Third Eye

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Third Eye

The Third Eye is one of the most discussed, debated and yet misunderstood of the extraordinary powers available to man.

In Sanskrit, the Third Eye is named with many words – Trinetra, Chakshu, Ajna Chakra, Mahanadi, Bhrumadhya, Tapah loka, Shiva loka.

The Third Eye is a natural superpower available to every human being. Just like the two eyes you have, you have a third possibility, with which you can perceive not only the whole world, but the whole cosmos. It is called your Third Eye, and it is located at the point between your eyebrows and nose. It is known as an intra-organ. Your heart and lungs are internal organs, whereas your Third Eye is an intra-organ. It can be used not only to see, but to hear, touch, feel and work as well.

Awakening the Third Eye is not a mystical process alone. Its effects can be directly experienced in your very physical plane. It has clear defined powers that can help you explore not just the mystical path and spiritual experiences, but make so many extraordinary things happen in your day-to-day life.

I tell you, it’s a gift I give it to My disciples for the love they carry for Me. If they feel, ‘two eyes are too little to hold me, two eyes are too little. How can I hold you, just in this two eyes, it is getting overwhelmed.’ Then, I say, “Alright, then have, divyam dadāmi te chakshu.” - Paramahamsa NIthyananda


Third eye is an intra-organ, a subtle or non-physical organ that all human beings possess. It is called the 'Third Eye' because the moment it is activated, you will be able to see without and beyond your two physical eyes. Blindfolded reading or reading without the need of the two eyes – is the visible side-effect of initiation into Third Eye Awakening.

Third Eye, called the ‘ajna chakra’ or command center is the most powerful energy center, located between the eyebrows. ‘Ajna' means 'command' and 'chakra' means 'wheel' or 'disk'. Ajna chakra is known as the ‘Chakra Raja’ – the king of chakras, because all the different energy centers in your body are ruled by this cakra. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Ajna’ has two meanings – ‘Third Eye’ and ‘Will’. This is because the Third Eye is the seat of the Will. When your Third Eye is activated, your ‘Aham’ (your individual will) becomes Sadāshivoham (the Cosmic Will). Initiations by HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda in Inner Awakening Programs are all about awakening your Third Eye, and making it completely available to you, with all its powers. It is literally the process of making your Third Eye into Sadāshiva’s Third Eye.

Chakras: The Spheres of Our Well-being & Being

Third Eye

Chakras are the subtle energy centers of our bio-system. ey represent the spheres of di erent levels of consciousness, visualized as spinning wheels or lotuses with different counts of petals. Chakras are not physical entities; they exist in our subtle body along the length of our spine.

We have seven major chakras, which are Muladhara (root chakra), Swadishthana (sacral chakra), Manipuraka (navel chakra), Anahata (heart chakra), Vishuddhi (throat chakra), Ajna (brow chakra) and Sahasrara (crown chakra).

Chakras are responsible for drawing the prana, the universal life- energy into the body. ey act as ba eries to store this energy and distribute it to the surrounding areas of the body. The chakras roughly correspond to, and in uence the activity of the important glands of the body. ey interact with the body's ductless endocrine glands and lymphatic system by feeding in good bio-energies and disposing of unwanted bio-energies. ey are linked to the nerve ganglia (plexuses) of the body and also in uence nervous functions.


Kundalini is the highest inner potential energy you have. When the Kundalini is activated and brought up to the Third Eye chakra, extraordinary powers express in you.

When your third eye is awakened, you start perceiving all of life as a higher dimension, with higher possibility. Your Kundalini Shakti starts staying in higher planes so that it always keeps you in the next level of completion, with the highest energy, highest health and peak possibilities. All your peak possibilities open.

When a lamp is lit and you take another lamp near it, the flame jumps to the unlit lamp. The same thing happens near the awakened Third eye of an Enlightened Master. In the Shiva Agamas, Mahadeva has given a beautiful technique: Shaktipada. The word ‘Shaktipada’ is described in Agamas as transmission of energy to awaken your Kundalini Shakti and third eye. If your third eye is awakened, you will be able to see without using your physical eyes. You will be able to hear without using your physical ears. Many multiple powers and possibilities begin to open.

Ajna - The Power to Will

Ajna means Will. Will to exist or Will to collapse; any Will you carry is Ajna.

If your Will gives you the hope about life, you will have life. If it gives you hope about death, you will have death. Anything you decide with your Will, you manifest that. Every breathing you do, you are giving life to your Will to manifest. On any idea you breathe, you make that into reality.

Right or wrong, good or bad, hope or hopelessness, whatever you carry in your Ajna, in your Will, you are breathing life into it continuously, you are giving life to it. Your Ajna is the most sacred space in your life. What you cherish in your Will matters.

