November 12 2013

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Become the cause of change.

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Swamiji's Talk on Celestial radio UK 12-Nov-2013

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Awakening you to you is Sannyas

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Become the Cause of Change

In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda dives into the deeper aspects of completion. To achieve complete completion, we need to complete with all the layers of karma that we carry. It is not enough to simply follow a spiritual path, practicing completion as we remember throughout the day. Even making completion a priority is inadequate. We need to eat, sleep, breath, and live it! It must be the only priority in our lives! A Sannyas is a person who is making completion the only priority in life! Tags in English: Paramahamsa Nithyananda, completion, karma, spiritual path, eat, sleep, breath, live, Sannyas. Transcript in English: Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |

Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam

Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

00:41 Hindi - 00:51

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Lotus News Channel, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV and two-way video-conferencing. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today, we have a special Chief Guest, Swami Atmanandaji Maharaj from Kanavaipudur. Swamiji is a direct disciple of Swami Chidbhavananda. Swami Chidbhavananda is South India’s Vivekananda. Swami Chidbhavananda has contributed so much. I don’t want to introduce Swami Chidbhavananda to all of you, because I have already spoken about Swami Chidbhavananda many times in our satsanghs. The whole Bhagavad Gita satsanghs our satsang and book I have dedicated to Swami Chidbhavananda, because I read Bhagavad Gita first time from Swami Chidbhavananda’s Tamil translation. So even though I have never met Swami Chidbhavananda directly, he was a great inspiration for me.

Swami is a direct disciple of Swami Chidbhavananda and Swamiji has also created huge organizations. Actually, Swamiji’s the creator of whole Karur in and around organisations in Karur and area. All the educational institutions now owned by Tapovanam has been created by Swamiji and at present Swamiji is the President of the Sharada Niketan Trust. He heads education institutions and he also has many schools where thousands of students are getting free education. Swamiji’s a powerful orator, teacher and a great sadhu. He has initiated many Sannyasis and Sannyasinis and created many institutions for his brother disciples. Above all, an important thing for Dhyanapeetam our sangha should know Swamiji is the first person who gave money for Dhyanapeetam.

In 2001 January, now I think twelve, thirteen years before, , twelve years before when the Erode devotees gathered together and wanted to donate land to me, I said, ‘I will go to Nerur Sadashiva Brahmendra’s samadhi and take the blessings and come. Then we will start the ashram.’ I went to Nerur to have Sadashiva Brahmendra’s samadhi’s darshan and blessings, then on the way I went to Swamiji Atmanandaji’s ashram and I took blessings from Swamiji also. I asked Swamiji to bless. I said, ‘Swamiji, now I have completed my parivrajaka yatra. Now I am going to settle down in one place. Few devotees are giving a small land in Erode. I am going to start staying there but I don’t know where I wanted the ashram to be but I am going to be staying in Erode.’ The moment he heard that immediately Swamiji gave the first donation. Still the receipt we have. So in a way Swamiji started Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. It is, the whole Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam is initiated, started by Swamiji.

Then please understand, it is not what amount is important, but the attitude of giving. That is the first thing. Swamiji is such a compassionate, loving and giving sadhu. And not only the money, the blessings he gave. Please understand, now after our huge success, suddenly so many people claim that I belong to them, I belong to them, I belong to them I belong to them, but it is actually Swamiji who started the whole Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. So actually, the money with which Swamiji gave, with that only we registered that land. Registration of that land happened with the money Swamiji gave and now you know, rest is history. And throughout the thin and thick times, Swamiji always stood by us, supported us, blessed us and today Swamiji is here to bless all of us.

I requested Swamiji to speak few words but Swamiji said it is okay. But, on behalf of me and Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, I offer our humble respects to Swamiji. Then I’ll continue the satsangh.

06:48 - 12:03 Swamiji Atmanandaji Maharaj’s address in Tami


Nithyanandam, the translation of the blessing message Swami Atmananda Maharaj. Swamiji belongs to the same parampara, the heredity of Sri Ramakrishna. Indeed Swamiji is now decorating, adorning the sacred seat which was previously adorned by the group of Sri Ramakrishna, totapuri . By God’s grace Swamiji took birth. Right from the young age Swamiji has been doing so much pious and enriching work to society and the whole world. With spirituality in India, showing the world Swamiji is doing that work. From young age he received God’s grace and is doing the great work and accomplishments. If you have God’s grace all good thoughts and wishes will get fulfilled. Swamiji has established centres across the world and spread spirituality. When we are talking, when we both were talking yesterday, he said the number of Sannyasis and Sanyasanis in Dhyanapeetam if we see we don’t even have one Sannyasi per city. Swamiji wants to create at least 10 lakh Sannyasis in India. Swamiji indeed has the grace and blessings of the holy trinity Sri Ramakrishna, Sharada Devi and Swamiji Vivekananda and the blessings of God, grace of God. Swamiji Atmanandaji Maharaj extends his whole hearted cooperation, support and assures that his support and cooperation will be there always for Swamiji. From a small age Swamiji has become the tool of God and is doing great things. If God’s blessings is there all good things will happen. The dream of Swami Vivekananda that is winning the whole world with spirituality, India winning the whole world with spirituality and the spreading of spirituality throughout the world. Let all this happen and all men should have, all people should have great wealth and prosperity and live a blissful life. Let everybody be happy. We are all very fortunate to have the grace of Swamiji.

With this Swamiji Atmanandaji Maharaj concluded his blessing message, thank you, Nithyanandam


On behalf of me and Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam, I thank Swamiji and offer our respects and gratitude for being here, blessing us and gracing the occasion. With this I’ll move to the morning satsangh.

