July 12 2013

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Completion - Essence of all Spiritual Practices


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals deeper truths about performing completions. It is essential that we not only bring awareness to our incompletions and their causes, but that we know in what context we are making the completions. Apologies come from a state of guilt, powerlessness, the feeling we made a mistake or did something wrong, and fear. Let us realize that, in the past, our actions came from an inadequate cognition. But now, we have the knowledge that completion means shifting the cognition from one that is inadequate to one that puts us into a space of expansion. The most important thing for us to learn is that completion is everything, so let us start completions now!

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How to Experience Completion at Muscle Memory & Bio Memory , Inner Awakening

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome you all with my love and blessings!

Today, I will continue to expand in Nithya Satsang about “COMPLETION”.

Today Mahadeva is gracing us in the leela “Kal Yaanaikku Karumbu Oottiya Leelai”. The leela means, “feeding sugarcane to a stone elephant”.

See, once in a while, Mahadeva comes down just for a casual walking in Madurai, assuming human body. So, one day, He came down for a casual walk, for a vacation. Actually, it is a very nice feeling. How it feels I‘ll tell you. You go to the U.S. and settle down leaving your old village. I am telling about born and brought up in an Indian village, who was struggling for food in the house. Somehow he goes to U.S. and settles there. He becomes very rich. And, after thirty years, he comes back from the U.S. to his hometown. The money which he has now, he can buy the whole village! He comes back like a vacation. And whatever items damaged in his house which he will be selling in his garage sale or putting them in dustbin, like old camera, old shoes, old cooling glass, old DVD player, all that he will bring. That will be a great gift and asset for those village boys who will be running behind him, ‘Mama, Mama (uncle, uncle), give me something! Mama, Mama, what did you bring from the US?’ I tell you that is the exact feeling when an incarnation visits Planet Earth!

Whatever human-beings think as extraordinary power, I tell you it is all useless! That is the essence, message. Whatever you think as extraordinary powers are all useless, rejected things from above. And the real thing is the science of how this village boy became that rich. So, how an ordinary man can become divine, that science is the real thing. Everything else, the hat, shoes, sweater, DVD player, old cooling glass, everything is what? Useless rejected pieces! The extraordinary powers are not the purpose of existence! Sometimes it is shown, may be to inspire those villagers, you also become like me. You can! Just for that!

Understand the context in which I am presenting the story. If you misunderstand, you will be hurt. So, don’t misunderstand. Otherwise you’ll think, ‘are we all like small kids running behind the old Mama or what?’ No! I’m not comparing you with the small kids! All I am trying to tell you is how that man from the U.S. returns, what all things are useless for him, he distributes as a gift, and people think that is too big a thing. Same way, whatever you think as too big, all those powers are nothing but rejected things in Mahadeva’s place, Kailaasa! Only one thing you need to know, how that man went from the village and became so rich there! Means, how he evolved. You also need to know only that science of how you can evolve.

Let me come to this story.

Mahadeva comes down for a vacation in Madurai assuming human form. He goes and sits in one corner in the temple, starts all his drama, means, so beautifully described in the original purana. He was sitting in the form of a sadhu. So, Madurai people are always respectful towards sadhus. If some old man comes and touches His feet and asks for blessing, He will make him young! If some young fellow goes without touching His feet, or respecting him, recognizing Him, He will just make him old! It’s so beautiful! There is a beautiful description (in Tamil). He is just sitting and playing the game, energy game, out of His joy, and turning this fellow into that, that fellow into this! Some poor fellow comes and touches His feet, He suddenly showers him with wealth! Some old lady comes and touches His feet, He makes her a young girl, beautiful girl! Left and right, He is playing with miracles! In a few minutes, the whole Madurai kingdom comes to know what is happening in the temple. And He is continuing His leelas, playing His drama!

