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Any action that is unfulfilled as per your imagination, either because of an outer hindrance or an inner hindrance, is incompletion! If your expectations are not met by you or by others, they remain as an incompletion in you.

The idea that something outside you can complete you, can add to you, can ful l you, immediately reduces you to the level of matter. But you are not matter - you are Life! Whether you realize it or not, you are complete unto yourself. Then why do you look to something external to complete you? - HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam


Incompletion is anything that leaves you with an experience of low energy, ‘low’ emotions, a feeling of unfulfillment.

As of now, your life is nothing but a journey from incompletion to incompletion. Even the so-called positive happenings in your life are a result of incompletion. Your success, your relationships, your wealth - everything is triggered by a sense of incompletion.

Incompletion is the worst inauthenticity you can carry as a conscious being. Incompletion comes out of the assumption that something larger than you exists out there for you, which can complete you.

The idea that something outside you can complete you, can add to you,

But you are not matter - you are Life!

Only Life can infuse life into matter; matter cannot infuse life into Life! Only you can infuse value into anything that is outside you; nothing that is outside you can infuse value into You. Whether you realize it or not, you are complete unto yourself. Then why do you look to something external to complete you?

The only incompletion you are really carrying is not knowing that you are already complete! It is this one incompletion that expresses itself as your fear, your greed, your anger, your jealousy and your depression.

I am not saying that success is wrong, wealth is wrong. But pursuing them out of a feeling of incompletion is wrong. Incompletion is poison in your life. It is incompletion that drives you to take one birth after another. Any incomplete action is karma. It will pull you again and again to repeat that action till you achieve completion.


Completion makes you tremendously powerful, too powerful to be intoxicated by success or defeated by failure.

What’s wrong with the present moment?

Understand, incompletion can never exist in the present moment, because Life happens in the present moment. At the moment of happening, there is no reference point to measure whether you are less or more successful, less or more wealthy, less or more happy. Against what can you measure all this in the present moment? All references and inferences can be made only from the past. That is why all your negativity is rooted in the past.

Past, by its very nature, does not have life. But if you indulge continuously in the past, it swallows the future also. All negativity is rooted in the past. Negativity cannot grow in your inner space if your past memories are not supplied as evidence. Each of us is dragging along a precious bag of memories lled with our past perceptions, our past beliefs, and especially our past failures.

Life opens up new possibilities for you at every moment. But no, you are happy to be stuck with your past record! At each point of Life, who you are is a re ection of what you cognize of the future! Yet you think you are a result of the past.

Why? Because the past is not sitting in the past - you carry it forward into your future!

This is how we live the same life again and again and again. Life is so boring, because it is not being lived in the now. It is the past which is constantly getting into the present and owing into the future. The past is sitting in the future and giving us our experience of the present moment, so the present moment is never fresh - it is just a replay of the dead past.


Past, by its very nature, does not have life. But if you indulge continuously in the past, it swallows the future also.

There is no such thing as a sweet memory

Understand: the best happenings of your life are those that don’t leave behind a trace of memory. If a past happening causes a stir inside you, whether sweet or sad, understand that there is an incompletion there. Either there is an unhealed wound, or an unful lled craving. A really complete happening will present itself to you just as it happened, with no charge of emotion, no load from the past. Both sweet and painful memories are hangovers.

Anything that comes from the past as a constraint in the future is a limitation and a bondage. It destroys your ability to respond freely and spontaneously in the present moment.

All the pain you experience is the incomplete past projected in the future. If you complete it, you will have the awareness that it is from the past and you won’t indulge it.

The past repeats itself in the future only when there is incompletion. When your experience in the present moment is complete, it no longer bothers you. It does not get added to your already loaded past. You don’t have to forget your past itself. Just break the boundaries that it has created on your future. Disconnect from the bondage of the past.


Make a list of 5 incidents from the past which leave you with an emotion - sweet or painful.

All these memories are incompletions, and create a pattern in you.

Trace the pattern linked to each incompletion.

For the next one week, whenever the pattern comes up, bring awareness that you are responding from incompletion due to the past memory. Very soon, you will see that you have the awareness to catch your pattern before it catches you!

