October 27 2014

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Be in Completion with Advaita


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that all the laws of life come from the Advaithic space. Nothing can violate us; even death cannot shake us off. If we live Advaitha, we can live as long as we want in this body. Once we alter the way we cognize life – with tremendous excitement and enthusiasm – we become strong. The natural law of life is Advaitha, giving us the strength to live!

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam | Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, Shrimahants, Mahants, Thanedars, Kotharis, sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, and two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha all over the world.

The cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Toronto Aadheenam, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, San Jose-Madurai Aadheenam, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Nithyananda University-Los Angeles, Singapore-Singapuram, Jorpati-Nepal, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Ohio-Prayag, Seattle-Chidambaram, Houston-Kalahasti, Calgary-Amarnath, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Rajapalayam Aadheenam, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Amersfoort-Netherlands, Atlanta-Georgia, Indrani-New Jersey, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Kuala Lumpur-Palani Aadheenam, Kathmandu-Nepal, St. Louis-Tirumala...........

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, the fourth day of Skandha Sashti Uthsava! Subrahmanya, who is the embodiment of the experience Shivoham, is gracing in Sarvaalankara, with Valli and Devasena, on Swarna Mayura Vaahana, the Golden Peacock Vehicle, wearing a crown made out of sweets. Subrahmanya is the embodiment of that experience ‘Shivoham’. And, fourth day of Skandha Sashti Brahmothsava is happening. He is gracing all of us on Swarna Mayura Vaahana. Great!

Today, first thing, I want to tell you all, I was doing lot of research on finding the source of this word ‘Ashram’. It is much later, the post-Shankara, only post-Shankara I am able to get any reference for this word ‘Ashram’ being used in Hindu tradition. But the word ‘Aadheenam’ is used much, much pre-Shankara, in the Vedic era which exactly means: ‘Temple Monastery Complex’; where there is a worship-place and a sannyasi stay. Understand, please understand, the worship-place maintained and run by the priests are called ‘Temples’, ‘Aalayaas’; but the worship-place run and maintained, headed....may be the priest will be there to assist and do rituals and all that, but headed and run by the sannyasis is called ‘Aadheenam’. So, in our organization, I am introducing this understanding and incorporating it. If you are just a monastery, you can use the word ‘Ashram’. But, if you are a Temple Monastery Complex where the temple is there, at least a brahmachari who is going to take Sannyasa, or a Sannyasi, if they are staying and maintaining, running, that place should be called as ‘Aadheenam’. So, from now onwards, wherever the temple and monastic member, both of them exist..... For example, places like Toronto, or Los Angeles, and wherever we have a temple and monastery – means, sannyasi – both exist, that place should be called as ‘Aadheenam’.

As I said, the examples – Toronto, Kuala Lumpur, Los Angeles, these are the examples where we have a temple and a sannyasi. If you don’t have a temple, only sannyasis are existing, you should call yourself only as ‘Ashram’. If you have both, if both conditions are fulfilled, you can call your place as ‘Aadheenam’. And, traditionally this word has been used much older. I am able to find the reference for this word much older than the word ‘Ashram’. See, the word ‘Akhaada’ comes into existence, first on record, little before Shankara. But, that word directly does not mean ‘a spiritual training centre’. It meant more like a weapon training centre, the physical training centre. Later on, Nagas adopted that and this shaasthra. Shaasthra and Shasthra, when both has been adopted.... Actually three; Asthra, Shasthra, Shaasthra. ‘Shasthra’ means - which stays in your hand and attacks people. ‘Asthra’ means - which leaves your hand and attacks people.

For example, arrow is ‘Asthra’; Gadhaayudha (mace) is ‘Shasthra’.  Asthra, Shasthra, Shaasthra, when Nagas have started adopting all the three, they started using the word ‘Akhaada’.  We are not ‘Akhaada’ actually in the right sense, because we don’t use Asthra and Shasthra.  We don’t have any more weapon training.  We have only the Shaasthra training. 

