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Shiv Darshan

Darshan is traditionally used to describe the moment when we behold a deity, a saint or an enlightened being. The experience of darshan is highly revered in Vedic tradition, as just seeing a divine or enlightened being is believed to cleanse the karmas of lifetimes, and create deep and lasting transformation in us.


Darshan is something far beyond mere physical ‘seeing’. The word ‘darshan’ is usually translated as ‘divine vision’ or ‘holy sight’, but like many mystical Sanskrit words, darshan cannot be translated. Rather, it has to be experienced.

Scriptural references

How to describe darshan

In a temple, just before the day’s worship begins when the doors of the inner shrine swing open and we glimpse the radiant bejewelled form of the deity gleaming in the lamplit darkness a certain moment happens that is beyond words, beyond thoughts, beyond the mind. That moment is darshan. Darshan is not an event in space and time. Rather, darshan happens at the moment when we are lifted out of space and time. Darshan is like a window to the infinite expanse of Consciousness, allowing us to glimpse the Formless in a way that we can understand.

Darshan is ever-present

Darshan is the powerful superconscious vibration that is present around an enlightened being at all times. Although we usually speak of ‘getting’ the darshan of an evolved soul, an enlightened being does not actually ‘give’ darshan – He simply radiates darshan. Just as the sun continuously radiates light, whether anybody is present to receive it or not, the enlightened consciousness is forever radiating its presence. The auspicious moment when we are able to ‘catch’ it becomes the moment of darshan for us!

How to receive darshan

The important thing in darshan is not ‘what to do’, but ‘how to be’. Darshan cannot be given, but it may be drawn from the Source by the receiver, by tuning into the superconscious vibration.

The breathing space of an enlightened being is like an extension of his physical body. It is a live healing energy-field. When we are completely available and receptive in such an energy-field, we don’t need a technique to catch a glimpse of the same state. Even without much effort from our side, our bio-memory ‘learns’ the expression of enlightenment.

Transformation of lifetimes

Darshan has the power to release both physical and psychic blocks in our system and cut through the layers of unconscious negative patterns built up over lifetimes. Our physiology can actually change in the presence of an enlightened Consciousness. For the receiver who is ready, darshan can be the moment of permanent and irreversible transformation.

Darshan is spiritual surgery!

Darshan is a powerful cleansing process that brings up your unconscious mind to your conscious scrutiny. The intense vibration of darshan causes the hidden layers of the unconscious to erupt, releasing deeply engraved memories and karmic blockages. On the other hand, your most deeply cherished spiritual moments are also vividly relived during darshan.

During darshan, many people have visions, healing experiences, intense spiritual experiences, and the direct experience of causeless bliss. In many others, deep-seated unconscious fears, guilt, and desires disappear. Some people just go into intense silence. Others are overwhelmed with tears of gratitude. All these are equally wonderful happenings, because they mean that darshan is working on you.

A deep imprint on your consciousness

During darshan, your being comes alive and celebrates with the energy wave of Existence. The mind subsides for a while. The whole scene of the darshan becomes a deep imprint on your consciousness.

In Swamiji’s presence, I finally feel this life of mine is worth living… I feel loved and happy. Such a great relief that he is walking the planet with me! - Tricia Royall, salon owner, Arizona,USA

Darshan in His words

“I always say, ‘Darshan is the enlightenment technique for lazy people!’

The enlightened master Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says beautifully, ‘If you want to scare away some birds sitting on a tree, you don’t have to do it one by one. Just clap loudly once and all the birds on the tree will fly away.’ In the same way, in the master’s presence, you don’t have to work on your mental patterns, your samskaras, one by one. You don’t have to work so hard! The master’s powerful grace is the one ‘clap’ that can destroy all your samskaras once and for all!

Why Darshan

Understand, you don’t need to be in the presence of an enlightened being to have a glimpse of enlightenment! As I told you, we all continuously have brief spontaneous glimpses of the superconscious state. Such glimpses are always happening in our lives. But the problem is, we are neither aware of it when it happens, nor are we able to hold on to it. All your yoga, pranayama, meditation-all these are only techniques to create the state of readiness in you – the readiness to experience, and the readiness to hold the experience.

Darshan – the ultimate technique

Darshan prepares your body and mind, so that when the experience happens, you will not miss it by being unconscious of it, and you will be able to hold the enormous transformation it creates within. When you are continuously available in the energy-field of an enlightened master, you don’t need so many separate techniques.Even without much effort from your side, your very bio-memory ‘learns’ the expression of enlightenment. Your very muscles learn to imbibe and radiate enlightenment. Benefits

Darshan awakens the brain

Darshan of an avatar can result in the spontaneous awakening of the Kundalini, our own highest inner potential energy. Research in neuroscience has proved that darshan floods the body and brain with Kundalini energy, our own highest inner potential energy

When Kundalini ascends the spine through the sushumna nadi (the main channel of subtle energy), it results in a huge energy influx into the brain. As it flows from the thalamus to the cortex, Kundalini sets up a powerful energy loop within the brain which awakens the latent, non-mechanical parts that we have never used before. With increasing levels of coherence, the whole brain comes alive, turning into a super-conductor of conscious energies that heal, empower and transform our lives. Enhanced awareness levels, greater creativity and extraordinary abilities start to express through us, like levitation, teleportation and materialization. This influx of superconscious energy also visibly slows down the ageing process and improves immunity to disease.

