September 10 2013

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Today Swamiji spoke about Love. he told us that radiating love is a mystical power and to have this power we need to be established in completion. One thing that keeps us away from love and love away from us is the belief that the outer world is responsible for our incompletions. He talked about the layers of incompletion that we carry and our belief that we are too big and our incompletions are too big to be forgiven.The cosmic truth is that only when you forgive yourself love starts happening in you. a terrorist will show love your incompletions. The wrong patterns are showered with pseudo love and you are lost.This leads only to more terrorism death and imprisonment. Real love that makes you realize your possibility is true love. That is the love of the lion for the cub. that is the love that demands you to get out bed, throw the sickness out of your body and get to work. To be established in completion is to be established in the power of true love.

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

01:48 Hindi - 01:58

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us around the world at this moment through Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Lotus News Channel, two-way video-conferencing in twenty eight places having Nayana Deeksha. Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing: Singapore, Ohio-Sivananda, Devon, East London UK, Indrani New Jersey, Hyderabad Gupta Kashi, Bangalore North, Hong Kong-Seerkazhi, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Los Angeles-Downtown, San Diego, Calgary, Kathmandu, Oman-Sivagangai, Varanasi, Guadeloupe, Oklahoma, Hyderabad, Charlotte, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, Kastav Croatia, Kuala Lumpur, San Jose, Surrey British Columbia, Ohio Prayag. I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today for a change I’ll speak on love. How love is not just an ordinary emotion it’s a mystical power, it’s a mystical capability. Please understand, if you are able to live without food one day, it is the power of, power to control, controlling power. If you are able to live without food forever it is not ability to control it’s a mystical power. Same way if you are able to show love a little bit once in a while it is a social emotion but ever loving, radiating love, is mystical power. Understand, love, ability to love is a mystical power, ability to love will happen in you only when you are able to be in the space of Completion. Ability to be in the space of Completion only if you can complete, complete, complete, complete, complete, and establish yourself in the space of Completion, the ability to love becomes reality in you.

Please listen, most of the time you think the external world is responsible for your incompletion. Yesterday one of my Ashramites was asking me, ‘When everyone is doing so many mistakes, never become responsible, how can I be complete?’ Such a foolish question. Others, the external world is not responsible for our incompletion. First thing you need to know. Second, not even partly responsible. See many of us agree that “the external world is not completely responsible for my incompletion but that is also partly co-operating for my incompletion”. No, which is not true. External world, fully or partly, or even a little bit, not responsible for your incompletions. Understand I am making a Cosmic Penal Code statement, CPC. The external world is neither fully nor partially or even little bit responsible for any of our incompletions.

Please understand, incompletion by its very nature starts sprouting, growing, establishing itself only in your inner space its roots never come to the external world. Please understand, sometime we think, ‘No, no, the incompletion has grown in the inner world only, but its roots are now established in the outer world.’ No. All the layers and layers and layers of incompletions you carry, you see when I say layers and layers and layers of incompletions let me define and explain; First you will feel, ‘I have so many incompletions I am completing with it.’ .Then, ‘ no, no, no, how many times you complete you are not going to complete. This incompletions are going to come back to you.’ That’s a one more incompletion. ‘No, no, no, no, no, no, no how much ever I try I may complete even with this but tomorrow again I’ll forget I completed and I’ll remember only my incompletions. What will happen to that?’ That next layer. Like this layers and layers and layers of incompletions you carry. Listen, all layers are rooted only in your inner space. Even the branch or the hanging root of your incompletions don’t come to the external world. First thing you need to know, your incompletions are always established in your inner space. This means, many times others forgive you and forget you, because you are not that big a guy, but you cannot forgive you, because for you, you are a big guy.

Understand, for others you are not a big guy, because you are not a big guy they don’t care about you. Many times they just forget the incompletions related to you. Many times they don’t care but you don’t forgive you, you don’t forgive you because you are too big for you. You are too big for you. All the time you are thinking only about you. All the time you are centered only about you. When you wake up, you only remember you. Till you go to bed you only remember you because of the constant remembrance of you, you remember even small incompletions deeply, very deeply. Understand even the smallest incompletions you carry in you, you remember it very deeply. The ability, ability to forgive yourself is the first quality to start loving. Please understand only if you can forgive yourself, if you can complete with yourself, love starts. Only then love starts expressing itself, love starts happening in you. Love can happen only when you are in the space of completion. Listen, the ability, ability to forgive yourself, ability to love yourself, ability to live with yourself, ability to be with yourself, it’s actually a power.

