May 20 2013

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In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda clarifies his teachings about karma. Karmas are incomplete behavior patterns which hold us back in life. Once we have completed these patterns, we should share our understanding with others to enrich them. Nithyananda also answers mystical questions. How does it feel when Kalabhairava comes through Him? He says He cannot summon the deity by will but when He surrenders His will, the deity enters like a great flood. Another question asks about different planes of existence. Nithyananda replies that the best planes for us to seek are Possibility, Positivity, Leadership and Enlightenment. Finally Nithyananda speaks on the caste system of India. In reality it is not a social system, it is an internal system. If we run through life in confusion we are Shudra. If we run after wealth we are Vaisya; if we pursue power we are Kshatriya; if we seek knowledge, we are Brahmana. So we can change our caste when we change our inner space.

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Karma, Relationships, and Enlightenment

I welcome you all for today’s Nithya Satsang. I will continue answering your questions today also for you to practice these four tattvas.

Question: ‘The first question today is from ID No.301, Annamalai, who is asking, “Swamiji, whether Karmas affect our business growth, wealth attractions? After this Inner Awakening can I come out of Karmas and whether the karmas are the truth?’

Swamiji:Annamalai, please be seated. “Swamiji, whether Karmas affect our business growth, wealth attractions? After this Inner Awakening can I come out of Karmas and whether the karmas are the truth?’ First thing, karmas do affect every span of your life. “Karma” means what? Incomplete actions, thoughts, desires, patterns you created for you, and others created for you, is Karma. Listen! Incomplete actions, desires, commitments you created for you and you created for others is Karma. It affects your business, relationships, life, everything, including the wealth attractions. After this Inner Awakening, naturally, you will be out of all Karmas, because you learn the science of completion here. Not only you learn, literally I make you complete…. wait, wait, wait, and see to it that you become complete.


You are given the science of completion continuously. You learn the science of completion. This whole Inner Awakening is nothing but learning and experiencing completion. You can see the essence of this Inner Awakening is learning and practicing, experiencing completion. Karma is nothing but when you bite more than you can chew what you suffer is Karma. In the life also, many time you bite more than you can chew or swallow. Understand, Karma means completion, completion, completion. If you are struggling with what you are having in your mouth, means, biting more than you can chew or swallow, that is Karma. If you can complete, complete, complete and finish it, that is liberation from Karma, Vikarma! When you complete, please listen, when you complete with your spouse, suddenly your business will start flourishing. You may think how this and that is connected. ‘If I complete with my clients and customers, my business will flourish. That I can understand. How can my business flourish if I complete with my spouse?’ You don’t know! One incompletion can affect you in an unexpected way. If you have incompletion with your morning yoga, it can affect you with your evening vacation. So, incompletion can attack you anywhere, anyway. Understand, with completion you are free, liberated from the Karmas so naturally, your business, your life, relationship, everything expands. Everything becomes prosperous.


Just by physically bending the body, Yoga, you cannot achieve completion. Just by mentally practicing the tattvas alone, you cannot achieve completion. In modern day, the layers of problems need layers of solution. Your problems are not simple so that the solutions can be simple. You have layers of problems. So you need layers of solutions. If you just have only blood pressure, then you can say, alright, do yoga; that is enough. You have blood pressure due to depression and depression due to blood pressure, and both cause diabetes, and then some phobias, then some incompletions, then some broken relationships, then finally bipolar disorder, and then as if all these are not enough, poverty! When problems are complicated, solution has to be layer by layer by layer, complicated. That is why I am attacking your problems from all sides: Yoga, Kriya, Tattwas, Completion. In all sides attacking! Attacking … attacking your problems from all sides!


Real completion is not when you are in completion with the other person, but when the other person also comes back to you and completes with you and you enrich the other person with the four tattwas. That is the best thing you experience in your life. Am I right? Whatever is the best thing you experienced in your life, enrich others with that. That will keep on growing in you. If you think food is the greatest thing you experienced, enrich people with food. You will keep on growing food. You will see food is attracted to you. If you think money is the best thing you achieved, enrich everyone to achieve money. Give them the knowledge. You will see you keep on accumulating more and more money. Whatever you think is the best thing in your life. I have experienced in my life Enlightenment as the best thing, the four tattwas as the best thing. I keep on enriching everyone with that. I have everything I need, more than what I need around me, including enlightenment. I can see more and more and more energy, enlightenment experience, everything is happening in me. Keep on enriching. You will see completion happens in you.


