August 06 2013

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Carry the space of completion


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains that when we carry a powerful space of completion, everyone around us also experiences completion. When we are established in such a high state of completion, nothing can disturb us. The ideas we conceive will simply radiate to the world without further effort on our part. Paramahamsa Nithyananda illustrates how by understanding the inner space and personality of an enlightened being, we will discover the exact method in which we can also reach enlightenment. Because, by this method, we will realize why we do what we do, why we are the way we are, plus we will see all the resulting possible complications, problems, and confusions; leading us through completion itself.

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I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Todays subject for Nithya Satsangh: “SWAMIJI”!

Still, still Vivekananda is in my inner space. All of you call me as “Swamiji”, but I tell you, I use that word only for Vivekananda! His sacrifice, his dedication…! The first time I read Vivekananda’s life was, may be, when I was fourteen, surely below fourteen, a book published by Ramakrishna Mission, Chennai Ramakrishna Mutt. It is a combined biography of Ramakrishna and Vivekananda. Then, I don’t know how many times I read different, different biographies, reminiscences, to grasp, to understand all the three great personalities of modern-day Hinduism, architects of modern-day Hinduism – Vivekananda, Ramakrishna and Sharada Devi. But, never ever understood Vivekananda from this angle. I’ve understood Vivekananda from different angles of power, valor, courage.

See, when you look at the personality, the power, valor, courage, you take him for granted and think ‘He is from a different plane. He will be like that only.’ That is why when people say I am God, I feel, ‘No, no, no, don’t use that word and take me for granted.’ The moment you use that word, you stop studying my personality which will make you as God.

Krishna says, again and again, in the Gita….. Please understand, there are very few concepts Krishna repeats in Bhagawad Gita. The one concept is, “Understand me; you will become God!”. It may look very arrogant for an onlooker. Krishna says, ‘Understand my godliness, you will become God!’ “Understand me, you will become me!’ ‘Understand my inner space, you will achieve that space!’ It means, please understand, an enlightened being, when you understand their inner space without missing even a step, now you know the method to reach that space.

Personality of the enlightened being is not person; it is personification! Personality of the enlightened being is not person; it is personification! When you grasp personality of an enlightened being, suddenly you know why you are like you are, why you are the way you are, why you think the way you think, why you behave the way you behave, why you talk the way you talk, you know, you know the possible confusions, you know the possible incompletions, you know the possible problems, and you will see, you will simply know the methodology to experience completion.

I tell you, understanding the masters’ lives should be important syllabus, part of the learning in our Gurukul, and, same way, in our Sannyas Training Institute. Sannyas Training and Gurukul, in both we should have this as a syllabus.

Today, I have one more movie to sit and watch with the ashramites – all chatur varna, all chatur varna are going to sit and watch one more movie. But I don’t know…..actually it is not even one movie; we may have to watch six days! It is a six-hours movie “The Story of India”. It is by BBC. BBC has done it. It is available on YouTube also. Of course, I may not agree with all the ideas he expresses; but I agree with more than 80% of his ideas. Other than few small things…..unfortunately, he mentions about this Aryan invasion theory which is already widely discredited. Other than Indians, nobody believes in Aryan invasion theory! Other than some chota-mota, useless, old universities which does not change the syllabus for last fifty years…..!. No really! In Tamil Nadu, if you study the diploma mechanical engineering, you will see the antique machines, which will never be seen in the real industry or factory, which is no way available. See, antiques are great to be seen in museum, but not as training. You can’t give training with antique pieces. At least the polytechnique where I studied all the machines you can directly keep them in museum. British period lathe, Moghul period drilling machine…! And so unfortunate, you can’t take training with that. Because, in modern days, if you enter the factory, you will not seen one, one machine with which you worked and learned. So, India still suffers with that.

All these modern-day universities are useless, third-rate! Never they update their syllabus. During Independence whatever was designed as syllabus it is there! Indian universities are almost like Indian Airlines. In Indian Airlines, all the aircrafts bought during Independence, and all the air-hostesses appointed during Independence! Same way, Indian universities also! Other than these, some of the old Indian universities, nobody believes this Aryan invasion theory, and it is outdated.

Other than one Aryan invasion theory which he (the BBC guy) unfortunately mentions – that also he is not crediting it completely; he is mentioning on the way. I really want to recommend and request all our satsanghis, samajis, devotees to see these six documentaries also. It is available in YouTube. “The Story of India”, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6. It is available in six parts. Please don’t miss it. I really wanted all of you to see . Other than these one or two unfortunate things, he (the BBC guy) has done a very beautiful work.

And, he has explored, he has explored India, I could see. And he proves based on the DNA tests that near Madhurai, that’s the oldest human settlement on the Planet Earth! Because the whole village carries certain DNA which is the oldest DNA on Planet Earth! So, Madurai the oldest human settlement! And when they discovered one man with that DNA, they were shocked! But, when they went through and tested, the whole village was having that DNA! The whole thing he presented is beautiful! The struggle of India, the stability of India…! May be, after all of you see the documentary, I will talk about it. Now I will bring my attention back to Vivekananda.