So, I was trying to find which is the most apt, right word, and used as early as possible, which I can trace back with the proper reference. I wanted a written reference in some scripture. So, when I traced back, even though the word ‘Akhaada’ or ‘Peeta’, all these words are used in the pre-Shankara period, before Shankara itself, the most apt word I found..... Because the ‘Peeta’ means, ‘temple, monastic members and householders’. If all the three exist, then it can be called as ‘Peeta’. But if there are temple, and only monastic members, that place should be called as ‘Aadheenam’. And, there are only monastic members, or only grihasthas, that place can be called as ‘Ashram’. So, we will categorize ourself clearly and fit into the traditions perfectly.

I also insist, all our ashrams should completely overhaul themselves as per the Vaasthu, as per the Vaasthu. All our centres, ashrams, temples, should reorganize themselves as per Vaasthu, and I insist all constructions to follow the methodology of the Pandya construction method which is still kept alive by Naattucoattai Chettiaars. See, the construction style, food style, clothing style; all the three we will be following the Pandya style. The Pandya style will be the standard format. That will be the system we will be following. So, I insist on the Pandya style construction, the stone pillars, the whole architecture and structure method, and these words. Now you can classify yourself clearly.

· If you have monastic members, non-monastic members and temple, all three staying together, you can call yourself as ‘Peeta’.

· If you have temple and monastic members only, you should be calling yourself as ‘Aadheenam’.

· And, if you have only monastic members or only grihasthaas, no temple, but even if you are having monastic members and grihasthas staying in a place, that can be called as ‘Ashram’.

· And the word ‘Akhaada’ cannot be used because we don’t do asthra-shasthra training. There is no asthra and shasthra training; only shaasthra training. So, we can’t use the word ‘Akhaada’.

So, now, each ashram can classify them self how you want to have the title, and have it for yourself. If you have a monastic member and temple, you can call yourself as ‘Aadheenam’. And you have the right to call yourself as ‘Aadheenam’!

I will move to today’s satsang.

Today’s message from Mahadeva: BEING IN COMPLETION WITH ADVAITHA.

Please listen! See, when I was introduced to Advaitha by Arunagiri Yogishwara, it was such a strong experience in me. Even in the worst moments of my life, that strength did not leave me, and I turned to Advaitha only, for the strength and solution, understand? Finding Completion with the Dharma, Advaitha, you are living! I am telling you, when Arunagiri Yogishwara introduced this science to me, I can say all it took is just few days only for him to make me experience. I still remember, when he said, ‘I am everything’, I asked him, ‘What do you mean?’ He said, ‘If I move my hand, the hill will move, because I am that.’ And literally he showed me! I was sitting in his right side. He said, ‘I am you. You see now.’ When he moved the right hand, I saw I am moving! When he moved the left hand, I saw the hill moving! And, when he crossed both the hands, I saw me getting into the hill and coming out!

Of course, I am giving a lot of work for these stupid psychiatrists, psychoanalysts! You can go on analyzing what I am saying, and say, ‘Oh, this fellow, as a child he started having delusion, illusion.’ You can do all that stupid things. Just this Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who passed away long before, who is no more in the body, even on him they are still doing psychoanalysis and all that mapping and everything, and trying to come up with stupid books like ‘Kali’s Child’! I don’t know how much work I am giving for these psychoanalysts. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do whatever you want! I will continue to be a mystery for you guys! I will continue to remain as a mystery like Sanatana Hindu Dharama which you will never be able to see the depth! Because all these statements, tomorrow these fellows are going to sit and do post-mortem on it: ‘How this could have happened? Or was he in delusion? Was he in illusion?’ You can challenge Ramakrishna, because he is not going to physically appear back again and defend himself, but I am going to be sitting here for at least ninety more years! Understand, the more challenges you bring on, the more solid proofs I will be revealing from my side. Blessed are those who explore me with the search of truth, because, they will be blessed with the truth!

