May 13 2015

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Flow And Law Of Your Life, Yama Dharma


Today’s Nithya satsang (13 May 2015) from Varanasi on Kathopanisad in Living Advaita Series titled "Flow And Law Of Your Life, Yama Dharma", Paramahamsa Nithyananda takes us into deeper context of the subject matter expanding on the science of Living. From the Akashic Records, He reveals the definition of Yama Dharma, the reader or Rishi of Katha Upanishad. By Nature, we are Living Consciousness. Yama, the flow of Life belongs to Consciousness and Dharma, the law of life belongs to matter. Confusion and overlap of law (dharma) for matter with flow (Yama) of Consciousness, causes knot of Consciousness or cit-jataa-granth – the root of all human suffering. Dharma, law of life that functions as matter(jata) is needed only for day-to-day life. Our Consciousness needs to always be cognized with flow of Life, Yama not with dharma, law; because then we freeze our life with tiredness and boredom and do not understand our conscious component. He proclaims, “Thou Shall Not Freeze Your Life By Mistaking Yama into Dharma.” In further revelations, he is going to sketch the entry of super-hero Naciketa.

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nithyānandeśvara samārambhām nithyānandeśvari madhyamām | asmat āchārya paryantām vande Guru paramparām ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, sri mahants, mahants, thanedars, kotharis. Sri Mahants and all the devotees, disciples, all the viewers sitting with us in Anandavana, Varanasi and all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Arra TV, Nakshatra TV and two-way video-conferencing in many centers having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us in two-way conferencing having Nayana Deeksha – Tiruvayam Aadheenam, Toronto Canada Aadheenam, Seattle Aadheenam, Singapore Aadheenam, Guadalupe Aadheenam, Redmond Aadheenam, Torrance Aadheenam, Kuala Lumpur Aadheenam, St Louis Aadheenam, Bogota Columbia, Melbourne Aadheenam, Oman Aadheenam, Ohio Aadheenam, Guadeloupe Aadheenam, San Jose Aadheenam, Houston Aadheenam, Singapore Aadheenam, Sun Prairie Wisconsin, Rajapalayam Aadheenam, London Southwest, Tirunalvali, Bangalore North, Hyderabad Aadheenam, and some more cities.

I welcome all of you with My love and blessings.

Listen. Today I will expand on the subject matter of Kathopanishad – Death.

How constant dying, which is happening in all of us – if it is approached violently, arrogantly, negatively – turns into pain and suffering. If is it approached with the mood of listening passively how it leads to transformation.

Listen. By your very nature, you are Living Consciousness, how much ever you try to frame you into certain ideas and ideologies, for the sake of convenience of your everyday life. Please understand, if there is fire in this hall, you have to run out. This frame is perfect to have. If there is an earthquake, you need to leave the hall, go to open space. This framework is perfect to have. Nothing wrong in it. These frameworks, rules, understandings, regulations are good to have in the outer world. Like, you will sleep only in your house. These are all good to have, but it is so unfortunate, you start putting framework for you inside. Like first time when I feel powerless at the age of 7, how I responded, I will respond the same way till the age of 79, whenever I feel powerless – is a bad framework.

Listen, understand the difference. If there is a fire, you need to run out of this hall, is a good framework to have; nothing wrong with it. If there is earthquake, you need to leave this hall, it’s a good framework as far as the outer world is concerned, the frameworks are okay because matter functions based on death, decision and frameworks.

Listen, matter, the external matter, because it is already dead, it functions only based on certain law of life. It does not have flow of life. Listen, it has a Dharma, it does not have Yama.

Listen. Yama means flow of life. Dharma means law of life. The objects which has only law but no flow are called dead matter. Object which has law and flow are called the conscious matter combination – citta jatā granthi, human beings. We have the possibility of flow and certain law. For example: if you drink poison, your body will be dead, is a law. That is Dharma. Yama, flow of life – if you want, any time, you can excite yourself, enthuse yourself, make yourself happy is the ‘flow of life’.

Understand, ‘flow of life’ is free, joyful, exciting, enthusiastic expression of you, Yama. ‘Flow of life’ is your freedom, Yama. ‘Law of life’ is simple straightforward rules, Dharma. If something functions only based on law of life, it is dead matter. If something can play between both – law of life and flow of life – functions as straight dead matter. Flow of life has the possibility of excitement, enthusiasm, non-materialistic expansive cognitions.