Completion is complete not only when you complete with that person, but that person also learns the four tattvas and comes back and completes with you after finding his or her root-pattern. So, enrich them with the four tattvas. Now, how many of you are completely complete in this Inner Awakening? Raise your hand. Means, with whoever you are completing, they completed with you. If you are completing, they have not completed, it now your responsibility. Make sure they attend the Inner Awakening Level-1 and they find the root-patterns, learn the tattvas, come back and complete with you. Complete! You will see Karmas dissolve, business flourishes, relationships grows, above all, the joy and contentment of completion is with you.

15 - 30 min

Question: The next question is from ID Number 214, Inner Awakening ID Number 214, from Rama Rao, who is asking, ‘I am a farmer. I have some experience in farming. My son is in Sanatana Publishing Organization. He is unmarried. He is 47 years old and does not help me in farming. Then in future, we do not want food grown with chemicals so I do not have time to do yoga, meditation, etc. For people like me, how salvation, moksha can be attained? How can I be enlightened, Swamiji?’

Swamiji: First thing, when you grow food, it can be completion; it can lead to enlightenment. You don’t need a separate time for completion and enlightenment. May I know the devotee ID number 214 Rama? Please be seated. Please understand, growing food can be an amazing way to complete. When you say you don’t want chemicals, food grown with chemicals, you are in Integrity with the food, you are in Authenticity with the food. When you make it, be responsible for the food, enrich others with that same food, you will see you will have wealth. I am not saying freely give away. No! Have the money required for keeping this cycle. But I tell you, even this when it is done with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and completion, you are enlightened! You are complete! You don’t need a separate time. There are millions of stories of farmers getting enlightened in our tradition. Just by enriching others with food, they have become enlightened. So, understand, there is no separate time required, separate action required for completion or enlightenment. Next.

The next question is from Inner Awakening ID No.20, Suzanne Davidson, who is asking. ‘Enriching means, enriching me and others by fulfilling the expectations I have for myself and the expectations others have of me. In the book, “Life Solutions”, expectations are said to create suffering because expectations are based on our perceptions, beliefs and opinions. Can you please clarify the meaning of the word “expectation” as it applies to the four tattvas, especially enriching?’ Let me read the question. Suzanne Davidson? Long question. ‘Enriching means, enriching me and others by fulfilling the expectations I have for myself and the expectations others have of me…’ No! You are wrong! First step you are wrong! Enriching means, not giving upon you. Constantly make expanding you with Integrity and Authenticity, and expanding others with Integrity and Authenticity. It is not fulfilling your expectations or others’ expectations. So, Davidson, Suzanne Davidson, your definition of Enriching is wrong. I have defined Enriching very clearly. Get it now. Second, ‘In the book, “Life Solutions”…..’,


I don’t know whether I have written any book called “Life Solutions”! Is it my book? No! There is no book “Life Solutions”. It is only “Guaranteed Solutions”! ‘……expectations are said to create suffering because expectations are based on our perceptions, beliefs and opinions. Can you please clarify the meaning….?’ So I think I have very clearly clarified. See, I still stand by the word in “Guaranteed Solutions” ‘Expectations are said to create suffering.’ I am very clear about it. But Enriching is not fulfilling the expectations. In Authenticity you practice fulfilling others’ what you stand for others, what you committed with others, what you made others expect from you. Even for that, finally, you are responsible. So, now I think it is clear. If you understand, both are actually one and the same. Next.


Question: The next question is from Inner Awakening ID No.223, Anuradha Chary, who is asking, ‘How does Kalabhairava manifest through Swamiji? Is there a process, like puja or meditation, or is it at his will? How does Swamiji feel after Kalabhairava settles down? The darshan is magnificent, electrifying and uplifting! Thank you Swamiji and Kalabhairava!’