It took hardly only few days for Arunagiri Yogishwara to experientially prove me the power of Advaitha. He just moved his right hand; I saw I am simply moving with him! When he moved the left hand, I saw hill is moving! When he crossed both, I saw that both of us went into each other and came out! The kind of Completion I had with Advaitha did not bring any fear into me. I wanted to insist on this statement. Don’t try to tell, ‘Oh, because Arunagiri Yogishwara experientially taught you Advaitha, you achieved that kind of a Completion. Why do you expect that from us?’ No, I am telling you, because of that amount of Completion I had with Advaitha, when he pushed me into the hill and took me out also I did not have fear. Even if I just push you into your anxiety and take out, you have so much fear! Not even hill, just your anxiety! Pushing you to break your boredom your tiredness!

Bring tremendous Completion with Advaitha.

Actually, the next fun I am going to have is with these psychoanalysts, all these fellows; that is the people with whom I am going to have next fun! Because I am going to be revealing the mind-boggling, unimaginable, solid revelations about the law of life, the Advaitha, Shuddhaadvaitha Sathya! No, Ramakrishna also faced many challenges of his time. But, now, come on, let’s have fun! All these fellows who are analyzing, doing research in the field of mind, psychosomatic field and psycho-delic and psychoanalysis, body-mind-spirit related, that cross-section, body-mind-spirit and consciousness, I am going to shake many of their basic beliefs by revealing the exact laws of life as it is in the Advaithic space, from the Advaithic space! Fortunately, Mahadeva has blessed me with Saraswathi, who can orate and paint in words! No, I really wanted to face all these people who abused Ramakrishna, the great Sanatana Hindu Dharma masters by bringing stupid theories, stupid theories! I am going to give lot of work for anti-Hindu intellectuals all over the world. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This Jeffrey Kripalu, all these guys wrote books like ‘Kali’s Child’ and all these, just doing post-mortem of few words of Ramakrishna and all that here and there, with the courage because he is not here physically available and he will not be defending himself. But I am going to be sitting here and asking all these fellows, ‘Come on, analyze! I will give you the possibility of entering into the Ocean of Consciousness!’ See, entering into the space of Ramakrishna and analyzing and all is more or less like doing a safe game: You go in a ship, and from the ship measure the depth of the ocean and come away. In my case, I am alive! I will ask you to get into me, the Ocean!

Today, when Mahadeva revealed this truth of being complete with Advaitha, I thought, ‘Oh, God! Yes, this is one of the most important component in any seeker’s life: Being Complete!’ See, when I experienced Advaitha, I know for sure, forever and ever I cannot be frightened, I cannot lose my space, because Advaitha is protecting me, Advaitha is the law of life. That one is enough to solve everything, all the problems I have, I am going to have, and I had! As a ten-year old child what problem I had? Maximum my problem is I will ask my mother, ‘I want to go and meet this sadhu and meet that swami. Give me some food, give me some rice, give me some cloth. I wanted to gift him.’ That’s all I will ask. Usually, no sadhu asked me anything. But whenever I see some other people, devotees come and give them something, I will run to my mother and say, ‘Oh, when I was sitting with that sadhu that person brought clothes and gave him. Why don’t you give me also clothes?’

And I had the fortune of amazing mother and father, who were such amazing givers! I tell you guys, it is from my heart I am telling you guys! They were not that rich. My father, that one thing, he is a fool! I can tell very openly, he is a stupid! When it comes to giving, he is such giver, he will borrow and donate! I have seen! I have seen, he will borrow and donate! Economically, you should call him only as ‘stupid’! But still I remember, whenever I want to give anything for the sadhus, it is always given more than what I asked. If I ask my mother, ‘I want to give him the kaavi shawl’, she will get me kaavi dhoti also and give both and say, ‘Give. If you give only shawl, he can cover only the upper body. You should give dhoti also. That is the tradition. Please take it.’ That is always the way she brought me up. And my mother’s father, my mother’s father, he is another one amazing giver, but he is not to the level of stupid giving, like he will earn and give whatever in his earnings. My father is a spendthrift as far as giving comes. Anybody comes and tells, ‘Oh Maama (Uncle), you are the great giver in this village; to who else we can go for any, donation!’, immediately he will borrow and give!

