and sleep and you will see the whole transformation of the quality of Consciousness. You will go beyond waking, deep sleep, dream states, into awakened Turiya. Your body and mind will be prepared to experience Sadāshivoham...

Everything available in Sanatana Hindu Dharma to raise your Consciousness and make you experience SADASHIVATVA, I am making everything available. Maybe all this, everything is made available for the first time after a long gap. Everything which stops you from Sadāshivoham, is opinion, everything which lead you towards Sadāshivoham is real. Anything, which is under the Maya Matrix, cannot stop you. Declare your supremacy over the Maya Matrix and wake up. - HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Importance of a Living Avatar to transmit the Alchemy

The pure virgin space of Sadashiva is present in each of us, which cannot be touched by any incompletion.

"So, if I just look at that Sadashiva's space which is in every one of you. Immediately you’ll be awakened, nothing else." - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

This gives us the ultimate need for a Living Guru, Living Avatar to transmit the Alchemy. The Alchemy Science is being practiced during the Inner Awakening program, in Nithyananda Gurukul and other programs, where ultimate initiations (deekshas) are gifted by Him