May 15 2013

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Vedic Tradition Spirituality and Sannyas


In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda offers a moving tribute to Adi Shankaracharya, the greatest sage of the Vedic tradition. Shankaracharya lived only 34 years but founded four monasteries, commented on all major scriptures and composed countless devotional chants. He also originated a number of philosophies, foremost of which is Advaita. Nithyananda also answers questions from devotees, including an inspiring response to why should one become sanyasi. Only In sanyas can one fulfill the ultimate peak of potential and discover the extreme frontiers of spirituality by surrendering completely to the four principles. Since mainstream lifestyle has failed to bring happiness or wisdom to our lives, sanyas can rescue the floundering human race and preserve Planet Earth.


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Nithyanandeshwara samarambham Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam Asmadacharya Paryantaam Vande Guruparamparaam

I welcome you all with my love and respects.

/* 1.02- 1.11 Hindi */

I welcome all of you who are sitting with us around the world. Today is, Adi Shankara Jayanthi. The great being, Sri Adi Shankaracharya was born on today.

One of the greatest philosopher on the planet earth still still, still, he is the unbeaten record. Please understand, almost after 2500 years, somebody can be an unbeaten record in the field of philosophy is not a joke.

/* 2.20 – 2.38 Hindi */

He is the only Acharya, went from south and, may be I can say, first. Instead of word one, First Acharya went from south and established the vedic tradition all over the world. Please understand, at that time, the different parts of India was different countries. So, it is equivalent to establishing all over the world. The civilization was such he had the strength, strength. Adi Shankara is still one of the greatest philosophers, walked on the planet Earth, Still an unbroken record. Understand, in the world of philosophy, there is only 2 group:-

–>One who accept Shankara

–>Who rejects Shankara

But nobody can go beyond Shankara. Thats all.

Who accepts Shankara. Who reject Shankara. Nobody is above Shankara.

/* 5.01 – 5.50 Hindi */

I still can’t introduce Adi Shankara. Because when I remember him, I am just lost in the ocean of his glory. What he has done, Just 32 years he was in the body, Some biographies say 34. But no biography claims, he lived more than 34 years on the planet earth. So, the maximum possibility is 34 years. Studied the shastras, wrote commentaries on all the major books like prastanatraya, even on the stotras like vishnu sahasranama, composed hundreds and hundreds of stotras of the -level of Bhaja Govindam. And, above all, argued, did vada prativada, transformed millions of people, established 4 peetas – Shringeri, Dwarika, puri, Bhadrikashrama. Established 4 peetas to keep the dharma alive, still 3 peetas are unbroken, lineage of masters. Only Bhadrikashram peetadhipati, Shankaracharya was killed by Aurangzeb before he initiated the successor. But by that time, the Puri Shankaracharya took charge and initiated the next Shankaracharya. 3 mutts are unbroken lineage. And created the philosophies.

Please understand, I am not saying Shankaracharya created the philosophy. I am using the word ‘philosophies’. Because he is so vast. He cant even be contained inside advaitha philosophy. He was a space for the philosophies to happen. The best philosophy happenned out of him is Advaitha. So, Advaitha became his brand. But he is not just Advaiti alone. If you see his devotion, Soundarya Lahari, Oh god! Anybody will be mesmerised by the description of the form he is doing. A person who can describe the form so beautifully, can never be called Only Advaiti. That was also the breeze happened in his space. No one can imagine, in 34 years, he has done this. Please don’t think, “Oh, Swamiji also did it.” No. now we have so much of modern equipment supports. All the 500 books published, I myself don’t need to sit and write. Because video records are there. What ever I speak is video recorded, it gets transcribed, gets edited and published. But in Shankara’s time, every book he wrote, he has to write. Every argument he conducts, teachings he conducts, satsangs he conducts, he has to speak, there is no audio recording system. When he speaks it gets audio recorded, then transcribed. NO!

So, for the arguments, separate time, and writing the books, separate time.

Shankara has written 3 types of literatures:

–> commentaries on the traditional scriptures, like Brahma sutra bhashya, Bhashya on the dwadashopanishads, and Gita Bhashya. That’s the first.

–> Next, please understand, next, he established 4 monasteries. It is not a joke to establish a monastery. Even in this modern day, having 55 sannyasis, directly supporting the mission and around thousand two hundred full time volunteers, including rishis and everyone, I am not able to establish monasteries everywhere. It is so much of work. You don’t know. 4 peetas in 4 different countries he established. Understand, it was not India at that time. It was Kalinga desha, Chola desha. Those days, Sringeri was under Chola kingdom. Chola desha, Kalinga desha and Goorjara desha and Himachala in the 4 different countries he established the 4 peetas.