Listen, non-materialistic expansive cognition are possible with flow of life, Yama. Yama Dharma. Please understand this word. The flow of life belongs to Consciousness. Law of life belongs to matter. Human being is a possibility. He functions with ‘flow of life’ and ‘law of life’, both. But unfortunately, he overlaps the ‘law of life’ and forgets, misses ‘flow of life’.

All your pain, all your suffering, all your pain, all your suffering is because you think ‘flow of life’ has to be framed into ‘law of life’, and you always feel ‘law of life’ is boring. Law of life is made for matter in you. There is a part which is matter. Deal matter with law of life, not Consciousness. Consciousness need to be cognized constantly with ‘flow of life’.

I will give you more examples. Listen.

For example, everyday satsang, if you deal it as law of life, it is boring. “Oh god everyday I have to come and sit.” Today I have great attendance in satsang. But instead, if you look, no! It is not same everyday. Everyday, a new cognition, inspiration, understanding is happening in me, then the same satsang becomes ‘flow of life’ not ‘law of life.’ Even food can become boring if you cognize from the angle of law of life.

Please understand, so many youth who are born with silver spoon are committing suicide by middle age because they feel everything is boring. They have seen enough of food, just for food they fly hours together from country to country. They have seen enough of liquor, enough of drugs, enough of women, enough of everything. They feel bored. What to do? Let’s do something new, commit suicide. No, really it is happening.

Some places where you are not courageous enough to commit suicide, just fall into depression. Law of life, good, as far as you deal with the matter. But if you project that on the Consciousness, it makes life bored. No work, no working day is same, but you go on believing, you are constantly made to believe Monday to Friday, it is all same. All the system which makes you a number!

Listen, all the system which make you a number, tries to put you just into the ‘law of life’, Dharma, is making you forget the flow of life, Yama.

Understand, I am revealing the definitions of Yama - flow of life, Dharma - law of life. The sacred secrets related to both directly from Akashic records.

Why is office boring. Why is work boring? Why is work tiring? Because you wrongly cognize and you are made to cognize, it is all same. It is law of life. No! Never this throne is same for Me second day. Understand, everyday it is new for Me. Everyday it is new for Me. Everyday you are new for Me. Everyday, I am new for Me. Everyday, what I am uttering is new for Me.

Celebration comes from Yama, understanding the flow of life; not just by Dharma. Understanding law of life is great, it makes thing easy. Like I gave the example: if there is fire, you have to run out of this hall. If there is earthquake, you have to move out of this hall. This is the Dharma, law of life. It is good, as far as things of matter is concerned, dealing with the matter is concerned. But it is unfortunate, unconsciousness of the people and society makes you think and feel—even your life is law of life, Dharma, no! It is flow of life, Yama.

Look in, where all you froze yourself. Break all those frozen part of you, that is what staring at Death.

Thou shall not freeze your life by mistaking Yama into Dharma.

Thou shall not make your life boring by bringing the Dharma into the space where you need to have Yama.

Please understand, Yama is like flowing of the river. Dharma is like water flowing in the canal; both have different energy, different intelligence. Water flowing in the canal, you can never make sure or guarantee, it will reach the Ocean. Water flowing as river you can guarantee it may be in any country, it will reach its goal. Yama, society feels frightened about the people who are flowing. Individual feels frightened about the people who are framing him into law.

Understand, both groups are having wrong understandings. The orthodox group which tries to frame an individual; the rebels who try to break the whole society, both are stupid. That is why never both systems were successful on the planet earth. Neither orthodoxy nor rebellious people will ever be successful. It can be at the most overpowering each other at particular time, conquering each other at particular time, but not victory, winning over.

You need to understand – what is the matter component of you? What is Living component of you? What is matter component of you? And what is Conscious component of you? For matter components, good to have Dharma, law of life. But conscious components always have Yama, flow of life.

Flow of life brings beauty to you, grace to you, joy to you. Shiva in you is flow of life. Understand, you just need only little awareness and put your attention on it. To get rid of a cockroach you don’t need a warrior’s sword or a shield, you just need a light. Look in where, where you are frozen; where you are feeling tired, bored, dull. I tell you, one more important commandment all human beings specially for Hindus.

