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Homa is a Vedic ritual which helps us connect to the fire element, one of the five major elements in Nature.

Our Vedic Masters, Vedic Rishis, Vedic Visionaries, starting from Sadāshiva, they have mastered a science to bring these highest thought currents and ignite your inner space through certain rituals and processes. That’s what we call ‘Homa’ and making Aushadha. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda


Scriptural references


Thought is as matter as any item which is seen by you in front of you. Please listen. I am repeating - A thought current is as matter as the mike, camera, TV and all the items you are seeing in front of you. If this hanky can be given to you, a thought current also can be given to you. Our Vedic Visionaries have mastered the science of bringing a thought current and infusing it into the people. It is called Initiation.

Understand. Our Masters have mastered this science of making the thought current come in a space through Yajna, means, the thought current from the space will be brought into the air through the mantras, and into the fire through the offerings, into the water in the kata - pot and sprinkled on you and into your mind through that water being sprinkled on you. Our Masters have mastered this science and that thought current can also be brought down into something called Aushadha, energy herbs.

These powerful thought currents can be brought down, in the form of energies in the fire, homa agni and can be infused into the sacred herbs and can be shared to everyone, you can experience the power of thought currents and manifestation of that thought currents in your real life.

The Science

Homa is performed by lighting a sacred fire using certain selected sacred materials. The Cosmic energy is invoked in the homa fire through prayer and visualization. The fire is energized by the chanting of mantras, allowing the energy to spiral upward and outward into the surrounding environment. Performing a homa cleanses and rejuvenates the environment by allowing an abundant inflow of prana (life-force) into the atmosphere. The fire (agni) of the homam helps awaken the jatar agni or inner fire present in each of us, which is responsible for proper digestion of food and dissemination of food energy. The siddha-ayurvedic herbs offered into the homa fire set off vibrations which directly reach our deeper energy layers. Interestingly, the smoke from a sacred homam can heal diseases like asthma which are categorized by a very low tolerance to atmospheric pollutants. The sacred ash from a homa acts as a repository of energy, and can heal a range of diseases when applied on the skin.


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