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When you do yoga, you experience your entire body becoming Amrita Sharira (body filled with nectar). It becomes an ecstatic body just by the air, without any external touch.


Panchakriya involves 5 powerful processes to remove toxins and impurities from the system. Just like how we take a shower everyday to clean the external parts of our body, pancha kriya is a powerful cleansing process which cleanses the internal organs of our body, keeping it cool. These techniques not only cleanse our body, but bring peace and balance to our mind and lightness and bliss to our being.


In Puja, you experience the space of Bhakti, devotion. The space of surrender that occurs to you from this devotion moves you from the “I” which is so heavy, to God or Guru. This surrender allows us to drop all the unnecessary baggage from the head.

One of the beautiful pujas in Hinduism is Rudrabhishekam. In Rudrabhishekam, we offer sacred bath to a Shiva Linga, while chanting powerful Mantras. The Shiva Linga is a deity which beautifully represents the Divine. Its form indicates how God is beyond form and formless. We sit down and connect with God by performing Rudrabhishekam - “Oh Sadāshiva - Oh God, I know you are source of everything, you are everything and you are in this Shiva Linga and you are in this body. Let me connect with ME. Let you reveal yourself to me.” When we sit in that bhāva - When we sit with that context, and do the action of Rudrabhishekam, we experience Bhava Samadhi. Only Bhāva Samādhi can give us the higher taste and higher joy in life. Rudrabhishekam is a beautiful ritual which allows us to experience the Bhava Samadhi of Shivoham “I am the Divine”.

Kirtans - Powerful Technique for Sattvik Ananda

If you participate in kirtans and dance, so much Sattvik Ananda will enter your bio-memory. Especially when you jump and dance, the bliss is inhaled by every pore of your body. It becomes part of your muscle memory and bio memory. Even though other activities like puja are surely Sattvik Ananda, you don't use the whole body to do them. But with kirtans, the whole body is used. Paramahamsa Nithyananda mentions that from the way your body flows with that, you can tell the level of integrity you have, your efficiency, and the vision about life.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda on the Morning Routine

A person who is in love will wait to spend time with the beloved. If you are a Seeker you will be waiting for this five hours every day, because that is the time you get near what you are seeking, closely. Morning 5-9, its not even 5 hours; 4 hours, yoga, pancha kriya, Puja, Kirtan and Satsang. It’s only 4 hours.

A person who is in love will be waiting to spend time with the beloved. A person who is seeking will be waiting to spend this 4 hours, because this is the time you get closest to what you are seeking, your seeking takes shape into the system. When your beloved comes near you, if you are tired the love is gone, dead. During the morning 4 hours if you are bored, your seeking is dead, gone, you need thorough over hauling inside you, you need to ask yourself. You need to question many of your answers. You need to bring pure questioning back to your life. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The Method to Radiate Bhava Samadi

In the pancha kriya below the chest you clean. During puja, above the chest you clean. During the satsang you sit in Nirvikalpa Samadhi, just to vibrate, entangle Sadashivoham, Shuddhādvaita Satya. The whole morning routine I have designed as a complete embodying the state of consciousness, Chit Gana Anubhava. It is all about Bhāva Samādhi. It is all about Bhava Samadhi.

Whatever has become your Bhava Samadhi, chit gana samadhi, whatever has not become, you don’t know it. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda on the Morning Spiritual Routine

The Method to Radiate Sattvic Ananda and Live Integrity

As explained by Sadashiva, Pratyahaāra means withdrawing life and energy from everything else and centering it on something.

Then, Pratyahāra, withdrawing, becomes Dhaārana, centering. Dharaāna means centering, flowing towards something.

When that Dhāaraāna happens, that on which one is flowing, reveals itself to the person. That is Dhyāana.

Being in that state continuously is Samāadhi.

Everything designed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, whether waking up in the Brahma Muhurta , doing yoga or doing Pancha Kriya or doing Puja or doing Kirtan or sitting in the Satsang, everything is designed for one to build oneself.

As part of the Shashtanga Yoga, Sadashiva gives an important instruction in Agama - tremendous Sattvic bliss, Ananda, comes from non-violent activities. The bliss that comes from non-violent activities - that is what He calls as ‘Sattvic-Ananda.’ That is the anti-dote for that layer of pitta to be cleansed.

This is the right reason and context why one should always be blissful, with and in ‘Nithyananda.

When the brain is covered by a subtle layer of pitta, a certain amount of sadness, withdrawal, frustration, powerlessness, lower frequency of existence, that becomes the default functioning style. Only then, because of the powerlessness, people think “Let me do anything and manage the situation.” Joy destroys cunningness, joy destroys crooked thinking, joy destroys lack of integrity. It gives a larger vision.