Thou shall not feel bored.

Thou shall not be tired.

Tiredness and boredom is crime.

Tiredness and boredom is crime; because, the conscious part of you which need to be dealt with Yama, flow of life, is being dealt with the law of life, Dharma.

What needs to be done with the right hand, needs to be done with the right hand. What needs to be done with the left hand, needs to be done with the left hand. What needs to be handled with Yama, needs to handled with Yama. What needs to handle with Dharma, needs to be handled with Dharma. Law of life should not overflow into flow of life. And I tell you, the man who has understood, ‘law of life’-Dharma will never feel his ‘flow of life’ is effected or disturbed. When you understand, your ‘flow of life’ can never be disturbed by ‘law of life’, you understood the matter component of you is not you. The spirit component, the conscious component of you is You.

Understand, the conscious component of you is You. The matter component of you is for your utility. This hall is for our utility; all of us to gather and share our time. It is not us. Neither I am this hall nor you are this hall; not even the owner is this hall. It’s a utility for the common utility, matter need to function with Dharma, law of life. But Consciousness does not need to function with ‘law of life’. It can just function with ‘flow of life’. Whenever, the dead rules are posed on your sensitive parts of your being, love becomes marriage. Life becomes boring. Spirit itself needs some spirit to get spirited. Spirit itself needs some spirit to get spirited.

Understand, boredom is one of the biggest crimes done to individual consciousness. Boredom is one of the biggest crimes done to individuals by the collective society. And the worst crime is giving foolish solutions for the foolishly created boredom, the so-called entertainment industry. Understand, instead of solving the problem in the root. For example, you are having a nightmare that 10 tigers are chasing you, 11 lions are attacking you, the anaconda is running behind you. In the dream, you are running. In the bed itself, you are screaming, “Oh save me, save me, tiger is coming. Anaconda is coming….” If somebody brings and gives you AK47-59, and tell you, “Come on, my dear friend, how can you be suffering? Save yourself.” You don’t know whether he will shoot himself or you.

The problem needs to be handled in a simple way. Just tap him, “Aye. Wake up.” But instead, if you try to solve the issue by giving AK47-59, “Wow. I am giving 59 in the right hand, and 47 in the left hand…” and giving even 2, 3 bombs so that he can throw that and run away from all the animals chasing you. How stupid you are! That is exactly what society is doing to you. Instead of making you understand the source of the boredom, and go beyond it, it is providing entertainment industry. Don’t, don’t live in a country where the entertainment industry is too big. Listen, don’t live in a village, where there is no temple. Don’t live in a place where there is too much of entertainment. If there is too much of entertainment, be very clear, those place, people are too violent to divert their attention. Entertainment industries are flourishing.

Entertainment industries are nothing but antidote for violence. I am telling you, the real antidote for violence is understanding the Source of it and going beyond. These entertainment industries, because they have to divert human beings from violence, the external boredom, they think they are becoming creative, and finally pushing them into fantasy and fantastic violences. Heroes hitting somebody and two hundred people are dead with the bare hand. The people attacking him are all full of weapons. Is it not a violent fantasy? Or fantasy based violence? In Tamil movie, God! A villain will be going in the flight. Hero will be going in the bullock cart and he will catch it. He will catch the villain. And the villain will be the pilot. He will take control of the flight, who was driving few minutes before, bullock cart, who doesn’t know anything about flight, who has never gotten into flight, who was born and brought up in the village, never move out of village, will suddenly become pilot. How he remembered his past life, knowledge and experience when he was the pilot in the past life! How did he remember the past life memory of driving the flight? Suddenly without remembering in all these days. No. When he was closing the door of the aircraft, one bolt hit his temple, and the brain has gone through a change, and his past life memory to fly is awakened.

(29.42 mins)

Entertainment industry, instead of healing you, unfortunately only suppressing your feeling bored. I tell you, it is boredom makes you violent. Boredom in life makes you violent. Boredom in life brings frustration. Understand, whenever you see there is no possibility for new flow of energy in your life, then comes boredom, frustration, violence. Anybody who sees the possibility of new flow of life, never becomes violent or terrorist.

