October 04 2013

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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes how each of our systems are loaded with a default program of powers. We can wake up and utilize our power of words, thinking, feeling, and living by practicing the four spiritual truths or Tattvas: Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, and Enriching. Let us wake up our powers by practicing the Tattvas, remembering never to give up on ourselves or others!

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I welcome every one of you who are sitting with us around the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhana TV, Lotus News Channel, and through two-way video-conferencing in twenty-nine places having Nayana Deeksha from so many countries.

Cities sitting with us in two-way video-conferencing having Nayana Deeksha: Sharjah, Ohio-Prayag,Houston-Kalahasti, Oklahoma-Somanatham, Seattle, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Los Angeles, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Tiruvanmiyur-Dhyanapeetam, Charlotte, New York-Varanasi, Hyderabad Bahyanagaram,Devon-UK, Singapore-Singapuram, Dallas-Dwaraka, Saudi Arabia, Jefferson-South Dakota, Hong Kong,San José-Madurai, East London-UK, Port Washington-New York, Dubai-Vaidyanatham, Slovakia-Shivaloka, San Diego-La Jolla, Bangalore North, Oman-Sivagangai, Peethadheeshwari’s Training Centre-Salem, Jorpati-Nepal, Olympia-Washington, Chandravimala in-transit, Varanasi………..

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings!

Today, Mahadeva is gracing us in the Leela Dhyána: HOW SUNDARESHWARA GIVES DARSHAN IN MADURAI TO A CHOLA KING.

Not only the Pandyas, even the Chola kings were devotees of Sundareshwara.

There was a Chola king who was a great devotee of Sundareshwara and he really, really wanted to have darshan of Sundareshwara. But unfortunately, because Pandyas and Cholas were enemies, he could not go to Madurai to have darshan of Sundareshwara.

Sundareshwara appeared in his dream and said, ‘Alright, you come in the night and I will give you darshan.’ As per Sundareshwara’s instructions, the king goes to Madurai at night. Sundareshwara appears as a mystic and opens the doors of the temple secretly and arranges for his darshan, gives darshan to the king.

The moment the Chola king has darshan, Sundareshwara sends him back. After locking the door, as a symbol that He did this Leela (divine play), Sundareshwara removes the Pandya’s Fish Symbol Flag (Meen Kodi) from the temple tower, (the royal insignia of the Pandyas); and puts the Rishabha Flag, His own flag, Shiva’s own flag, and disappears.

Next morning, when the Pandya king got up, the whole Pandya kingdom is shocked! How can the flag be changed suddenly?

The Pandya king was shocked and goes and asks Sundareshwara.

Sundareshwara appears and tells Pandya king the whole thing, and actually all that happened.

So today, let us have the leela dhyána and remember the Leela of Sundareshwara. Opening His temple doors secretly for a devotee’s sake and giving darshan!


• 20th batch Inner Awakening, 8th day;

• 17th batch eN-Genius, 8th day;

• 19th batch Nirahara Samyama, Level-2, 5th day;

• 20th batch Nirahara Samyama-break. Tomorrow, we will start Level-2;

• 9th batch The Samyama, 8th day;

And, today, one more important auspicious day – Mahálaya Amavasya. Why I said “auspicious”, because from today Navaratri Brahmotsava starts. We will be raising the flag, may be today evening or tomorrow. The timing will be announced.

And, today is one more important thing. Today, Hindus offer Completion to the departed souls, elders,parents. The shraaddha, oblations to the departed ancestors is done today. Today is a very important day. Surya (Sun) enters into Kanya Ráshi (Virgo), and the ancestors descend on the earth to accept the respects and rites, oblations, from all human-beings. Today is the auspicious day to offer Maheshwara Puja, and we will be having Maheshwara Puja here in Bidadi.

And, I also request all our Sangha to offer Maheshwara Puja, if you have our sannyasis staying in your place, like Los Angeles, Toronto, New York. Wherever our sannyasis are staying, I request our Sangha to offer Maheshwara Puja to our sannyasis and sannyasinis. Today, feeding any sadhu, giving food to any sannyasi, directly leads you to Completion with the ancestors who have left the body. So, it is a very good thing. If you don’t find our sannyasis, at least the people who have taken sannyas formally and who live sannyas with Integrity, offer food to them; even that will lead you to Completion with the ancestors.

