December 08 2013

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Nithyananda Diary | Bali Inner Awakening Day -8 | Padapuja | Satsang | Meditation | Dial the avatar | Sarvadarshan


In today’s morning satsang from Bali Paramahamsa Nithyananda gave a historic definition of advaitha. He revealed that it is not oneness or monism. Hindus do not believe in one god; they believe in infinite gods each one of which is infinitely powerful with no need for one all powerful godhead. He encouraged us to complete with others and experience Nithyanandam, the experiential expression of infinity.

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us around the world at this moment through Nithyananda TV, Lotus News Channel, Sadhna TV, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, and through two-way video-conferencing in forty-two places having Nayana Deeksha, in twenty-six countries around the world as per the statistics.

Cities sitting with us through two-way video-conferencing: Toronto-Kailasam, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Los Angeles-Arunachalam, San Jose-Madurai, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Nithyananda Nagara-Bidadi, Atlanta-Ujjaini, Washington DC-Sripuram, New York-Varanasi, Ohio-Prayag, St. Louis-Tirumala, Seattle-Chidambaram, Bangalore North, Singapore-Singapuram, Port Washington-New York, Austin, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Mulund-Mumbai, Dakota Dunes, Bangalore-North, Bangalore-Malleshwaram, Devon-UK, New Zealand-Adi Arunachalam, San Diego-Tirualavai, Bogota-Colombia, Austin, Paris-Home Temple.....................

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, 8th day! COMPLETION WITH OTHERS! Not just other human-beings in our life, but with everything! You will talk to the trees, ocean, hill, pets, friends, relatives. Actually, all of them are....some are trees in your life, some are ocean in your life, some are pets in your life. There is no difference actually inside. So, inside how you feel with the pet as you complete with others and life today. Actually, yesterday’s Vaak Siddhi initiation is specially to complete with others and life today. I programmed in such a way that all of you will complete today with everyone in your life with the power of your words, shift the listening of the listener. And even if you want to complete with me, today finish it. I am always complete, so don’t worry. So I am not going to sit and listening to you. May be, sit in front of my photograph and finish if you have any incompletions; complete with that also.

Complete with everything, everyone; when I say me, I mean all that I represent, everything unknown in your life. I am totality of unknown your life. So whatever you call life, god, nature, if you are not able to pinpoint anybody as a reason for your incompletion, put that on me. That’s all. See, I am the vyakta of avyakta for all of you. I am the manifest of un-manifest for all of you. So naturally all the unknown incompletions dump it on me and complete with it. Be complete with it. I am almost like a large size dustbin for all of you to dump all your incompletion – unknown. Actually master is expected to play that job. And its my responsibility to complete all your unknown incompletions. Like if you are depressed, moody for no reason and you are not able to find any reason, then naturally on who the incompletion falls? Me only!

So, all the unknown incompletions, incompletions which you are not able to pinpoint, Avyaktha, put all that also and complete. Try your best to complete with as many persons and as many things as possible. Completion with others will make you experience Shuddha Advaitha, the pure oneness, or non-dual experience. Even “oneness” is not the right word; it looks like “ekathwa” No, oneness is not the right word. Non-dualness, Advaitha, means non-dual, you will experience infinite under your ability to grasp. Please listen, today I am defining “non-duality”. Non-duality is not oneness. Non-duality means: “Infinite, but able to grasp”. You will expand to grasp the infinite; that is Advaitha, non-duality. It is the intellectual criminals like Max Mueller and Max Muellerian translation of our Vedas to abuse our Vedas, that non-duality has been translated as oneness, which is not right. They tried to translate by using the word “monism”. No! Advaitha is neither monism nor oneness. Advaitha means “non-dual”. “A” + “Dvaitha”, see these two, “no two”, does not mean “one”. “Neither one nor two”. Uncountable! Infinite becomes your experience!

Understand, today what you are listening is going to be one of my breakthrough contributions to the whole Hindu philosophy, Sanatana Dharma, because the whole modern-day neo Hindus are suffering without understanding this word “non-dualism”. Tons of questions! ‘If non-dualism means, then how so many gods can be there?’

If I have to translate the word “Advaitha” with the clear meaning and interpretation of the practical experience, this is the experiential interpretation, expression, experiential expression of Advaitha: “Advaitha does not mean oneness, Advaitha does not mean monism, it means there is no two, there is no one, infinite; but infinite, everything is infinitely powerful”. That is why the Sanatana Hindu Dharma allows all of us to be gods and not fight with each other. All of us are gods and we don’t need to fight with each other, we don’t need any superior body to guide all of us, to rotate all of us, or to put a traffic signal for all of us. All the planets are having any traffic policeman to put signal? No! They are all independently intelligent! Independently intelligent all of them exist.....all of them exist and all of them are ultimate. No need for the superior body. Same way, all of us are gods and no need for superior body. You realize your potentiality, you establish yourself in the space of Completion, you are God! That’s all!

