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Allowing the others’ interests and enjoying it as personal interest is “Vairagya”.

When others’ interests become part of your joy, it is called “Vairagya”.

The Path to Self-Realization

I have seen in my own life, from my own experience I can tell you, when I decided to fulfil others’ expectations about me, when I started stretching myself, I realized this is what is my own expectation about me also! When you fulfil others’ expectations about you and realize that this is also your expectation about you, you reach the space of self-realization.

As long as you think you are stretching yourself just to fulfil others’ expectations you will carry a continuous irritation, agitation and heaviness. When you realize that this is also your own expectation about you, then you will have fulfillment, the joy of renunciation, the joy of sacrifice, the joy of vairagya – this is vairagyananda, tyagananda.

People may ask, ‘How can renunciation be joyful, how can tyaga be joyful?’ If renunciation and sacrifice is done because of others’ expectation it will only be painful. But when you click with the truth, when you start stretching yourself to others’ expectation and you realize this is your own expectation about you also, then it is no more anyakara! You are expanding for your mamakara and ahamkara. Now nobody else is forcing you!