Scriptural References

Śāstra Pramāṇa

iccha jñānā kriyāśakti traya netrayutam smaret | candraḥ sarvajñātārūpaḥ daśahatāḥ diśo daśa ||

His three Eyes are to be remembered as symbolizing the three powers – Iccha, Jnana, Kriya, the power of Will, the power of Pure Wisdom, the power of Cosmic Action; the moon cresent denotes sarvajnāta, His power of all- knowing.

~ reveals Sadashiva in Srimat Kamika Agama, purva pāda, the primary Agama

ीभरैवउवाच तयापयूा शुमधूा तंभङ तवा ूेपसेतनुा। न वक पंमनःकृ वासव व सवग ो गमः॥३१॥

tayāpūryāśu mūrdhāntaṃ bhaṅaktavā bhrūkṣepasetunā । nirvikalpaṃ manaḥ kṛtvā sarvordhve sarvagodgamaḥ ॥ 31 ॥

sutra 31, dhāraṇa 8

Let form be filled with essence of life-breath to the crown of head. Cross the life-breath by penetrating with one-pointed attention at the bridge-like center of the eyebrows (the third eye). Let mind be beyond the movement of thoughts [ nirvikalpam manah] . In that all-rising supreme state (of Shiva), showers the light (vision) of all-pervadingness.

Mahadeva who resides in the Third Eye Lord Shiva, Adiyogi Mahadeva is the source of consciousness and lord of all mystic yogic powers. He transmits the science of awakening the yogic powers through the disciplic succession of Enlightened Masters and Incarnations for the evolution of each soul (jeeva) to realize its oneness with Shiva – 'SHIVOHAM' (I am Shiva. I am Divine).

Mahadeva himself resides in the third-eye or trinetra with His in nite power, Kundalini Shakti. e most vital and unique mystic power gi ed by Lord Shiva to the Universe is – awakening of the third eye or ajna cakra. In the Vedic tradition, the eternally living civilization, spirituality starts with ird Eye. There is no Master in the east who has not worked on awakening the Third Eye. All the Hindu Devas and Devis (Gods and Goddess) are visually seen with three eyes. It means that only if your Third Eye is awakened you can become God, not otherwise.

Shiva Reveals the Secret Technique of Third-Eye In Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, which was revealed by Lord Shiva to His consort Devi Parvati, Mahadeva initiates Mahadevi into the powerful technique for awakening the Third Eye: This technique comes to life and fruitions by the grace of Guru’s initiation, who is living embodiment of Shiva Himself.

tayā-āpūryāsu mūrdhāntam bhanktvā bhrūkṣepasetunā | nirvikalpam manaḥ kṛitvā sarvordhve sarvagodgamaḥ || 31 || ~ vijnana bhairava tantra

Let form be filled with essence of life-breath to the crown of head. Cross the life-breath by penetrating with one-pointed attention at the bridge-like center of the eyebrows (the third-eye). Let mind be beyond the movement of thoughts [nirvikalpam manah]. In that all-rising supreme state (of Shiva), showers the light or vision of all-pervadingness.

dhāmāntaḥ-kṣobhasambhūtasūkṣma-āgni-tilakākṛtīm | binduṁ śikhānte hṛdaye layānte dhyāyato layaḥ || 37 || Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, sutra 37, dhāraṇa 14

dhāmāntaḥ: abode, dwelling place inside or within [antaḥ] (i.e. abode of light energy or eye); kṣobha: shaking, pressure, moving; sambhūtaḥ: being, coming together, proceeding from; sūkṣma: subtle; agni: fire, flame; tilakā: the sacred mark at the center of eyebrows; akṛtīm: in the form of, shape of, resembling; binduṁ: one-point; śikhānte: at the end of the hair tuft on the crown; hṛdaye: in the heart cave; layānte: absorption; dhyāyataḥ: by the restful awareness; layaḥ: dissolution, rest, completion

By placing subtle pressure or awareness on the light energy in the eye, a spark of flame resembling the form of a tilaka mark [the sacred mark between the eyebrows, the ajna chakra] comes before the eye within. Placing the restful awareness on this bindu, the one-pointed flame in the third eye or at the energy center at the crown (śikānte) opens up in the heart cave. When this deep awareness reaches completion, there is absorption in the light of ultimate consciousness, the state of Sadashiva.

Third Eye in Vedic India

The Third Eye is deeply connected to Lord Shiva and His own blissful home – Varanasi, the spiritual capital of the world. Varanasi is the DNA of Vedic tradition where death itself is a liberation. So, Third Eye is Shiva’s abode or Shivaloka, from where He expresses His all-auspiciousness and powers.

