November 14 2013

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Impossibility is a Crime.


In today’s morning satsang Paramahamsa Nithyananda continued opening up the sacred secrets of completion and space creation. He told us that to bring energy, consciousness and kundalini shakti into the reality of our life we need only completion and space creation. It’s impossible is something that is told to us time and time again and it is a lie. We can kindle our kundalini by completing with the idea it’s impossible again and again. Complete, complete, complete and anything is possible.

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis sitting with us through Nithyananda TV, Lotus TV, Janashree TV, Eshwar TV, Sadhna TV, and through two-way video-conferencing in twenty-two places having Nayana Deeksha in many countries around the world as per the statistics.

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I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today, the 7th day of the Nithyananda Brahmotsava, Rathotsava. So, today evening, Nithyanandeshwara will be taken in procession in the chariot in the ashram. And, He is gracing us with Nithyanandeshwari on the 7th day of the Brahmotsavam.

With this, I’ll expand on the same subject I was explaining yesterday about COMPLETION and CREATING A SPACE.

I can say, this is the essence of all the essence of my messages. As essence of my messages I have given so many messages; as essence of the Vedic tradition I have given so many messages. Now I can say, all those messages’ essence is this: “Using your Atma Jnana, using your Conscious Energy, using your Peak Possibility and making it into reality, making it into life.”

Please listen!

Life in its peak possibility, life in its peak energy! Please listen! Fortunately, in all of us, in all of us, however low, depressed you feel, however unworthy you feel, however angry, guilt you feel towards you and towards the world, in all of us the pure consciousness exists. That pure consciousness can be brought to our day-to-day utility. Means, you can bring that pure consciousness and make it for day-to-day use, make it for the day-to-day action.

Please understand, nothing is useful till you make it useful in your everyday routine. Even if you have a billion dollars in the Swiss Bank and you are not able to use it every day in your life, that is not making you rich in your day-to-day life, then what is the use? Almost all your spiritual energy, all your soul consciousness-Atman, is Swiss Bank money only! It has no direct use for you in everyday life. It is there; you only know the number of the bank account; but if you go and tell the petrol bunk guy or the hotel guy, ‘I have a bank account in Swiss Bank, which has billion dollars, this is the account number, can you give me a little food?’ he won’t give you! Even if he makes sure you have the money, he will give as a business deal that you will pay him back and not because you have.

Please listen! How the money which is not brought to day-to-day use, whether you have it or not it is not useful to you. Same way the energy which you have not brought to your day-to-day use, the energy which you have not brought to your day-to-day use, even if it is there, there is no use; even if you are having it, there is no use. Please listen, even if you are having it, there is no use. All I am trying to give you now through this satsang is, the energy, consciousness, Kundalini power which all of you have, all of us have, I am giving you the practical methodology to make it into your day-to-day life reality; to make this into your day-to-day life actuality; how to make that as part of your life; how to make this as reality of your life.

Please listen! In two words I am giving you the gist: “Completion” and “Creation of Space”. Completion again and again and again; how many times your being tries to get the idea of “impossibility” back to you, please listen, your being is such, it will again and again and again try to get this idea of “impossible” back to you. This idea of “impossibility” will be again and again told to you. That is the worst part! That is the worst thing in life!

Your mind will be alive, please listen, only as long as conflicts are alive; politicians and lawyers will have joy. So, the job of politicians and lawyers is not to solve the conflict, but to keep the conflict alive as long as possible. Same way, only as long as confusion exists, media will have job. Media’s job is not to solve the conflicts, solve the confusion. No! It is to keep it alive as juicy as possible, keep the chaos alive, keep the confusion alive as juicy as possible. They want confusion alive; chaos alive constantly. Confusion and chaos have to be kept alive for their business to flourish! No ethics!

I have seen these rowdies in the name of media. I tell you, Oh, God! One of the worst things in Indian media is eighty percent of them are uneducated. Only twenty percent guys are qualified. Eighty percent uneducated! When I say “uneducated”, they may be educated in some graduation, but professionally they would not have done degrees in Journalism or anything. And they have no ethics! Just bulldoze, abuse! To get the eye-balls, to get the TRP, anything is okay! Most unethical business! Keeping the confusion alive is their responsibility. I am talking only about one section of the media; let me make it very clear. There is another section of the media which is very socially responsible. Even in the same media house, one group behaves very responsibly. Just like every field needs purification, media field needs purification immediately. Immediately they need purification!