The king came to know there is a sadhu sitting in the temple doing all these dramas. So, he sends his ministers, ‘go and bring that sadhu to court, I want to see him!’ The ministers go and call him, ‘hey, the king wants to see you! Hey sadhu, come!’ He says, ‘No, I am not interested in seeing anybody. If anybody wants to see me, tell them to come here!’ The ministers go and report to the king, ‘this is what the sadhu replied.’ The king sends (must be a little foolish fellow!) the warriors, army, to forcibly bring that sadhu. The whole army goes and tries to pick up that sadhu, and He (the sadhu) just waves his hand and all of them (the army) become statues! Stood still! And the king receives the news that all of them have become stones. The king was shocked! Then he runs to the sadhu. The sadhu was sitting without even being bothered about the king. And, the king was really offended and he got humiliated. But still that fellow (the king) was so egoistic, I think Mahadeva came down just to teach a lesson to the king. Still he was so arrogant and standing.

Exactly at that moment, some devotee brings a sugarcane and puts it at the feet of the sadhu and does namaskar. The king asks the sadhu just to check, ‘If you are that big a yogi, can you feed this stone elephant with this sugarcane?’ The sadhu just smiles at the stone elephant. Suddenly the elephant became alive and started roaring with a trumpeting sound, ate the whole sugarcane! Not only that, it just snatched away the king’s pearl mala and ate that also! The king got frightened! He was shaken! Then he understood the glory of the sage and fell at his feet of the sage and apologized and asked Him to bless for a male child to take care of the kingdom. Because the king has realized now that Somasundara Himself is the sage! None other than Somasundara!

And then, once Mahadeva taught the lesson to the king, He just disappeared into the temple, into the main deity. And still He is worshipped as “Ellaam Valla Siddhar”, who came down to feed the elephant. Just near the same elephant which ate the sugarcane in the Madurai temple, Ellaam Valla Siddhar has a separate shrine. A private shrine!

And, the king also got a male child who is known as Vikrama Pandya and became his successor. Whenever somebody becomes atheists, Mahadeva himself comes down and puts them on track.

Today, Mahadeva is in that leela, reminding all of us about His beautiful leelas which continue even now!

Today is the first ever spiritual talk show by kids in the world, on Nithyananda TV and Lotus TV in Tamil at 7:30pm! All are welcome to watch. Today is second episode.

Disclaimer!! Get ready to be bowled over by the little avatars!!

In Tamil there is a proverb, ‘even if the snake is little, the poison will not be less!’ so, even if they are little avatars, the energy and intelligence will not be less!!

I will continue to expand on “COMPLETION”.

Listen! When completion happens in you, the context with which you do the completion is also important. Yesterday, we were discussing, I was having a session about completion with the Inner Awakening Level-2 participants. That time I was sharing some of the insights which I wanted to share with all of you, because I know most of the TV viewers are practicing many of the spiritual principles I am teaching in the morning Nithya Satsang, because I get a lot of calls to our Enriching Temple. Enriching Temple is the department which attends to all your calls. So many people practice these truths, these messages! So, understand, I wanted to continuously make you all understand the deeper and deeper levels of truths, so that you can practice this science wherever you are.

First thing, completion is not “apologizing”. Understand, in completion you may apologize not because you feel powerless, but because you feel powerful now; not because at that time you did some mistake, but because in those days you had inadequate cognition.

Please understand, as a law of life, your cognition will continue to grow. As a law of life, your cognition will continue to grow. As a law of life, you will continue to expand. Then, now you have only two choices: One, either you go on crying about your past as a wrong mistake, or you can look at the whole thing as inadequate cognition and raise your cognition level.

I tell you, when you complete, do not have apologetic mood, do not feel the guilt that you have done something wrong. No! Because, if you feel guilty, you will not go through all the past and complete. Because, even one or two will make you so tired, you will be agitated, irritated. You will think, ‘What is this? Why should I do this?’ So, you will develop a subtle hatred towards completion. You will never sit for completion sessions. How many of you feel, bored or tired and don’t want to sit for completion? (People raise their hands). All of you, you need to know, you are only having a deep guilt about the past. You should know, you have not done something wrong in the past, but, listen! You have not done anything wrong in the past, but, it was just inadequate cognition. You expecting you should have adequate cognition from the childhood is impractical expectation in this society. Then you should have become my gurukul child. In the society, you can’t expect to have a complete cognition; you can’t expect society to allow you to continue to have a complete cognition. A child is allowed to have a complete cognition only in my gurukul! And, if you just allow the complete cognition, full brain of a child to be functioning, helping the child, encouraging the child to learn. So beautiful! So beautiful!

