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What is Currency?

The current which keeps the currency moving, is the value of the currency. We may ask, “Why some country’s currency has high value, why some country’s currency has no value or low value?”

It is our ability to keep our currency moving, the current which moves the currency, keeps the value for currency. If you have too many reasons to use the currency, which you can buy only through that currency, that keeps the value...that current keeps the value of that currency.

As long as currency appears in front of you as a matter, you will be in delusion. Currency is not a matter. It is your conscious decision, as long as there is incompletion between you and currency, there are blind spots.

Your decision to contribute to the world, your decision to be intelligent through your contribution, your decision to inspire, your ability to inspire people to support you back, it’s all….is the whole triangle of wealth.

When the mass starts getting frustrated about currency, the collective global economical meltdown starts happening. Economic meltdown is nothing but mass getting to the understanding, mass trying to come out of the delusion called “currency.” Anything which can drive your fear and greed only is relevant to your life. If something cannot drive your fear and greed, it is redundant, irrelevant to your life.

Wealth as per Sadashiva from Agamas

You need to put your energy in the direction of wealth, not in the direction of currency.

Currency should be your by-product. Early morning when you wake up, you should know - what is your life out of freedom, joy and live whole day. Because you are breathing, the currency should follow you. That is wealth consciousness. Because you are conscious, wealth should be following you. That is wealth consciousness. Understand. Any hitching towards the wealth, any hitching towards the wealth, is not earning wealth, it is only getting tortured towards currency.

“Wealth” as per Sadāshiva from Agamas. Your ability to intelligently enrich the society in some form…

Enriching does not mean only through teaching. It can even be stitching their shoes. Even that is enriching. Enriching in some form. Enriching the humanity in some form and doing it very intelligently and inspiring the humanity to contribute back to you, so you can continue to enrich. That’s it. That is “wealth”. That is wealth consciousness. That’s the strategy for wealth.

Currency is modus operandi. The methodology through which interaction and transactions happen, is currency.

If the wealth consciousness is awakened in multiple people and you make the currency more current, that is called economy.

First awakening you need to have - no cunning strategies. Shortest distance between two point is straight line. Most powerful strategy for manifesting wealth is Integrity. If you really interested in living with wealth forever, living with wealth forever, the most easiest, most easiest and the right strategy is Integrity. Decide with responsibility, you will start contributing to the humanity.

The first understanding, the conclusion you need to arrive - Integrity is the best strategy for manifesting wealth. Understand. A man who owns, manifests wealth. Man who possesses suffers with stress and depression. Understand. I own this property but I don’t possess this property. Possessing is exclusiveness. Owning is inclusiveness. Owning and letting everyone enjoy it. More and more of your capabilities… if you are writer, if you are a speaker, if you are a thinker, whatever you have … own it and make more and more people to enjoy it. That’s all.

Second Understanding, owning but not possessing, means go on sharing.Own you and let everyone enjoy you.

Third - bring brilliance in your sharing. Let your enriching be most authentic.

It means, everyday upgrade yourself. Ultimate should not be final. For you something is ultimate today, which is not ultimate tomorrow. It expands. So, go on becoming authentic in your sharing, enriching.

Next important conclusion - do not feel shy to encourage people to support you back to enrich the world. Be confident, courageous about what you are doing. Don’t be meek, weak. Be confident about what you are contributing and encourage people to contribute back to them, so you can continue to contribute, you can keep this dharma chakra alive, that’s all. Just these 4 conclusions, arrive now.