Cities sitting with us: Los Angeles-Arunachalam, Seattle-Chidambaram, Adi Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam-Avathipalayam, Nithyananda Nagaram-Hyderabad, San Jose-Madurai, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Sharga Toronto-Kailasam, Ohio-Prayag, Varanasi, Hosur, Oman-Sivagangai, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Vancouver-British Columbia, Bogota-Colombia, Monterrey-Mexico, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, East London-UK, Singapore-Singapuram, San Diego-Tirualavai, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Bangalore North, Jorpati-Nepal, Tiruvannamalai Dhyanapeetam.

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

I’ll continue to expand on the subject: “SANNYAS”. Today, I think fourth or fifth day, I will continue to expand on “SANNYAS”, because I have so much to share about Sannyas, so much to tell about Sannyas.

Please understand, the patterns you created, the incompletions you accumulated, the samskaras you built, the engrams you engraved for janmas, for ages, from time immemorial, at least you need to spend one birth to complete them, one birth to be free of them. Whatever is said and done, when there is some other priority in the life, the Completion doesn’t happen to the level of completing with Completion itself.

Please listen. There are various levels of Completion. If you have a good relationship with others, you think it is Completion. That is only one level of Completion. Many times, people get settled with that level of Completion. Many times, people think that is enough for the life to go on. Please understand, not having disease is not enough healthy, not having disease may be one step of health but yogic body is far away from this negative health. Same way, not having mental chaos and confusion does not mean you have achieved the ultimate. Not having fights in the house does not mean you really completed.

So, the level of Completion to run your life smoothly, just to have a good relationship, a friendly atmosphere, that alone is not ultimate peak possibility of human life. Please listen that alone is not peak possibility of human life. The completion should happen in your being to the level of completing with the very incompletion which started the life and death cycle in you, birth and death cycle in you. Please understand, the birth and death cycle itself started in you due to some incompletion. Going to that level and completing.

You have three layers of Karma:

The brought karma is “Prarabdha Karma”.

Accumulated karma is “Agamya Karma”.

Reserve Karma is “Sanchita Karma”.

Please understand, the brought karma, karma brought to be enjoyed, completed in this body is “Prarabdha”.

The karmas you accumulate, incompletions you accumulate after you assumed this body in this life is “Agamya”.

The reserve is “Sanchita”.

Usually, if you complete with Agamya itself you get satisfied. Seekers go a little deeper than Agamya. They complete the Prarabdha also but only when you complete with the Sanchita also you will be liberated from the cycle of birth and death. Just having good relationships, just having health, just having mental wellness may not be completely.

Having Completion as the first priority is not my goal. Having Completion as the only priority is the goal of human life. Please understand, having Completion in your laundry list is the life of common man. Having Completion as the first priority in your laundry list is the life of a Seeker. Having Completion as the only priority is the life of Sannyas.

Having Completion in your laundry list, having Completion in your list of things to do which every one of you paste in your refrigerator, things to do – laundry, shopping, pick up the kid, drop the daughter in the dance school, Completion also if you have time. This is a life of a human being.

Completion - the first priority - life of a Seeker.

Completion the one and only priority - life of a Sannyasi.

Please listen. All the best things you see in life, whether it is intelligence, or art and architecture, or language, or music and poetry, or lifestyle knowledge, anything best, please understand, anything best you see is the gift of Sannyasis. It is contribution of Sannyasis.

Recently, I am spending a lot of time with the history of Naga Sannyasis. I had the opportunity to see the original documents and records belongs to Mahanirvani Akhada, our akhada and many of the historical references about our Mahants; during the Moghul period, British period, the achievements of these great sadhus; and pre-history, 5,000 years before, the contribution of these sadhus. I tell you, please understand, these sadhus are literally like Mahadeva, Shiva. If you see Shiva’s story, all the useless things he keeps with himself, but all the best things he gives to society. See when the churning of the Milky Ocean happened, the best fragrant flower trees, he gave to devatha’s; Shyamantaka jewelry he gave it to Vishnu; the Miss Universe – Lakshmi – he gave it to Narayana. Everything he gave away. What finally he kept with himself? Poison! What is his ornaments? The snakes which drinks that poison. Same way, Naga sadhus, all the useless things of the society they kept with themselves. They did not even wear dress. They did not keep the best things with themselves. All the useless things they kept with themselves. But all the best things they gave to society. All the best things they gave to society.

When I was studying, please understand, the first flight is not done by the Wright Brothers. It is done by a person in Mumbai; you need to know this fact, financed by Nagas of Mumbai Mahanirvani Akhada. Sannyas ashram of Mumbai. Swami Maheshwarananda Puri has financed this venture. There are records. Swami Maheshwarananda Puri of Mumbai Sannyas ashram has financed the first aircraft building forty years before the Wright Brothers flew into the air. So, the first aircraft was not created by the Wright Brothers. It was created by a pundit, Vedic pundit in Mumbai. The pundit did not have any money. It was financed by the Mahanirvani Akhada.

When I dig out the history of the Naga sadhus, the amount of contribution they have done in the Science, Art, in every field education in every field. Unimaginable contribution, what they have done then and what they are doing even now. It is unimaginable, amazing contribution. They protected the Dharma. Dharma protected them. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha! They protected Dharma and Dharma protected them. It the contribution of the Sannyasis still this country’s culture, knowledge is alive. The contribution of Sannyasis is unimaginable, unique, amazing. I can give you tons and tons of references how all the ancient best things are preserved, protected, enriched and expounded by the great Sannyasis. Not just in the spiritual field, even in the field of agriculture, in the field of clothes, in the field of architecture, how the intelligence of Sannyasis played such a major role and efficiency of the Sannyasis played such an amazing role in the whole field. It’s unimaginable.