(30.52 mins)

Sanatana Hindu Dharma constantly teaches you possibility for a new energy flow in life. It is living-based religion, that is why it is Living Religion. It is life-based religion, that is why it is Life Religion. Sanatana Hindu Dharma, first and foremost teaching of Sanatana Hindu Dharma – see, what is the part of you, matter? Which is the part of you, Consciousness? Which needs to be dealt with the law of life? Which need to dealt with the flow of life? Which needs to be dealt with law of life? Which need to dealt with flow of life.

Same cat when it catches the rat, the teeth works in a different way. When it catches it’s own kitten, the teeth works in a different way. Same cat, same teeth, cognition is different, context is different; so work is different. Catch the matter like a rat, catch the consciousness like kitten because Consciousness is your own.

Law of life is different, flow of life is different. When you know the difference, your whole life will look as ‘flow of life’. When you don’t understand, the whole life will become, will look like law of life. You will feel even if some new food is brought, you will taste new, new food because you are bored with the same food. Hundred days you will taste new, new food because you are bored with the same food. After hundred days, if you suddenly become bored of eating, what will happen? Because the boredom spreads in you in the speed of death. Understand, boredom at the rate of death, spreads in you. The speed with which poison spreads in you, the speed with which death spreads in you, in that speed, boredom spreads in you. Boredom spreads in you, when you are confused – what is law of life and what is flow of life.

See actually if you approach you and life, passively – “come on, let me see, what is it that is death matter in me and Living Consciousness in me? What is the citta jatā granthi, the knot of Consciousness and matter?” Then you will know — You! You feel fulfilled only when you remember, when you cognize ‘you’ as flow of life, not as flow of life. That is first thing.

Second, listen.

I was describing complete dead matter to be dealt with law of life. When you are combination of matter and Consciousness, you need to deal – matter with law, Consciousness with flow. There is one more group, who are fully awakened, conscious, in them, there is no matter exist. They don’t cognize anything based on matter; based on the fact or the understanding, there is some matter that is part of them. They need to dealt completely, their life and everything is Pure Consciousness, it is only Yama, no dharma. They are called Jeevan Muktas. They are beyond dharma. Their life becomes dharma, what they do becomes dharma. They are embodiment of dharma.

Understand, whenever you overlap the game of matter into the game of consciousness, pain and suffering is given to you as a reminder alarm. Whenever you overlap the law of matter into the law of Consciousness or law of consciousness into the law of matter, the pain and suffering is given to you as a reminder alarm. No pain is your enemy, no suffering is your enemy, you are just reminded – you are confused. My boy, you drank too much, go back home. It’s time to go back to home, you are full. It’s reminder you are overlapping. It’s reminder that you are becoming stupid. It’s reminder you are dealing with Life wrongly.

(38.12 mins)

Understand, understand whatever I spoke now, if it is going above your head, watch this satsang at least 3, 4 times at least in the next few days.

Understand, the definition of ‘law of life’ and ‘flow of life’ and look in, spend little time on you – seeing where you applied the rules of matter, games of the matter into games of the spirit, games of the Consciousness, where Dharma is pushed on Yama, where Yama is not given Its original respect and space? Look in, the moment you look in, tons and tons of your problems will be reduced to ashes, and you will know how to die constantly and reborn.

All the ‘law of life’ suffocating the ‘flow of life’ needs to be killed. In all those spaces, death needs to happen to you. Wherever the ‘flow of life’ is disturbed by ‘law of life’, you need to be reborn. Keep the ‘flow of life’ alive. Love, excitement, enthusiasm, laughter, living – keep it alive. This is the science of Completion and science of Living. Living can never be reduced to a cheap word, art. Living is a science. Art is too small word, too cheap word to be attributed to living. Understand, it is not little jumping, jinging and jinganiking. It is exploring the extraordinary powers of you. The mystery component of you. The Ashtamaha Siddhis [eight mystic, perfected powers] and various other powers, and ultimately expressing — you are Mahadeva Himself. You are Mahadeva.