When you see the valor and courage of a person, there is every possibility you take him for granted and miss all the humanly struggles he had to go through, all the humanly tortures he had to go through with the human-beings for whom he is sacrificing his life, who don’t understand or recognize his sacrifice. Because they don’t understand and recognize his sacrifice, they go on abusing, torturing, making his life more difficult.

I have seen the very Hindus for whom I wear this sacred art jewellery abuse me, saying, ‘Why he is wearing so much golden jewellery?’ The fools should know I’ll be happy to have just one piece cotton kavi, with which I always lived and enjoyed! Still in my personnel life, I live with that one piece cotton kavi, may be 3m. I wear this to tell you the glory of you, your past, your inheritance. It is not to tell my glory, it is to tell your glory. It is to remind your glory.

When human-beings make masters’ lives difficult, what all they have to go through! Only when I saw this movie, “Vivekananda by Vivekananda”, I understood the other side, the other side, what he went through, what he has to go through in his life. I tell you, when you understand a master’s life without taking any one of his dimensions for granted…..if you take his dimensions for granted, you won’t analyze, intranalyze, you will just stop looking at it. When you see his simplicity don’t say, don’t take it for granted. Look in intranalyze. When you see his powers don’t take him for granted saying he is god. No, look in! Intranalyze! When you see his sacrifice, dedication, don’t take him for granted, saying he is an enlightened being. No, look in! Intranalyze! Intranalyzing the various masters’ inner space from different dimensions brings those very spaces, understanding and completion in you! The power of Vivekananda is, the space of completion he carried, which nobody is able to disturb that, nobody is able to distract. Single man in ten years awakened India to its original glory, to its glorious past! Understand, the beauty of Indian history is, if you are awakened to the glorious past, not that you will be brooding about the past, you will know the method to bring the past to the future!

Today is Adi Amavasya. You will see from Rameshwaram to Kashmir, from Gujarat to Gangasagar, everywhere people will be doing shraaddha to their elders. Of course, we have Maheshwara Puja today. You will see how when there was no communication system established, how did this happen? Masters, enlightened beings, just by the space they carried, the power of completion, they send such strong thought currents, everywhere the human-beings experience the same way of thoughts, same way of thinking! That is the only way they could have spread all these. In the morning what is done in…..the words uttered, the sounds created in Varanasi Temple and Rameshwaram Temple will be the same! See, now you have communication methods, but what about those days?

Till Ramakrishna’s father’s time, Ramakrishna’s father took seven years to have Rameshwaram darshan and go back! Seven years he had to walk all the way just to have a darshan of a temple! Seven years, he left kamarkupur by walk, just having little money. He will beg, eat, beg, eat – and, of course, India was so rich in the concept of taking care of the travelers, pilgrims, yatris – he walks all the way to Rameshwaram! I don’t know how he crossed the ocean. May be he would have taken the help of the fishermen and crossed by boat. I don’t think in those days there was Pamban Bridge or anything. He has the darshan of Rama and Eshwara. In Rameshwaram two deities are there – Shiva and Rama. And he takes the darshan of both and goes back. And after that, the child born to him he names as Rameshwara. How, how this happened?

Please listen! Come to the space of listening! When you are in the space of completion, the ideas you release gets awakened in all human-beings without even you conveying verbally! They just wake up to that idea! So strongly they wake up to that idea! Everywhere the truths, that ideas are received, respected, lived. Only in this way, only through this methodology such great ideas could have been transmitted to such vast length and breadth without a communication system. There is no other way. I tell you, even Vivekananda, he can’t wake up a country which is sleeping for around thousand years in ten years! His whole public life is only ten years! You should know, 1893, September 11, he appeared in Chicago, his first public lecture. In 1902, less than ten years later, in 1902, July 4, he left the body. In just ten years of public life how a man can awaken a country which is sleeping for thousand years with such a load of unconsciousness? With such a load of unconsciousness! It is just because of the power of completion space he carried!

First thing, first thing all of you should do is create that kind of a powerful space of completion in you. Whether you want to bring revolution in you, evolution in you, or revolution in society, evolution in humanity, whatever you want to do, first bring the space of completion what Vivekananda had. Along with the completion, do the action for creation. Do the action for creation with completion. It is like one supporting the other, one supporting the other – snowballing effect! Your creation should support completion; completion should support creation.

In Sanskrit we have two words: “Pravritthi”, “Nivritthi”.

Pravritthi means “incompletions leading to more and more incompletions”. The incompletion you carry makes you do many actions which leads to do more and more incompletions, is Pravritthi.

The completion you carry leads to more and more completion, is Nivritthi.

Your actions should be Nivritthi, not Pravritthi. It should be Nivritthi based not Pravritthi based.

Vivekananda was such a being, established in Nivritthi, established in completion, established in the space of completion. Not in completion; in “The” completion!