Please understand, it is time for us to revive that same tradition. I am committing with Mahanirvani Peeta, in this lifetime, in this body, in this lifetime, I will create ten lakh sadhus. It is my commitment to Mahanirvani Peeta, revive this Sannyas Sampradaya. India has 6,40,000 villages. I’ll see to it that each village has installed at least one Sannyasi.

I request all the devotees, please listen; I wanted to remind you all of this word:

If you change after the change, you will SURVIVE.

If you change along with the change, you will SUCCEED.

If you cause the change, you will LEAD.

So I request all the devotees, be cause for the change, be cause for the change, because change is happening now, be cause for the change, because change is happening now. Be cause of the change in some form. If you are unmarried, jump into Sannyas. If you are married, at least see to it that you give one child to Sannyas. I am very bold in asking. I never asked anything from people, money or any favour. Now I am saying, now I am requesting this, not for me, but for humanity, for your own life.

I have seen various organizations, rise and fall of so many organizations from various religions and Hindu religion and my own organization. I can’t say “fall”; people try to make it fall. I have seen everything. I tell you from that rich experience, Hinduism needs only one thing – trained Sannyasis. Hinduism has everything else. It’s not that money is our problem; it is not that not having followers is our problem; it’s not that media attacking is our problem. That and all is secondary. The first need is integrated, authentic, trained sannyasis, shaastra dhaari sannyasis who can digest the shaastras and enrich the world with that same shaastras. So, ten lakh shaastra dhaari sannyasis is the goal. Ten lakh shaastra dhaari sannyasis is life. Let us go to nook and corner of the world, reach out to every village of the country and ask the village, ‘Give us at least ten people. We will train them and give them back to you to enrich your village, not just spiritually, in every possibility.’

Please understand, only a Sannyasi continues to stay with the goal throughout the life.

People many time come and tell me, ‘What is there Swamiji? I live as a Sannyasi inside. Why can’t I live as a Sannyasi inside? In the same house itself in the same lifestyle. Why should I give up? I am a Sannyasi inside. ‘In the Facebook I also see many postings.

If you want my answer, the one-word answer. I don’t need to give any word. You all understand my smile.

No really only a Sannyasi remembers even to himself that he has taken up this ideal. If you have not declared to the world and taken up this lifestyle, if you just declare to you and live this without declaring to the world and taking as a lifestyle what you call as a “mental Sannyasi”, in ten days you will forget that you took mental Sannyas. Forget about others forgetting, even you will forget. Even for you to remember, you need to do so many things of declaring, wearing, taking up, all this.

So understand, Sannyas is a powerful lifestyle, enriching yourself and enriching others. Enriching yourself and enriching others/

Essence of today’s satsangh:


33:40 Hindi - 36:59

Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss, Nithyananda.


Swamiji's Talk on Celestial Radio UK 12-Nov-2013:

Swamiji: Namaste

Interviewer: Namaste

Swamiji: My blessings to you and to all the listeners of celestial radio!

Interviewer: Thank you so much. We would love to have your blessings here on this day.

Swamiji: Blessings!

Interviewer: I would like to ask you in this show today. A few things about enlightenment. Can you speak about your life, your childhood and what made you to take birth.

Swamiji: I was born and brought up in a very sacred piligrimage town of India. World’s largest shiva temple, the place is called Arunachala which boasts the unbroken lineage of enlightenment masters for the last 2000 years. I was born and brought up in that atmosphere and the whole atmosphere was charged with spirituality. From the young age I had the fortune of being trained by the great yogis and siddhas. And I used to do yoga, meditation regularly and listen to these great teachings from the vedic tradition about enlightenment. Because of sincere practice, and the intense atmosphere, the energy field and amazing support by all the gurus, from the place, from Arunachala I had he fortune of having the enlightenment experience at the age of 12. If I have to describe that experience; It was like experiencing that I am alive not just inside my skin but in everything that exists. See, it is very unfortunate - we restrict our self to our skin because of the fear. The existence itself becomes fear for us. Because the existence becomes fear we try to shrink our self as much as possible. You can see always, when you are afraid you always lock yourself inside your house and feel safe. This pattern of shrinking yourself to be out of fear is one of the most life shrinking, life negative pattern. At the age of 12 fortunately I was liberated from this pattern of shrinking. How much you feel you are inside alive in your skin, in the same intensity with the same authenticity I felt I am alive on everything that exists. So based on this experience my relationship towards the world, my relationship with human beings, my relationship with nature, my relationship with myself, everything had a cognitive shift based on this experience. That is what I define as enlightenment. Enlightenment is the cognitive shift that happens in you based on the experience ‘you exist in everything that exists.’ Please go ahead with your next question….

Interviewer: Thank you very much, Swamiji for explaining that.

Swamiji: Parveen, I hope my accent is ok?

Interviewer: Your accent is just perfect, we understand you..

Swamiji: thank you… thank you….. Parveen

Interviewer: Thank you. We want to speak about what is Inner Awakening .

Swamiji: We have so many powers inside us, the power of words, power of thinking, power of feeling, power of life. These are various powers we have inside. For example, a word which you utter can either make or break a relationship. The word we utter can make our life happy or break our life. All these are powers inside us. In Sanskrit we use the word kundalini shakti. We have various multiple potential powers sitting inside us which is neither awakened nor used. Inner awakening is a process where I work on your body, mind, physiology, psychology and consciousness to awaken all your potential powers - like power of words, power of thinking, power of feeling and power of life and ultimately the power to create the space for whatever you want as reality. So the inner awakening is all about awakening the inner potential energy you carry through a time tested, most authentic , powerful, ancient Vedic secrets and techniques and methodologies. Next program I am going to be conducting, inner awakening in Bali, Indonesia island, in the coming month December 1-21. I invite you and all the listeners of this show to come and experience inner awakening using ancient Vedic yogic secret techniques and methods. Please go ahead.