Understand, I am telling you. Do not do any spiritual or religious practice, kryia yoga, pranayama, anything unless it opens up extraordinary powers in you within few days. Extraordinary powers are not the purpose of spiritual practice, but that is the measuring scale whether the practice is authentic or not. Whether it is mandated by Mahadeva or madness stupidity of some ‘guuru’. Any mandated by Mahadeva starts opening up Mahadeva in you. The first openings are always miraculous and extraordinary powers. I tell you, even whatever I am teaching, use this scale only then practice. Any spiritual practice, within few days – means less double digit days – should open up extraordinary powers and experiences in you, happenings in you, only then it is mandated by Mahadeva. Anything mandated by Mahadeva has no expiry date. Otherwise do not do some technique for the sake of pride. “I have been doing this for the last 39 years.” Then it is the combination of confusion and chaos of the Guru who taught you that. Let the madness of men who try to brand themselves not waste your life. Let the mandate of Mahadeva be the path for you, the technique for you.

Understand, Living is a science. If I find a word which has far more depth than ‘science, I attribute that word for LIVING, not anything less. Not anything small. Not anything, because it is fashionable.

(45.18 mins)

I think I have said enough for today. Now you need to contemplate. You need to think. You need to look in. You need to internalize and intranalyze the ‘law of life’ and ‘flow of life.’

I will continue to expand on Death, the subject matter of Kathopanishad. I will continue to introduce the truths of Death, sacred secrets of Death from Akashic Records. First the introduction of the subject matter. Then I will introduce the Upanishad itself. Then I will introduce. I should not use the word ‘author’, I can say the word ‘reader’. Yama Dharma is the Rishi of this Upanishad, reader of this Upanishad, not author. Listener, the first listener, Naciketa.

I have to introduce Naciketa. That is only to be the hero entry, where I have to give lot of build up and I have to first show only his hand, his feet, his back, the way he walks, then his shikha [lock of hair on shaven head, kept by Brahmnins], only the forehead, then just the eyes filled with Shraddha, authenticity. Only then, I can expose him directly to you. The context needs to be set for the hero of this Upanishad.

Please understand, I tell you really, even Yama Dharma looks little pale in front of Naciketa. He only becomes second hero. Till Naciketa is introduced, Yama remains as hero. When Naciketa is introduced, he became second hero. My apologies to Yama, I am not disrespecting him, but the way, Upanishad goes, God. Unquestionably, un-controversially, it Naciketa who is hero, even though he is a disciple. He is a student. He is a listener who is receiving. Only the real calf knows how to get milk out of mother, the cow. How to make the cow release the milk, only the real calf knows. So how to get the Truth out of Yama Dharma, only Naciketa knows. It is because of Naciketa, just like how because of the calf, all of us get the milk. It is because of Naciketa, we all got the Kathopanishad, greatest nectar. That is why I am saying – Naciketa becomes superhero of the Upanishad.

I bless you all: let you all radiate authenticity, integrity, responsibility, enriching and causing living advaita, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank You Be Blissful.

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Nithyananda Gurukul Student Rocks Capitol Hill with Super Human Powers

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20150513_Photo_1000_DSC_4558_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1001_DSC_4636_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1002_DSC_4638_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1003_DSC_4662_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1004_DSC_4663_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1005_DSC_4725_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1006_DSC_4730_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1007_DSC_4741_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1008_DSC_4743_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1009_DSC_4752_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1010_DSC_4776_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1011_DSC_4777_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1012_DSC_4789_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1013_DSC_4802_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1014_DSC_4804_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1015_DSC_4805_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1016_DSC_4810_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1017_DSC_4811_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1018_DSC_4817_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1019_DSC_4818_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1020_DSC_4819_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1021_DSC_4823_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1022_DSC_4834_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1023_DSC_4877_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1024_DSC_4882_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1025_DSC_4900_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1026_DSC_4908_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1027_DSC_4914_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1028_DSC_4921_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1029_DSC_4922_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1030_DSC_4926_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1031_DSC_4928_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1032_DSC_4930_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1033_DSC_4932_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1034_DSC_4997_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1035_DSC_5001_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1036_DSC_5002_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1037_DSC_5003_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1038_DSC_5175_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1039_DSC_5254_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1040_DSC_5260_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1041_DSC_5263_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1042_DSC_5267_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1043_DSC_5270_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1044_DSC_5271_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1045_DSC_5284_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1046_DSC_5299_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1047_DSC_5300_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1048_DSC_5303_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1049_DSC_5323_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1050_DSC_5327_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1051_DSC_5332_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1052_DSC_5336_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1053_DSC_5401_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1054_DSC_5412_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1055_DSC_5413_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1056_DSC_5414_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1057_DSC_5424_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1058_DSC_5446_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1059_DSC_5514_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1060_DSC_5532_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1061_DSC_5533_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1062_DSC_5621_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1063_DSC_5638_CMP_WM