Inner & Outer Incompletions

Any action performed from a state of incompletion will only lead to more incompletion. Anything done from a state of completion will lead to only completion in others also.

If you feel disturbed by a woman outside, understand: the disturbance is not from the outer woman. It is from the inner woman - the fantasy called ‘woman’ you carry inside. It is nothing but an incompletion inside you.

There is a beautiful story in the sage Narada’s life. Before he was conferred the honored title of ‘Chiranjeevi Deva Rishi’ (Immortal celestial sage), he was offered all possible pleasures in wide varieties and wild quantities - beautiful women, rivers of soma rasa (the drink of the gods) and what not! Because he was not touched by any of it, he was given the title.

So, completion lies inside you, not outside you. If you are complete, no outer event can cause incompletion in you.

When a happening disturbs you, look in and see: you have a choice not to let it make you incomplete. Do you want to make that choice? Completion is not blind acceptance

Understand: completion does not mean accepting everything that happens in life. Completion is not blind acceptance. NO!

What is the difference between ‘resisting’, ‘accepting’ and ‘not resisting’?

For example, just imagine that you are sitting in your garden one morning and sipping a cup of tea.

Suddenly you see your neighbour rushing towards you with a knife!

Now, you have three ways of responding to this unexpected happening in your life:

One, you can resist the moment, and get angry and panic and say ‘Oh, this guy has been my neighbor for ten years, I did so much for him, he even borrowed money from me and never returned it, now how can he do this to me?’ and so on – getting caught in your own perceptions, and in the process, completely losing sight of what you actually need to do in the situation.

Or you can just accept the situation and feel like a saint, saying, ‘After all, this is life!’ – not even making an attempt to change the situation.

Understand: neither of these two attitudes is completion. Completion means simply assessing the situation as it is. A man rushing towards you with a knife is a man rushing towards you with a knife – that’s all. When you assess the situation without applying your personal filter to it, you will know exactly what action to take – just duck, run away, or stand there and fight him!

Completion is not blind acceptance. Completion simply means not resisting the ow of life.

Completion is Your Nature

The Sanskrit world poornatva means ‘the state of completion’.

Completion is the state which leaves nothing left to be desired, either in the inner world or in the outer world. In completion, there is no space for fear, greed, anger, doubt, envy or any of the hundreds of low-energy emotions and con icts you create for yourself. Completion is an unclouded inner space. In such a space, irrespective of what is happening in the outer world, completion alone remains.

What we don’t realize is that completion is our innate nature. The shanti mantra (peace chant) drawn from Hindu Upanishads says that the whole cosmos resonates with completion:

Om poornamadah poornamidam / Poornaat poornamudachyate / Poornasya poornamaadaaya / Poornamevaavashishyate

There is completion here, and there is completion there. Completion is born out of completion. If you remove completion from completion, completion alone remains!

Completion is a state of positive choicelessness. It is destroyed when you start identifying and aligning yourself with certain happenings and rejecting others. When you start the game of accepting and rejecting, your experience of Life becomes fragmented.

At the end of each day, make a list of all the low-energy emotions that expressed in you that day. Find out the incompletion that each of them comes from, and declare completion with it.

As you do this for a few weeks, you will observe that you become more and more aligned to completion and stop acting from any low-energy emotion or incompletion.

Are you running away from you?

Understand: since completion is your innate nature, you are never comfortable with your own incompletions. But for the very reason that they remind you of your incompleteness, you never want to face them! All your life, you keep running from the ghost of your incomplete self. The more and more you run outside of you, the more you are haunted by the incompletions - through life and across lives.

The only way to be free is to face the incompletion directly. Identify the source of incompletion, which is rooted in an incomplete cognition of some situation in life. That is the only way to restore completion.

At a moment of deep incompletion, stop and look: can you see the demon that is making you feel this way? It is NOT you! Just relax and let the pattern drop.

Keep on completing with yourself

Incompletion lives inside you in your muscle-memory and your bio- memory.

Listen: incompletions of taste and smell stay in your muscle memory. But incompletion in the eyes and touch stay in your bio-memory. It is at a deeper level. This is a deep truth.