And the amount of his contribution to the world of philosophy. See, Usually philosophers will be so impractical they will not even have their own house. Philosophers will be so impractical, Neither people can live with them nor they can live with others. That is why, they can never create even their own house. They will be always beggars in the streets.

Here is a philosopher so practical. Established 4 huge monasteries which are still alive, flourishing, thriving and incidentally today is jayanthi of Ramanujacharya also. Both of them are born on same day. Of course with the gap of may be Thousand five hundred years, Ramanuja’s birthday was 996 jayanthi. Of course because of the shaiva-vaishnava problem, usually always the vaishnavites tend to celebrate one day before. But the original thithi and nakshatra is on same. Nothing, nothing, nothing can be compared with Adi shankara. Me, and my sangha pays homage to the Adhipati of the hindu tradition. Sarvangyna Peetadhipati of the hindu tradition.


Establisher of Hindu tradition, whatever you are seeing today as the Hindu tradition, Adi Shankara is the architect. Understand, even maha nirvana akaada, even though it was originated by Kapila muni by laws are formed and reorganised as a sangha as an organism by adi shankara. We bow down to the aachaarya with the great respect. Let him shower his grace on all of us. Bless us to experience what he experienced and expressed through his great words.

With this tribute to shankaraachaarya, I will move to nithya satsang today. I will answer the questions from Inner Awakening participants and all the participants. Please read the questions.

Ma Maneesha: The first question today is from Inner Awakening ID no 103 who is asking respected swami I am working in business con where my job is to make our buyers believe that they are getting the products at the best cost without giving a good profit. If I lead a life of complete integrity, may or the company may not be out of business. Please help me for this situation.

Swamiji: This is a very important question. I tell you. Really I tell you. You do not need the people to know what is your margin or profit. When I say integirty, please listen. Do not reduce the quality of the product and do not try to do cutting the corners, do not try to cheat, do not try to delay the delivery. For example, I say this is the product this is best the cost is 10000 rupees. He does not need to know that I made it only for 2000 rupee. I can continue to be in my integrity by maintaining the quality of this product, delivery date and all the services and in the, the integrity does not tell you, you need to tell the cost of the product to the guy. Understand, make the buyers understand very cleary we are business organisation, we are not charitable organisation. We are business organisation. What profit we make is ours. All you need to know is best product. Please understand, if you maintain integrity in all these, that is all is integrity. Don’t lie, don’t talk about the cost price, and make it very clear to people whatever words you utter will be honoured. Whatever words you utter will be honoured. May I know who asked the question? Yes please be seated. Whatever words you utter is honoured. For example, this program. Inner awakening program. Whatever I commit I go on honouring, but what is the expense we incur nobody need to know. Nobody need to compare what they are paying and what is the expense we incur. You understand? Neither we tell you nor you expect to know. Everyone knows what is finally delivered to us is worthy of much more than what we are paying. There ends integrity.

Understand. Please understand. Integrity is not transparency. It is honouring the words you gave. You are confusing integrity with transparency. Tell the people, we are in business. I have a wife, I have a car, and I have a house. I need a cell phone bill. Who will pay my bills? We are a business organisation. You can be very clear, when you say we are a business organisation. Forget about business organisation, even charitable organisations. We need to run. 1200 people I have to take care per month. I’m the father for 1200 people. 1200 people eat because of me. Understand, so, it is not a joke. To run an organisation with 1200 people. So integrity is not transparency, integrity is honouring the words you gave. Trying to honour the words you give. And go on trying to provide the best is authenticity. Neither in integrity nor in authenticity, you are asked to be transparent. You are only asked to be transparent about the product and the cost. When you say upfront, perfectly alright. Understand. Because your life is added into each product. Each product you create, your time is added, your energy is added, your creativity is added. What’s the cost of your time your creativity, your energy. So, integrity is not transparency. How many of you are clear? If you maintain your integrity in all these place, that’s enough, your business will flourish and pick up.

Next, next question.

Ma Maneesha: The next question is from an IA participant who is asking, “The practice of the 4 tattvas has to manifest in our behavior as a human being. And the correct practice of this will make us role models in the society. How can we achieve this?

