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Scriptural References

6th chapter Dhyana yoga 8th verse

Jnana Vijnaana Truptaatmaa Kootastho vijitendriyaha Yukta ityuchyate yogi sama-losh-taashma-kaanchanaha

'The one who is fulfilled with the awakening of consciousness and intelligence, who remains firmly established by overcoming the patterns, who is intense and who views with impartiality whether it is a lump of mud, a stone or gold, is said to be united. means achieved the ultimate'.


The word sadhu should be clearly defined.

First let me describe what all is not sadhu!

  • Weak person is not Sadhu
  • Person who is committing suicide in self sympathy is not Sadhu.

Sadhu is a man who has actualized all his potential energies, all his possibilities. With this actualization, if he is carrying the pattern of peace and joy, he is Sadhu. See, there is a boundary which is completely in his hand. Even though he knows that whatever he does is within this boundary, he is not going to do anything. If he has complete freedom, and then if he is ready to establish peace and freedom in his boundary, he is Sadhu. Understand, Sadhu is a person who is able, available and stable!

This word Sadhu should be very deeply realized. Because once you understand, you are a Sadhu. If you are a Sadhu, you are protected eternally, even if the whole world stands against you.

But be very clear, one who is incapable and weak is not Sadhu. Don’t call your weakness as a Sadhu. No!

The man who loves the space of peace in him who loves to create the space of peace around him is Sadhu. Understand, not the peace of a buffalo… not that peace! Peace with your peak potential expressing. Aligning the peace with your peak potential expressing itself.

Sadhu is the man who has realized his possibilities, powers, and is centered on peace.

Experience the state of Sadhu

Sadhu is a person who has positioned himself where he cannot be replaced by somebody achieving the same state in which he is, or by somebody trying to snatch something away from him, or snatch himself away from his position.

I will not lose my state by neither you achieving my state nor me being put in prison. Nobody can take this away from me. That is why I am sadhu.

I wanted millions of sadhus; billions of sadhus. That is the only way to create peaceful planet earth and save the future of humanity. No political system can save the future of the humanity. Please understand - Democracy, Autocracy, communism, any political thought trend, I tell you, No political thought trend can save the humanity. Because in every political thought trend, there is a hierarchy. Not only hierarchy, if somebody comes to your place, you are replaced. So, naturally there is a competition, jealousy. When there is a competition and jealousy, how do you think it will create peace for the world? Same way, money! Neither economical revolution nor political revolution can lead to the peaceful planet earth.

Saving the planet earth. Oh humanity, First, all of you who are listening, you guys become sadhus. Have money to the level what you need for you, and the people who are dependent on you. Have power just to protect you and the people who are dependent on you. I tell you, if you just have for you, this will never be your first priority. Let the fear based thought trend and money based thought trend be not the first priority for you. Not only that, even while you accumulate the little money what you need for you, the little power what you need for you, Let your inner space understand, Let you not judge that you are a poor, or a weak, based on the power trend or money trend thinking lifestyle.

...And I am bursting the collective myth. Even while you are accumulating, you don't need to swallow that thought trend. You don't need to believe that you are poor. You don't need to believe you are weak. Because you are in the society, you need little bit of that to run your life. Stop with that! And let your thought trend, thinking trend, be freedom-based. When you started thinking freedom-based, beyond this money and power, you are automatically evolving towards enlightenment based. You are a sadhu. You are a sadhu!

..If all of you decide, we don't want to be bill gates, then what will happen to him? If all of you decide, we don't want to be president or prime minister, then what will happen to the whole political party? If all of you decide, we don't want to be enlightened being, I have no problem. I will remain in my state. Even if there is nobody is here, I will sit and sing my song to the parrot which comes once in a while here, to the crow which comes once in a while here, to the trees outside, I will sit and sing with them. I will be singing my song to them.

And if all of you achieve my state, I am not going to lose my state. That is why, all the spiritual components, spiritual part of the religions, always were based on the state of Advaita. See in Buddhism, the cream of Buddhism always promotes the state of Buddha. Not the Gautama the Buddha. He is great because he leads you to the Buddha state. Same way, Shiva. Again and again, "Shivatva", Shiva is great because he leads you to "shivatva". Shiva is great because he leads you to ‘shiva pada’. He is great because he leads you to sayujya of shiva.