So, that’s all is my problems in those days; nothing much. No other problem. At the most, I will do small-small celebrations, festivals. At the age of eleven I organized my first public festival – Ganesha Chathurthi – in Arunachaleshwara temple, with my teamily, my first teamily, organising. That’s all is the problems I had at those days. But I was so sure, whatever I had, having, going to have, I was so sure, this Advaitha completes me, and that is enough to solve all the problems. And they solve all the problems! That strength of Advaitha, that strength.....!


(Swamiji, pointing to the photo): You can see the photograph of my first teamily and the first celebration I organized....maybe it should be around ten – eleven only, I don’t think more than ten - eleven....with my whole teamily, first teamily.


The kind of a strength it provided and settled into my core, stayed and staying forever! I tell you, finding that kind of a strong Completion with Advaitha! Again we ask, ‘How can that be achieved?’ Again, the solution is: COMPLETION. The more Completion you practice every day, all the incompletions you find, the more Completion you will experience with Advaitha itself! Advaitha becomes your thinking style! For example, even if this roof falls on my head now, I will look into Advaitha only for solution. You may think, ‘How that can be connected to Advaitha?’ I tell you, that is connected to Advaitha. That is why it is standing there without falling! Finding that kind of a Completion with Advaitha!

Actually, I am going to be a very big challenge, living challenge for all these stupid fellows who are perverting the Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Recently, some foolish fellows have started developing a theory called, ‘Neo-Hinduism’. I am going to be a nightmare for all these fellows! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Even I wanted to answer all the stupid theories they are developing. See, there is a huge intellectual war happening on Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Just by my revelations and secrets related to Advaitha and law of life, I am going to be the charioteer, Parthasarathy, in this Kurukshetra war, in this intellectual Kurukshetra. I myself may not directly wage the war, but I will go on revealing all the deepest understandings and realizations, the core truths of law of life, Advaitha Vedantha, Shuddhaadvaitha Anubhava, and debunking all their stupid, perverted, intellectual theories and theologies against the Sanatana Hindu Dharma. One big advantage I have is my age. I am going to be sitting on the Planet Earth for ninety more years! I will make myself ten more years extra! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Because my longevity is in my hand. See, just like if you have cotton, you can make thread, I have Kaala, Time, out of which I can make longevity! See, longevity is the thread made out of Kaala. If I inhale Kaala, Time, and exhale all the old-age symptoms, the aging symptoms.....over! I make life out of Kaala! Understand? If you don’t understand, it is okay. See, just like how you can make thread out of cotton, you can make longevity, life, out of Kaala, Time. See, whenever Time enters into you and comes out, your organs, body gets aged – means, tired – because of the incompletions Kaala, Time, leaves into your system - boredom, tiredness and all that. But, in my case, I never allow any incompletion to settle down into my system by the Kaala moving through me. I will just inhale Kaala exhale incompletions. HAHAHAHAHAHA! And no tiredness, no boredom! So, naturally, simply I will be growing young! It is a science, and it is possible for everyone! I will show you guys!

And, I will make this as an available science to all of you! Already, last Haridwar Inner Awakening, the scientific studies we have done on one-hundred-and-twenty participants, shows very clearly, within twenty-one days the anti-aging enzymes, two-hundred percent grown in the human body in every participant! The final report is coming. I am waiting for that. Once that comes out, I will give you a session with those reports. Actually, just if you inhale Time and exhale incompletion, you will be growing young; that’s all! Tell your liver, kidneys, heart, lung, intestines, everything, ‘Hey, don’t be tired! Don’t feel bored! When Time passes, have more excitement, more enthusiasm! Now we know more about life to enjoy life, to live life.’ When you say a simple ‘No’ to boredom and tiredness, and a big ‘YES’ to excitement and enthusiasm, that is all; you will be just anti-aging, anti-aging, growing young!