Interviewer: Thank you, Swamiji. Also as we speak about inner awakening, where does enlightenment come into all of this?

Swamiji: See what I’m saying. When you awaken the power of words, you become a powerful teacher, orator, speaker just with words you will inspire enrich millions of people. Same way if you awaken power of thinking you will have larger powers with you. If you awaken the power of feeling in you, you expand your life more. If you awaken the power of life, that is what I call as enlightenment. Power of life means ability to create a space in you and make that space into reality. It is possible. It is possible. I’m not talking about something superstitious. I’m not talking about something impossible. I know you are a spiritual teacher by yourself and you would have seen so many experiences in your life. You are a Reiki teacher. So you know the power of visualization. This enlightenment basically makes you understand the power of life. And gives you the keys to create the space and make your space into reality as you want. And I will also give one more understanding about enlightenment; it is all about living in the peak possibility. Living in the highest human potential consciousness; Living in your peak energy. So this inner awakening is all about living in your peak possibility.

You see in our brain, we have some mechanical parts of the brain, like which controls your blood flow, breathing, digestion. These are all mechanical parts of the brain. But there are some parts of your brain- Non Mechanical parts of the brain. In Vedic Tradition we call that part as Kundalini Shakti. That part gets awakened only when your kundalini is awakened. When there is a coherent awakening of all parts of your brain, mechanical and non- mechanical parts. You experience life in your peak possibility, in all aspects of your life.

Exponentially you go up and your quality and experience of your life zooms up, so that possibility, that experience is what I call inner awakening. Awakening all the non-mechanical parts of your brain through the kundalini awakening is inner awakening. That is what I call enlightenment. Yes Parveen, go ahead with your next question.

Interviewer: Thank you swamiji

So we go into understanding about your teachings and obviously you have just been saying about your level 4 awakening in Bali. I want to know why Bali?

Swamiji: Oh! Bali is one of the holiest places, where for ages the whole civilization is filled with the great teachings of vedic tradition. The vedic tradition was taken to Bali around 10,000 years before. It is pregnant with spiritual energy. 93% of Bali’s population follows beautiful vedic tradition and, I tell you that is the island with lowest crime rate in the world for the whole year. Only a hand full of incidents happens for the whole year, you can count the number of crimes happening the whole year in Bali within your 2 hands. Such a crime free island filled with numerous temples and spiritual light houses. The whole energy is such a high spiritual energy. It will be really beautiful and easy for people to flower in the inner awakening that is the reason I have chosen Bali for the inner awakening level 4 in coming December

Interviewer: Thank you, Swamiji. I also wanted to find out, because you have never been looked at doing level 4 before, only 1,2,3 in your teachings, So I believe, level 4.. is there anything new?

Swamiji: You see, in the Inner Awakening level 1 we teach people, we initiate people experientially into the science of completion with themselves and in the level 2 we initiate people experientially into completion with others. In level 3 we initiate people in to creation. In the level 4, I am initiating people into not only creation, experientially initiating them into the ability to create others. Here you not only create the reality that you want you make everyone who is around you to create their reality also as they want. So as a whole group, as a sangha all of us are successful. See around each one of us there is a family, there is a team whether it is in your office or in your house the team which is around you, in your office or in your house or your friends -that team is what I call sangha. In this level 4, I experientially teach you to make your sangha also realize their reality. So not only you create your reality your sangha - means your family, or your community or your corporate house team or your colleagues, all of them are helped by you, are enriched by you to make their creation into reality. So as a whole sangha, you celebrate your life. That is the uniqueness of inner awakening level 4. You will be experiencing a powerful harmony. A most influencing factor on others life is harmony. So if you really want to influence, make a difference in others life you need to bring a powerful harmony. That science of bringing that powerful harmony will be brought to your experience into your reality in this inner awakening level 4. Yes, go ahead with your next question.

Interviewer: My next question is - you mentioned the word ‘completion’. What is completion?

Swamiji: Yes, let me define the word incompletion. Incompletion means the hangover residue of the past sitting inside your mind and restricting your freedom and your spontaneity in the present moment and destroying your future, this is what is incompletion. For example, if you are carrying certain deep incompletion about food naturally your body becomes allergic to that food, if you carry resistance towards some person or some reality of your life, naturally that becomes poison that becomes difficulty or danger in your life. For example, if you have fear of snake, in your whole life you may see the snake only once or twice but every day you will be remembering the snake 200 times. So incompletion is the hangover of the past which stops you, hangover and residue of the past memory or a past incident, or a past situation, or a past thought, or a past emotion which are residing in you in the present moment and which restricts and limits your cognition, the way you understand and respond to life in the present moment. So completion means dropping all the incompletions and liberating your consciousness to have more spontaneity, more freedom, more energy and more powerfulness, more joy, more totality in the present moment to celebrate the future.

Interviewer: Thank you swamiji. So we have a question because you mentioned about the Kundalini awakening, Kundalini Activating. So basically talk to us more about Kundalini so that we have an understanding..

Swamiji: First thing, when I speak about kundalini I wanted to say a few words, what all is not kundakini. I need to first clarify so many myths and wrong concepts about kundalini. We have many wrong ideas about kundalini like it is something like black magic or dangerous and it may disturb your body and mind, all that kind of wrong concepts. Let me be very clear, kundalini is your inner potential energy. You have so many powers, even using the right word at the right time is a power, thinking in the right direction is a power, feeling in the right direction is a power, like this you have multiple powers inside you. Kundalini is the totality of all these powers. It is like your abilities, see nowadays you don’t need to believe these powers, you don’t need faith component at all because I have already developed precise methods which are reproducible in the large scale which proves very clearly a possibility of awakening your inner potential energies.