In Sanskrit we have a proverb, "If you die in Varanasi, you will achieve liberation " ‘Vara-nasi’ means: Third-Eye – the space between your nose and eyebrows If your identity dies in Varanasi, when you leave your awareness at the ird Eye, you will become enlightened.

Third Eye Awakening in Vedic History

The Awakened Yogis and Masters of Vedic India have done deep research and ery penances to explore the powers of Third Eye, for the supreme benefit of humanity. In vedic history, there are countless incidents of Enlightened Masters initiating their disciples and enriching humanity through the powers of ird Eye vision.

For example:

  • Maharishi Valmiki wrote the whole scripture Ramayana (divine poetic narrations of Lord Rama) by accessing the cosmic records of every minute happening, feeling and experience through His Third-Eye vision.
  • In Mahabharat, over 5000 years back, Bhagavan Veda Vyasa awakens the third eye of Sanjaya, the king’s charioteer, to visibly narrate to him the happenings and even the mind-set of Kurukshetra warriors, as it was unfolding thousands of miles away, just like a Live TV relay connection.
  • Bhagavan Sri Krishna gi s the third- eye vision to his dear devotee, disciple Arjuna, amidst the waging war- eld of Kurukshetra during the Bhagavad Gita. He says – “divyam dadāmi te cakṣuḥ (11.8) – Oh Arjuna, let me give you the Divine Eyes, without which you will not be able to see the inconceivable mystic power ” And opens His third-eye, through which Arjuna has the rarest spiritual, cosmic experience.

“All yogic powers are expressed from Third Eye only. Whether it is the power of materializing, teleporting or the power of intuition or the power of making your dreams into reality – everything is from the third eye.” ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

“All the extraordinary spiritual, mystical traditions continuously work on awakening the Third Eye. It is the easiest, most powerful way of awakening yourself to higher dimensions. Third Eye is an important power which is stored in every human being. It is a possibility in every human being. We need to awaken it. We need to make it as reality.

Third Eye is not just an eye; it is the very source of your Consciousness. Creating awareness, centering yourself on the Third Eye means awakening your consciousness.” ~ reveals Paramahamsa Nithyananda

yaccakṣuṣā na paśyati yena cakṣūṁṣi paśyati tadeva brahma tvaṁ viddhi nedaṁ yadidamupāsate || 6 ||~ kenopaniṣad

“ at which is not seen by the eye (cakṣus), but because of which the eye, the organ of sight, is able to see and perceive the seen – you must know at Reality alone as Consciousness or Brahman, and not this which is worshipped and cherished here as this object.”

Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s Third Eye Experience

“During my enlightenment experience at the age of twelve, I had a spontaneous awakening of the ird Eye. e inner space and outer space broke. e rst experience was that I was able to see everything around me, above me, the whole 360 degrees, ten directions, below me, everything!

With closed eyes, I was able to see 360 degrees around me on every side. I felt that the skin of the rock on which I was si ing, and the skin of this body, both carry me equally; in both I exist equally. e air, the breeze, the setting sun, the rising moon, the whole Arunachala Hill, all the plants, bushes, trees, everything just became so alive!

The next moment itself, I realized that not only I am able to see, I am able to feel, experience all of that as me. I just know I am that oneness with the Existence. ‘Moves’ and ‘moves not’, what you call as ‘near’, what you call as ‘far o ’, those concepts were lost. I did not feel vulnerable, I felt so powerful.

The smallest movements of these plants is my movement, and the highest stillness of the centre of the Cosmos is my stillness.

Today, you can see the children of my gurukul and thousands of others demonstrating the same power of extraordinary vision, due to the initiation into Third Eye Awakening!”~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Revival of the Sacred Science of Third Eye Awakening

Now, this rare, sacred science of Third Eye Awakening is being made available to humanity for their ultimate enrichment and conscious evolution by living incarnation, His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

Consciously born as an awakened, perfect mystic Yogi among yogis, he embodies the most profound yogic states that surpass all bounds of time, space and ma er. He is compassionately giving this pure, great science of Third Eye Awakening, along with many other spiritual sciences through initiation (deeksha).

Paramahamsa Nithyananda is experientially proving and spiritually inspiring the world that — awakening to your highest dimensions and creating your reality as you want – is verily possible for every person, and is not limited to a few.

Only an Avatar, who is the personification of Super Consciousness can decode the deepest realms of spiritual powers and directly gi them to the present day humanity as a valid, replicable, easily lived spiritual science that works on majority of people.