Bring Complete Completion with Advaitha, bring Complete Completion with the Dharma you are living, Complete Completion with the sathya of Advaitha. I tell you, nothing can violate you! Nothing can violate you! I tell you, even if I make the statement, ‘Even Death cannot shake you, don’t worry! You can have one more body!’, you will say, ‘No, no, no, I can have one more body, but I don’t want to give up this body!’, I tell you, ‘Live Advaitha; you can elongate your longevity, you can live as long as you want healthily in this very body!’ Even if this body drops, you can have one more body, is second. First thing I am telling you: You can repair this body and make it anti-aging, growing young, and live as long as you want! I am already proving it scientifically! I will come up and reveal more and more evidences, solid proofs, with more and more scientific reports and studies.

So, anybody who is out there planning to harm me or doing anything, be very clear, I am telling you now itself, if you just let me to do my work, I will live only ninety more years in this body. HAHAHAHA! But, if you try to disturb my work, I will just elongate my life and continue to exist on Planet Earth with this physical form, and do more and more work! That’s all! And you cannot tell I am lying. You can see the confidence in my eyes when I utter all these words! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It is possible! It is simply possible! Just telling you not to get tired or bored, telling your internal organs, ‘Don’t feel tired or bored. Inhale Time, Kaala, and exhale incompletions.’ That’s all!

Kaalabhairava is Death for you if you have incompletions. He gives you eternal life if you are Complete. For example, Brahma had incompletion and started becoming arrogant, thinking he is Sadashiva. So, Kaalabhairava came out and cut one of his heads. That is the reason Kaalabhairava came out of Mahadeva. Kaalabhairva is the energy expressed from Mahadeva. But, once he achieved Completion, he completed, Brahma completed, that Brahma kapaala (Brahma’s skull) which is in Kaalabhairava’s hand becomes eternal! Now, Brahma dies after Brahma Yuga, Brahmas age over; but this kapaala becomes eternal, because it is in the hands of Kaalabhairava! So, understand, Brahma Kapaala has become eternal than Brahma itself! Brahma has birth and death. Brahma Kapaala has no birth and death anymore because it is in the hands of Kaalabhairava! As long as you have incompletion, Kaalabhairava is Death for you. Once you achieve Completion, he is eternal life for you! He is eternal life for you!

And, I am telling you, elongating life, making your life more number of years is a very easy job. Just you have to alter the way you cognize life; that’s all! You have to complete with this tiredness and boredom. Bring tremendous excitement and enthusiasm! You will see, your internal organs and body, instead of getting tired and worn and torn, instead of wearing and tearing, wear and tear, it will become more and more stronger and stronger and experienced and stable! In life also, in a job if you are getting bored and tired, wear and tear happens, your performance reduces. If you are getting more and more excitement and enthusiasm, that whole period becomes training period. See, last ten years if you are in that field, now if you have more enthusiasm and excitement, that ten year is a training period for you to be successful in this work field. If you are tired and bored, that ten year is wear and tear period for you to shut down the shop today. Whether life is a training period which makes you stronger and stronger, or an exhausting period which is going to make you weaker and weaker, is based on just your cognition. Whether you are going to grow old or grow young, is just dependant on your cognition. You can simply inhale Time, exhale incompletions, and your body will be there forever, as long as you want, as long as you want to live, with all the health! It is a science. At one point, you yourself may feel, ‘Okay, I have done what I wanted to achieve in this body. Come on, let’s relax!’; if you relax, that’s great, no problem! But, otherwise, there is no other force externally which can pressurize you to drop your body, which can force you to drop your body. No force can externally force you to drop your body.