Sadashiva Himself when He lands into a person, He creates intense joy in the system. That is the way He lands. A person’s cognition (about his own self) is very important; based on that they adopt strategies for life.

There are some people who do everything but do not bother about the larger values of life. This can be done only by a person whose brain is covered by pitta layer and does not have high frequency to their existence.

If Sattvic-Ananda can be added to people’s lives, the whole world will live in integrity! The benefits a Sattvic-Ananda person gets can’t even be described. The benefits happen at the physical level, muscle-memory level, physiological and psychological level. When the pitta in the brain reduces, it develops a power called ‘eating its own dead cells and cleaning it’ – that is the power of Rudra.

“Do not allow your physiology and psychology to enjoy joy [that] which comes from torturing [the] other person. No! Then your brain loses its capacity to hold Sadashiva in you. And always encourage, grow, the Sattvic-Ananda. Don’t be shy to grow the Sattvic-Ananda, means, nonviolent joys should be grown so much into the system. I tell you, more and more dosage of non-violent bliss develops a larger and larger vision of life. I tell you, Sattvic-Ananda makes you a Shaivite! That makes you live Shuddhadvaitam, Sadashivoham.” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

“ Spiritual routine helps in building more and more Sattvic Ananda in the system. For example, when people jump and dance during Nithya KirtanSM, that bio-memory gets into their system, and helps make every process so powerful. The bliss is inhaled by every pore of the body! It becomes a part of the muscle-memory and bio-memory. Doing puja is also a way to build Sattvic-Ananda. “The way your body flows, with that I can tell you, the level of Integrity you have and the efficiency or the vision about life.” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The Fuel to Reach Kailaasa

Morning spiritual routine is the fuel to reach Kailaasa. That takes you to Kailaasa.. Morning routine and the chemical changes it brings in you, and the healing it does in your system, and the biological rhythm it sets in your system, all of them are very important. It is an important fuel for you to experience the multiple dimensions of the universe. Spiritual routine and integrity to spiritual routine, initiations, are completely private, personal between you and me. Tune your biological clock to the spiritual practices because the chemistry you enjoy inside matters. That decides the kind of plane of the universe, dimension of the universe you are going to experience, Kailaasa or Pataala. Suvarga or Naraka. Morning spiritual routine is the direct path to Kailaasa.

Manifest Shaktis - Spiritual Powers with Morning Routine

I tell you, if you just follow this morning 5 hours, enough! You will have Vaak Shakti, all Shaktis manifesting in you, because all the obstacles for manifesting Shaktis, tiredness, boredom, pitta, fatigue, everything will be churned out in that morning 5 hours. You will curse literally everyone on the planet Earth, for keeping you awake in that…...for that morning 5 hours. If you can manage that morning 5 hours spiritual routine…….waking up like a flower and flowing into yoga like a flower in the breeze, cleaning yourself, detoxifying yourself.

Understand. Our morning Pancha Kriya is not just taking bath, it is detoxification process, decalcification process. Applying Vibhooti and Kumkum is decalcification, taking the Jala Basti, Neti, all that Kriyas is detoxification. Detoxification, decalcification put together is Pancha Kriya. Then connecting with Sadāshiva in Oneness, knowing that He is available here in the formlessness, form - Sachala Murthy, form - Achala Murthy. In all 3 forms - formlessness, form of Achala Murthy and form of Sachala Murthy.

...Understand. The morning Puja is the most powerful Mandala process, Shaktipata - melting your Being, melting your Being and then sitting and listening to the sacred truths, constantly inspiring, engaging, alive, awakening. Just this morning 5 hours, if you can bring integrity and authenticity, all the obstacles stopping you from power manifestation will disappear.

Then you will have the power to cause other’s reality, everything you will have. Think more and more and more, in the language of integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching. That will only make these powers manifest what I am talking to you, teaching you as a reality. What I am teaching you will become reality, only by this. Drilling yourself with the tattvas, will remove all the fatigue, tiredness, everything out of your system.

Morning routine is Sadāshiva. Morning 5 hours is for Sadāshiva. Let us be integrated to Him. When you are giving your best to Him, He will give His best to you.” That’s it.

Spiritual Routine - The Need for it, Accepted by All Sampradayas

Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Shakta, Shaiva, Vaishnava: all the sampradayas which accept the Omkara, the Omkara parivar accept these three things: 1. Om, the sacredness of Om. 2. Sacredness of Gomata, cow. 3. Spiritual practice. The need for the spiritual practice. Repairing your body setting your biological clock with the nature, with the natural rhythm, spiritual practice is mandatory. Morning routine is mandatory.