20 min

Kundalini is awakening those powers in you, like telepathy and power of thinking, power of completion, materialization. These are all the few expressions of Kundalini. I can give you little more detail about this Kundalini. If your body id prepared with yoga and the mind is prepared with the right methods of completion, suddenly all the blockages in the path of Kundalini energy is removed. Your body is flooded with the real experiential energy which brings, activates multiple auspicious, good energies and powers inside you which results into more health, better health, better space of completion, contentment, stress free life, fulfillment in relationships and better consciousness to attract and celebrate wealth. All these newer dimensions open in your life.

So, Kundalini awakening is a very powerful Vedic way of helping you to reach your potential possibility. Your peak possibility. Whether its in the field of your career or field of fulfillment or your health, mental wellness or relationships, in any dimension helping you to reach your peak possibility. Helping you to reach your highest experience is Kundalini awakening. So with the right Master, with the right Methodology, with the right Technique when you awaken the Kundalini you will not have any negative side effect and any negative after effect. The only after effect will be positive health, bliss, fulfillment in every sphere of your life. Right time, Right place. Thank you, please go ahead with your next question.

Interviewer : Thank you Swamiji, a lot of people will wonder how do we awaken our own Kundalini ?

Swamiji: How do we awaken Kundalini. ? First thing, Right Master who already experienced Kundalini awakening within himself and who has helped lot of people to awaken their Kundalini. Experinced Master, that’s first thing. Second, Authentic, time tested, fool proof techniques. All the methodology and techniques I use in our programmes are authentic, fool proof from the original traditions. From the source of knowledge. From the source of vedic tradition like Hata yoga, Gerandha samyata , a very important yogic literatures. Lastly, the most important, the individual who want to awaken their kundalini, their sincereity. I can say theit authenticity, So this three can help people awaken their Kundalini. Actually you don’t even need to physically be in the presence of the master. Even wherever you sit, I have seen in my own experice, people just sit in 2 way video conferencing all over the world and attend the morning Satsang, everyday in Indian time, I am giving the morning satsang. Even in United Kingdom, in UK also I have 3 Centres. From morning 8 to 9, Indian time people watch live and they experice Kundalini awakening. I have a centre in East London, I have a centre in Devon. So just through Nithyanada TV, internet TV, yiu can watch on Nithyananda TV, the Indian Stabdard time, 8am to 9 am,

So you can awaken your Kundalini, just through this proper technique and satsang’s. Every day in my morning Satsang, Satsang means, sitting with the Master. Through these discourses I am awakening the peoples Kundalini all over the world. The program is free. Anyone can watch, its available free of cost for the whole world. Of course, this is the fast track to awaken your Kundalini. It’s a jump start to awaken your Kundalini. Yes, please go ahead with your next Question.

Interviewer: Thank you, Swamiji. How can I benefit from Kundalini everyday. I feel you made this ………

Swamiji : First thing, once you awaken your Kundalini, your body will listen to you. Many of the disesases can be avoided before even it starts happening in your body. That’s the first thing. Second, if you already have some diseases or disorders, it can be cured just by you commanding yourself. And Third, you will be able to create a space to make your relationships fulfilling, your life more intelligent, more enthusiastic, more energetic, more blissful. Above all it will be enriching everyone around you. I can say, the benefits of Kundalini awakening is lika a “too good to be true”. That’s the right word I will use. If I utter all the benefits you may have through Kundalini awakening, you will only have one word, Oh, it seems too good to be true. But I tell you, I can say, this is the slogan for Kundalini awakening. Too good to be true. Kundalini can be described or defined with this one word, “too good to be true”.

You can also write to our London Sangha for more details of our programs. [email protected] at UK. [email protected] or call 0770 1078 763 or visit our website Please go ahead with your next question.

Interviewer : Thank you Swamiji, we will take a very short music break here, time for contemplation, for people to think what we have been speaking about, then we will be back to talk about your 21 day Inner awakening, so stay with us after the break with Celestial radio, Thank you.

Swamiji: Thank you

Interviewer: We also have a message coming in from a listener here, thank you to Judith, Judith is also asking Dear Swamiji, Warrington is also available for 2 way Satsang and is that true ?

Swamiji : Parveen, are you able to hear me ?

Interviewer: Yes

Swamiji: Yes, Warrtington also we having a Satsang centre and you can attend to our Satsangs from Warrington also. And we have a facebook Lifebliss foundation, we have a face book id : So Warrington also we have a Satsang centre. Please go ahead with your next questions.

30 min

Interviewer: Thank you Swamiji. Also we would like to speak about the 21 day awakening. Please can you explain that more? What is it?

Swamiji: Yes, basically you see this program gives you the whole essence, whatever you need to know to reach your peak possibility. This is the exact definition I’ll give; whatever you need to know, all that you need to know to achieve your goal and achieve your peak possibility is shared with you experientially in this 21 days.

First 4 days you will be learning about completion with yourself. All of us, especially in the modern day the humanity is suffered so much with the self-doubt. See the globalisation brought one of the biggest curse on humanity – self-doubt. Because everybody is trying to impress upon others showing themselves as big. When you try to show yourself as big and try to impress upon others invariably you make him feel he is small and that puts a deep self-doubt on him. Globalisation brought the biggest curse on human consciousness that is self-doubt. A villager, a remote villager is no more a peaceful remote villager as he used to be 50 years before. He may be sitting in a village but he is only dreaming about the cities or he is only dreaming about the cities or he is only dreaming about the ideas put inside his head because of globalisation and the information spreading. So this idea of self-doubt, experience of impossibility that we carry in ourself has to be completed first. So the first level of inner awakening, people are helped to complete with themselves. Completion with self-doubt.

