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Time lapse version of 1008 Asanas, is 108 Karana.


Karana means Gana in movement... intensity in movement.

Length, breadth, depth, is Gana. Gana in movement is Karana.

Our Kirtan is completely based on this 108 Karanas.

Access Kailaasa Through Karanas

Your breathing becoming intense, especially through certain activities, opens up those dimensions, those planes … and your brain awakens the ability to have access to those dimensions.

Regulated intensity is yoga, raw intensity is Karana and Kirtan, a subtle intensity is while doing Puja or during the Satsang.

Each of the activity and the prana intensified through that activity, opens up a component or a part of your brain construct, which gives you access to the different dimensions of life.

Various methods of making your breathing intense, opens up different components and parts of your constructs of your brain, gives access to different dimensions of Universe.

Because of these Karanas, if your breathing is intensified, a component in your brain is electrocuted by that Prana, which gives you access to Kailaasa, which gives you the perception and cognition of Kailaasa. The day you have the vision of Kailaasa, you are born in Kailaasa, so then you start existing in both planes, you start experiencing 2 dimensional life. The more dimension life you manifest, more fulfilling you are, more complete you are, more Sadāshivatva manifest through you.


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