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Kumkum is red processed turmeric. It is seen on the forehead of Hindus at the junction of the eyebrows and nose, at what is known as the ajna chakra, or Third Eye.

Why Kumkum

In the regular life in India, people apply kumkum (processed turmeric herb) on their forehead as a technique to work on the Third Eye. The Third Eye is an important power which is stored in every human being – it is the very source of your consciousness. All the extraordinary, mystical and spiritual traditions continuously work on awakening the Third Eye. Unique to the Vedic tradition, all the Hindu gods are portrayed with three eyes. It means that you can become God only if your Third Eye is awakened, not otherwise. Hindus have worked so much on activating the Third Eye, discovering long ago that continuously wearing kumkum(processed turmeric), the bindi, on the Third Eye works to awaken it.

Kumkum is made out of the processed turmeric, which has a capacity to penetrate the skin, enter into the system, and detoxify the third eye from fluoride and all toxins.

In addition, wearing kumkum generates a constant awareness in the third eye region. For the Third Eye, attention is food. If one starts giving attention to the Third Eye, it will be awakened. It will start expressing energy.

By the very chemical composition of red kumkum, the ajna chakra is kept activated and alive at all times. That is why, you will see kumkum kept at all prayer offerings, at temples, and is offered to guests before they leave your home after visiting you. All Hindu deities invariably have the third eye marked, either directly shown as in Shiva, or shown with the kumkum. Keeping the kumkum adds tremendous grace on the face. Also, the modern-day stickers imitating vermillion or kumkum do not produce the same effect of activating the ajna chakra. They are just a fashion standard and they can even stop the energy flow at those points.

Kumkum and Third Eye Awakening

Third Eye

Awakening the Third Eye awakens the non-mechanical parts of the brain, allowing you to experience powers like telepathy, materialization, teleportation and many other miraculous powers. The Third Eye is the bridge between the physical world and the psychic and cosmic spaces. It is like a ‘browsing center’, a door to the Cosmos. You can receive and transmit anything to the Cosmos through the Third Eye, living with unimaginable powers when it is completely awakened.

The following is an extremely powerful technique, most effective when practiced in the presence of the Guru or in front of His picture where He is wearing the kumkum (the red dot).

Third Eye Awakening Meditation

Third Eye Meditation

Instructions from Paramahamsa Nithyananda for the meditation for Third Eye Awakening:

Sit in a comfortable position with your head, neck and spine in a straight line. Relax and take a few deep breaths.

Step 1 (with open eyes) Duration: 5 minutes Bring your attention to the area in between your eyebrows. Visualize that your Third Eye is open; you are looking through the Third Eye. It may be a little difficult at first, but you will get it in a few minutes.

Step 2 (with closed eyes) Duration: 3 minutes Close your eyes and visualize an intense golden light entering into your body from the sky. The light is entering your head and getting centered, functioning, active on your Third Eye.

Step 3 (with open eyes) Duration: 3 minutes Now, with open eyes, look through your Third Eye at my Third Eye, the spot where I am wearing the kumkum, the red dot. Continue to gaze at my Third Eye through your Third Eye. Visualize that you have a red color hole between your eyebrows and intensely look at my Third Eye.

Step 4 Finally, relax. Close your eyes. If you wish, you can rest wherever you are sitting.”


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