See, all these mystical powers I am demonstrating, I will use them properly just to prove the strength of Advaitha Sathya and debunk all these stupid theories, the psychoanalysis reports they are trying to give for all these great incarnations like Sri Ramakrishna and all these people. When I read some of the books abusing Ramakrishna and degrading him, the first thing I felt, ‘Oh, God! I think I should use all the mystic powers expressing through my body to prove to these fellows their theory is completely wrong when they try to measure these great incarnations.’ I will do that job! But these stupid fellows who are abusing Ramakrishna, they are not interested in truth. They are interested in doing something to promote their vested interests and the conclusions they already arrived! Stupid fellows! Only to a seeker you can talk about truth. Truth is one of the most beautiful things which you require in your life when you are authentic, not otherwise. Otherwise you feel… ehhh…okkkk….what is truth….what is there….lets manage life….khana….roti and kapda…little money and luxury comforts…..

Inhale Time, exhale incompletions; your body and mind will be growing younger and younger. And bring tremendous Completion with Advaitha, the philosophy, the law of life, Dharma. The natural law of life is Advaitha. Make this as a lifestyle.

I feel there is so much to be told. I have not yet told whatever Mahadeva revealed today. From so many angle it has to be presented. Completion with Advaitha, may be I need few more satsangs to present this great truth in all its dimensions, in all its angles.

With this, I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and Causing eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!


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02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1000_IMG_1137_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1001_IMG_1138_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1002_IMG_1139_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1003_IMG_1140_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1004_IMG_1141_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1005_IMG_1142_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1006_IMG_1143_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1007_IMG_1144_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1008_IMG_1149_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1009_IMG_1150_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1010_IMG_1151_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1011_IMG_1152_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1012_IMG_1167_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1013_IMG_1169_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1014_IMG_1208_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1015_IMG_1220_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1016_IMG_1221_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1017_IMG_1224_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1018_IMG_1225_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1019_IMG_1228_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1020_IMG_1229_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1021_IMG_1233_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1022_IMG_1238_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1023_IMG_1239_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1024_IMG_1240_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1025_IMG_1247_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1026_IMG_1252_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1027_IMG_1253_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1028_IMG_1254_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1029_IMG_1255_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1030_IMG_1256_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1031_IMG_1257_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1032_IMG_1265_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1033_IMG_1272_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1034_IMG_1273_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1035_IMG_1274_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1036_IMG_1278_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1037_IMG_1282_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1038_IMG_1283_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1039_IMG_1288_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1040_IMG_1292_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1041_IMG_1294_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1042_IMG_1295_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1043_IMG_1307_CMP_WM 02-NITHYA-SATSANG_Photo_1044_IMG_1325_CMP_WM


03-E-KALPATARU_Photo_1000_IMG_1348_CMP_WM 03-E-KALPATARU_Photo_1001_IMG_1349_CMP_WM


04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1000_IMG_1430_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1001_IMG_1431_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1002_IMG_1441_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1003_IMG_1451_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1004_IMG_1456_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1005_IMG_1459_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1006_IMG_1471_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1007_IMG_1476_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1008_IMG_1477_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1009_IMG_1551_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1010_IMG_1552_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1011_IMG_1553_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1012_IMG_1554_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1013_IMG_1556_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1014_IMG_1557_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1015_IMG_1564_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1016_IMG_1565_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1017_IMG_1566_CMP_WM 04-IA-SESSION_Photo_1018_IMG_1567_CMP_WM


05-ENERGY-DARSHAN_Photo_1000_IMG_1490_CMP_WM 05-ENERGY-DARSHAN_Photo_1001_IMG_1499_CMP_WM 05-ENERGY-DARSHAN_Photo_1002_IMG_1502_CMP_WM 05-ENERGY-DARSHAN_Photo_1003_IMG_1516_CMP_WM 05-ENERGY-DARSHAN_Photo_1004_IMG_1522_CMP_WM 05-ENERGY-DARSHAN_Photo_1005_IMG_1528_CMP_WM 05-ENERGY-DARSHAN_Photo_1006_IMG_1541_CMP_WM 05-ENERGY-DARSHAN_Photo_1007_IMG_1542_CMP_WM 05-ENERGY-DARSHAN_Photo_1008_IMG_1561_CMP_WM