Swamiji: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It is a very mystical question and mystical subject. I am on national TV. But I have decided I will answer this question. Anuradha Chary ID No. 220.. Please be seated. ‘How does Kalabhairava manifest through Swamiji? First thing, is there a process, puja or meditation, or is it according to his will?’ I can say, neither puja nor meditation or according to my will! When my will withers away, he manifests!


Let me tell you exactly what happens during Kalabhairava’s manifestation. It is like ten-thousand Nithyanandas entered into me! How many of you feel when the Kundalini is awakened the body is uncontrollably moving? Raise your hand. All of you can understand what I am saying. When the Kundalini is awakened, due you feel somebody else has entered into you? Nobody else has entered into you. But you feel you are not able to control your body. You are just floating in the ecstasy. You don’t know where your hands are, where your legs are, what to catch, where to catch. You are just in high frequency. Same way, I can say, when Kalabhairava manifests through me, the Cosmic Kundalini is awakened! It is like ten-thousand Nithyanandas entered into this body! I don’t do any puja or meditation or anything. Just I say, ‘Come on! Let me be the space now for Maha Kalabhairava!’ Simply, like a dam opened, He is there! ‘And how does Swamiji feel after Kalabhairava settles down?’ This is the next part of the question. I feel like a huge flood has settled down. After a huge cyclone how do you feel? The PEACE….! That is exactly how I feel. In PEACE! An extraordinary joy! See, when Kalabhairava lands, not only me, the whole presence, the whole breathing space, the whole hall, I can see the amount of joy he brings. Even if your question is not answered, the amount of joy he adds to the whole sabha, the whole being! How many of you really acknowledge what I am saying, cognize what I am saying? That’s it! It is a huge, huge and...It is a unexplainable, inexplicable! It is! It is! It is what it is! She also says, ‘Darshan is magnificent, electrifying and uplifting! Thank you Swamiji and Kalabhairava!’ Of course, you have to thank him. I am only the instrument he is using. Next.


Question: The next question is from Inner Awakening ID No.284, from Brendon. He is asking, ‘In Yoganandaji’s “Autobiography of Yogi”, Shri Yukteshwarji visited Yogananda and told him of the various astral planes and different planets. Swamiji, what is your experience with this?’ Brendon. He is asking, ‘In Yoganandaji’s “Autobiography of Yogi”, Shri Yukteshwarji visited Yogananda and told him of the various astral planes and different planets. Swamiji, what is your experience with this?’

30 - 45 min

Swamiji: Whatever Niteshwar Ji says, is completely truth. Its 100% truth and my experience is also same. Only thing, I wanted to add, tell you, as on now you don’t need to worry so much about the planes, planest, planes. Establish yourself in enlightenment. Establist yourself in the space of positivity, possibility, leadership and enlightenment. Whenever required, the other planets & planes beings, they will come and visit you.

They will come and visit you for darshan, for blessings, for healing. Do you thing 310 inner awakening participants, you guys are sitting here and having kalabairava darshan. If you think only you guys are sitting and having Kalabhairava darshan, you are wrong. Hundreds, hundreds of siddhas, yogis, rishis come and have darshan, get their answers in their language. Each kalabhaira’s laughter is an answer for those beings. They receive the answer, enjoy the presence. So understand, when you are established, those beings come to have your darshan, blessings, counseling, guidance and everything. Next

Question: The next question is from Inner awakening id # 225, from Devendra saying Sawmji, How to complete with relationships where I had anyakara for them in the past, but don’t have any anyakara now, while they still have anyakara of me in the present.

Swamiji: Make them understand, I had anyakara and I dropped it. So slowly you also drop your anyakara about me, for me. Devendra, I know exactly what you are asking. Please be seated. Make them understand, you won’t be able to fulfill their anyakara about you. You did not fulfill my anyakara, even the commitment you gave me, you did not fulfill. Same way do that. But I am complete. I have no problem. But usually, when you give a word to the master, even if I am complete, when you don’t fulfill, you will never be complete. Because that’s the deepest relationship. The deepest relationship you can’t afford incompletion.

