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Bhakti, the Ultimate Gift

Let me define exactly what I mean by the word “bhakti”. Understanding that whatever you call as reality is experienced in parietal lobe as illusion and ability to feel something beyond this illusion and the ability to merge, relaxing into something beyond this illusion is bhakti.

Where you see whatever is seen and experienced including your body as illusion and ability to see beyond this illusion, resting into something which is beyond this illusion is bhakti.

The ability to rest in the truth is bhakti.

Bhakti is the Song of the God. If you have it, understand, the greatest thing God can contribute to the cosmos, He has given to you; you have the ultimate gift in your life.

The best thing air can present to the cosmos is a breeze. The best thing a plant can present to the world is a flower. The best thing a tree can present to the world is a fruit. The best thing the ocean can present to us is waves. The best thing human beings can present to the cosmos is creativity. The best thing God can give to the world is bhakti. Bhakti is the song of God Himself. The best thing God can give to the world is not enlightenment, it is bhakti.

Towards whom you have bhakti does not matter at all. If it is towards a man, a woman or a stone, God or Guru, or just symbol of Guru; anything is okey.

Three Kinds of Personalities

There are three kinds of personalities: One, who can intellectually connect but will take lot of time to emotionally feel connected. With anything he can intellectually understand, he can intellectually relate but he can’t emotionally have the feeling; the feeling connection doesn’t happen in him.

The second kind of people can connect emotionally immediately. They will straight away have that feeling connection. One sight, love at the sight. They can have that strong ‘feeling connection’, but very difficult to intellectually analyze and understand. Intellectually they will be a little dull. More energy will be through the heart.

The third group of people are very balanced. The intellect and emotion will be parallel lines in them. They will be very straight. They can connect intellectually and experience emotionally. They are called being level people.

The Power of Bhakti and Sacred Sentiments

Any sentiment which makes a sweetness in your heart is called a sacred sentiment, devotion. When more and more people dive into the sacred sentiments, the more life becomes livable in planet Earth. When more and more people dive into the sacred sentiments the enmity reduces. Cost increases when enmity amongst people increases. Economy and enmity is directly connected. If people are trusting each other the hoarding, possessing comes down. When the possessing is less, the cost of living is less. The whole thing comes down to ahimsa (non violence). Sacred sentiment not only reduces the war, it helps the economical growth. Any country which cherishes sacred sentiments will have a strong, unshakable economy. Habitual cherishing of sacred sentiments creates a deep trust in you, makes life affordable, makes cost of living easy. The sacred sentiment is the lubrication for the large civilizations. Sacred sentiments make life livable in planet Earth both internally and externally. One such sacred sentiment is Guru Puja. There is no logical reason for ‘why Guru puja is done’, why people touch the Guru’s feet; it is an emotional ‘feeling connection’.

I always tell people, bhakti or feeling connected to the Master is such an ultimate thing, never miss it if at all you got it in your life. The feeling connection to something which is higher than you nullifies all the constant harassment you go through from your body and mind. There are problems which may not be solved by unclutching that will be solved by a feeling connection.

Feeling connection is the ultimate technique. You do not need any other solution or method to get out of any problem. Problems of planets, disease, negativity, black-magic anything, feeling connection is enough.

Entrainment, Entanglement & Enlightenment

Entanglement means 2 persons falling in tune with the same thought. Entrainment means 2 persons falling in tune with the same idea. Enlightenment means 2 persons uniting beyond ideas. When you unclutch, you are in entanglement with me.

Entangling yourself with an enlightened being is the most powerful way to raise yourself to the higher level and get enlightened. I can give you a simple technique to have entanglement with me. Just morning sit in the satsang, that’s all! Everyday morning satsang itself is entanglement’ with me. In entanglement, physical healing happens. In ‘entrainment’, meaning muscle memory, that is if you do what I am saying, then the mental transformation happens. In the ‘enlightenment’ level, just melting, the conscious explosion happens. Then the very mystical doors of life opens and the enlightenment, or conscious explosion happens.

Devotion & Renunciation - Powerful Technique to Awaken Yourself!

In the dream state, if you see two tigers are chasing you or two snakes are chasing you. If it’s harsh to handle, you will wake up. Same way, if it is too fantastic, exactly the same place you always want it to be is there, the same person with whom you want to be is there, you will suddenly wake up. If it is too sweet, you will wake up, too harsh, you will wake up. So that dream state is sustained in the struggle, not in the extreme, listen, only in the struggle, the dream continues, not in the extreme. Same way, in the waking state, if it is extreme sweetness, you will wake up or extreme harshness, you will wake up. But as long as there is a struggle between these two, the struggle between the extreme sweetness and harshness, greed and fear is what your incompletions. As long as there is a struggle you will continue to maintain this waking state. This state you will continue to maintain. If any one takes over, it’s all over.

Allowing the lifestyle of extreme harshness and awakening, getting awakened is the lifestyle of renunciation, A Naga, Aghori. Allowing the extreme sweetness and awakening is the lifestyle of devotion, a Shavaite. Using both of process and getting awakened is the lifestyle of Nithyanandaite. I use all available, possible methods, process, kriyas to help you into awakening whether it is nightmare or fantasy dream, you will wake up. You will wake up. You will wake up.

Understand, neither fantasy dream nor nightmare will let you continue sleep. Same way, neither extreme harshness nor the extreme sweetness will help you to continue your waking state. It will lead to awakening, it will lead to awakening.

I tell you, if life itself brings the harshness and awakens you, if life itself brings that sweetness and awakens you, you will be wasting a lot of time. You voluntarily getting into that state, cooperating for your awakening is what I call Seeking. It is not that every night you wake up with the nightmare or fantasy dream. Many nights you wake up because you are too tired.
Understand, same way in your life also, it is not that all the time you can get the extreme harsh dream, harsh reality or extreme pleasant reality. Creating either extreme harshness of reality or extreme pleasantness of reality leads to your awakening. Cooperating with the life to create the extreme harshness or extreme pleasantness is Seeking.