Second; completion with others. You, are not just you, you are not an island. Naturally there are so many people involved in your life as part of you. You are involved in so many peoples life as part of their life, so when the completion with others happens only then the ground for creating a new reality is ready. Because you are extended into others and they exist in you as your extension and you exist in them as their extension. So the completion with others forms a beautiful ground, base, where the creation can start happening.

In the third level of the Inner Awakening the creation of your own reality, you can, you are given the experiential knowledge and energy, methodology to create your own reality like wealth; health; peace; relationship completions. All this reality which you want to create, creating your own reality, this science is experiential transmitted to you in the level 3.

In the level 4 you are given the science – creation of your reality and the reality of others by synching, synchronising them harmoniously. Creating a synergy. Synching energetically is what I call synergy. Creating a synergy with others harmoniously is what is all about the level 4.

So this whole science is all about creating what you want in your life. Whether it is health, wealth, relationships, fulfilment or the science of enlightenment, ultimate achievement, the peak possibility. As I said the right introduction for the inner awakening program is ‘Too Good to be True.’ Please go ahead with the next question.

Interviewer: Yes, I just want all our listeners to understand that they can go to for a prize draw of your book, ‘The Science of Living Enlightenment.’ So do fill in that form and you would be entering a draw. Tell me Paramahamsa Nithyananda tell me about the book, ‘The Science of Living Enlightenment.’

Swamiji: Yes I can say now whatever I spoke whatever we teach in the Inner Awakening programme experientially, the whole knowledge is available in this book, ‘The Science of Living Enlightenment.’

In Vedic tradition we strongly believe knowledge is free, that is why whatever now I am speaking or whatever I am teaching in the class, in the Inner Awakening programme, the whole thing is uploaded in the You Tube. The knowledge is free. If you want the experience come to the programme. This book is like a menu card while the programme is actual meal. This book will give you an idea about what is enlightenment and what is the methods to awaken the different potential powers of you and ultimately helping you to awaken your Kundalini. I can say it will inspire you, enrich you to experience cognitive shift and give you a powerful introduction actually it’ll introduce the right you to you. Please go ahead with the next question. What is Deeksha you are asking?

Interviewer: Yes.

Swamiji: See a person who already experienced completion, the ultimate completion with Himself and life can transmit that experience to you just by the mere will or touch or initiation. Transmitting that experience of completion into you. Transmitting that power and awakening into you is what is called Deeksha. In Sanskrit the word Deeksha means transmission of lamp. In Inner Awakening people receive 22 Deekshas. 22 different initiations and energy Darshans. In the , in each level like initiation into listening , initiation into completion, initiation into healing yourself, initiation into healing others, initiation into living enlightenment. Each initiation makes you receive that knowledge experientially and live that knowledge experientially. Many people tell me in the program, ‘Swamiji we heard about this completion but in the house we never had courage nor were we able to complete with anybody. Even if we tried it only created more incompletion. But here after initiation when we started the completion process it is so simple. So the power of initiation is authentic way of transmitting this bio memory to others. See if you are constantly thinking about something that becomes muscle memory and bio memory.

40 min

See, if you are constantly thinking about something, that becomes your muscle memory and bio memory. Enlighten master is the person who constantly lives in completion space, lives in the space of completion. So, his whole bio memory and muscle memory is filled with the space of completion. So through that touch or by the mere will, he transmits that bio memory into others. Transmitting the enlighten bio memory into others is what I called “Deeksha”-Initiation. In the Inner Awakening Level 4, you will be receiving these initiations in a very powerful way, you will be receiving these initiations by sitting on a specifically designed Yantras. Yantra is the diagrammatic representation of various cosmic energies. The Yantra is a sacred geometric diagram where just by looking, contemplating, you higher energies can be awakened. So, various initiations, various Deekshas awaken various powers in you. As and now in the Inner Awakening Level 3, you receive the initiations through the sound and the touch. In Sanskrit we say, “Nada” – Sound (“Mantra”) and “Sparsha”- the touch. In the Inner Awakening Level 4, we will be using the “Mantra” - sound and “Yantra” - the sacred geometry and “Tantra” - the sacred technology. The sacred sound, the sacred technology and the sacred geometry – all the three you will be using. You will be receiving, with the help of all these three, different Deeksha’s and initiations.

Interviewer: Thank you, Swamiji. A listener is asking about Babaji, that you met him.

Swamiji: Yes. I first wanted to give a brief introduction about Babaji. Babaji is 2000 year old Sage. I am not talking any superstitious things. Please listen. With integrity and authenticity, I am talking. He is a being still available from a different space but he can assume the human body, come to human frequency by his will. So I have heard about Babaji through a very famous book – “Autobiography of a Yogi”, in the young age. And when I was travelling in Himalaya’s, 1999, I remember very clearly, it is just before the kedarnath, there is a place called Gaurikund, that is the area. In that area, there is a beautiful Kalbhairava temple. In that area, I was living for few days and one day suddenly in the evening, a bright young Sadhu, walking towards me. When he came near me, I realized he is not having physical body, he is in the light body. I first thought am I hallucinating? Am I having some illusion? So I tried to touch him. When I tried to touch him, I was able to feel him. He was laughing at me for trying to test him and then he smiled. And he gave me this name which I am carrying now. This name which I am carrying now is a gift from him. Paramahamsa Nithyananda – is gift from him. He is one of the biggest blessing I have ever had in my life.

45 min

Swamiji: I can tell you only one thing, it’s not only me, but thousands of people have experienced His physical presence and His blessings I can say are still alive! And, just His darshan and presence can awaken our Kundalini Shakti and can raise us to a completely different reality, altogether.

Please go ahead with the next question.