These religious terrorists forcing their beliefs about one god on Sanatana Hindu Dharma either by conversion or terrorist activities, or by intellectual terrorism, force us to believe Hinduism also believes in one god. As the apolitical, legitimate, clear voice of Hinduism, and as the Mahamandaleshwar, do not believe in one god! Ultimate experience of Hinduism, Advaitha, does not support the idea of one god! All Advaitha, the experiential expression of Advaitha, is infinite gods, all infinitely powerful, without any need for any one superior or supreme personality or supreme godhead! Because your logic cannot grasp it before you experience it, we reduce to the understanding of our logic. Understanding reduced to the understanding of our logic is not ultimate truth. As an experiential expression of Advaitha, Vedanta and Advaithic principles, today I wanted to make this understanding to all of you, and this will be the stand for all the questions related to God officially by Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. This is the stand of all the Vedic rishis. Only this experiential expression answers all the questions created, all the questions comes up by all philosophers.

Understand, with this experiential expression – “infinite gods, each one of them infinitely powerful” – you can answer all the philosophical questions of Visishta Advaitha, Dvaitha, Shuddha Advaitha, Bheda-Abheda, Advaitha, Advaitha Siddhanta, Advaitha Vedanta, Shaiva siddanta, Sankhya, Darshana, Patanjala, Yoga, Uttara Mimamsa, Poorva Mimamsa, Nyaya, Vaiseshika, all the principles, all the philosophies, all their questions about God, including agnostic philosophies like Buddhism, Jainism, and atheistic principles like..... All the questions, the Sanatana Hindu Dharma’s basic truth, only this can answer all the philosophical queries, questions and complications created about God.

And, I tell you, in the future I will be remembered, known for this experiential expression, contribution, because if you have a little intellectual background, you know the whole Hindu pundit community is suffering with these questions. Most of them just give up these questions and just get stuck with their family beliefs or the monastery they are associated with, or the tradition they are associated with. They just live with that belief and die without seeing the end of their seeking. Today, I am revealing one of the highest experiential expressions of pure Advaitha, non-dualistic philosophy’s truth, which forms the core of Sanatana Hindu Dharma. Hinduism believes in infinite gods. All of them infinitely powerful without any requirement of one superior person, body, godhead, personality to guide or regulate the infinitely powerful infinite number of gods. When you complete today with everyone; this will be your realization!

I break the myth of oneness, I break the myth of supreme personality of godhead, I break the myth of requirement of a supreme personality. Please understand, I break the myth of supreme personality of godhead, I break the myth of oneness, I break the myth of the necessity for a supreme personality. The truth, the experiential expression of Shuddha Advaitha which I experienced, which I am imparting to all of you, which all of you will experience, the truth, only this truth can solve all the intellectual queries, questions: ‘Is there a God? Is there multiple gods? Is there one God? Then who is multiple? Who are all multiple? Who is one? And who is superior? Then who selects who is going to be superior? How can one be superior? Then what about the Devi Bhagavatham which delcares that only Devi is superior and all 10 incarnations came out of the nails of Devi? And what about the Vishnu Purana which declares all the gods and goddesses, including Devi, everybody is just one of the dreams of Vishnu? And what about the Shiva Purana which declares that all gods and goddesses are just dust which flies when Mahadeva walks?’ Where is the answer for all these questions? ‘Then what about Guru Gita which declares that all the gods and goddesses are just the “Charanamrutha” of the Guru?’ Where is the answer for all these questions? Then are we a completely confused religion.....just a bunch of few old people who drank “somarasa” and their illusions and fantasies? No! We are the most powerful, most sophisticated, most intelligent, most cutting-edge presentation of the truth left with the possibility to evolve more and more, open for the possibility of updation! I tell you, to evolve to this understanding, to evolve to this realization, the whole Hinduism was working. It may look like a very simple declaration, as one of the every day morning satsang, today what I am speaking; but you will see, the whole of Hinduism is going to be revolutionized by this understanding! The whole humanity is going to be revolutionized by this one understanding of infinite god of infinitely powerful, without the need for a supreme personality of godhead, or a supreme authority to guide. You will see, the whole concept of God is going to be re-written by Himself! The experiential expression of this truth will answer tons and tons of questions, confusions.