Listen! Just like media can be alive only if the chaos is kept alive, just like politicians’ and lawyers’ job is to keep conflict alive, your mind will be alive only if the idea “impossible” is kept alive. Your mind will be alive only if the idea “impossible” is kept alive. Your mind will be alive only if the idea that something is “impossible” is kept alive. Please listen: however many number of times it may come up, Complete with it, Complete with it, Complete with it!

Listen: kindle your Kundalini Shakti by completing with “impossibility”. Kindle your Kundalini Shakti by completing with “impossibility”. All your ideas of “impossible” are a lie, false! All your ideas of “impossibility” are a lie and false! Listen, all your ideas “this is not right, that is not right, this is not proper, that is not proper”, everything, everything is just pure lie! Complete again and again and again the cognition of “impossibility”. The cognition that something is “impossible” is like drinking poison, equivalent to the poison injected in you! Like if you had a polio attack, your whole life you will live with the side-effect, same way, if you have been attacked with the “impossible” polio attack, your whole life you will be mentally handicapped, you will be consciously handicapped. No! No! Complete, complete, complete! Complete, complete, complete!

The Completion, Completion Completion is life! Completion is everything! Even when you create a space to make something into reality, complete with all the doubts, complete with all the “impossible” ideas that come to you, complete with your ability to even create the space. Stand up powerfully without listening to any form of “impossibility” shouted by your mind towards you! Any form of “impossibility” screamed at you, any form of “impossibility” shouted at you is a crime by the mind. It is a crime by the mind! Any form of “impossibility” destroys your existence – your existence physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Any form of “impossibility” is a lie!

I tell you, the idea of “impossible” is a lie! The idea of “impossible” is false! The idea of “impossible” is a crime! The idea of “impossible” is conflict! The idea of “impossible” is mind! Just because you do not know how it is possible, do not think it is impossible. The problem is, anything you don’t know how it is possible, your mind says it is impossible. No! Because you have not tasted it, how can you say it is sour? Because you have not tasted it, how can you say it is bitter? You tend to think anything you have not tasted is bitter. You tend to think anything you do not know how to, is impossible.

Complete with the idea of “impossibility”. Complete with the concept of “impossibility”, idea of “impossibility”. Life energy is blocked when the idea of “impossibility” is strengthened in you. Your Kundalini Shakti is blocked when the idea of “impossibility” is established in you.

Our whole consciousness is handicapped with the idea of “impossibility”. Whether you think about physical health – “impossible”; mental health – “impossible”; wealth - “impossible”; relationships – “impossible”; enlightenment – “impossible”; spiritual growth – “impossible”; Kundalini awakening – “impossible”. Then what for you are living? ‘Because I can’t die! Because I can’t commit suicide!’

No! Health is possible! I may not know how to do now, but I know it is possible! Wealth is possible! I may not know how to do now, but it is possible! Success is possible! I may not know how to do now, but it is possible! Relationships are possible! I may not know how to do now, but it is possible! Enlightenment is possible! I may not know how to do it now, but it is possible! Kundalini awakening is possible! I may not know how to do it now, but it is possible! Please understand, anything when you start the first step, you may or may not know; but, be very clear, IT IS POSSIBLE!

Listen! Complete, complete, complete! Complete with all the “impossible”. Once you complete with all the “impossibilities” and create a space, while you create a space whatever impossibility, doubt comes, again complete with it.

Now, I’ll give you a few minutes. Let us sit and again complete with whatever “impossibility” we had in yesterday’s space. Pick up the same desire. Complete with all the “impossibilities” and create the space.

Sit straight. Close your eyes. Complete with all the ideas of “impossibility”, whether it comes as a self-doubt, everything. Complete with all the impossibility. Create the space for what you want. Complete with all the self-doubts. Complete with the doubt whether you can create the space or not. Complete with everything which even in a slight way suggests that it is impossible.

(After a few minutes…….)

Relax. I bless you all with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, the space you create let it be successful and auspicious!


Paramahamsa Nithyananda, completion, space, creation, energy, consciousness, kundalini shakti.

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