The Initiation

When the Kundalini is activated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, it doesn’t only go to the Third Eye, it goes to three points. There are two points at the temples, and one point at the Third Eye. These three points are called the intra-organ of the eyes. In Sanskrit it is called Indriya. These powers start manifesting if the circuit between the three points near the eyes is complete through the awakening of the Kundalini.

Spiritual Alchemy Products

To support the continuous manifestation of the powers of the Third Eye, Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam is making available a unique spiritual alchemy product known as Jñāna-anjana (lit. ‘Enlightenment eyeliner’), which carries the bio-energy of Sadāshiva’s Third Eye. When applied on the eyes, Jñānānjana becomes a powerful way of transmitting the bio-energy of the enlightened Third Eye to your Third Eye, so that your Third Eye can also open up. It is like the transmission of the lamp, and the jumping of the flame.

Powerful Effects of Third Eye Awakening

Reading without the need of physical eyes

Third Eye Blindfold reading

One of the most visible expressions of Third Eye Awakening is the ability to read using the Ajna cakra instead of using the physical eyes. As thousands are successfully demonstrating worldwide, it is possible to perform a range of tasks, including reading, painting, recognizing colors, shapes and objects - all the while blindfolded.

These demonstrations revolutionize our understanding of the actual role of the two eyes as the sole visual sensory organ of our body. It also brings us to the question of di erences in the cognitive processes involved in reading with the physical eyes versus reading with the ird Eye.

What Happens During Blindfolded Reading? Normal reading (reading with eyes) is a three-step process:

  • 1. The physical eye perceives the written words
  • 2. Information about the words is sent to the brain via the optic nerve
  • 3. The brain cognizes and understands the words

During reading with Third Eye (with physical eyes blindfolded) only two steps happen:

  • 1. The Third Eye cognizes the written words
  • 2. is cognition is transmi ed directly to the brain

So the brain directly 'reads' or ‘sees’ the words through intuitive powers without any help om the physical eyes.

Whole-brain activation

During blindfolded reading, the entire visual pathway and brain (excluding the eyes) are involved and activated, proving that it is indeed a process of 'seeing' and not any other brain activity.

Significantly, the Third Eye can play the role of any of the senses, depending on which part of the brain is activated during the process. So we can hear with the ears closed, simply by activating the parts of the brain involved with hearing. is can be demonstrated through FMRI and PET scans.

With a successful Third eye initiation, the whole brain is activated. It is not mid-brain activation. e initiated Nithyananda Gurukul students are experiencing the whole-brain activation, through which it becomes possible to have high levels of IQ, high emotional stability and prodigious intelligence. Everything reaches its peak possibility for the young generation.

Third Eye Awakening can help solve all the problems that modern day kids and youth are facing today in society – obesity, depression, tiredness and boredom, confusion, fear, addiction to the Internet and video games, violence. All these degenerating problems faced by the new generation can drop and the children can start seeing their life in higher possibility, with joy and visionary like clarity.

Third Eye Awakening is the beginning of extraordinary powers. The vision with the Third Eye is not the same as the vision with the two eyes. When Kundalini Shakti is raised and brought, not only to the Third Eye, but to three points, extraordinary vision manifests as a side effect. There are two points on sides of forehead and one in the exact center of the brow. There are two components present in everyone - the man component, which is the patterns, fears, anger, desires, laziness, tiredness, etc. The other part is the Bhagavan particle, the consciousness. Kundalini is the inner potential energy everyone has, the reflection of Bhagavan in them, the Bhagavan particle in them.

‘Chakshu’ is the power which sees through the eyes. Eyes are different, Chakshu is different. When the Kundalini is brought and kept in the Third Eye point and all the three points in the brow are connected, thus opening up the entire energy circuit, different powers start expressing through the Third Eye.

Third Eye Awakening is the beginning of extraordinary powers. The vision with the Third Eye is not the same as the vision with the two eyes.

The ability to see happenings on another planet is one of the powers. The ability to see through the Third Eye comes from the Oneness with the Whole. Just by bringing awareness on a distant object, like another planet in the galaxy, and connecting with it, its details can be known remotely.

Power to See Beyond an Obstacle

The ability to see across any obstacles is one of the powers that expresses as a side effect of the initiation. From the Space of Oneness with the Whole, the vision expands from the immediate, to more and more towards the Whole. Obstacles becomes irrelevant. Just like how in the current vision, everything is only an object in the range of vision, not an obstacle, similarly, with the expanded vision of the Third Eye, even walls and barriers are just another object, not an obstacle limiting the vision. The vision goes beyond all objects.