Swamiji: First drop the greed to be a role model in the society. Live these 4 tattvas, simply people will accept you as a role model. If you are rolled in the 4 tattvas, you will be the model for society. Understand, intensely, intensely, as intensely as possible, as authentically as possible, think think think, through the 4 tattvas. Please understand. Think through the 4 tattvas. First, you need to do is pure listening of 4 tattvas and thinking through these 4 tattvas. Integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching. Let your thinking be aligned with these 4 tattvas. For example, now if you are feeling very sleepy drowsy, immediately bring authenticity. “Come on, till yesterday I was always like this, now let me wake up and practice these tattvas. Let me push myself to the space of listening. Let me take the responsibility for transformation and enriching.” continuously think through the 4 tattvas. Thinking through the 4 tattvas. You will simply be successful with you and with the society. I tell you. Thinking through the 4 tattvas is the best way to be a success and a role model to the humanity. When you think through the 4 tattvas you will have a breakthrough thinking. Next question.

Ma Maneesha: The next question is from is id no 300, who is asking what does it mean to be complete with any situation in life?

Swamiji: What does it mean to be complete with any situation in life. ID no. 300, may I know who it is?

Completion means feeling empowered. Powerful! Without any hangover, after every situation in your life. Completion means feeling empowered, feeling powerful, without any hangover without feeling powerless during and after any situation in your life. If you are powerful, you won’t be violent. You will not be lying spontaneously. You will not be in guilt, fear, pain. So completion means, completion means, feeling empowered after every incident. Listen, every incident only adds to you. Sometimes it adds wealth, success. Sometimes knowledge, experience! It only adds, adds adds. If you are feeling every incident is adding to you, you are empowered, you are complete. If you are feeling disempowered, powerless, then naturally you are in incompletion. So only when you live you will understand this principle based on your experience, what you feel, what you are, how you perceive you.

30 – 45 mins

Next question.

Q. Ma Maneesha: The next question is from a devotee who is asking, Swamiji, I heard you say that sannyas is the best lifestyle and is the need of the hour for the world. You also said that sannyas is the true freedom. I don’t understand how sannyas can be freedom. Can you please explain?

Swamiji: If you are married, you will understand! In so many different levels, sannyas is freedom. I have a story for you guys. One American soldier was in a bunker in Afghanistan with another American whom he did not know. The first soldier said, ‘Why did you come to this war?’ The second soldier replied, ‘I am not married and I love war. So I came here. What about you? ’The other guy replied, ‘I am married and I love peace, that is why I am here.’

Listen! Listen! Listen! Alcohol does not need any marketing. Do you know in India, marketing, advertising alcohol is banned? Any form of spirit, the alcohol advertising is banned. Legally it is not allowed. But do you know, non-advertising, does it stop people consuming it? Understand, just by the experience it gives, it gets, one fellow enriches another fellow about alcohol and gets enriched, and the whole world is drinking! At least in India, especially, the whole country is drinking! They import and drink! Make local arrack and drink! And what all they do! Sometimes mix and drink! Listen! Just by the experience of the alcohol, you don’t need a marketing department, people pick up the lifestyle of alcohol, I tell you, sannyas does not need separate promotion. If they see me and my sannyasis, that is enough! It will spread! Alcohol is addiction. Sannyas is de-addiction! That is the only difference.

Come and see my Peetadheeshwar Training Centers. Come and see my Gurukul. Sannyas is freedom even from the idea of freedom! What is real freedom? Freedom to surrender to four tattvas. Other than these four tattvas, nothing else exists in me, is the freedom. Freedom is not simply doing what you want, it is allowing four tattvas to live through you. See, from today, as long as I am alive, morning 7 o’clock I am going to be in Pada Puja; 8 o’clock I am going to be in satsang. Do you understand? I did this for last, at least I think three years, and I am going to be doing for all the years I am going to be in the body. But I don’t feel this as a bondage! You may think, ‘Oh, every day, day in and day out, I have to come out and sit and stretch my legs, and then I have to sit and talk something and entertain people for one hour!’ You can get bored with anything, understand! If you are inauthentic, even being worshipped you can get bored! If you are authentic, even while you worship you won’t get bored.

