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What you perceive as You, which is the source of your experience of your world, your experience of your God, your experience of your Life, is called Depth.


All your Cognitions put together, which is the source of your experience of your world, your experience of your God, your experience of your life is Depth.

Your Depth, your core, your being, your ‘hara’ center, which is the source of your life - how you perceive your life. You may perceive life is beautiful, good, liberating or you may perceive life is bad, cheating exploiting or you may perceive, life is good when I am good, life is bad when I am bad.

Your Cognitions, your Depth, is the reason and the source to give you the experience of life you have for you. That Depth, that Cognitions, are the bundle of cherished thought currents and memories.

The Depth is source of your perceptions about life and the same way, it acts like a magnet to attract various situations, persons, places, objects, in your life. It acts like a living magnet. That magnet attracts certain persons in your life, certain situations in your life, certain places in your life.

When you bring depth in your actions, simple morning Shiva Puja is enough, you will be in Shaktipata whole day and night. 7 minutes is too much time. If you are doing Shiva Puja and whole day Shaktipata is not happening, something is seriously wrong with your Depth. Look into the Depth. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Change Your Depth Component

Your Depth is made of your cherished thought currents and memories.

The good news is, if you change your taste of what you cherish, the thought currents and memories, you can change your Depth, that’s a good news. Cognition change happens in any common man with every Ritu. Ritu means season. Each Ritu, has a different flow in your energy. Within one Ritu, you can change your cognition.

If you start cherishing different thought currents, different memories, the cognitive shift will happen, cognitions can be changed, a better culture can be brought in your life, is a good news.

The great news is truth is always is tasty and sweety. Listen. Truth is always sweet and very tasty. Anywhere you see something which not sweet or tasty, try to find out the depth of the truth in it, not creating self-doubt about it. Whenever there is something, which is not sweet or tasty, try to analyze how much of truth is in that and lies are in that, not focusing on the self-doubt, “ I think somewhere I am wrong.”

Things done in Depth level, whether cleaning up of your relationships, cleaning up of your health, cleaning up of your wealth patterns, cleaning up of your completion, incompletion, anything done in that level does not go away. Stays forever. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Powers of Depth