I tell you, these confusions led many people to become atheists, or many people stopped seeking, and they don’t care anymore about these intellectual debates, because it is too confusing too much, it is going above the head. So they decided “No! Enough!” No, really! It is almost like the expression you give when your wife argues with you. I tell you, any debate.....I am giving you the definition of how the judgement should be given in any debate. Please listen! First truth you need to know: No debate can be solved! That is why it is “debate”. Which argument leads to the further possibility and which is the highest in helping you for the further exploration should be declared as the final word of any argument.

Debates are not for solution, but to find the final word. Please listen. Debates are not for judgement, but to find what is the final word. Final word of any debate should be: What is the statement which allows the possibility of further exploration? The statement which allows the possibility of further exploration should be the final word of any debate.

I tell you, if we re-Cognize all the greatest intellectual questions of all the greatest intellectual philosophies on Planet Earth with this experiential expression of the declaration about God – “without any need for one supreme personality of godhead guiding or ruling” – with this experiential expression if you start answering, re-Cognizing all the intellectual questions of all the great philosophies on Planet Earth, one, you will have intellectual clarity, and second, you won’t give up your seeking; you will be going to the next level of spiritual understanding.

An incarnation’s responsibility is to lead humanity to the next level. I have to raise you in all the uncertain, at least one level further to certainty. I have to lead you into the unknown, at least making one level further making it as known to you; at least one aspect of the unknown I should make it known to you. I should lead you at least to certain level into uncertainity. Vast “Avyaktha”, I should make it at least one bit further “Vyaktha” to you. If you already know many things, I should lead the world at least one step further; I should add to your known. I tell you, I am satisfied I have done this job just by this today’s one declaration. I have job satisfaction just because of this one declaration. This solves all the questions of all the fights, all the debates, all the conflicts, all the controversies related to God. I name this experiential expression as “NITHYANANDAM”. Giving this experience to all of you is the purpose of the program “Nithyanandam”. Inner Awakening will be known from now onwards with the Sanskrit subtitle – “Nithyanandam”. The program will be known in Sanskrit as “Nithyanandam”. And the purpose of this program is to give this experiential expression as your experiential expression.

Complete with others and life; you will experience what I declared today as “Nithyanandam”. When you experience this great truth, in tons of ways your life will change, because you are going to experience you are God, you are going to experience your worst enemy in life is God, you are going to experience you best friend in life is God, you are going to experience your pet is God, you are to experience everything in and around you is God! Not equally powerful, but infinitely powerful! Understand, I am not saying all of us are equally powerful, I am saying all of us are infinitely powerful! It is up to us to express our infinite power.

Each time when the human brain evolves to the next level.....evolves to the next level and evolves to grasp the next level of understanding, a person opens up and reveals the knowledge of the next level. That person who jumps out and reveals the knowledge is called “Incarnation”!

With this experiential expression, now start re-Cognizing all the questions which you left unattended with this expression ‘aaah....ohh...hmmm’, now start re-Cognizing them with the expression of ‘chak...chak...chak...chak’. You don’t need to carry the expression of ‘aaaah....ohhh....hmmm’; you can now re-Cognize with the expression of ‘chak...chak...chak...chak’. The online cities, if you have the question of what is this ‘chak...chak...chak...chak’, come to the next Inner Awakening Level-4 to Bali and get the answer! Till then let this be a suspense! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...!!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to name this as a philosophy; I only want to call this as an experiential expression of infinity. Nithyanandam is the experiential expression of infinity –with the revelation of this great experiential expression, from this context, I bless you all, do Completion with others and yourself; you will experience this experience! Today, from this context, all of you sit. And I commit with you all, I will mirror my neuron activities into your brain!

I will move to the meditation process or the mirroring neuron process.  I will call this process as “Upanishad”.  “Upanishad” is nothing but a Master gets into a space and lets the disciples sit around and mirror his neuron activity in their brain.  That is Upanishad.  So, sit in Upanishad with Nithyananda for “Nithyanandam”!

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!


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Morning Yoga for Inner Awakening Participants Pada puja in Progress Divine lotus feet of Swamiji during Padapuja I am not saying we are equally powerful, I am saying we are infinitely powerful! It is up to us to express our infinite power. Anything reduced to our level of understanding is not the ultimate truth! "There are infinite Gods, and each one is infinitely powerful" "The whole of humanity is going to be revolutionised by this one understanding about God " "Nithyanandam is the Experiential Expression of Infinity" "In the future I’ll be known for this experiential expression" "Advaita is the ultimate experience in Hinduism"


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