August 23 2013

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Raise your Frequency by Completion.


In today's satsang, Swamiji invokes the alchemy of converting metal into gold. He describes how raising our spiritual frequency with completion with the people in our lives transforms our reality. He insists that even our connection to God be ironed out, without incompletions founded in ignorance, but by experiencing ourselves.

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome every one of you with my love and blessings. I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, Mahadeva is gracing us as an Alchemist. See, one of the important arts in the Vedic tradition is converting any metal into gold. Please understand, till the British came inside India, we were the largest gold owners in the world! Means, the whole world put together, we had seventy-nine times more gold! Please understand, seventy-nine TIMES MORE gold, not seventy-nine percent! If the whole world had only one percent of the gold, rest of the world other than India…..India alone had seventy-nine times more!

And one more funny thing! India has very few production centers of gold, the typical formal production, taking out of sand and doing the process with the sand and getting the gold out, very little! Other than Kolar (Kolar Gold Fields), there was no other gold, typical production of gold happening in this country. Then how was it seventy-nine times more gold than the rest of the world we were having?

And, please understand, even now the world economy is sitting on the gold stolen from India which is sitting in banks in England and U.S.! Be very clear, we were the richest! The reason was, our Masters produced gold by the alchemy process, not by any typical way of getting the sand out from the gold mineral and filtering and making, no! Our Masters, they know the science of Alchemy!

And, even in Madurai Temple, there were many things done directly by Mahadeva Himself, so today, Mahadeva is gracing us with the Leela of the divine play of Alchemist – “Rasavaadham Seidha Leelai”.

See, there was a story: once there was a Temple daasi, who funded so many activities in the temple; you need to know, let me clarify this word ‘Temple daasi’, please understand! Temple dancers-Temple daasis were not prostitutes; they are not prostitutes; they were not living illegal lifestyle. This idea that the temple daasis are prostitutes and they should be eradicated was created by these so-called reforming movement, and the people who wanted to destroy Hinduism!

Please understand, the women who were dancing in the temples, and the brahmins who do the puja in the temples, they will not do anything else other than temple service.

The Brahmins who do the puja in the temples, they will not even come to your house and do the karmas like marriage, pitru karma, anna prashna; they will not do rituals for human beings, they will not do anything other than temple rituals. If you are from a Brahmin family, if you know the nitty-gritties of a Brahmin family, you know what I am saying. The people who do rituals for others are totally different; that is a sub-sect. The brahmins who do the temple rituals will not do anything else other than the temple rituals.

Same way, in the daasi community, there are two sub-sects. One sub-sect which dances in the temple; they will live such a pure life, they will touch only the temple deity; other than the temple deity, they won’t touch and they can’t touch anybody else or anything else! It is the other group which will go around and entertain people; they were entertainers.

These anti-Hindu elements, anti-Vedic tradition elements, they abused left and right the Hindus, saying that ‘oh there is prostitution, prostitution, prostitution!’, and destroyed the whole temple tradition.

I wanted to ask them one more question, ‘Alright, you destroyed the temple tradition and temple daasis; but now have you stopped prostitution?’

Anyhow! All I am trying to convey to all of you is, the temple daasis are not prostitutes; they will not touch anybody, anything else other than the temple deity. They were the people who maintained the temple deities; means, cleaning, polishing, and after the pujas are over, festivals are over, cleaning that whole region, whole area, wiping; and during the festival, dancing. They preserved some of the greatest arts.

So, one of the temple daasis in Madurai Sundareshwara’s temple, whatever money she gets from the king as a regular salary, the whole money she will give away to temple activities itself. She will not keep anything for herself.

Once, she was bereft of money; means, she did not have any money; but she wants to do something for the temple; she wants to do some gold ornaments for the temple.

She went and prayed to Mahadeva Himself, ‘Please tell me some way, I wanted to do all this for you.’

Mahadeva was moved by her devotion. Mahadeva said, ‘Alright, I will visit your house.’

And Mahadeva visits her house and touches all the metals, brass pots, copper pots, whatever, including wood, and converts everything, turns everything into gold by His mere touch, the touch of Alchemy, “Rasa Vaada”!

Then He tells her, ‘do what you want with all these now.’

Then she sells all that and makes beautiful ornaments for the temple. And still, some of the ornaments are there in her name – means, donated by her; it is there in the Madurai temple.