Whatever I am describing, please understand, it is not a quality, it is a power. Once in a while being blissful is a quality. Being blissful forever is a power. Once in a while showing love or having love is a quality but being in love forever is a power. Understand, only when you are established in the space of completion you will understand this statement – “Love is a power” It’s a power. I tell you, once you develop that power, you can complete anybody. You can play with that power. That is the greatest protection you can have in your life because even lion will lose its vengeance in front of you; snake will lose its venom in front of you; any enemy will lose his enmity which is a weapon with which he is trying to attack you, he will lose it. See enmity is the first weapon anybody need to have to kill you, to attack you. All other weapons are secondary weapons.


The primary weapon is enmity, the vengeance. When you are established in the power of love, even enemy thinks he is attacking you, but he goes on praising you and goes back. He just sings your glory and goes back, because even in his inner space your glory is occupying more space than his enmity. Please understand, being established in the power of love, being established in the power of Completion!

Yesterday I was describing two types of Love:

· The love of a bird to the baby bird; and

· The love of a lion to the cub.

You always show the soft things as the symbol of Love, because you know only pseudo love. Understand, we always show only the bird feeding the baby bird as the symbol of Love, action of Love. A rose flower we show as a symbol of Love; but we never show a banyan tree root, the hanging root as a symbol of Love, or a lion with a lion cub as a symbol of Love, because we know only superficial, pseudo love.

I have a story:

A guy walks into a Post Office one day to see a middle-aged, bald man, standing at the counter, methodically placing “Love” stamps on bright pink envelopes with hearts all over them. Then he takes out a perfume bottle and starts spraying scent all over them.

This man was really curious. What is this? During Valentine’s Day, you will send a card for one person usually; some people, may be two; rarely three, four. But this guy, with thousand Valentine Cards, he is doing the whole work! His curiosity was really high.

He went near and saw the thousand cards are having thousand different addresses.

The guy asked the bald man, ‘What are you doing?’

The man said, ‘I am sending thousand Valentine Cards signed “Guess who?” to thousand different people.’

The man asked, ‘But why?’

This man says, ‘I am a divorce lawyer!’


If you don’t understand, you don’t understand!

Understand, No! we know only this much love! We do not know the love behind the hanging root of the banyan tree: how the tree loves the root first; and once the root gets rooted, how it supports the tree next. We do not know stable love.

I tell you, the Roman Civilization do not understand the word “Godman”. The Indian media, living with a Roman Civilization, trying to make India as a Roman Civilization, uses the “God” word in an abusive way. In your civilization, in your religion, there is no interaction between God and Man. But, in our civilization there is lot of interaction between God and Man. We overlap each other. We have lot of transactions. You should know, we marry with each other. We give a girl and take a girl.

I tell you guys, the whole Indian Civilization is different, and the Indian media lives in a different space, different place. They don’t know the ground reality. It is so unfortunate the Indian media does not understand “Godman” is possible in a best space, not as a negative connotation. Of course, they are not even interested in knowing. They are completely living in a different plane and they think they are democratic. Indian media thinks itself democratic and they allow various view-points to be presented to the public. No! No! It’s a lie! In India, media is completely autocratic. There is no democracy in media. It is completely autocratic. Otherwise, why do you need each political party to have their own channel? If media is democratic, why each political party needs their own media house? Each political party needs their own channel shows, in India, the media is not democratic, is not neutral, is not unbiased. They will never understand, Indian media will never understand the idea of “Godman”. Come on! Are you trying to make the whole India into Roman Civilization using the word “Godman” as an abusive word?

We always see only the superficial love, superficial love of rose and the bird feeding the baby bird. But, I tell you, bird feeding the baby bird can be like showing the love once in a while. But a lion training the cub to hunt, lion making the cub to realize its potential, its possibility, that is the real love, making every individual realize. Please understand, showing love to your weaker side is what society, made you understand as Love. When you are sick, somebody coming and giving you food, you call that as Love, because you know only that as Love. When you are sick, staring at you and saying, ‘Get up! Throw this sickness out of your body! Walk out of this disease!’ that is Love, real Love! But you neither co-operate nor enjoy that kind of love, because you were never given the idea, impression, that is Love. Whenever you are asked to wake up and drop the disease you think you are only being demanded. You don’t understand Love should be given to the right side of you, not to the wrong side of you. Love should be given to the right side of you, not to the wrong side of you. But you always associate yourself with the wrong side of you, and always associate yourself and the love showered to the wrong side of you.