20150513_Photo_1000_DSC_3914_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1001_DSC_3920_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1002_DSC_3922_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1003_DSC_3926_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1004_DSC_3927_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1005_DSC_3931_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1006_DSC_3936_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1007_DSC_3937_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1008_DSC_3948_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1009_DSC_3952_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1010_DSC_3957_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1011_DSC_3961_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1012_DSC_3962_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1013_DSC_3963_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1014_DSC_3971_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1015_DSC_3973_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1016_DSC_3976_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1017_DSC_3977_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1018_DSC_3981_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1019_DSC_3984_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1020_DSC_3987_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1021_DSC_4028_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1022_DSC_4029_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1023_DSC_4030_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1024_DSC_4031_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1025_DSC_4032_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1026_DSC_4033_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1027_DSC_4034_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1028_DSC_4035_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1029_DSC_4084_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1030_DSC_4085_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1031_DSC_4095_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1032_DSC_4099_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1033_DSC_4100_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1034_DSC_4103_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1035_DSC_4104_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1036_DSC_4105_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1037_DSC_4106_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1038_DSC_4107_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1039_DSC_4108_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1040_DSC_4125_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1041_DSC_4126_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1042_DSC_4127_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1043_DSC_4128_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1044_DSC_4129_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1045_DSC_4130_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1046_DSC_4131_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1047_DSC_4132_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1048_DSC_4133_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1049_DSC_4146_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1050_DSC_4149_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1051_DSC_4151_CMP_WM


20150513_Photo_1000_DSC_3431_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1001_DSC_3434_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1002_DSC_3435_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1003_DSC_3436_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1004_DSC_3437_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1005_DSC_3440_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1006_DSC_3441_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1007_DSC_3442_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1008_DSC_3444_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1009_DSC_3446_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1010_DSC_3449_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1011_DSC_3451_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1012_DSC_3453_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1013_DSC_3454_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1014_DSC_3458_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1015_DSC_3462_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1016_DSC_3468_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1017_DSC_3469_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1018_DSC_3470_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1019_DSC_3472_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1020_DSC_3474_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1021_DSC_3494_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1022_DSC_3495_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1023_DSC_3500_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1024_DSC_3501_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1025_DSC_3513_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1026_DSC_3517_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1027_DSC_3518_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1028_DSC_3520_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1029_DSC_3523_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1030_DSC_3526_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1031_DSC_3528_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1032_DSC_3530_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1033_DSC_3531_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1034_DSC_3532_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1035_DSC_3535_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1036_DSC_3539_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1037_DSC_3544_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1038_DSC_3547_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1039_DSC_3548_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1040_DSC_3552_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1041_DSC_3582_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1042_DSC_3583_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1043_DSC_3584_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1044_DSC_3585_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1045_DSC_3586_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1046_DSC_3598_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1047_DSC_3599_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1048_DSC_3600_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1049_DSC_3601_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1050_DSC_3602_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1051_DSC_3604_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1052_DSC_3605_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1053_DSC_3606_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1054_DSC_3607_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1055_DSC_3608_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1056_DSC_3609_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1057_DSC_3610_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1058_DSC_3611_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1059_DSC_3612_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1060_DSC_3613_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1061_DSC_3614_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1062_DSC_3615_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1063_DSC_3624_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1064_DSC_3626_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1065_DSC_3629_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1066_DSC_3669_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1067_DSC_3684_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1068_DSC_3687_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1069_DSC_3690_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1070_DSC_3693_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1071_DSC_3694_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1072_DSC_3695_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1073_DSC_3696_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1074_DSC_3697_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1075_DSC_3700_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1076_DSC_3746_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1077_DSC_3747_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1078_DSC_3758_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1079_DSC_3759_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1080_DSC_3761_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1081_DSC_3762_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1082_DSC_3767_CMP_WM 20150513_Photo_1083_DSC_3769_CMP_WM