Make them understand, you will not be able to fulfill their expectations towards you. Take responsibility of making them understand without leaving incompletions with them. Don’t leave incompletions with them. Take responsibility, you can be successful. Next

Question: The next question is Inner awakening id # 39, Kirupanandan who is asking “when we finish inner awakening can I levitate and do healing,

Swamiji: Kripanandan, you can do healing. Please be seated. You can , but I myself can directly tell you, regarding levitating, you also need to co-operate. From today, we are starting the process for levitation. You also need to imbibe these tattvas very strongly. From today, every day, during energy darshan, you will be doing a special process called Shakti dharana, which will help to to awaken and experience the kundalini awakening in the form of levitation or even teleportation, means receiving Vibuthi or KumKum in your hand or something like all this way. So, understand, when you complete the inner awakening, you can do healing. I will put it in this way, when you finish inner awakening you can do healing, when you complete inner awakening, you can levitate also. Healing is directly in my hands, you don’t have to take any responsibility. I can straightaway give as a gift. That is why, I can take it away from you also. It is in my free will. But levitation, you also need to co-operate, same way, once you start, I cannot lock it. Even I cannot take it away from you. So anything which you are also responsible, Even I cannot take it away from you. Next Question

The next question is from Inner awakening ID # 135, Jailalitha, saying Swamiji, “ you’re born for Hinduism, what about casteism, why in India there are lot of castes. I don’t know all the names also. But why there is a waste/ reservations. Why is there big caste and small caste. You are telling, Hinduism is unique, Bramhins feel they are great. Reddy’s feel they are great, Kumba’s feel they are great, Kamma’s feel they are great. What about all other castes. When will casteism be destroyed.

It’s a very sensitive question. But I will answer. Who is the … Lalitha, please be seated. First thing you need to understand, Let me read the whole question. Swamiji, you are born for Hinduism, What about casteism, First thing, you should be very clear, I am born from Hinduism, but I am born for the world. Not for Hinduism, So you need to correct. I am born for the whole world. You are asking, what about casteism. This subject needs to be analyzed, with more sympathy and compassion than Marxists terrorists, Commie medias and pseudo secularists, militant missionaries and missionary militants. Don’t look at the caste system from their view. I am dead against the discrimination based on caste system – somebody is high, somebody is low. No! I am dead against! But I am not against the caste system itself, understand!

You are asking, ‘Why in India there are a lot of castes?’

May I know you are from which country? India? (Lalitha replies that she is from Hyderabad, India). Oh, you are from India only! You live in India? You live in India only! That is why you don’t know! Go to any country, you will see the caste system on the wrong scales.

Listen! In the U.S., night you hear the calling-bell sound, you go and peep through the peep hole. A small glass will be there on every door. What do you call that hole. Key Hole, No! there will be lens, see lens, No, not the key hole, Peep Hole ! You peep through the peep hole, If you see a man, white skin, fair-complexioned, and with a good suit, shoes, trim, handsome, how you will react? Or a dark guy, fat, unshaved, standing, how will you react?

Understand, there is no civilization where there is no caste system. When you see a black guy in the night, you automatically assume he is going to be attacking you. He is there for the wrong purpose. When you see a white guy in the night time, automatically you assume he isl not be there for wrong purpose. He may be asking for shelter.

Understand, by nature, human-beings are animals which forms their own group. Why? Get into the flight. Walk through the first-class to go to economy. The fellows who are sitting in the first-class, how they look at you? Is it not casteism? No Brahmana would have looked at any Shudra in India in such a cheap way, the way the first-class passengers look at the economy class passengers! Especially in the international flights!

So, understand, in all countries casteism is there. Now in the modern day, in metropolitan cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, the apartments are there. A-level, three bedroom apartment; two bedroom apartment, single bedroom apartment. In one complex, three different towers will be there. The single bed-room apartment residents, how they are treated by the three-bedroom apartment residents, do you know? How many of you are cognizing what I am saying? Then What ?

Understand, the western civilization casteism is based on money. In India, in Hinduism, casteism was created based on knowledge. But even then, I don’t agree any reservation. I don’t agree any reservation. I neither agree reservation for Dalits, nor agree reservation for Brahmins or Acharya Mahamandaleshwar post.