Experience of Seeing Beyond Obstacles

“I have experienced such wonderful things whenever Swamiji initiated us into the Third Eye powers like nding lost articles, body scanning, seeing distant objects and seeing through objects. Out of the blue, I would just tell people, ‘I know I can see, just go and check there’. I would either do it in the side or in the front, or sometimes diagonally and whatever side I see, I’m able to see more, much more than what I can see with just my two eyes. I experience so much of bliss that I cannot comprehend what is going on. I don’t feel that there is a need or a reason to fake it. When I try it I always end up nding a lost object. I don’t know how, I close my eyes and see exactly where it is. And when I go check, it is there or somewhere near that area. I just feel I can just do it. There’s so much in me, so much of possibility, that I can just hold on to Swamiji and express anything I want.

One kid actually asked me, she had lost one of her precious stones. So I just closed my eyes and I looked in and I just made a will, “Let me see what He is showing me”. And I saw a place somewhere in our dormitory in a small corner. And I told her ‘What I’m able to see is white tiled and kind of a greyish wall and it is near a door. And she actually went there and it was near one of her lockers. Like this I have seen many things.”

- Ma Nithya Maheshwarananda, 13 years old, Nithyananda Gurukul student

The initiates into the extraordinary powers of the Third Eye have the ability to see any place from a distance, whether known or unknown to them. All places become available to the vision of such a person. Not only are they able to see the place, but also how the place is being used, what is the character of the place, and many minute details which cannot be known without having visited the place.

In the space of Oneness, whenever a person initiated into the powers of the Third Eye connects with a person in a remote place, he is get the ability to see the person, their actions, and what is happening with them.

This ability manifests because in the space of Oneness with Sadashiva, who is residing in all beings, anyone can connect with anyone through the Third Eye, which is the browsing center of the Cosmos.

Power to See from Distance - Experiences of Remote Vision

“Before expressing the powers of the Third Eye I was stuck in the maya matrix we call life and lived the common lifestyle of a college student from drinking heavily, smoking pot, and having no idea where I was going in life. After getting initiated into the Third Eye Powers I began making the connection with my higher self which is Sadashiva.

The power of remote viewing began expressing strongly only when I began trusting this higher frequency of Sadashivoham to ow through me. At first my doubt came about whether I was truly seeing the inside of someone’s home or if the power was expressing. Once I dropped the pattern of wanting others to accept me I simply allowed Sadashiva to show me exactly what was inside the other’s home without the vested interest of being right. The state of Sadashivoham not only made my pattern redundant but immediately after expressing this power in front of thousands of people my idea of who I am shifted completely taking me into the space of limitless possibilities.”

Sri Nithya Sahadevananda, Track & Field Collegiate Athlete, Los Angeles,USA

Power to See One’s Thought Currents & Emotion Currents

The ability to read someone’s thought currents happens when the person is able to connect with their being, their very core. As there is no being who is unknown to Sadashiva, who is the embodiment of the Cosmos itself, when someone connects with the other through the Third Eye, their inner space becomes visible as well. The power can manifest as the ability to read the thought currents that run a person’s life, or as the ability to read their minds, the things on their mind, for example, any actions they want to take, any objects they desire. Often, it manifests as both together.

Seeing emotions as an aura is another power that manifests through the initiation. The ability to see the emotional state of a person as an “aura” is one of the seven powers that manifest when a speci c energy circuit is completed and activated with Kundalini Shakti. When it gets established on and awakens the Third Eye, it empowers people with amazing insights and extraordinary/ in nite peak intelligence (buddhi) and energy (Shakti). The awakened Third Eye endows with abilities that would easily surpass a powerful computer search engine, web browser and scanning machine. Going beyond the limitations of the physical eyes, the potential to bene t mankind with these powers is immense!

How can the power to see the emotional state of a person as an aura be of any bene t? The answer lies in the connection between energy points, emotional states and physical manifestation of these blockages as ailments and diseases.

“Aura” means the subtle light which is continuously emitted by one’s body. As the Isha Vasya Upanishad declared ages ago, “Isha vasyam idam sarvam” (whatever exists is energy). Whatever we see, touch or otherwise contact in our universe is made up of energy vibrating at di erent frequencies. Trees, rocks, plants, animals and ourselves – all are nothing but diverse expressions of energy. All that we know of ourselves is our physical body. But our physical body is only the grossest expression of ourselves! We have several subtler energy bodies that interpenetrate our physical body and create an aura or energy shield around us. These ‘bodies’ are actually electromagnetic elds, which are continuously in uencing and being in uenced by other such elds in the environment.