Do completion with all your patterns. Continuously do completion and unload the effects of your past from your inner space. I tell you, feeling powerful inside will make everything a success for you. When you are feeling powerless inside, nothing will be successful. If any success happens when you are feeling powerless, understand that it is an accident, not success! When you are feeling powerful inside, failure never enters your breathing space.

Just decide to live the tattvas. Soon you will start tasting the miracles of the space of completion - today I tried integrity; it clicked, it worked! Today I tried authenticity: it worked, but when I am in incompletion, it is failing. Just this understanding can shift your space and keep you constantly in completion. I tell you, with just this one completion process, humanity can walk out of depression. Every night, just before you go to bed, make a list of incompletions you carry, the patterns you carry.

Now see how each pattern creates powerless moments in you.

Re-live the powerless moments and declare completion with them.

As you do this for a week, you will become more sensitive to how the incompletions you carry only leave you powerless and unsuccessful. You will naturally become more and more aligned towards completion.

All Karma is Incompletion

According to Vedic metaphysics, there are three kinds of karmas.

  • Prarabdha - the karmas you brought with you to exhaust in this life.
  • Agamya - the karmas you accumulated in this life.
  • Sanchita - the karmas you have accumulated for janmas, for lifetimes.

All three are the result of past incompletions. Similarly, every moment of incompletion that you carry now is going to add to your karma bank.

Let me be very clear - you cannot do anything with sanchita. Sanchita can be melted only by my working directly on it. But you can work on both agamya and prarabdha.

Prarabdha is more like your passing thoughts and mental patterns. Agamya is more like your muscle-memory and bio-memory, which have become part of you.

Agamya itself has two parts – the rst is, doing actions in unawareness which brings suffering; the second is, the pattern of doing such actions continuously and accumulating agamya, even after knowing it brings suffering!or example, you know that whenever you get angry or irritated, you are going to suffer a state of incompletion, but you still do it. This constant pattern of doing action and accumulating karma, even though you know it is wrong, is also agamya. This what I call as Agamya2 - the pattern of doing action and accumulating karma, even when you know it is dangerous for you.

If you look into your sexual habit patterns, if you look into your drinking and addiction problems, you will understand! So work on this strong pattern of knowingly accumulating agamya. Break that one pattern. Stop the agamya of agamya, that is the essence of handling all karmas. That is the only way to save yourself from all the karmas.

And go on completing. Go on completing every moment. Complete with you, complete with others, complete with the world, complete with God. Don’t let anything remain in your inner space as an incompletion, as future karma.

You have a constant pattern of doing actions and accumulating karma, even though you know it is wrong. Just break this one pattern, and you can stop your karma cycle.

Restoring completion

In our programs, through a process of ‘conscious past life regression’, you will be helped to identify these incomplete cognitions, which have created the root behaviour patterns governing all your responses. Because you enter into the past from a state of high awareness, you are empowered to alter your past cognitions and liberate yourself from the pattern.

Once you nd your root pattern, you will complete with it, so that you are released from its in uence over your life.

Two Techniques for Completion

The process of completion starts with swapoornatva: completing with yourself. First, you will learn to listen to yourself. When you start learning to listen to yourself, then you will know how to listen to others. Listening, listening, listening - that is where completion starts.

Sit with a mirror and listen to yourself as you talk. Just keep talking about whatever is hurting you right now, or whatever it is you want to chage in your life. Listen to your heart’s complaints about yourself and about others. Don’t sweep anything under the carpet. By listening, millions of incompletions will become complete.

If you have knee pain or can’t sit straight, it means you must continue the technique even more intensely! Because many of the pains you carry inside you in different parts of the body are nothing the incompletions you are carrying with YOU. Talk to your re ection - your chaaya. You will be surprised - your shadow will start talking to you, advice you, listen to you, heal you and relieve you from many of your fears, many of your lust patterns, many of your attention-need patterns, many of your guilt patterns.

1. Swapoornatva Kriya: Technique for Completion with Yourself

Be seated comfortably in front of a mirror. The mirror should be large enough for you to see your entire re ection. Maintain a deep eye-to-eye contact between your body and your re ection.

Please understand - both put together is YOU! I will call it as ‘kaaya’ and ‘chaaya’ - the body and the re ection. Both put together is you! So let the ‘kaaya’ and ‘chaaya’ have a deep eye-to-eye contact.