Darshan alters your physiology

“ Understand, even your physiology changes in the presence of an enlightened Consciousness! If you are completely open during darshan, the software of enlightened physiology can also be downloaded into you. Your body learns that it can be better than what it is now! Your bio-memory learns the lesson that the possibility for a better existence is there. ” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

When you have the grace of the Master, both the hardware and software can be totally changed. “ The conscious mind can be cleared by the right teachings, by removing the wrong ideas and taking in clear and correct ideas. The unconscious mind is like the software, which can be cleared by meditation techniques. But ultimately, for the software change to be permanent, the hardware also has to change. Your very brain grooves have to change to hold and radiate the experience of living enlightenment. ” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

The hardware, the brain itself, will be tuned to hold this new software by the darshan or grace of the master.

During darshan, I realized that receiving the fully focused attention of a Realized Master is a blessing in itself ! And knowing that through a request I can ask this monumental power to focus on my specific need is amazing to me. I experienced being surrounded by complete protection and support, and I knew that it was purely Swamiji’s grace and I had no part in it. - Glenn Walbridge, Property Manager, Sedona,USA

Darshan & Deeksha

“ Symbolically speaking, darshan is the moment when you ‘see’ the Divine, and deeksha is the moment when the Divine ‘sees’ you! Or rather, we can say that when deeksha or initiation happens, the Divine enters into you. Deeksha is the direct transfer of spiritual energy by an enlightened being through a touch, a word or a look. Deeksha is an opportunity to erase the engrams of lifetimes effortlessly. It is a pure gift from Existence, and all you need to do is simply receive it! When you have the grace of the master, both the past and the future will be altered beyond your understanding. “

Darshan is like ploughing the soil, deeksha is like planting the seed..

“ For the perfectly prepared and completely open being, darshan itself can be the moment of deeksha. But in general, darshan is a preparation for deeksha. Darshan is like ploughing the soil, deeksha is like planting the seed. Darshan makes you liquid and receptive. It helps you connect deeply to the vibration of the Master and prepare yourself to receive His energy. The longer you spend in darshan, the more finely tuned you become, so that at the moment of deeksha, you will be completely open and ready to receive. ” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

In Swamiji’s presence, I am filled with an intense inexpressible feeling of joy and love. I believe that is just a taste of my true nature, unobscured by the mind and ego. Swamiji makes it so easy for us to experience our divinity beyond our human conditions! - Susan Verhoogt, Meditation teacher, Calgary, Canada

Darshan at Inner Awakening

Swamiji Darshan

Many IA participants remember these darshans for the sheer ecstasy of the experience: those incredible moments of beholding the Formless in Form.

At Inner Awakening, you will receive a total of 21 powerful darshans with deeksha, including some breathtaking bhaava darshans. Even more than the physical and mental benefits they receive from darshan, many IA participants remember these darshans for the sheer ecstasy of the experience: those incredible moments of beholding the Formless in Form.

IA darshan is an extraordinary experience – such inexpressible joy, bliss and fulfilment! The biggest miracle is that after just 21 days of darshan and kriya, I also got healed of my 25-year-old asthma problem! - Anuradha, Software Engineer, Bangalore,INDIA

Inner Awakening

Inner Awakening is a unique and life transforming 21-day yoga and meditation retreat specially designed and conducted by a rare living incarnation Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The program is centered on awakening the ultimate inner potential energy within each of us, the Kundalini energy, and making available its innumerable practical benefits in various dimensions of our life like health, wealth, relationships, education, career, and more. The awakening of Kundalini through initiation by a rare living incarnation gives you access to a whole new realm of living. The retreat works on all the basic dimensions of your life, allowing you to experience deep healing at the physical, mental and emotional levels. You gain a state of deep inner peace, coupled with tremendous productivity and creativity. Becoming constantly aware at every moment gives you the astonishing clarity to fully live the life you love!

Darshan healed me of my cervical spondylosis, from which I have been suffering for many years.

Every human being should experience IA darshan once to know how to live in this world! Darshan healed me of my cervical spondylosis, from which I have been suffering for many years.

Darshan is Adding Turiya and Turiyatita in You !

"All Energy Darshan is an attempt to pour Turiya and Turiyatita in your body.

If Turiya and Turiyatita is added into your system, suddenly you feel you are flying! The whole inner space is lubricated. Turiya and Turiyatita is the important fuel with which your body needs to be filled if you are interested in experiencing Kailaasa.

Ability of your body to cognise Jeeva - Self, Jagat - Universe, Ishwara - God; ability to connect with Jeeva, Ishwara and Jagat becomes high when you are fuelled with the Turiyatita space and state."- H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam


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