Understand, I never even feel that my commitment towards the world is a bondage. See, whether you may be here today; tomorrow somebody else will be here; but this is my lifestyle. 7 o’clock in the garbha mandir; 8 o’clock in this seat I will have to continue. It is not a joke! How many of you understand? (People raise their hands). Then you know! But, I do not feel it is a bondage. And not only my morning routine, whole day! Because, after the Inner Awakening, few days only break, and immediately starts Inner Awakening Level-1. Then few days break, immediately, Bali Inner Awakening starts. Then, straight Kailaasa Yatra. Then immediately after that, August Inner Awakening starts! Already my whole next year calendar is in the website. You can see! I already know what I am going to do for next one full year. But I don’t feel it is a bondage. I don’t feel it is boring. Freedom is free from boredom and idea of bondage and freedom. Allowing the four tattwas to live through you is freedom. Getting it?

With Integrity and Authenticity, tell me, even if you are worshipped by people every day, you have to come exactly at the same time to receive the worship, Pada Puja, how many of you will be really bored? See, neither I am bored, nor I am going to change the time or I am tired. I am going to continue to receive as long as I am in the body and even after I leave the body! And the morning satsangh is going to happen! I will continue to speak as long as I am in the body. After that, I will have my own mechanism to speak! I am neither bored nor going to get bored. Understand! Freedom means, freedom from boredom and freedom from the concept of freedom. Deciding to live with these four tattvas. See, decide, ‘I am not going to have anything called my private or my own other than these four tattvas!’ That is freedom! That is freedom! That is freedom!

Sannyas is the only way to true freedom! Please understand, I am not saying one way to true freedom. Even when it comes to Hinduism, I am not fanatic. But when it comes to sannyas, I think I am fanatic! But one nice thing, my fanaticism is established on sound knowledge and perfect experience. Sound knowledge and complete experience! In my life, I have even doubted at least once the masters whom I believed – Ramakrishna and Ramana Maharshi. These two were the masters whom I believed while I was doing my practices. They both are my scale to measure anything. What is vairagya? I will refer only to them. What is enlightenment? I will refer only to them. What is tapas? I will refer to them. What is spiritual practice? I will refer to them. They were the scale for me to refer anything. Their words are the ultimate for me. They both are the Supreme Court for me. Even I doubted both of them, but I never doubted sannyas in my life. There was a time I decided I will live without both of them in my life, before my realization of my mission. Maybe, I can say, that some ten hours I was in that space. Once I even thought of disowning Hinduism! In that space I was there for three - four hours. I felt the whole Hinduism is fake! All masters are fake! I was in such a deep depression. The last, just before the enlightenment, means that flowering, that last phase I have to walk, I have to walk alone. So, that loneliness, I felt all masters are fake! Hinduism is fake! At that time, I wanted to take revenge. I threw the Ramakrishna photo which I was worshipping as my very being for years! And I decided just to take revenge I will convert from Hinduism! I doubted my masters and Hinduism, but even at that moment I never thought I will leave the sannyas! Of course, when I realized the ultimate, I understood everyone has to pass through that phase. So, my connection with sannyas is more than my connection with Vedic tradition. See, I was planning to get converted only to Buddhism. That is the closest I can find to Hinduism.

45 min – end

Even then I was only planning to be a Buddhist Lama, not married, Buddhist sannyasi.

I tell you, even a failed sannyasi is thousand times progressed than a successful householder, because in the householder, the responsibility you take is a totally different direction. It is all about enriching one family. The very scale you set for yourself is so low. It is like a mom-shop pop-shop guy. His whole goal is only yearly turnover of ten-thousand-five-hundred-and-fifty rupees. A sannyasi, every day turnover is two-and-a-half crore. So, even if he fails, he will be at least two crore! Even if the mom-shop pop-shop guy is successful, he may be twelve-thousand rupees. Understand, the very level in which you put your scale itself is different in Sannyas. But only thing, you have to be a responsible Sannyasi. Of course, only with responsibility Sannyas comes. Sannyasi is not an outfit, he is an overfit. If mainstream Hindus take up Sannyas again as a lifestyle, at least after sixty-five, after sixty, at least after the retirement – of course if you ask me, I will say you should start the Sannyas life at the age of six, or if not, little early – but at least after retirement, after sixty, if you pick up Sannyas. I tell you, so much can be done to you and to the world!