First of all, understand the wrong patterns and right patterns, wrong side of you and the right side of you, the conscious side of you and unconscious side of you, the completion side of you and incompletion side of you. Love should be given to strengthen your completion side. Love should be given to strengthen your right side. Love should be given to strengthen your right space. But, unfortunately, you always enjoy, entertain, expect, attract, reciprocate, only to the love given to your wrong side. I have always seen, all these criminals and anti-social elements, terrorists, how they attract scores and scores of youngsters! You see, sometimes I used to wonder, how these terrorist organizations, suicide bombing for killing themselves, they get people? How the terrorist organizations? See, people who join the terrorist organizations, either they die by becoming suicide bombers, or they live in jail forever. Even when they live outside, they will be running, running, running, running, hiding! Why will somebody get into this kind of lifestyle? How these terrorist organizations get so many youngsters? I was contemplating, I was trying to study the modern-day youngsters’ psychology, why they take up terrorist activities instead of volunteering activities, social service activities. I found, in the terrorist organization always that loving the wrong side will be there. A terrorist will always show love to your incompletion side which you will immediately experience as love.

30- 40 min

A Saint, an Enlightened Being, an incarnation will show the love only to your completion side; means, he will evolve you, evolve you, evolve you, to your incompletion side he is not going to show love. If you want to drink alcohol, he is not going to support you. If you want to womanize, he is not going to support you. Even if you want to sleep in the early morning, he is not going to support you. But in a terrorist organization, you will have all these, love will be shown to all the incompletion side of you. You can drink, womanize, do whatever you want, eat whatever you want. All your negative side, the incompletion side, wrong patterns will be showered with love. Because that is showered with love, you strongly experience love. You think this is the best life…..this is the best life! O, Youth of India! It is time you wake up and realize the right love and wrong love. Love showered on you to make you realize your possibility is the real love, not the love which destroys you.

Understand, I will give you the essence in Hindi.

Hindi (31:45-37:30)

Understand, the understanding about love, the experience of love continues to impact the way you behave, the way you think forever. Please understand, once you start enjoying the love given to your wrong side, you are ready to be exploited by terrorist organizations. Now you are gullible. Only if you are ready to receive the love from the right side, the love given to your completion space, only when you are ready to receive the love to your Completion, you are ready to recognize an enlightened being or an incarnation, live in the Sangha!

40-50 min

O, Indian Youth, again I give you a clarion call! Wake up! Every part of the country, every village, we should create the Sangha. All youngsters gather and decide to educate yourself and others, enrich yourself and others with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, responsibility for our poverty, responsibility for our ignorance, responsibility for our, all the cultural destruction. Understand, responsibility, become responsible for your village, for the area you are living, the space you are breathing, become responsible to it. Enrich people with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility. Create the Sangha, teach the next generation with this science of Completion. I am already working on it. Last few days, I am very sincerely contemplating making this whole dhamma as syllabus-based, book-based, just a few volumes; for 0-7, set of volumes; 7-14, set of volumes; 14-21, set of volumes; and everywhere creating a group of youngsters who will study their syllabus for themselves and teach the kids syllabus, so that the Sangha starts happening, supplying these books free of cost and creating the Sangha everywhere. Only the science of Completion and living in four tattwas and creating the space for success, just these simple principles, powerful principles should be taught in a very simple way everywhere, all over the world, in their local languages. I will call this book as “Applied Science of Living Enlightenment”, “Applied Science of Living Enlightenment”. Village to village, this science should be taught, they should be awakened, all the kids, every evening, we should have at least one hour tuition of this life education, life bliss education, and giving them a nutritious meal and this one hour class. And these lessons should be taught, they should be taught these lessons, and they should start doing the homework, they should be given free food and basic needs like clothes, medical care. Everywhere, this kind of educating the kids and youngsters, the organization should evolve. This is what I call as “Sangha”, where we conduct kirtans, satsangs, bhajans, and educating kids and the next generation with the principles of blissful living, with the principles of right living. This should be the work of Sangha all over the world. We should call this as “Bala Vidyalayas”. Bala Vidyalayas should be established everywhere. It should evolve even as a school. It should evolve as educating organizations. It should be called as “Nithyananda Bala Vidyalayas”.

Take up enriching life with the four tattwas and teaching them about Completion. This weekend, we are having Global Tattva Classes. In 108 places, classes are happening, enriching over 1008 lives. Continue, Continue, Continue! Show love to the right side of human-beings.

With this, I will move to the next segment of the morning satsangh – Nirahara Samyama – without a break.

Please sit straight.

“Hindi Translation”

Sit straight. Close your eyes. Visualize you have become Bidadi Kalpavriksha. Cognize you have become Bidadi Kalpavriksha. Inhale through both nostrils. Hold as long as you can. Inhale through both nostrils and mouth. Hold as long as you can. Exhale through both the nostrils. Do this for the next twenty-one minutes.

I bless you all with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching! Let you all experience Kundalini awakening and live health, bliss and enlightenment! Namah Shivaya!


I wanted the whole Sangha to start working very sincerely in this line of creating Bala Vidyalayas all over the villages of the country, even in other countries, with all the legal procedures, doing in your own house basements or in the temples, our centers. This will be the greatest service we do for the Hindu tradition.

With this, I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!

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