The aura is responsible for keeping us in good energetic health, boosting our immune system and protecting us from toxic radiations. On the other hand, any energy blockages or ‘knots’ in the aura can be the precursor of future disease. The size of the aura can shrink or expand, be a darker color or a golden light. That is why any disease can be detected at the energy level at least six months before it becomes manifest in the physical body through the science of Kirlian photography of the “aura.” Kirlian photography and other techniques have demonstrated that there are energy elds surrounding us. The beauty is that the energy eld will show the signs of impending changes much before these changes are reflected in the physical body.

The power of the Third Eye can do what Kirlian photography demonstrated and more! With the power of the Third Eye, impending as well as present physical ailments can not only be detected and diagnosed but also be healed.

A person with an awakened Third Eye can just see the emotional state of a person as an aura. Is it shrunken, is it expanded? Is it a particular color or strength? Is it dulling or is it a golden light aura as in a yogi radiating grace?

Just the change of mood from dullness to joy causes our energy eld to expand to a size almost sixty or seventy per cent times greater than when it is in a contracted state. Using the Third Eye, Kundalini Shakti can be directed towards balancing energy imbalances which are the hidden cause of most of our diseases. Deep- seated negative patterns and karmic blockages can be detected and spontaneously healed before they manifest as physical ailments.

Power of Mind Reading

“I got Third Eye initiation from rare living incarnation H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda. The power which is expressing through me is Mind Reading. If anybody sits in front of me holding the visualization of anything living or non-living in their inner space, through my third eye, I am able to see it. Once I sat in front of a lady, who was visualizing her mother in her inner space, I clearly saw through my third eye, the mother’s face, angles of her face, the fact that she wore spectacles and clearly knew the visualization was that of her mother. The lady later con rmed this as true.

Similarly, I have had multiple such incidents where I was able to clearly see what the other person was holding in their inner space. When I am expressing these powers, I feel oneness with Swamiji, which is the very cosmic energy which expresses through my third eye and makes me express this power. When I am expressing these powers, I am moved to a higher frequency. The more and more I express these powers, the more I establish myself in the higher frequency of Existence.

The more I am in higher frequency of Existence, the less perturbed I am by the day to day incompletions I used to previously feel. I also feel very energetic and sleep only 3-4 hours daily, as compared to 6-8 hours of sleep that I needed before. My intuition has become very sharp and also i have become multi-dimensional; able to handle several projects/work at same time.”

Vaishali Verma, PhD in Medical Chemical Engineering, San Jose-USA

Power to See Internal Organs

The Third Eye is the space where everything in the Universe is occurring. When the power of the Third Eye is awakened, being in Oneness with any happening in the past, present and future becomes a simple side-effect.

Though the physical eyes are constrained by a certain set of limitations in terms of what it can see and cannot, the Third Eye has no such limitations. The Third Eye can register objects and images behind any obstacle.

By being in Oneness, a person with an awakened Third Eye can see their own internal organs in a mere glance. In this case, the vision that is blocked by their own skin and muscles is surpassed and the functioning organs are seen.

The utility of this power is that any discomfort, uneasiness and disease can be diagnosed before it becomes anything serious. Using the Third Eye, healing energy can be directed to those organs and they can be healed. When one can see the workings of their own internal organs better, when they scan others’ bodies, they will be able to diagnose and suggest remedies better.

Power to Scan Others’ Bodies

When someone makes a request to have their body scanned, a person with an awakened Third Eye closes their eyes and allows the gaze of the Third Eye to fall on them. What gets revealed is important information regarding physical ailments that body is undergoing, developing or healing from, at that point in time. The Third Eye can see the energy blockages in the system, and the parts of the body that need attention stand out for the person who is doing the scan.

This ability has been demonstrated by asking for volunteers from the available audience, who are aware of previously diagnosed ailments. They are then given a pad and pen and asked to write down the physical health issues that they are aware of.

Then any initiated disciple who lives with a high level of integrity with Guru and demonstrates this power, scans their body and shares what got revealed to them by the grace of Sadashiva in their Third Eye. What is written is then used as a way to verify what was revealed and the previous diagnosis was right. Many a time, health issues that are at an initial stage of manifestation get revealed during the body scan.

Medical tests have later verified such an onset and the early detection helped in ensuring that there was complete recovery and avoiding more serious impact on the body. Not only this, the person doing the body scan can also identify what is causing an ailment to develop in a person and give them healing and spiritual solutions for the healing of their ailments. All diseases begin as a thought pattern. If the thought pattern itself can be dropped, the body also aligns in due course of time. The initiates doing the body scan can also help the person identify the thought patterns causing the disease. An awakened Third Eye enables one to become nothing less than a human scanning machine! The insights that get revealed is a great service for humanity.