See, the Tanjore temple (Brihadeeshwara Temple) had more than two-hundred daasis. Somanath Temple (in Gujarat) had eight-hundred daasis. They were all only keeping the art alive. They are not prostitutes. They were not prostitutes, and they are not prostitutes, you need to know! But, unfortunately, this whole tradition was destroyed by the modern-day invaders of Hinduism and India, like the so-called reforming movements. These reforming movements of modern-day, they are actually the modern-day invaders, the last invaders of Hinduism and India! They destroyed everything!

Today, Mahadeva is gracing us as an Alchemist, converting all the vessels into gold!

We will enter into the satsangh, Nithya Satsangh.

Today, I will expand on more and more the science of “COMPLETING WITH OTHERS”.

Constantly being in completion with others reduces the psychological baggage you carry, the psychological luggage you carry. Please understand, the psychological baggage you carry is what in Sanskrit we call “Karma”. Karma is nothing but psychological baggage. Completion with others; completion with others takes away the baggage you carry.

I wanted to make another one bold statement, please listen!

Even your faith, your trust, if it is established on incompletion, it is dangerous, because, you will not have adequate or right reasons for your faith. Please understand, not having adequate or right reasons for your faith is the most dangerous thing in life. Not having adequate, not having enough right reasons even for your faith!

I have seen, people start believing out of powerlessness! They feel powerless and they start saying, ‘Oh, God is there! God should take care of me! Why is He not taking care?’

You approach Him only with, “Why are you not taking care?” Like Indians! They will never get friendly, but immediately they will get into your personal life! They will never get friendly with you first, before getting into your personal life! Just because you are there travelling with him in the bus, or you’re standing in the same road he’s standing, or you’re in the same street as him, and he thinks he has a right to enter into your personal life! Especially in Indian villages, nobody has any independent life. Same way, even with God, we will never establish any completion, we will never establish any understanding, we will never plan for knowledge, but straightaway we will start asking, ‘Why are you not taking care of me?’ Demanding! As if it is your right that God has to take care of you!

Please understand, these incompletions, even faith based on incompletions, is really, really, really dangerous!

I’ll tell you a story. I have a story for you guys:

An elderly lady was well-known for her faith and for her boldness in talking about it. She would stand on her front porch and shout, ‘Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!’

One or two days you can bear this, but not every day!

And next door to her lived an atheist who would get so angry at her proclamations that he would shout, ‘There is no God! There is no God!’

Of course, atheists are really very good at shouting! See, when you say that there is a God, you have a big problem of naming him! You have to name him Shiva, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, whatever name you think you have to give. And a lot more words you need to shout! But the fellows who say there is no God, they don’t need to memorize so many words. Just one word if they memorize in mass and shout, ‘no God, no God, no God!’, that is enough. So, atheists are professional shouters! They shout more loudly than theists, than people who say there is God.

And suddenly, hard times set in on the old, elderly lady. Her life became very hard and she started praying to God to send her some assistance. She stood on her porch and shouted, ‘Praise the Lord! God, I need some food! I’m having a hard time, please Lord send me some groceries!’

Next morning, the lady went out on her porch and found a large bag of groceries, and shouted, ‘praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!’

The neighbor atheist, he jumped from behind a bush and said, ‘Aha! I told you there is no Lord and there is no God! I bought those groceries, and God did not!’

And this lady started jumping up and down, and clapping her hands and said, ‘Praise the Lord! Not only God sent me the groceries, he made the devil pay for it!’


Please understand, the moral I wanted to convey from this story is, let your faith not be based on the idea that He will supply groceries for you. As long as your faith is based on these kind of inadequate reasons, out of your own incompletions, atheists will tease you. It is not that atheists are sitting on adequate reasons. Atheists are just sitting on your ignorance that is all!

I have seen so many atheist books. Please understand, I used to do this as my lifestyle. First I started speaking in public at the age of eleven. This Raghupathi Yogi put me on the public stage. This is one of the very important dimensions of my life which I have not spoken about very much. Especially from the age of fourteen to seventeen-and-a-half, Raghupati Yogi will constantly guide and make me do this. I will also be continuously interested in doing this. We will get all these Dravidian movement books, these atheist movement books. People who publish books abusing Hinduism, saying there is no god and all these ideas. Usually, in these books in the last two or three pages, they will give an open challenge: ‘Anybody can call us in any function or anywhere, we will come and debate and prove there is no god!’