Today, at noon, 1:30 pm Indian Standard Time, you can see the Maheshwara Puja live on Nithyananda TV. All the devotees can see Maheshwara Puja live on Nithyananda TV, and whoever sees today the Maheshwara puja, I will give all of you guys the punya of feeding the sadhus and doing Maheshwara Puja! Even if you see today, you will have the Punya of shraaddha and Completion with ancestors. And, if you want to offer Maheshwara Puja, you can e-mail [email protected] or call the number appearing on the screen (+91 80 2727 9999).

Alright! I will move to today’s Nithya Satsang.

Today, I wanted to speak about the important powers which are given to us, but still we have not started using.

As human-beings, all of us are given as a default program certain powers!


Please understand, if you can harness the power, the Power of Words… please be very clear, the words you utter are YOU! If you constantly utter the words, ‘I am this, I am this, I am this’, you will become that! Constantly utter right words about you inside you and outside you. Please listen, the Power of Words, unfortunately we do not harness the Power of Words, and as per the law, any power when you don’t use and play with it without knowledge about it, it destroys you, like electricity! You can use electricity for the best things in your life; but if you don’t want to, and misbehave with it, it destroys you, it kills you straightaway! That is why I am saying, learn to harness every power available to you.

The Power of Words! The words you utter towards you and the words you utter towards others can do so much to your life, please understand, can do so much to your life. If you want to harness the Power of Words, the practice you need to do is Integrity. Bring Integrity. Align all your words more and more towards Completion. Please understand, I am defining Integrity: Integrity means: “Aligning your words, internal and external, more and more towards Completion” is Integrity.” Aligning the words you utter inside and outside you, aligning them towards Completion, is Integrity.

I tell you, if you are telling yourself and others again and again that “you are a man, you are a man, you are a man”, it is a lie! If you complete more and more and more, you will understand you are Divine;you are an embodied being; you are God! When I utter the words “I am Divine” and “I am God”, people feel I am telling a lie. But only when people utter the words that they are human-beings, I feel they are telling a lie! Only when you are saying you are a human-being, you are out of Integrity. When I say I am Divine, I am God, I am completely established in my Integrity!

Understand, aligning yourself more and more, deeper and deeper into your Completion, aligning your words, internal and external, towards the space of Completion, is Integrity. When you start practicing Integrity, you will harness the power of words; the words you utter will have so much power, just through the words you will be able to change your life, others’ lives for the better! Please understand,from the time I know myself, I am doing this only – using the right words to transform people’s lives,using the right words to transform people’s lives.

The Power of Words! Please understand, ability to speak, ability to utter words towards yourself, and ability to utter words towards others, this is the powerful ability, you can use it either to make your life or break your life. Right words being uttered in right time will make your life. Wrong words uttered in the wrong moment can break your life. Especially, the words you are uttering towards yourself and the words you are uttering towards others, the words you are uttering towards yourself and the words you are uttering towards others.

Harness the Power of Words; that is the first right. I tell you, the basic right for human-beings is not Freedom of Speech; it should be Power of Speech! The first fundamental human right, I think we should change the word from Freedom of Speech to Power of Speech! You need to know the Power of Speech. You should be educated about the Power of Words. Knowing the Power of Words is the fundamental freedom, fundamental right: Freedom to speak! If you know the Power of Words, your fundamental right will be right.

The next important power you have which you can harness is the POWER OF THINKING!

Please understand, Power of Words are different and Power of Thinking is different!

When you practice Integrity, you will have the clarity and experience about the Power of Words.But, the Power of Thinking is deeper than the Power of Words. The Power of Words can make one relationship or break one relationship. The Power of Thinking can make or break your life itself. How you think about you, how you project about you, how you think about others, and how you think about what others think about you!

Listen, the Power of Thinking is another one powerful resource we have which we neither use properly nor use fully. One good news is, because you don’t use it fully, even though you use it improperly;please listen, even though you are using it improperly, because you don’t use it fully, you don’t get into deeper sufferings. Even in the wrong direction you use only a very minimum amount of your Power of Thinking. The Power of Thinking is used in the right direction, the power is harnessed and put in the right direction, when you practice Authenticity.


What you think about you, what you think about others, what you think about how you want to project you to others and what you think about others thinking about you.