Experience of Sri Nithya Tattvananda, Student of Nithyananda GurukulSM

“I am good at scanning bodies through my Third Eye. It is so interesting. When you close your eyes, you can actually scan yourself and the other person. You can actually see the internal organs and the problem they have and if any new problem is going to develop. You just have to close your eyes and connect and be in the space of Sadashivoham and with that space when you scan the other person’s body you will be able to see everything you need. From minute bones to cholesterol levels to diabetes sugar levels to everything; you have a moving scanner inside you. And this is the most interesting power I have experienced and I can manifest.

Let me just share what happens when I scan other people’s bodies (with their permission). I just close my eyes and feel the oneness with Sadashiva and feel that I am Sadashiva and let Sadashiva express through me and tell me what the problem is. When they have diabetes, I actually see the pancreas and that there is a malfunctioning in it. I am able to see the sugar particles running in the blood. To this detail I am able to see and tell the other person what their problem is. These Shaktis help us more and more to connect to Sadashiva, until we reach the space of Sadashiva himself.”

“I am fortunate and blessed to be initiated by His Holiness Avatar Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda to express the sacred powers of Third eye (Ajna Chakra/ Divya Chakshu). Being a practicing doctor, expressing this power of Body scanning is extremely useful and has immense healing e ect on both beings - one who expresses this power and the person who undergoes body scanning!

When I sat after chanting Guruvandanam, requesting Sadashiva & Adishakti to express through this being, I experienced Swamiji’s eyes and trinethra tilak in my Ajna Chakra which transported me to a di erent state of Consciousness. The health or dysfunction or disorder in the body is clearly shown and actually it is expressed vividly, effortlessly by Sadashiva!

To give few examples which were shown by Sadashiva to me during Body scanning: I saw burning ames indicating elevated body heat. Dryness of throat was shown as my own throat dryness(lasting for few seconds). Once I was shown uterus & ame around it. In another individual uterus, Ovaries and fallopian tubes were seen.

It is really cool & exciting to be living in that frequency! I experienced deep healing, new energy ow after each body scanning experience!

Normally, a doctor diagnoses with relevant history, clinical examination, laboratory tests. Here without even talking or touching both non-invasive scanning and healing happens.

Yesterday when a pregnant mother casually asked me to scan her body, not only I was able to see the baby’s physical body, I was able to experience the relaxed,blissful mood of the baby in the mother’s womb!!

Deep gratitude to Swamiji for this divine blessing with ZERO e ort or quali cation from our side. It’s simply the most beautiful, sacred and too precious gift for any being, especially for a doctor to be a channel to share this divine healing energy with each and every being who is touched by her! Showering of the ultimate love and compassion of Sadashiva & Adishakthi for the being!”

Dr. Shanti, Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Bengaluru, India

Aligning to Universal Vision & Higher Intelligence Paramahamsa Nithyananda expands on how the third eye can empower a person to become a powerful visionary leader centered on dharma, the cosmic ow of life.

"Understand: third eye is not just having one more eye on the forehead. It means your vision is in tune with the cosmic vision. When your vision becomes narrow in your life, the facts with which you make decisions are more self-centered instead of universe- centered.

Life larger than lifestyle is dharma. Your lifestyle means being constantly bothered about the 6-feet frame you are holding. But looking and planning your life larger than your lifestyle is dharma. In every step, the very source in which you make decisions should expand. at is opening of the third eye.

Opening of the third eye means ensuring the path in which you are walking is aligned with the vision of the universe."

Third Eye Powers Demonstrated as Living Science

“It is time we create a Gurukul, we create a space like the Vedic Universities –Sarvajnapeetha, Sharadapeetha, Nalanda, Takshashila, and Naimisharanya, where the knowledge is transferred not just from words and acts of a teacher to the words and acts of the student, it should be transferred from the bio-memory of a teacher to the bio-memory of the student. I will demonstrate all this by reviving the Indian Education System and over it to the world.

My Gurukul kids talking to the rose plants and making them drop the thorns, they doing blindfolded reading, they making the rains happen, etc. these are only one part of the Indian education.

Every vedic science should be studied, made user-friendly and demonstrated to the world. We will experientially demonstrate the methodologies to the world. e real Indian education system is all about demonstration and experientially living and breathing life into ma er...” ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Initiation to Third Eye Awakening

The Seers of Truth or ‘Mantra Drishtas’, awakened the Seat of Consciousness between their eyebrows or Bhrumadhya, the cosmic browsing center and saw the mantras, the sacred syllables as spiritual visions and experiences.

As the Rsi or Source Seer of the Third Eye Awakening Science, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is showering thousands of people globally of all ages and backgrounds into the initiation (deeksha), the spiritual transmission of ird Eye opening. Especially for children under 14, the initiation becomes expression rapidly.

