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Bhasma Forehead

Vibhuti is sacred ash.

It is also known as Bhasma, Thiruneeru.

Scriptural References

Kaamika Agama

In Kaamika Aagama, Mahadeva says, ‘Ganga is the ever-pure water!’

In the “Bhasmasnaana Vidhi”, he says, ‘Just like Ganga is ever-pure water, bhasma is ever-pure!’

The Glory of ‘Thiru Neeru’ directly emitted by Thiru Jnanasambandar

Thiru Jnanasambandar (one of the four visionary saints of Saiva Siddhanta philosophy), is a renowned spiritual healer who healed the leprosy of the king Koon Pandian using Thiru Neeru, the sacred ash.

Story -

Mandira maavadhu neeru vaanavar meeladhu neeru sundara maavadhu neeru thudhikkap paduvadhu neeru thandhira maavadhu neeru chamayaththil ullaadhu neeru senthuvar vaayumai pangan thiruaala vaayaan thiruneeree

Mantra, that which becomes, is Neeru on the bodies of the heavenly ones is Neeru. Beautiful, that which turns out to be, is Neeru; that which is adored (praised) is Neeru. Tantra, power of technique is Neeru, In the religion, that which is contained, is Neeru. The red-coral-lips possessing Uma’s Partner, He is Thiruvaalavaai, His Neeru indeed is all these. What in the Vedas is said, is Neeru that which relieves grievous grief is Neeru That which confers gnosis is Neeru. shortcomings, that which gets rids of, is Neeru. That which everyone talks about is Neeru. Content of the Reality is Neeru. He is Thiruvaalavaai surrounded by fields and cool waters, His Neeru indeed is all these. (Vol II.d. 66, st 1&2)

Thiru – Sacred, Holy, or Revered; Neeru – Sacred Ash, Vibhooti; Thiruvaalavaai – Lord Shiva, also name of Madurai City

Why We Apply Vibhuti

Shiva Bhakta means doing what He is doing, being what His being is.

Shaivism is the tradition to educate you to stare at death while you are alive. Never you are allowed to divert your attention from Death till you are liberated.

That is why the sacred ash. Sacred Ash is the symbol of death, understand, it is symbol of dying, that everything is going to become this.

You apply sacred ash from the time you wake up, till you go to bed, before eating, after eating, before sneezing, after sneezing, before drinking water, after drinking water, every time you are requested, asked to apply Bhasma. Before eating, after eating, before going to bed, after waking up.

During all these times, you are asked to apply Bhasma, just to remind you constantly that—this is the way life is going to be, let your attention be on death, till you are liberated.

The good news is: if you put your attention on Death, you will be liberated. The great news is: you don’t have to put your attention on Death your whole life, just few days without getting diverted, putt your attention, that is enough, you will have liberation; you will have liberation.

Ultimately everyday when you apply the bhasma (sacred ash), remember – everything seen, perceived by you is perishable. Every goal you have is perishable. Just to remind you – your forehead is full of perishable you are asked to apply the bhasma. Inside is full of perishable. When you understand, inside full of perishable, you will know how to catch the imperishable.

The Sacred Ash Making process

At the Bidadi Adheenam Viboothi is made through the culmination of a series of most auspicious process. Swamiji Paramahamsa Nithyananda sat inside a ring of fire in the ancient process called Pancha Tapas, The fire around Swamiji gradually turned in to ash in the physical presence Swamiji and that forms the first crucial part.

Every day the eloborate Rudra Homa, the ancient fire ritual is performed with the Chanting of the Mantras and various offerings are made to the fire, at the end of this sacred process the Homa Kundam (the Homa pit) continues to radiate mild heat over the night and turns all that is offered into ash and this forms the next important part.

Additionally the dropped (not plucked) leaves of the the Sacred banyan tree are added in the Homa offering that by itself is a very powerful energy radiant.

Then these are taken together and mixed with the traditional vegetable oil and made into spherical balls and using the cow dung and the dried grass they are baked to form Viboothi.

This energized viboothi blessed by Swamiji is offered at the Nithyanandeshwara Temple at Bidadi and around the world that has healed many from physical problems to mental agonies and have blessed the worldly aspirations of the wearer

More information on this and how you can receive this viboothi can be had from writing to [email protected]

Bhasma - A Mark of a Shaivite

Bhasma Application

The Vishesha-deeksha initiated disciple should apply bhasma - vibhuti (sacred ash) on his body and wear Rudraksha gifted by Swamiji during the Deeksha on his throat such that the Rudraksha touches the throat center all the time.

Technique for Enlightenment

vāyur-anilam amṛtam athedaṁ bhasmāntagṁ śarīram | auṁ krato smara kṛtagṁ smara krato smara kṛtagṁ smara || 17 ||

First: when you feel like sleeping, lie down and remember: vāyur-anilam amṛtam athedaṁ | vāyur-anilam amṛtam athedaṁ | Means –

“Let my breathing pattern become one with the Cosmic breathing pattern.” This a declaration.

Second: bhasmāntagṁ śarīram.

Visualize everything is burning, your body, the bed you are lying down, the room in which you are sleeping, anything you can visualize, is burning, it is returning to its original source, Mother Nature.

...Anything you can remember, visualize it is burning. Suddenly you will see, you have nothing to remember or visualize, just the whole muscle-memory is reduced to ashes.

The Next Day Morning when you wake up, you just know that everything is ash. Wake up slowly and apply the bhasma, apply the bhasma as the prasād of Mahadeva. Tell Mahadeva, “Let me wake up as You want, let the Cosmic breathing pattern be my breathing pattern and let me wake up and function as You want, with the qualities You want me to carry and radiate.” That’s all. Your sleep can become Enlightenment practice.

With this your muscle memory will become pure, your muscle-memory will rest in the space of Completion, because all your muscle memories are stored in your muscles. If you visualize not only your muscles are burning, anything which can be visualized in your eye muscles. Anything you can remember, you can remember only in the muscles of the eyes. So even that you should visualize as burning. That is why I am saying, not only your body, the bed in which you are lying down, the room in which you are sleeping, anything that you can remember, in and around the room, above the room, moon, sun, anything that you can visualize and remember from you muscle-memory, visualize everything is burning. Everything is burning, getting reduced to ashes. Just with this visualization fall asleep. You will see your muscle-memories will become so clean, so pure.