Interviewer: Thank you. You said, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, we are just now looking at showing more on what are the benefits of level 4 because this is something new and people will need to understand this.

Swamiji: See basically, helping every individual to make what they want into reality and giving them the science so that they can help all the people around them. People who are in their lives also to make what all they wanted as reality. I strongly believe, unless you make the lives of whoever is living around you rich, you can’t become rich. Unless you make others as leaders, you can’t be a complete leader. Unless you help and make others also to make their dreams into reality, your dream will not become reality. So, it is a complete science. All that you need to know to make your life heaven; all that you need to know to make yourself complete; all that you know to make yourself really; really real as you always wanted you to be. All the forgotten and hidden treasures of Vedic knowledge will be a gift given to you in the Inner Awakening level-4. I can say, all the great spiritual truths and all the powerful sacred secrets, sacred truths will become your reality!

Interviewer: Thank you Swamiji. Just too very briefly explain what is Mantra, Tantra and Yantra.


Mantra: Means using the sacred syllable, the sacred sounds to raise your Kundalini Shakti, your inner potential energy. Yantra: Means, using sacred geometry, please understand: our brains, if it observes certain diagrams, it can raise itself to certain levels of awareness. Raising the awareness level of your brain, raising your Kundalini Shakti through the sacred geometry is yantra. Tantra: Means the technique: breathing, visualization and stretching your body through the proper yogic postures, all these put together is called tantra. In the Inner Awakening level-4 we will be using the sacred sounds, sacred techniques and sacred geometry, all the three to awaken your Kundalini Shakti. To awaken your inner potential energy.

Please go ahead with the next question.

Interviewer: Thank you Swamiji. In this …. World, there are lot of stresses for many people, how can we live in peace, harmony and joy?

Swamiji: Hmm, I can give one word answer: COMPLETION! It is the incompletions we carry that creates stress in us. Even to make one decision, we think two hundred thoughts, because of our incompletions. If we create a space of Completion in us, we will be making decisions just out of Intuition! See, unfortunately we are stuck in the maze of conflicting, contradicting, complicating thoughts, desires and deeds. And, our frustration leads to more conflicting, complicating, contradicting thoughts, desires and deeds. If there is one thing that humanity needs today as a survival need immediately, that is Completion. Unfortunately, the outer science, the modern science cannot offer this clarity, cannot offer this solution; Completion in totality. So the inner science, the spirituality, the science of enlightenment only can offer this solution: Completion!

We don’t need more and more beds, but we need space of Completion for humanity to rest in peace and rest in a stress-free way. So, I’m really, really, really telling you, the first and foremost thing needed for humanity is Completion, Completion, Completion! And, I really, really, really wanted to convey my blessings to the Celestial Radio Station, which is 100% volunteer run station. I bless you all for the great service you are doing to the UK community, in reaching out to UK the inner science, the spiritual knowledge, showing them the possibility of Completion, stress-free life and inner possibility. I really tell you, we need the modern humanity to learn the truth that only from inside the solution can come. Humanity needs lot of healers now. We have too many scientists, too many lawyers, too many politicians, too many entertainers, we have all these too many! Now, humanity needs more healers, more poets, more human beings Complete and teaching Completion. We need more spiritual teachers like you Ma Parveen. So, my blessings for you and to the Celestial Radio Station. It’s really wonderful, that service you are offering. I congratulate and thank all the people associated with the Celestial Radio and I also thank and bless all the listeners who tuned in to the show today and I bless all of you to radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching with eternal bliss, Nithyananda!

Thank you!


Awakening YOU to YOU is Sannyas:

Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam | Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Lotus TV, Sadhana TV, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, and through two-way video-conferencing in twenty-seven places having Nayana Deeksha, in twenty-two countries, as per the statistics.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Peethadeeshwaris’ Training Center-Salem, Warrington-UK, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Singapore-Singapuram, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Simi Valley-California, Seattle-Chidambaram, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Devon-UK, Surrey-British Columbia, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Bangalore-Marathahalli, Nepal, Tiruvanmiyur Dhyanapeetam-Chennai, Troy-Michigan, San Diego-La Jolla, Nithyananda Nagaram-Hyderabad, Toronto-Kailasam, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, San Jose-Madurai, Houston-Kalahasti, Varanasi, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Adi Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam-Avathipalayam, Ohio-Prayag.....................

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, I will continue to expand on “SANNYAS”.

Knowingly or unknowingly, directly or indirectly, constantly society pokes at you; society’s ignorance is harassing you. Every response you give to happenings of life to you, every response you give to the bits and pieces of life happening to you, every cognition you do is with the interpretation of the social ignorance. Please understand, for example, when somebody harasses you, attacks you, whether you hit him back, attack him back, or keep quiet, both are from social ignorance. You don’t keep quiet for the right reason. You don’t keep quiet with the right cognition. You don’t attack for the right reason. Whether you attack or keep quiet, both, as long as they are from powerlessness, the social ignorance, you will continue to suffer. Please understand, responding, cognizing based on social ignorance, and responding based on the ignorance imposed on you, is what I call “Maya”.

Please understand, Swami Vivekananda beautifully describes, “Yáma ithi Maya” – “That which is not there, but which constantly harasses you as if it is there, is Maya”.

Ramakrishna quotes his Guru Nangta-Totapuri, Mahant of Mahanirvani Akhada. He quotes that Nangta (Nangta is the twisted word for Naga), Totapuri used to say, ‘The source, life, Cosmos, consciousness, does not allow itself to be experienced as itself. So it always wears the veil of Maya, burkha of Maya.’