Never before have the secret sciences or vidya of the Vedic world, so powerfully given and made e ortless to live as the mass scale awakening of third eye and kundalini. What the Yogis of yore dedicated their lifetimes of austerities to realize as spiritual powers, are now being gi ed as a pure science by Paramahamsa Nithyananda in various meditation programs.

Mass Third Eye Awakening at Nithyananda Gurukul

In another revolutionary initiative in mystical sciences, His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda has given mass initiation and training to the students of Nithyananda Gurukul into the Third Eye Awakening.

Mass awakening has seen a spectacular rate of 100% in children below 14, with all children successfully identifying colors, shapes or words while blindfolded within 12 hours of initiation.

The children are encouraged to practice the ‘Third Eye meditation’ for 21 days a er initiation, to anchor the power permanently in their bio-memories.

“Science of Third Eye Awakening is not a miracle. If only one person does it, it is miracle. If everyone starts doing, it is a science. Third Eye is not just used for seeing alone. It can be used even to hear, touch, feel, work, so Third Eye is a powerful new possibility.” ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Mass Third Eye Awakening Worldwide

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has gifted the awakening of third eye to 32,000 children and adults worldwide. Initiated children and adults of Nithyananda Gurukul and Nithyananda Sangha worldwide have been touring the globe and demonstrating the science of ird Eye Awakening across India, the USA, Canada, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and other cities around the world.

What happens during Third Eye initiation?

When a person sits in the Master's presence in a receptive and unclutched mood, and the experience is directly transmitted from the Master's bio-memory to his own bio-memory without any effort on the person’s part, it is called Initiation.

The ird Eye can be awakened through Deeksha or initiation - the direct transmission of spiritual energy by an Enlightened Master or Avatar.

As millions are discovering at Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s life- changing programs and satsangs, an Avatar can, with a single gesture or look, cause a spontaneous, incredible transformation on every level on human mind-body and consciousness. Miraculous healing of diseases, deeper cognitive shi , mystical experiences, and the wiping out of lifetimes of karmas can happen in a matter of days - sometimes minutes.

Initiation or deeksha is revered in the Vedic tradition as the ultimate gi that a master can bestow upon his disciple on the spiritual path. During initiation, the superhuman powers already engraved in the master's bio-memory become engraved in your own bio-memory.

“When a lamp is lit, automatically ames jumps and lights the other lamp. Near the awakened Third Eye, if your Third Eye is brought, simply the ame jumps. In Agamas (scriptures that came from Mahadeva), Mahadeva has given a beautiful, powerful word – Shaktipada – which is described as the transmission of energy to awaken your Kundalini Shakti and Third Eye.” ~ Paramahamsa Nithyananda

In the ancient text, Rudrayamala Tantra, Lord Shiva says: The one who is not initiated does not attain liberation nor a better future. So, by all efforts, one should get initiated by the Guru.

Initiation works on three levels - the conscious mind, the unconscious mind and the physical body. When it works on all three levels, penetrating down to the physical level, it expresses as visible siddhis (powers) in you.

Third Eye is Conscious Seeing

Third Eye vision is nothing but ‘Conscious seeing’. Conscious seeing means, seeing from your inner space – your consciousness. It is seeing with awareness – seeing before your thoughts have influenced your understanding and experience. It is seeing the existential reality as it is, without judgement. This itself becomes a power.

The Maya Matrix is the network of illusion that makes you believe that everything you perceive using your five senses is reality. It deludes you into believing that what you remember of the past is what actually happened. It gives you the impression that life is full of suffering and pain. You usually take more than 50% of your life’s decisions through this screen of illusion. Only when the Third Eye is awakened, you can see the past as it happened. You start seeing the reality without judgment. You start seeing with awareness, before the thoughts rise in your inner space. You start operating outside of the network of illusion. Multiple powers and possibilities begin to open up in you.

Benefits of Third Eye Awakening

  • Awakens high level of intelligence (rapid boost in IQ)
  • Sharper, stronger memory
  • High emotional stability
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Inner confidence

Benefits of Higher Levels of Third Eye Awakening

  • Enhanced power of intuition
  • X-ray vision
  • Ability to read hidden content
  • Ability to read from long distances
  • Ability to access past and future events
  • Unimaginable benefits for humanity
  • Tthe scope and impact of mass scale ird Eye vision are mind- boggling. For example, awakened blind persons would no longer need to use Braille to read.

As Third Eye vision penetrates ma er, awakened doctors would no longer have to rely on only X-rays to scan and diagnose their patients.