December 07 2013

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Nithyananda Diary | Bali Inner Awakening Day - 7 | Padukapuja | Satsang on Completion | Dial The Avatar | Nirahara Samyama | Sarvadarshan


In today’s morning satsang from Bali Paramahamsa Nithyananda introduced us to deeper levels of completion in the form of completion with life. He assured us that completion is the currency that will work anywhere and everywhere and is our best asset. He advised us to make sure that every action we do is enriching and don’t do anything that is not enriching and don’t miss doing something that is enriching.

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwara Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome you all with my love and blessings. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis sitting with us through two-way video-conferencing and Nithyananda TV, Sadhna TV, Lotus News Channel, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, all over the world.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing all over the world: Santa Fe-New Mexico, Bogota-Colombia, Bidadi, Vancouver-Bhubaneshwar, Los Angeles-Arunachalam, New York-Varanasi, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Philadelphia, Dakota Dunes, Bangalore-Malleshwaram, Port Washington-New York, Riverside-California, Wellington-New Zealand, Nithyananda Nagaram-Bidadi, Winnipeg-Manitoba, San Diego-La Jolla, Warrington-UK, St. Louis-Tirumala, Singapore-Singapuram, Ohio-Prayag, Seattle-Chidambaram, Hyderabad-Gupta Kashi, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Toronto-Kailasam, San Jose-Madurai, Redmont-Washington, Kathmandu-Nepal, Oman-Sivagangai...........

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

My blessings for the Padayatris, starting from Chennai, today as Padayatra to Bidadi. The Sannyas Yatra from Tiruvanmiyur-Chennai is starting today. My blessings.

And Malaysia, blessings for the Little Avatars Camp! That is a Bala Vidyalaya syllabus camp happening in Malaysia. Blessings for that camp!

Today 7th day! Today whole day we will work on how the Completion can be taken to the deeper level, COMPLETION WITH LIFE.

I wanted all of you to understand these different dimensions of Completion. Completion is like a key, ‘master-key’, to open all the best things of your life to you. How to apply the key in different doors you need to learn.

First, not only Completion can be used to complete with all your past incompletions, Completion can be used even to complete with all the sufferings you are attracting from others. Please listen, when you are angry, agitated, everyone who comes around you, you will force them to be angry, agitated towards you – mirroring neuron activity. Whatever you are, you will force everyone around you to react and respond in the same way towards you. Completion can be used as a key to complete not only with your past incompletions, but even the past incompletions you created in others. And Completion can be used to complete all the incompletions you have with life. See, if you think, ‘Life always brings bad things to me. Anything I try, in the last moment it will fail’ - these are all also again mirroring of your neuron activities into life. Completion process can be used even to complete with life. That is what I did, I did handling this over-heat.

In Ayurvedic Tradition, there is no testing on animals. Every physician has to test on himself. No, there is a rule! there is a rule clearly that he has to test on himself, and, he has to test on his inheritor. Who inherits his “sthaana” (position), who is going to be the next vaidya (physician), means literally his son; legally may not be his son, but literally his son. Sometimes, some of the Ayurvedic vaidyas are Sannyasis; so his disciple, the first who is going to sit on his seat, on him he has to test; means, he has to be so careful in preparing. No animal testing is allowed. And the masters of Ayurveda, they also give the protection: ‘Never your health will be destroyed by any of this testing!’ They have given the ultimate protection! I may have a little cough and cold... and in a way, I feel, this is nothing but cleansing, a very powerful cleansing, because, inside I am not feeling at all that something is wrong; I only feel it’s cleansing. That’s why, yesterday I was telling that, even though regularly you should not take this dosage, once in a year you should take one week off and take this dosage and allow the cleansing (laughs). It’s literally like you see in animation how they show the Vishwaroopa through all the mouths, the, heat coming, it feels like that, but I tell you it is a powerful cleansing.