Please listen, what you think about you can be changed just in ten days. In the night time, whenever you fall asleep, align yourself, your ideas, to your new thinking: ‘From now, I’ll think about me as God. From now I will think about me as this.’ Decide and fall asleep. Your whole thinking in the dream and the deep sleep will be aligned to that. I tell you, when your dreams are aligned to what you want to think about you as you, you’re successful in living that.

Please understand, dreams lead you to reality. You need to know this truth. In every field, whether it is Science or Maths, or discovery or entertainment, or invention, in every field, dreams lead you to reality. And in the night, bring the dreams, every night align it, align it, what you want to think about you, what you want to think about others, what you want to think about how you want to show you to others, what you want to think about others thinking about you, align everything as you want and fall asleep in that same state every night; you will fall into Samadhi.

I tell you, power of thinking, Power of Thinking is so beautiful, it is such high power, it is such an extraordinary power, it can cause miracles to you. In this whole Inner Awakening Level-1, I help people to catch and harness Power of Words. Level-2, I help people to catch and harness the Power of Thinking.

And the next, the next is Power of your Feeling

Understand, Power of Feeling is another one important power. How you feel about you and the world, how you cognize about you and the world. Power of Feeling, that is a very important power. You can harness that power and put that power for your use if you start feeling Responsibility. Please listen, in the feeling, you can feel yourself as a very small creature or you can feel yourself as a very powerful big guy. Your feeling, listen, your feeling will be strengthened only when you feel responsible. If you feel responsible for everything, if you feel responsible for more and more things, if you feel responsible for more and more, I tell you, you harness the Power of Feeling, you move to the next level of life, you raise yourself to the next level of life. Power of Feeling, Power of Feeling. When you start taking the Responsibility, you will see very clearly how just when your feelings about you and the world changes, the whole world changes and the response of the whole world towards you changes.

Next is Power of Living.

Living itself is a power. Every day you are walking, talking, sitting, thinking, feeling. All these put together, living, is a power. I tell you, sometime even if you decide to live in the right property, that property will become yours. Nothing, just by living there. In many countries anybody who lives in that land, the land is theirs. So, even living in right place is a power and anybody who lives in the energy field, naturally this becomes power for you. Living itself is a power.

Understand, living, the Power of Living can be enriched. You can harness the Power of Living and use it in your life when you decide to live Enriching. Please understand, when you decide your life is for others, you harness the best cream of Power of Life. When you decide Enriching is your life, you are showered everything best of the life by the life. When the ocean decides to give all its best things to you, it will give you the best pearls, best things it has. Same way, when life decides to give its best things to you, you can’t even imagine the gifts life will bring it to you, because still you do not know the best things life is having it. Please understand, when you decide authentically to enrich, when you decide authentically Enriching is your life, life brings the best things of life to you.

Power of Words, Power of Words will be available to you if you practice Integrity. Power of Thinking, Powers of Thinking will be available to you when you practice Authenticity. Powers of Feeling will be opened to you when you practice Responsibility. Powers of Living will be available to you the moment you decide to enrich others.

In this whole thing, an important truth is “not giving up on yourself and people”. Even if hundred times people fail, continue to work with them. People failing is nothing but you failing, frustration towards your failure because you can’t handle the frustration of your failures, you can’t handle the frustration of people’s failures.

I tell you, many times people ask me, ‘Why should we work with these people? They are not integrated, they are not authentic. They are liars, cheats.’

I tell them, ‘Come on, if you are not able to handle their failures, you will not be able to handle your failures. Because you are not able to handle your failures, you are not able to handle their failures.’

Giving up on people will make you give up on you, which is worse than suicide. Giving up on yourself is spiritual suicide. Understand, giving up on others and giving up on yourself is spiritual suicide. Giving up on others is social suicide. Giving up on yourself is a spiritual suicide and if you give up on others, I guarantee, you will give up on you. I don’t want to even reduce the spirit by saying “social suicide”. No, giving up on others is also spiritual suicide because, if one happens, the other will happen. Giving up on yourself, if it is done, giving up on others also will happen.

So, the essence of today’s satsang:

Harness the Power of Words through Integrity. Harness the Power of Thinking through Authenticity. Harness the Powers of Feeling through Responsibility. Harness the Powers of Living through Enriching. Never give up on you and others. Any pattern influencing you to give up on you and others, complete with it. Don’t give up on you and others. Giving up on you and others is spiritual suicide.

Let you all achieve, experience, live, express, radiate, share and explode in eternal bliss, Nithyananda.


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