December 05 2013

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Nithyananda Diary | Bali Inner Awakening Day - 5 | Padukapuja | Satsang | Dial The Avatar | Nirahara Samyama | Sarvadarshan


In today’s morning satsang from Bali, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about Nididhyassana which he defined as radiating or powerfully living the cognative shift that you have experienced. Having the power to live in the state of completion and giving others the courage to live in completion too and thereby enriching them. Enriching is the first side-effect of nididhyassana.

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsanghis, sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Lotus News Channel, Sadhna TV, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, and through two-way video-conferencing.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing all over the world: Devon-UK, Los Angeles-Arunachalam, Warrington-UK, Ohio-Prayag, Bangalore North, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Nithyananda Nagaramu-Hyderabad, Vancouver-Bhubaneshwar, Seattle-Chidambaram, Bidadi, New York-Varanasi, Bogota-Colombia, San Jose-Madurai, Toronto-Kailasam, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Port Washington-New York, Kathmandu-Nepal, Oman-Sivagangai, Jorpati-Nepal, Kuala Lumpur, two cities in France, Tallahassee-Florida.....................

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, in the Inner Awakening, we will be working on “NIDHIDHYASANA” – “Living”. I translate the word “Nidhidhyasana” with my own authority as “RADIATING”. Even though the word literally means “Expressing” or “Living”, I am translating this word as “Radiating”. It is a little more powerful!

What I mean exactly by the word “Nidhidhyasana” – “Radiating”? Please understand, let your every decision every moment, every action every moment, every word every moment be aligned to what you authentically listened and to what you authentically internalized. Removing the gap between your internalized, intranalyzed great truths and your living.

Please understand, sometimes people ask me, ‘Why are you so active, so workaholic, practically twenty hours a day working, Swami?’

Once for all I wanted to answer this question: ‘I CANNOT BE IN ANY OTHER WAY!’

If you authentically listened, if you have done Shravana, listening authentically, Manana, intranalyzing authentically, you will be radiating authentically. Nothing can be done about it! When the Shravana, listening, and Manana, intranalyzing, happens authentically, Nidhidhyasana, radiating will happen authentically.

Intranalyzing and Radiating! Please listen, your life needs to be constantly powerful. You should be living to do what you want. You should be talking to get the result of what you want. You should be talking to move the other person the way you want. You should be talking into the listening of the listener! You should not be talking fighting with the patterns of the listener. You should be talking into the listening of the listener! When will that happen? If you are established into your listening, you will talk into the other person’s listening.

If I have to simply translate the word “radiating” in a very colloquial way, “Nidhidhyasana”, “radiating” means: “Minding your business”! Not wasting your life! Laziness, boredom, diversion do not have a place in your life when you are radiating. “Radiating” means “RADIATING”! It is straightforward! “Radiating” means “RADIATING”! Live your life intensely. Live your life authentically. Live your life with strength. Live your life without confusion.

First thing you need to learn to radiate, for Nidhidhyasana,

The first thing is: Learn to think and speak with the same cognition you arrive at by intranalyzing.

Please understand, I am explaining step-by-step:

First, you authentically listen to the great truths. Whenever you authentically listen, whatever you listen will be converted as great truths by your inner-space. Your inner-space has the capability, it has the power to separate right and wrong.

In Vedic Tradition, we have a beautiful example called Paramahamsa! The bird Hamsa (Swan), if you mix rice and some other items, it will separate the rice and only eat that. If you mix milk and water and keep that, it will suck only the milk and leave the water! The Hamsa, the bird Hamsa has that power. Same way, a man who takes the right things inside and leaves the unnecessary things outside is “Paramahamsa” (Supreme Swan). If you bring authentic listening into you, you will become Paramahamsa! Anything you listen, you know what to internalize and what to reject, what to internalize and what to reject.

Authentic listening brings tremendous clarity. See, it is clarity which is really lacking in the seekers’ life. Especially when somebody is interested to get enlightened, live the life of a Jeevan Muktha, clarity is a very predominantly important quality, a very predominantly important quality! Please listen! Clarity! Shankara has written a separate book on this subject – “Viveka Choodamani”. The whole book is on “Clarity”. Authentic listening leads to clarity.

And intranalyzing, Manana, leads to cognitive shift. If you don’t live that cognitive shift powerfully, you will lose it! Please understand! Powerfully living the cognitive shift is what I call “Radiating”.

I tell you, how to find out whether you are radiating or not? Simply life around you will constantly be getting enriched, that is the signal! If the constant enriching is happening, then you are radiating! Around me, whether you are six or sixty, eight or eighty, you cannot go without getting enriched! “Radiating” means, such powerful body language, such powerful words, such powerful thinking, you go on enriching, constantly winning the game of life!

I tell you, Nidhidhyasana means “having the power to live from the space of Completion and establishing everyone in the space of Completion”.

Now I have decided, I am committing with you guys, in a few years I will have 10,000 kids in the Gurukul! I am building, going all out! Building and enrolling 10,000 kids in the Gurukul! And another 10,000 Krama Brahmacharis! You will see!