I will translate and give you the essence in Hindi.

Hindi tranlation

Understand, when you are established in Nivritthi, anything you think just becomes reality. Listen! Anything you think if it is not becoming reality, work on establishing yourself in Nivritthi, means completion.

Hindi translation

I have a question from a devotee. I will answer the question. Please read out the question.

The question is,

“When someone in your life is saying he is completing, and I feel that he is just faking it and is not looking in. should I refuse to be complete with that person and tell that person to look in more and continue completing or should I be standing in completion myself and accept that persons completion. Will me being complete, leave that person naturally in completion?”

It’s a nice question.

“When someone in your life is saying he is completing, and I feel that he is just faking it and is not looking in. “

Please understand, all doubting others is self-doubt! This is the rule of the thumb. Understand, this is the rule. All doubting others is self-doubt! I think I have answered the question. So, stand in the completion with you, and stand in the completion with that person, and tell that person to look in more and continue completing. Stand in the completion. Accept that person’s completion. I tell you, drop the self-doubt; you will drop doubt on that person. That itself will make him complete. He will be complete. All doubt towards others is nothing but self-doubt. It is just self-doubt. When you are in the path of Pravritthi, means incompletion leading to more and more incompletion, I tell you, you will never be able to trust anybody. You will go on doubting you and doubting others. When you are in the path of Nivritthi, you will trust you and trust others. You will trust your completion, you will hold the space for others’ completion.

People around Vivekananda carried so much incompletion about themselves and Vivekananda. Those days’ Indians, who have not bothered to take care of Vivekananda, who have not even bothered to tell the world, ‘Vivekananda is our representative’, has an audacity to command Vivekananda to maintain a Hindu vegetarian diet very strictly. Vivekananda says beautifully, this dirty bossism without doing little help. Vivekananda writes nicely, ‘Whoever says I have to keep to my strict Hindu vegetarian diet, please tell them to send a cook! And pay to maintain the cook’ All the fellows shut their mouth! Of course, it is not that Vivekananda lived a characterless life. No! He lived a very strict life. But these fellows, this bossism, empty bossism…..! I can say, empty bossism is the essence of Hinduism! Really! Just go on boss around people without bothering or caring or concern! You become a big guy. And all these dirts, monkeys and donkeys trying to boss around me, you can see they are exactly in the space of people who tried to boss around Vivekananda. I could see one man’s sacrifice. What a powerful space of completion he carried! So much of incompletions people carried towards him. He swallowed everything and stood, awakened the country, made them all complete! It is not that all the people around Vivekananda were complete with him. They carried so much of incompletions about Vivekananda, but Vivekananda never bothered. He was complete and he went on awakening people through the power of his completion. His inner space was established in Nivritthi. Because he is established in Nivritthi, the completion led to more, more completion, more completion. More completion led to more and more completion. More and more completions led to more and more and more completion!

Hindi translation

Understand, at least I have a luxury of having my disciples around me. ‘If you listen, be with me. Otherwise, do what you want to do and live your life! Leave’ Problem ends! But with Vivekananda, he did not even have a luxury of having his own disciples. He has to work and die with Ramakrishna’s disciples. Whatever is said and done, all the people who worked with him are brother-disciples, not his disciples, brother- disciples who go on questioning his authority, judging him, measuring him every moment whether he is aligned to Ramakrishna’s words or not! Doing this dirty alignment dance. It’s not a joke if somebody is constantly nagging you saying “Master bolche…Master bolche…..Thakur bolche…..Thakur bolche….”. “Ramakrishna said that…..Ramakrishna said this…! You are living like this…! You are doing this…!”. Why Ramakrishna said? What he said at that moment only he knows. Some words which I said yesterday in some situation, naturally, may not be useful today or tomorrow or day before yesterday. Without knowing the context, using the word, he had to go through the whole torture. Because, people who lived around him, they are not his disciples; they were all Ramakrishna’s disciples. Unfortunately, by the time he evolved a battalion of his disciples, his own disciples, he left the body.

Hindi translation

I tell you, the power of completion, the space Vivekananda carried…..Oh, God! He is literally Shiva, Mahadeva, who could swallow any poison and awaken people!

Essence of today’s satsangh:

Carry a powerful space of completion, Nivritthi, so that everyone around you experience completion, society, humanity, experience completion.

With this, I will move to the next segment of the morning satsangh – Nirahara Samyama

Hindi instructions for samyama

With this all the Nirahara Samyama participants, please sit straight. Close your eyes. Visualize you have become Bidadi Kalpavriksha. Inhale through both the nostrils and mouth. Hold as long as you can. Exhale through both the nostrils. Do this pranayama for next twenty-one minutes visualizing you have become Bidadi Kalpavriksha.

I bless you all with my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching! Let you all experience Kundalini Awakening! Let you all produce the energy directly from space, live health, bliss, enlightenment! Namah Shivaya!

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