I commit, I will make mainstream Hindus accept Sannyas as a lifestyle by making some of the top celebrities in India in political, cine field, social field, making them take Sannyas when they retire from the life. Some of the top celebrities in India, I will see to it they take Sannyas when they turn fifty-eight, and they set a trend! Any model citizen, the mainstream Hindus should take Sannyas by the time you retire. I will make this as a lifestyle and I wanted it to be a lifestyle. Only then, people will understand the different way of living. The lifestyle taught to us by the mainstream western philosophy is a lie, is a failure! Already it is proved. For the amount of depression, addiction, suicide, legal suicide and illegal suicide. When I say legal suicide, bringing cancer for yourself and dying; bringing the diabetes for yourself and dying; bringing blood pressure for yourself and dying; it is legal suicide! You know if you do all this, this, you will have diabetes and blood pressure. Why are you doing that and dying? It is a legal suicide! Socially accepted suicide and unaccepted suicide. That is all. If you drink poison straightaway and die in a few hours, it is unaccepted suicide. If you sip little by little every day in the form of alcohol and die, it is accepted suicide! The accepted and unaccepted suicides, addictions, depressions has proved the lifestyle you adopted as a mainstream lifestyle is a failure.

I give my clarion call, O! Hindus of India, O! the people of Vedic tradition all over the world, wake up! I give you my call for both groups. People of Vedic tradition from all over the world and Hindus of India, wake up! Sannyas is the only solution! This is the best alternative lifestyle! Let the mainstream Hindus accept Sannyas as a lifestyle like Buddhists. Only then you will understand and taste the joy of freedom and enlightenment. Jeevan Mukthi!

I am coming! I am just preparing the ground, doing the groundwork. I will initiate at least one million – 10 lakh – Sannyasis with this very hand! I will make Sannyas as a mainstream lifestyle. Just like Buddhism, let the Sannyas become the mainstream lifestyle! Understand, only with Sannyas you can go to the extreme of living those spiritual principles. Seeing the peak of spiritual life! I know! People are frightened when I talk about Sannyas. Especially they try to hide their sons and daughters away from me when I speak about Sannyas. It is your inauthenticity, hiding you and hiding your kids away from me. You may hide them from me during the waking hours. But I will go into their dreams! There you can’t stop me! And wake them up!

O! The Youth of India, your life is going to be with me. Get ready! Elders of India, be mature enough to do the graceful exit, allowing the revolution, spiritual revolution to happen. Either allow the spiritual evolution, or we may have to make revolution!

Yes, it is time we paint the Parliament with saffron! It is time we paint the country with Kaavi! It is time we take up the responsibility, we take up the responsibility of making Sannyas as a mainstream lifestyle! If you are shivering when I am speaking about Sannyas, be very clear, that is your root-pattern and inauthenticity. If you are, again and again, looking at your son or daughter, how he is reacting, catch it, that is your root-pattern! And if you are shivering seeing the joy in the face of your son or daughter when I speak about Sannyas, better you know that nobody is going to save you! Even if you bring it to the Ultimate Judge, he is going to be on the side of your son and daughter! It is time, it is time! Only then we can save the Planet Earth! Planet Earth can be saved only by creating responsible Sannyasis. Sannyasis who take the responsibility to teach these spiritual principles. It is time.

The essence of today’s satsang is:



Darshan - IMG_8086.jpg Darshan - IMG_8081.jpg Death Process - IMG_8040.jpg Death Process - IMG_8037.jpg Death Process - IMG_8014.jpg Death Process - IMG_8007.jpg Death Process - IMG_8006.jpg Death Process - IMG_7987.jpg Death Process - IMG_7986.jpg Death Process - IMG_7985.jpg Death Process - IMG_7981.jpg Death Process - IMG_7980.jpg Death Process - IMG_7979.jpg Death Process - IMG_7974.jpg Death Process - IMG_7972.jpg Death Process - IMG_7970.jpg Death Process - IMG_7956.jpg Death Process - IMG_7950.jpg Death Process - IMG_7949.jpg Death Process - IMG_7942.jpg Death Process - IMG_7934.jpg Death Process - IMG_7932.jpg Death Process - IMG_7927.jpg Death Process - IMG_7922.jpg Death Process - IMG_7918.jpg Death Process - IMG_7908.jpg Death Process - IMG_7907.jpg Death Process - IMG_7901.jpg Death Process - IMG_7897.jpg Death Process - IMG_7877.jpg Death Process - IMG_7816.jpg Death Process - IMG_7810.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7808.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7738.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7735.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7733.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7726.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7725.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7700.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7699.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7691.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7673.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7672.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7659.jpg Padapuja - IMG_7655.jpg

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