Maya Matrix

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The Maya Matrix is the network of illusions that makes us believe that what we perceive with our senses and cognise with our mind is all there is to life. It deludes us into believing that the artificial ideas that we have created - the concept of money, concept of countries. etc as the important things in life. Swamiji relates this to the concept of artificial intelligence in the movie “The Matrix” which keep people trapped inside an illusionary world, making them believe that what they are seeing is real.

The Maya Matrix we are tapped in is actually “artificial ignorance”, not artificial intelligence.

How can we tell we are in the Maya Matrix?

If the pursuit of goals inside the artificial ignorance is driving more than 50% of our life’s decisions, then we are caught in Maya Matrix. Swamiji - Sadashiva exists firmly outside the Maya matrix. When we experience Sadashiva and express the powers of Sadashiva, we are accumulating outside the matrix currency. Inside the Maya Matrix, we experience life in a very limited way.

Deeper Truths

Getting involved with opinions, whether it is good or bad, keeps you engaged in Maya Matrix. If you build opinions about every person, every situation, everything around your life, you will polarize the whole life. All this good for me, all this bad for me! Building more and more opinions, you have to be very clear – building more and more opinions about the things you are seeing, within the Matrix keeps you engaged with the Matrix and establishes Matrix’s authority over you.

Examples: If you perceive a wood sculpture of elephant as elephant, that perception is “MY WORLD”. In your IPad when you are seeing some video clip about cobra or python, or a big snake - how many of you don’t even touch the IPad, where the face or the head of snake is. You don’t remember you are all adults and it cannot bite you from inside the iPad. So much of opinion getting built about what is seen. This is building opinion about everything is taught to you as knowledge.