So, first thing you need to understand is, completion is not feeling guilty about your past, remembering your past inadequate cognition and completing it, so that that decisions and patterns you developed during inadequate cognition does not need to continue to exist in your present inner space and affect your life now. If you are bored, unhappy, do not want to sit for completion, be very clear, you are not completing, you are just sitting with your past guilt and just brooding over! Just brooding over!

Listen! And understand, completion is not apologizing. Same way, when you are completing with others, don’t be in the apologetic mood. You are not apologizing. Sometimes, apologizing may happen. See, many times, only if you feel powerless, if you fall into the powerless mode, you apologize. Don’t fall into powerless mode. Sit powerfully, remember very clearly when you had those powerless moments, some parts of you have been stuck with others. Now you are reclaiming those parts. That’ all. For example, if I had a fight with my elder brother when I was six, and still that memory is there in me, that fear is there in me, feeling is there in me, means, still that six-year-old child is influencing me. So, all I am trying to do is I am liberating myself from that fear pattern which I created at the age of six, which happened due to fighting with my brother! I am not now going and apologizing to my brother. ‘Oh, sorry, that time I beat you, now I apologize.’ No! You may apologize at some time. But, completion itself is not just apologizing. It is like making the other person understand and making yourself understand that fighting in the young age created a strong, fearful, powerless pattern in you which is responsible for still you struggling, suffering with the wrong cognition, improper, inadequate cognition. Completion means shifting the cognition from an inadequate cognition which is restrictive, to an expansive cognition which expands you and the other person!

I tell you, completion brings Integrity in you. Completion brings Authenticity in you. Completion brings Responsibility in you. Completion brings Enriching in you. Completion brings Listening in you. Completion brings Completion in you. Completion is Tapas. Completion is Yagna. Completion is Puja. Completion is Kriya. Completion is Homa. Completion is Jnana. Completion is Bhakti. Completion is Yoga. Completion is Completion!

Completion in every level!  Completion in every step!  Completion in every way!
Completion is Shraddha!  Completion is Shraaddha! Completion is Tapas!  Completion is Puja!

All the candidates who have applied for Sannyas, all the Sannyas Training participants, I request all of you to be in the campus before Monday, means 15th. Because, from 15th, you have to start doing completion, so that the Sannyas initiation rituals can start.

Completion! Completion! Completion! Completion makes miracles happen in you. Completion makes health happen in you. Completion makes joy happen in you. Completion makes bliss happen in you. Completion makes space of positivity happen in you. Completion makes space of possibility happen in you. Completion makes space of knowledge happen in you. Completion makes space of leadership happen in you. Completion makes Enlightenment itself happen in you!

The right space is created in you only by completion! I tell you all, anybody who thinks I am your guru, the first instruction for you, six months you should take up completion. First six months is completion.

Now, to introduce Completion and teach the basic science of Completion, I am introducing a new program; four-day program in all Inner Awakening, first four days of every Inner Awakening. The program will be called “Intro to Inner Awakening”. This program is all about Completion, teaching the science of Completion.

Please understand, in the Inner Awakening, first four days will be the Inner Awakening Introduction level. Then, first ten days (which includes the first four days of Introduction level) will be Inner Awakening Level-1, and next eleven days will be Inner Awakening Level-2. I am opening the doors for the people who can’t have, who can’t afford so many days in their lives. Of course, every day in the morning satsang I am sharing, but, unfortunately, human-beings do not start till the right space is created, till the right space is created. So, we are starting this program from August: August 16th through August 19th, we’ll be having this program. I welcome everyone to come and experience the space of completion, the knowledge of completion. You will be initiated into the completion process, into the Poornathva Kriya.

In Introduction to Inner Awakening, Intro Level Inner Awakening, you will have the Knowledge of Listening, Right Listening, and the Four Tattvas, Identifying your Conflicting Patterns, Identifying your Root-Pattern, Samskara Dahana Kriya, and initiation into Nithya Dhyaan. You will be having the basic intelligence, knowledge about completion.

Completion brings peace in the world. Completion brings bliss in the world. Completion brings coexistence in the world. Completion brings co-existence in the world. I tell you, with completion you become human-being, with completion you become divine being. Everything, everything, completion makes everything, every right thing in your life. Completion does every good thing in your life.