The moment you have a deep eye-to-eye contact, the first thing you will have is tears! Allow it. You are waiting just to cuddle and cry with yourself. Cuddle yourself and cry with yourself, for so many things you did to yourself and others did to you, for the injustice you did to you and others did to you... You are waiting to cry.

Cuddle, cuddle your chaaya. Hold your chaaya. First, learn to listen to your own heart’s cry. Most of the time, you not listening to yourself!

Sit in front of the mirror and talk; say whatever you want to tell yourself. Spend time with YOU. Talk. Talk.

As you talk, listen - as the person inside the mirror. Listen, listen and listen! Talk to the person in the mirror, listen to the person in the mirror. Authentically listen to the cries of your heart. Your heart is crying for your listening. Complete, complete, complete.

Now, try to identify the earliest memory that created this incomplete cognition in you, forming the root pattern of your suffering. Go back to the first few situations in your life when you first experienced conflict. This situation would have happened typically between the third and fth year of your life. Relive that situation.

If the tears come, let it come; if the anger comes, let it come.

Standing face to face with your past, the pain disappears, the anger disappears! When the anger disappears, it turns into love. Please understand, when the energy expresses as anger, if the anger is removed from the energy, it just completely turns into love, because the chili component of the energy is removed.

The completion will not happen if you just work on the root pattern alone: every incident which stems from the root pattern must also be completed. Please understand: you need to go back to the very earliest memory you have had in your childhood and complete this memory. And, then complete each and every pattern that you’ve had up until today. At the end of the session, you will feel the pain of many years fall away.

Continue this practice every night as long as you feel the need to do it. When it is no longer necessary for you, it will drop from you on its own.

2. Poornatva Kriya: Technique for Completion with Others

When you are ready to listen from a space of listening, start completing with others also. Identify the signi cant people in your life whose words or actions have had a negative impact on you. Meet them, call them, find some way to speak to them.

Go on completing with each and every person. If you cannot complete with that person directly, complete with the mirror, visualizing yourself talking and completing with them. Keep on practicing this with each person; complete with every pattern, every incompletion, every memory of pain.

Completion has to be done as a spiritual practice for at least one year! Whenever you feel any disturbances in you, just sit with the mirror and complete. Whenever you experience a conflict with another person, complete with them as soon as possible.

Technique for spontaneous completion

Completion does not mean blindly accepting everything that happens in your life. It simply means not resisting life as it happens to you. The root of all our incompletions is the idea we carry - Life should not be this way. That is why we spend our whole life asking, ’Why, why, why?’ Why is life so bad? Why did this happen to me? Why do bad things happen to good people?

Spontaneous completion or instant completion means simply dropping the wrong understanding that is creating con ict for you in a particular situation. It is possible!

Don’t ask, ‘Why is life this way?’

Instead, decide: THIS IS LIFE! SO, NOW WHAT?

  • 1) Do I want to accept it and move on?
  • 2) Do I want to reject it and move on?
  • 3) Or do I change it to the way I want?

Power of Declaration

To strengthen your decision to be integrated and complete, declare it to yourself and others. Whenever you declare a decision, it helps gather your scattered energies and focus them towards making your declaration into reality through responsible actions.

When you continuously and consciously align your words to the right actions, your words become powerful. You achieve vak-shakti or vak- siddhi, the power to make anything you say into reality.

Completion is the space of miracles

How will you know when you are complete?

If you have a doubt, you are not yet complete!

Step by step, I want you all to experience this space. Most of you are too busy with nothing! Busy with the confusion of your mind, the chaos of your mind, the insecurities of your mind, the disease of your being! Too busy! You are so busy with your disease that you don’t even want medicine! Because to take the medicine, you have to sit up, and you don’t want to!

Come out of your self-imbibed sickness and live - live life! I tell you, just this swapooornatva kriya heals you so much - it makes the miracle space available in you. Ananda Gandha is what I call miracle space!

Only when you are complete, will extraordinary powers be unleashed for you and through you. All the creativity, all the natural knowledge available in the universe, and all the extraordinary powers of the universe will be at your disposal. Only then can you realize the truth that you are indeed the favorite of the Cosmos, BRAHMANYAM BAHUPUTRATAM!