So, listen, whether you attack back or keep quiet, or make somebody else attack, whatever, as long as the cognition is from social ignorance, and the response is based on social ignorance imposed on you, please be very clear, you are in Maya. Maya - delusion! Maya - illusion! It is so unfortunate, invariably, whether you are a beggar in the street or the ruler of a country, your cognition is from social ignorance, your response is from social ignorance.

Please listen! If you beat your kids for some reason, when they start crying, just to pacify them you give them candy. That is exactly the way society treats you. It slaps you and takes away your original knowledge of you, your original state from you. When you start crying, it gives you a little money, one car, one house, and a post – president - head of the country, head of the society – an award, and then, just like how the kids put the Five Star (a brand of chocolate) in the mouth and say, ‘My mom is great! My dad is great!’ Fool, you forget the original state taken away from you. Reducing your taste to a cheaper level is the work of ignorance, please understand. Lowering your taste is ignorance.

If I have to define Maya or ignorance, I‘ll define it in this one way: “Lowering your Taste”. You are supposed to be drinking Amruta (nectar) and be in Samadhi. Instead, you drink alcohol and be in the ditch where the pigs lick your feet!

Lowering the taste is ignorance. Reclaiming your original taste for life is “Sannyas”. Please understand, reclaiming your original taste for life is “Sannyas”.

Ramakrishna used to say, ‘Because you cannot drink Ganga water, don’t drink the drainage water. Even if you die travelling towards Ganga to drink Ganga water, it is great; but don’t drink drainage water and be alive!’

Sannyas is “aligning your thinking to the ultimate possibility, aligning your thinking to the ultimate reality, aligning your thinking to Integrity and Authenticity. Awakening all the different powers in you is “Sannyas”. Awakening all the various powers in you, awakening all the various possibilities in you, awakening all the various understandings in you, awakening all the various realizations in you, awakening all the various goals in you is “Sannyas”. Please listen, awakening you to you is “Sannyas”. AWAKENING YOU TO YOU IS “SANNYAS”!

Sannyas is “dispelling the darkness in your being in every possible way”. Raising your taste for life, not as per the society standard, but as per the real reality! You are supposed to drink nectar and be in Samadhi. Instead, you drink cheap alcohol and be in the ditch! Anything you drink other than nectar, your taste has been lowered! So, please listen, cognition in the right angle, cognizing life from reality, is “Sannyas”.

I was very recently reading an article. One of the officials who quit her job in the International Monetary Fund (IMF), she has given an open interview where she explains step by step how a few families exploit the whole world with the myth called “Money”. She beautifully defines how money is a hoax, a concept which is being exploited to keep the poor as poor, and the rich richer.

Please understand, let us allow money in our life only for utility value. I am not saying don’t have money. You need it for food. So, just for functioning, just to keep your life-current, have currency. Don’t live more than that for currency. Let the currency be in your life to keep the current alive. Do not allow currency to have a bigger place in your life than this. If you know that what you want to do in your life can be handled with the money you have, then enough! Don’t dedicate your life to currency and worship the IMF guys!

Understand, Krishna says very clearly, ‘Whoever you worship, you will reach them after death.’ Why do you want to go and worship the feet of the IMF heads after your death? No! If you are working your whole life for them, if you dedicate your whole life for Wall Street or the Mumbai Stock Exchange, your whole life is all about money, money, money, then you are worshipping only the IMF fellows. After your death you will only reach “kumbi bagam”, Hell! You will reach the feet of the IMF Chief! Do not be exploited, listen, do not be exploited by ignorant, ignorant people of society. Decide the right life, right intelligence, right energy.

People always ask me, ‘What do you mean by the words “right energy, right intelligence, right action”?’

Be powerful always! Never be powerless inside you! Be complete always inside you! Never be incomplete inside you! That is what I call “being right – right thinking, right action, right intelligence, right response”.

I tell you, just yesterday, the Kerala Director General of Police (DGP), the Jail Department DGP, has announced that 40% of the prisoners who are convicted in Kerala jails are all innocent! And, I agree with him completely! I am not commenting on our judiciary; but, all I am trying to say is, the police have no ethics! They cook up evidence beyond the scope of the court’s doubt! They cook up evidence so perfectly, the court has no other way than to convict! Beyond the court’s doubting ability, I tell you! And the way rich guys and politicians and the media pressure exploit the police! We all talk about money exploiting the police, or money using the police; but we forget to look at the media pressurising the police! Because of media pressure, just to keep their name or pride, the amount of abusive things the police do!

Please listen! Whatever you believe as right or wrong is just the fake information constantly repeated to you, which you are made to believe. So decide to evolve. As I said yesterday, revolution is not going to be the way. That is not going to solve your problem. Evolution only is going to solve your problem. Decide to evolve. Your decision to evolve, your declaration, ‘I am evolving, I am liberating myself from all the delusions and illusions’, is Sannyas. Your declaration, your decision to evolve.

Listen! Decide boldly, courageously to say “No” to the ignorant interventions of society in your consciousness. Tell society, ‘you may give me food; I‘ll work for you. You may give me my basic needs; I will also enrich you, contribute to you. But don’t enter into my “Garbha Mandir”, the “Garbha Griha”, consciousness! Don’t enter into my “Garbha Griha”, let it remain as pure!’ Declaring ‘I will not allow the social ignorance, society’s ignorance into my “Garbha Griha”, the innermost consciousness’, is “Sannyas”. Let us take the responsibility to enrich the world through Sannyas.

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!

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Morning Yoga by Inner awakening Participants. Padukapuja in Progress Nithyanandeswara Nithyanandeswari Gurukul children during padukapuja Padukapuja via 2-way video conferencing. Morning Satsang on Completion and Creation Completion and Creation is the space of Kalpataru. Kundalini shakti is always available with you. with every desire it is available, with every thought it is available. Individual Blessings to Devotees and Visitors Blessings

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