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Cause Everyone’s Highest Reality

Causing others’ reality is the highest frequency of Existence. Santana Hindu Dharma is rooted in the principle of causing others’ realities from the context of Advaita. All the auspicious, best things in the Cosmos are meant for causing the Reality of all the beings that exist in it. All of nature exists to nurture all beings. All the forces of the Cosmos operate in great harmony to keep the ow of Existence exactly as required for all beings to exist and prosper. Causing others’ reality is what raises a human being from the human frequency to divine frequency;

it is the way Sadashiva expresses through a seeker. Any decision, any action, any blessing given to cause another’s reality reveals the highest Reality of the causer to Himself.

“Authentic, sincere decision to cause others’ reality, to be a catalyst for others’ reality, brings a certain grace in you, the grounded- ness in you, stability in you.”

All the best gifts of Sadashiva, the grace of Sadashiva, the powers of Sadashiva, are showered on people to cause the highest reality for others. Sadashiva is the most compassionate being. He goes on showering His powers on His disciples when they decide to raise themselves and join His mission of blessing and healing the Cosmos.

Causing others’ reality is not a service or a social virtue as perceived by people a lot of times. Causing is a power, it is a gift. It is the way Sadashiva, the unmanifest energy, reveals Himself to the manifest World.

When Sadashiva blesses someone with extraordinary powers, He blesses them with manifesting Himself. He also gives the receiver immense intelligence on how to use the powers to enrich people and cause their realities. All spiritual powers are given to people only to bless and heal the world.


Exerpt From Nithya Satsang