Understand, I also sincerely request all the volunteers, samajis, satsangis to attend this four-day Intro for IA. If you have done Inner Awakening before the Dec 2012. If you’ve done Inner Awakening program before 2012, I request you to do this four-day program. I think only in February Inner Awakening 2013, I introduced the science of root-pattern and completion. Till then, I was developing it, organizing it from our traditions and shaastras and scriptures. If you have done Inner Awakening before 2013, I request, please do this four-day program, “Introduction to Inner Awakening”. So, you can participate in completion and you can upgrade your intelligence. And this four-day program will be available even on two-way video-conferencing; even on two-way video-conferencing. Even in India we will be having two-way video-conferencing. People can do it from their own cities. Even in India, people will be able to do in their own cities.

So, completion, completion, completion. I tell you, completion brings relationships back in your life. Completion brings knowledge in your life. Completion brings new being in your life.

And Guru Purnima is the celebration of completion! Actually, even traditionally, the whole Guru Purnima program rituals are based on the principle of completion. You complete with your guru. So, even the Guru Purnima ritual, people usually offer Guru Dakshina to guru, gifts in whatever form they can, do completion with the guru, and receive the prasada, the rice from guru. Guru gives whatever he got through the bhiksha from the disciples. Guru Purnima day, tradition says, anything disciples offer, guru has to accept. He can’t say no! Still I follow the tradition. Guru Purnima is the only day you will see me receiving from your hands. Otherwise, anything you bring, I’ll say, ‘give it to them.’ How many of you have observed, anything you bring, I’ll never take it from my hand? I’ll touch it and say, ‘give it to them’.

Even Ramakrishna, anybody brings anything, he will never accept. He will touch it and say, ‘alright, do what you want, leave it and go.’ Guru Purnima is the only day he will receive it in the hand. So, Guru Purnima is the only day I receive it directly in my clothes or in my hands, because it is celebration of completion. People offer coconut and rice. Coconut denotes your ego, head, thickhead; and rice is all the incompletions, karmas. You offer both to guru, because whole Guru Purnima is the process of completion.

You experience new life with completion!!

The essence of today’s satsangh:

Completion is everything. Learn the science of completion and start completion in your life, because completion is everything!

Today, 15th batch Nirahara Samyama, Level-3, 1st day.

We’ll start the Nirahara Samyama.

All the Nirahara Samyama participants, please sit straight. Close your eyes and cognize you have become Bidadi Kalpavruksha, and inhale through both the nostrils and the mouth, hold as long as you can comfortably inside you. When you feel can’t hold any more comfortably the air inside you, slowly exhale through both the nostrils not through the mouth, keeping the mouth tightly closed. Continue this process and continue this for next 21 minutes.

I bless you all, with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss. Let you all experience intense Kundalini awakening and live health, bliss and enlightenment! Namah Shivaya!

Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss. Nithyananda!

Photos From The Day:

Morning Yoga for Inner Awakening Participants http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2-Nithyananda_Swami-12-7-13-20.JPG Swamiji is Welcomed in Temple with Purna Kumbha http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2_Nithyananda_Swami-12-7-13-14.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/3_Nithyananda_Swami-12-7-13-13.JPG Sri Nithyanandeswara and Nithyanandeswari in Kal yaanaikku Karumbu Oottiya Leelai Alankar. Ambal Swamiji's Utsava Murthy Dakshinamurthy http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/7-Nithyananda_Swami-12-7-13-20.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/7-Nithyananda_Swami-12-7-13-21.JPG Utsava Murthy http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/9-Nithyananda_Swami-12-7-13-19.JPG Ananda Nandhi Morning Padukapuja Paduka Puja Paduka Puja As a law of life, your cognition will continue to grow, you will continue to expand. Either you go on crying about your past as a wrong, a mistake - or you can look at the whole thing as inadequate cognition and raise your cognition level. I tell you, when you complete, do not feel guilt! If you feel guilty, you will not go through all the past and complete it You should know that you have not done anything wrong in the past - it was just inadequate cognition! Meenakshi Sundareswara in Kal yaanaikku Karumbu Oottiya Leelai. Swamiji Along with Meenakshi and Sundereswara. Blessings Swamiji taking Class for Inner Awakening Participants Inner Awakening Participants Sharings Inner Awakening Participants Sharings

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