There was a competition among 450 schools in Bangalore, I think in Bidadi. Yoga, Speaking, so many competitions. In which ever competition our kids participated, in all of them our kids got the first prize! Because, who will match the intelligence of my kids! After all, the other school kids are human beings. Where will you match the intelligence of these kids! I heard many other kids got frightened seeing the performance of our Gurukul kids! Whether it is Painting, or Yoga, or anything, when our Gurukul kids got onto the stage and performed, Dance, Elocution, Painting, Yoga, Writing, the other kids got frightened! And now these guys (our Gurukul kids) are going to the next level, the State level. Actually, we got first prize, second prize, third prize - all three, wherever our kids went! We just bagged all the prizes and came back! I told our Rishis, ‘Not just State level, send them to the National and International level! You will see, they will only get the first prize! Because, I am bringing them up as a separate breed! Understand, they are not - no one can compete with them! They are not “Next Generation”; they are “New Generation”!’

“Radiating” means, every word you utter will be from the strength of that cognitive shift, the excitement of that cognitive shift.

I had a cognitive shift when my Guru blessed me, ‘You will always be taken care of by the Cosmos!’ I had that cognitive shift. Immediately I decided to live it. I threw everything, whatever I had as security in my life – the house, family, relatives – and started my yatra. I said I will learn to teach; I will learn, teach, and learn to teach. I can say that was my purpose of spiritual pilgrimage: Learning and teaching, and learning to teach. I started my yatra, I started my journey.

Understand, “radiating” means, powerfully living the cognitive shift you experience, powerfully risking to taste the power of the cognitive shift in your reality, and proving the cognitive shift in your reality.

When I left the house, I did not want to disprove that blessing given to me that the Cosmos takes care of me; I wanted to prove that blessing that the Cosmos takes care of me. Many times, when you take the risk, you take the risk to disprove. ‘Come on, let me see, will the Cosmos take care of me? I will leave everything and go. Let me see whether it is going to give me food or not!’ No! Living, deciding to prove it, to make it into reality. When I left the house, I know it is the truth and I have decided I will prove this into reality, to teach the power of spiritual pilgrimage to the world. I tell you, the spiritual yatra, pilgrimage itself is a powerful spiritual practice. Pilgrimage itself is a powerful spiritual practice! Because I did it, I proved the power of the Cosmos protecting!

Now I sincerely recommend and request everyone, especially the youth, at least one year, if you are between 18 to 35, take at least one year to do spiritual pilgrimage in India. Try your best to be without money. May be, if you are feeling insecure, just have your cell-phone for any emergency help. Other than that, taste India in every level! Taste India’s spiritual strength and taste the respect, love, compassion Indian villages still carry, the respect for pilgrims.

I tell you, still the country, its villages, the core people carry that love and compassion, supporting the spiritual pilgrims. I wandered and did yatra. All major roads to the pilgrim centers - in India, all roads lead to some pilgrim center! You will see the mutts, monasteries, anna chathraas – means the free feeding centers for pilgrims. Otherwise, I tell you, every hut, every small, humble house in India is a free feeding center for pilgrims. Don’t go to palaces, I am telling you. Go to every humble home, you will get free food if you are a pilgrim or a sadhu.

If you are between 18 to 35, alright, up to 40 - 18 to 40, don’t miss this opportunity. At least one year. The tradition allows something called “Yatra Kaavi”; means, when you are going for pilgrimage, wearing the orange robe (Kaavi Vastra). When you go to Shabari Mala, you wear, you are allowed to wear; like that, “Yatra Kaavi”. I can give you Yatra Kaavi. Do one year. I tell you, that will teach you Nidhidhyasana! That will really teach you depth in living!

I can define Nidhidhyasana: “Living with such intensity and risking everything for the understanding you have by your intranalyzing”.

When you are radiating, enriching will happen as a side-effect. You don’t even need to bother about it! Enriching is the first side-effect of Nidhidhyasana. Whether you are living or not can be understood by the way the enriching is happening. Enriching!

I am giving you the essence of Nidhidhyasana:

First, intense thinking and authentic speaking, speaking into the listening of the listener, speaking to move the listener as you want. Sometimes we speak just to catharsis – ‘Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...’ – and we are happy with it! No, really! That is not Nidhidhyasana. Nidhidhyasana means speaking into the listening of the listener, so that he’s moved, by your words, and living the cognitive shift you have. Only when you live, you respect the cognitive shift. Only when you respect the cognitive shift, it becomes part of your life.

The three words of Vedanta for enlightened life – ‘shravana,’ authentic listening, ‘manana,’ intranalyzing, ‘nidhidhyasana,’ authentic living, radiating! When you radiate, you go on win the game of live, every time, everywhere.

So, with this, I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!


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Paduka Puja in Progress... Nididhyasansa – the gap between the great truths you have internalized, and what you are living People ask me ‘Why are you so active?’ – I cannot be any other way! If you have listened authentically you will be radiating

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