And this Raghupathi Yogi is a very charming personality. He can’t read Tamil fluently; but he can understand. He will make me read and explain all the loopholes in their logic. I can say that my debating capability is just from Raghupathi Yogi. My capability to convince people of certain ideas or certain truths is from Raghupathi Yogi. It is his gift. And he will call those guys, challenging: ‘Come on, we will have debate!’ Invariably he will actually put me in the front; I will only be debating! I can say, at least fifty fellows ran away! And I wanted to tell you, not a single time I lost! Not a single time I lost! Raghupathi Yogi, he will explain to me, ‘Yei, they stand on ignorance of people. We stand on experience of ourselves.’ He will very beautifully explain. Not even once I lost the game; every time I’ll win the game through this logical debate. Sometimes, the other guy is not ready to accept; he goes on, goes on, and goes on, screaming. Raghupathi Yogi will intervene and do some miracles and the other guy will run away. He will do some miracle. He will demonstrate some miraculous powers!

I have seen, once one thirteen-feet-long cobra suddenly entered the scene, and that fellow ran away! And the funny thing is, I could not even see the snake! It was not seen by my eyes, but the other fellow, from a distance itself he saw the snake, and he’s literally running!

I looked at Raghupathi Yogi and asked him, ‘What happened? The debate is not yet over! Why is he running away?’

He said, ‘No, I showed him a snake!’

Anyhow…! Raghupathi Yogi would always say, ‘Understand, we are established on our own experience.’

When I asked him, ‘Why, you should have allowed him to argue, debate...’ Raghupati Yogi said, ‘I just wanted you to understand and him also to understand that whatever is seen or unseen it does not establish its existence or non-existence.’ That was the point of that debate – “Can you see God?”

So, Raghupathi Yogi wanted to establish the point that seeing does not establish something’s existence, and not seeing does not establish that something’s non-existence. Please understand, you are seeing this hall; that does not establish this hall exists. It may take only ten minutes for me to make you understand this hall does not exist! And, there are many things which you see; it does not confirm that just because you are seeing, they exist. There are many things which you don’t see; it does not establish that they don’t exist. So, seeing and non-seeing neither establishes its existence nor non-existence.

Even your faith established on incompletion, inadequate reasons, inadequate experiences, does not help you, does not make you understand, does not lead anywhere!

Please understand! Come to the space of listening!

We usually have a question: ‘How can you know whether you are living life from Pattern or Possibility?’

The actions you take, the results you produce in your life are a reflection whether you are operating from being established in your Pattern or your Possibility. Listen! The actions you take and the results you produce; the actions you take, the results you produce in your life are a reflection of whether you are operating from being established in your Pattern or your Possibility. When you are operating from your Possibility, you continuously live, function, expand, experience more and more expansion; more and more joy; more and more love; more and more fulfillment!

Completion with others, completion with others, I can say, remaining in completion with others causes miracles in the areas you never expected. Every time, please listen; every time you complete with others, you establish completion with others, the Being, the experience of the Being, raises to a different frequency; and when your frequency raises, naturally, automatically you attract the right frequency people around you. Attracting the right frequency people around you, attracting the right frequency people around you, and they living with you, is the best thing that can happen to any human-being. Living with the people of your frequency, even your family becomes Sangha! Wherever you are, you live in a spiritual Sangha!

The essence of today’s satsangh:

Try to continuously complete with the people with whom you are living and raise your frequency.

Today Nirahara Samyama 16th batch ends. So, from today, the Nirahara Samyama 16th batch please start eating. You can start eating from today. If you want to learn the science of Nirahara, you should come to “The Samyama”. Now, you please start eating from today.

And the next batch, 17th batch, we will start the Nirahara Samyama.

So, before the Nirahara Samyama process, I also wanted to make an announcement. In New Delhi we were organizing Nithya Kriya Yoga program. That has been postponed to November 23 and 24. Please understand, from September 21 and 22, it has been postponed to November 23 and 24.

And September 19, 20, 21, 22, we are having Inner Awakening Level-1 Program in Bidadi.

With this, I will move to the Nirahara Samyama.

Sit straight. Close your eyes. Cognize you have become Bidadi Kalpavriksha and inhale through both the nostrils and mouth simultaneously and hold as long as you can. Exhale through both the nostrils. Do this for the next twenty-one minutes.

I bless you all! Let you all experience Kundalini awakening. With Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, I bless you all! Let you all experience the highest energy and produce the energy directly from space and live health, bliss and enlightenment! Namah Shivaya!

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!

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Sri Nithyanandeswara and Nithyanandeswari Meru and Ambal Dakshinamurthy Morning Padukapuja Leela Alankar : Rasavadam Seida Leelai - The divine play of alchemy Morning Satsang on Completion Blessings Blessings