And, I wanted to tell you this only - I completed with the body, the need to all the time be in a very balanced state. See, each body gets addicted to something. A person who always likes eating, he gets addicted to the hunger mood; all the time his body will enjoy the hunger and it’ll retain the memory of the hunger. A person who enjoys sex, all the time his body will retain the mood of the lust. Lust is also a kind of hunger only. Same way, the person who enjoys violence, shouting, screaming, throwing his weight around... he retains a certain heat and agitation in the body; he settles with that pattern. Each body gets comfortable with certain patterns. An enlightened body gets comfortable with a balanced pattern; it’s called the Vaatha, Pittha, Kapha, all the three in a balanced way. It’s a very sweet space to be in, and a very joyful space to be in. You will feel almost like you don’t have a body. All the time you will feel you are floating. You won’t feel you are on the ground. Whether you are walking, or talking, or dancing, or jumping, or living... whatever you are doing, you will not feel at all you are sitting, you are on the ground. If you observe me deeply, you will see that - me carrying that space. Especially if you live around me, you will see all the time I am floating. It’s a very beautiful space, but body gets addicted to it. Body gets addicted to it, even a little heat this way or that way, it gets ‘Arrgh, I don’t like this, I don’t like this... I wanted my balanced state back.’ It’s very good, to have that balanced state; but whatever is said and done, you should not be addicted to something.

So just yesterday I started completing with my subtle liking of being all the time in the balanced Vaatha, Pittha, Kapha. And I am seeing; today the whole cleaning is happening. See, sometimes if you want to be in that balance even cleaning doesn’t happen. For cleaning you have to be imbalanced; only then things will come out. Once I completed now I am seeing the cleaning is happening, the system is getting back to health.

You can complete even with your body. You can complete with your patterns. You can complete with your life. You can complete with everything! You can complete with your poverty pattern. You can complete with your ill-health pattern. You can complete with your addiction patterns. Completion is the powerful key you can use to transform your life as you want. I tell you, Completion is the best exchange currency you can carry anywhere you want. When you are in the body or after you leave the body, whether you go to Kumbhipakam or Indralokam, Completion is the only currency will work. Completion is the currency which will work anywhere in the Cosmos, Kumbhipakam or Indralokam. Indralokam is the highest heaven. Kumbhipakam is the lowest hell. Lowest hell to the highest heaven, Completion will work as the best currency, best asset. Completion is the best asset you can accumulate.

People tell you, many times you would have heard, ‘Accumulate lot of punya (merits); it will be useful in the heaven. Only that will come to you, come with you, along with you in the heaven.’ What is “punya”!? Completion is the real punya. The space of Completion is the real punya. So today, we will be working on completing with life, in the Inner Awakening.

Understand, if you are living in the poverty or inadequate wealth, I tell you, you need Completion, with your wealth pattern. You can complete with the wealth pattern, the poverty pattern you are carrying, and surely you can expand, and make yourself rich. Because wealth is nothing but the mental set-up you carry. With the right mental set-up, simply you will attract wealth. What is wealth? How much you are useful to society - that much society pays you. That’s all! And once you understand Completion, your every action will be enriching, I tell you. Your every action should be enriching. And if some action if you are not able to align it to enriching, you should not be doing it. First sit, and align your whole day, with the truth of Enriching. How you are going to office is enriching, align. Yes! When you go to office naturally you are, enriching the person who receives the product which your office delivers! Even if you are doing the job of a police, by putting all the criminals into the prison you are enriching the society, you are giving a very safe and protected ambiance to the society, human-beings! So, every job you do, every job you do, is enriching.

First sit, and align everything you do is towards enriching. If you are not able to align something, to enriching, decide you will not do that anymore. Seva should not be part of your life; it should be your LIFE! Enriching should not be part of your life; it should be your LIFE! So understand, every action, from the moment you wake up till you fall asleep, align everything to enriching. If you look into your heart and ask your heart, without self-doubt you should be able to tell, ‘All my actions are enriching.’ Align it to that extent! See, your office may pay you the money, to take care of your expense; that is different; but what actions you are doing should be only aligned to enriching. Taking salary from your office does not mean your office job is not enriching. No! That is just to run your life. Even if you take the salary, it can be enriching. Anything which is enriching, only that should be done.

There are few professions, I can say, can never be enriching. One, selling alcohol, tobacco, other stuff which addicts people, and killing people, killing animals even for food, selling drugs, all these can never be enriching. So, never ever enter in these professions. Other than these, almost all of our mainstream jobs can be enriching. Do it with the spirit of enriching; you will not find the tiredness and fatigue of work. You will not rush to home Friday evening. You will not be waiting for Friday afternoon. Bring the clarity, cognition of enriching!