Finally, I decided, requesting them to change the constitution. They all decided. I agreed. I am dead against all reservations. Reservation is nothing but the outcome of vote bank politics. It is just vote bank politics.

Why is there big caste and small caste? No! There is no big caste and small caste. So understand, it is individual, individual, individual who lives, he is responsible for caste. I tell you, caste comes by the action, not even by the birth. There are many so-called lower castes. I tell you, Caste comes by the action, Not even by the birth. There are many so called lower castes. Their statues, deities are worshipped every day by the great Brahmanas in all temples of South India. Nandanar, Thiru Neelakanta Yazhpanar, all of them were so-called untouchables when they were in the body. Now their statues are touched by the Brahmins!

So, in Hinduism, caste was never based on birth. It was based on the life they lived. It’s based on the character. It’s based on the character!


• If you are a person running in confusion without direction, you are a SHUDRA.

• If you are a person running towards wealth, you are VAISHYA.

• If you are running towards power, you are KSHATRIYA.

• If you are running towards knowledge, you are BRAHMANA.

That’s all. Your goal decides your Gotra, not the hole from which you came out. Your goal decides your Gotra understand?

0:46:01 Hindi - 0:47:05

Understand, I neither agree with the commie Marxist terrorists, militant missionaries, missionary militant views about casteism, nor agree with the discrimination based on the casteism. Caste is based on your mental set-up, the responsibility you take it up and there is no high or low.


Question: The next question is from Inner Awakening ID No.177, Catherine Parson, who is asking, “Is it true that once you get enlightened, all the generations above you become enlightened?’

Swamiji: Catherine Parson, Catherine Parson? Yes please be seated.You are right. Once you get enlightened, seven generations above you become enlightened they are liberated because the power of your completion reaches seven generation immediately. Immediately all seven generations are suddenly relieved from the load of Karmas, load of Karmas, and they are enlightened. They are enlightened. They are liberated.

0:49:16 Hindi - 0:49:25

Next question.

Question: The next question is from Chin Guan ID No.48 who is asking, ‘ Dear Swamiji, once the person passed away and the soul left the body for the next birth is it good to donate the body for medical research or the good organs for the present ready life? By doing this is it going to help the person achieve completion in present life and liberate the soul in achieving enlightenment?

Swamiji: First thing, if he is an enlightened being, preserving the body intact will be the best thing for the planet earth, because it will radiate so much of energy. If he is not enlightened, you can donate the organs and give the body for research that will be the best thing you will do for society. If you are not enlightened donating the body is the best way to last enriching, the ultimate enriching you will do for the world. If you are enlightened, keeping the body intact, either in the Samadhi or Jeeva Samadhi, is the best thing you will be doing to the world, because the body will be like a atomic power station continue to radiate energy and help human-beings continuously. That is why in Hindu tradition, only enlightened beings’ samadhis are protected, means, enlightened beings’ bodies only are kept, tombs are built and worshipped, or their body is left in Ganga, so that Ganga itself becomes eternal energy. That is why, I say, Ganga has at least one million enlightened beings’ bodies.One million enlightened beings’ bodies. So enlightened beings’ bodies should be protected, safeguarded, so that they continue to radiate the

energy. If not, the body can be cremated or donated for medical purposes nothing wrong it will only help that will only be the enriching of the society.

So, understand, in Hindu tradition we don’t have a standard policy about whether to cremate or bury. It depends on the person’s life. 0:52:52

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Sri Nithyanandeswara and Nithyanandeswari Ananda Nandhi Meru and Ambal Dwarabalaka in the entrance of Nithyanandeswara Temple Muneeshwara under the Banyan Tree Swamiji's Utsava Murthy Lord Ganesha Lord Subramanya Dakshinamurthy Morning PadhaPuja Morning Satsang Rudra Abisheka By Swamiji Maheswara Puja Offered by Inner Awakening Participants


Stunning Health Recoveries

Participants from different Inner Awakening programs participated in a Health survey before and after the program. The participants were from various backgrounds from across the globe with varied health conditions. Results seen were stunning and consistent for all the Inner Awakening programs. The Chart below shows the % of participants that had 100% health recovery from each Inner Awakening programs.

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