Sometimes I enjoy being myself, especially some of the qualities. I don’t even have the idea of “vacation”. The idea of vacation never made sense to me. See all of you learn about this “vacation”... “holiday”, from the schools. Fortunately I never went to school! So, even though I studied in a school legally, that is the beauty! I have studied up to diploma, legally, but once in a while I will go and I’ll bless the school, when I don’t have any other engagement! HAHAHAHA....! Never the idea of vacation, holiday got into my system. I tell you, because of that only I am able to work twenty-four hours, throughout the year, without even having the idea of vacation. Next year my calendar is already full! Till next year December end, my calendar is full! Twelve Inner Awakenings next year. Next year my calendar is full! Already it is released to public. Twelve Inner Awakenings. I was only telling these guys, ‘Twelve Inner Awakenings is... it means every month one week is getting wasted. Twelve months, twelve weeks... in that twelve weeks, four more Inner Awakenings can be done.’ Sorry, three more, three or four more...twelve weeks mean, four more can be done - But the Enriching Temple team has decided, ‘No, no, no, twelve is the maximum we can handle....’ I said ‘Alright.’

No this idea of vacation, is incompletion! That is one of the biggest incompletions you carry. If you carry the idea of vacation, you will feel your whole life is as if exploited by somebody. The feeling you are exploited will come if you carry the idea of vacation. It is inter-connected; the feeling exploited and the idea of vacation - both are inter-connected. That day I forgot to calculate. Today I calculated. Now I found out twelve weeks are there. I am not going to keep quiet, you will see now! Suddenly, two-day program, four-day program, one-week program and all will come up now! Weekend programs!

Don’t do anything if you are not convinced it is enriching. Let your whole life be aligned to enriching. And same way, don’t miss doing anything if you are convinced it is enriching. The first part is very easy – “Don’t do anything if it is not enriching” - that anyone can do; all the time lock yourself in the room! “Don’t miss doing it when you know it is enriching” – that is where the real enriching comes! Twenty-four hours, do only enriching.

Take the oath in front of Kalabhairva, ‘Mahadeva, let only enriching happen through me. Anything other than enriching, you please see to it that I will not do.’ No it’s like automatic speedometer - If you do anything other than enriching it is going to be incompletion and karma. Why do you want to fall into the “Andhakupam”? It is one of the hells described in Garuda Purana. Why do you want to fall into the different hells? No...Decide, and pray to Mahadeva - Mahadeva, see how there are speedometers in the vehicles, if you fix that speedometer it will not go more than that speed. In India we have that. 80 km, 70 km, 90 km, they will fix the speedometer, and the vehicle will not cross that speed. Because we have, in India we have the “driver” (chauffeur) pattern. The owner himself will not be driving, the driver will not care about the vehicle. Same way, fix a speedometer for yourself - ’Completion Meter‘. Pray to Mahadeva... Kalabhairava, ‘Let me do only things related to enriching. And if something is not enriching, let me fall into tiredness. Let my whole life be active, alive, filled with enriching.’

It is because Hindus forgot enriching, all the sufferings Hindus are going through has come up on them. You guys forgot to enrich the Sannyas Tradition which is the main backbone of enriching you back with the Knowledge. Every village should have a sannayasi. India has six-and-a-half lakh villages. Every village should have educating sannyasis, sannyasis who educates people, into the Science of Completion, sannyasi who lives the Science of Completion, who teaches the Science of Completion. Who lives the Science of Jeevan Mukthi, who teaches the Science of Jeevan Mukthi. Because we forgot to enrich the world, all the sufferings are landing upon us. Any disorganized group in the world has to suffer. Hindus are the worst example of this statement. Most disorganized; that is why, most suffering. Even the disciple doesn’t listen to Guru. That is why Hinduism has become so disorganized, unorganized, and, destroyed itself. Even if you have so much knowledge, if you have not applied it in your life, please be very clear, knowledge can’t save you. Knowledge should be applied in the life. The Science of Completion should be practiced in the life! Unless the science is practiced, unless the Completion is lived, unless the enriching is done, life has no meaning.

So understand, complete with everything inadequate, incomplete in your life. Bring complete Completion. And do only enriching activities, do enriching activities all the time. Not only you will do enriching activities ONLY, you will be doing enriching activities ALL THE TIME. So understand, do enriching ALL THE TIME!

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!


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Paduka puja in progress. "Completion is a master key to open all the best things in life to you" Whatever you are, you will make others react and respond to you in that same way, it is the mirror neurons Completion is the best currency you can carry wherever you go, it is the only currency which will work anywhere in the cosmos Wealth is nothing but the mental setup you carry – however much you are use to society, that much society will pay you "With Completion, all your actions will be enriching society!" "First, align your whole day with enriching. Enriching should not be a part of your life; it should be your life!" "Do enriching activities only, all the time!"


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