April 23 2017

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Manifesting Powers is About Becoming One with the Source of Shakti: Sadashiva!


"With Shakti Sandhana," which is Oneness with Sadashiva, "you can bend not only spoon, but the very air in a complete, safe way."

His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji delivered this discourse as the 11th Living Sadashivoham Process on 23rd April, 2017. In it, He describes the Space from which we manifest the powers into which He initiates us. From the space of Oneness with Him, we don't manifest only powers, but also powerful cognitions, and the realization of our own Sadashivatva, living the state, radiating the space and manifesting the Shaktis of Sadashiva.

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Swamiji -

Actually, the technique is not just to move the coconut or bend the spoon. You can bend the spoon also with this. It is not just to bend the spoon. You can bend the air itself, (??what’s??) spoon….! The focus is Shaktisandhana, means becoming One with the Source of Shakti - Sadāshiva. Becoming One with the Source. That is what, is the real happening here. The state and space, from which you operate matters. From where you manifest matters than what you manifest. Compounders’ tablets may work sometimes, but even if it works, sometime going to him is dangerous. In India, compounders become Doctors. In Indian villages, you will be surprised…..IMA releases a statement 40% of the Indian Doctors are fake, means when I say fake, not just Quack, they do not have any Degree, but they put a big board, “MBBS.” Means they stay with the Doctor 3-4 years and study. Headache - white tablet, stomach pain - yellow tablet, knee pain - green tablet, leg pain - brown tablet. Okay. This will work as long as Pharmaceutical Company does not change the color and size and shape. And funny thing is, many Veterinary Doctors do treat human beings in India. No, Veterinary Doctors, suddenly become human being Doctors. They say it is only dosage less, leave it what is there. For animals, dosage is little more, for human beings dosage is little less, intestine is small and blood volume is small so dosage is less, that’s all.


Even if it works, it is dangerous because from the context, things are happening are dangerous. Anytime you will get into accident. So most of this spoon bending Psychic power guys, their context is wrong. Even if it works, don’t go there. You are falling into dangerous pit. With a authentic Doctor, even if it takes few days, you will always be safe. Understand. With authentic Scriptures, methodologies given by the Vedas and Agamas, even if you take few days, you will be safe because it time tested, full proof method. Understand. The context matters. You may say,” They also bend spoon, we also bend spoon, what is the difference?” No, there is a vast difference. There is a vast difference. Entering into marriage due to love and romance, entering into marriage due to Dowry - both are marriage, what is the difference? There is a vast difference, because you are not going to sleep with money. You may be sleeping on the bed, which is bought by money, but you are not going to spending your life with money. In India, there are only 2 types of marriages. One is Dowry marriage and another one is love marriage, that’s all. Of course, I am not promoting both be very clear. I want to put the disclaimer now itself. I am saying, ‘there is a big difference between both’. That’s all, I am trying to tell you. Same way, here the context is important, because once you master the context, Shaktisandhana, that’s the original verse.


That’s the original verse from Shiva Sutra. ‘Shaktisandhana’ - when that starts happening, it is not just that you will start moving coconut or bend spoon, you can bend air and you can play with anything, in a complete safe way. In a complete safe way. Without being a danger to yourself and to the Planet Earth. You will a great joy to yourself and to the Planet Earth. If you are empowered, how you behave matters for further empowerment. Understand. If you are empowered, how you behave matters for further empowerment. In our Sangha, if you see the more and more…..we grow more and more, we become traditional, true to the original scriptures. More and more we spend our time, energy, everything, in searching for the original Agamic references and original verses and making them more and more into reality. That is why Sadāshiva showers more and more. If we have more people, then we try to be more authentic with Agama. If we have more money, then we try to dig into Agama and make it as original as Sadāshiva said. When we are empowered by peop…..with people or money or anything, we become more and more integrated. That is why we are getting more and more empowered. So, when you are empowered, how you behave matters, for further empowerment. For further empowerment. Now I will answer your questions, related to Sadāshivatva and becoming Aadheenavasi.


The first question - Swamiji, I have done Inner Awakening, Kaalbhairava told me,’ the purpose of my life is to enrich the world with Swamiji’s teachings’. I want to align myself to my purpose. Can you please share, who is an Aadheenavasi?, and what is the right context for someone becoming Aadheenavasi?


Swamiji - Listen. Aadheenavasi means someone who is radiating….. Listen carefully. Living the state, radiating the space, manifesting the powers of Sadāshiva and helping others to manifest the same state, space and powers. Getting empowered and empowering others. You can do this in multiple forms. It can be as simple as taking care of the Goshala, a cow shelter, in the Aadheenam or doing everyday ritualistic worship of Sadāshiva, in the temple or running a Publication Department or running a Web Department, Social Media reach out, whatever, whatever may be - whatever, whatever maybe. Please understand. The right context is living, manifesting and radiating state, space and powers of Sadāshiva. If you think,” Oh, it is going above my head. I don’t think, I am for it”, then you need to immediately join, become a Aadheenavasi. Because only sick man need hospital. If you say, ”No, I am sick, I don’t think I can get cured.” You need hospital. Just hijack yourself, before your mind says,”No”, and drop yourself here because your mind is never going to say,”Yes.” If your mind says,”Yes”, for becoming Aadheenavasi, that is the last decision it is taking. It may not want to enter into a space where, it will not exist anymore in its itching form.

Understand. That’s the right word, ”itching form.” Your mind exists sometimes itching form. Constantly feeling like scratching here, scratching there. All your reactions are actually ‘scratching’. In right - wrong places, that’s all. No, all your reactions are only ‘scratching’. If your mind says,”Yes”, to become Aadheenavasi, suddenly it loses it’s itching form. It enters into a different zone, different space. Your existence enters into a different space. Come, live, radiate, manifest Sadāshiva. It is possible for you. Your impossibilities is nothing but your arrogance. Doors are wide open, don’t miss it and don’t take it for granted, thinking the doors will be forever wide opened. Even if the doors are wide open, the crowd maybe such, it will be standing till the door, you may not be able to get through. So now, when the doors are open, when there is a space inside, get in! Next….


Can Swamiji share about the Sadāshivatva Program, which is being offered for Aadheenavasis and Aspiring Aadheenavasis, starting May 13th ?


Swamiji - So, the question is - ‘Can Swamiji share about the Sadāshivatva Program, which is being offered for Aadheenavasis and Aspiring Aadheenavasis, starting May 13th ‘ - One small correction. There is no Aspiring Aadheenavasis. Only if you commit, if you have decided to become Aadheenavasi, come for May 13th. It is not for ‘Aspiring Aadheenavasi’. That is such a technical, cheating term. Enough, you have cheated yourself. First time in US only I heard, somebody telling,” I think I have headache.” What do you mean by ‘you think you have headache?’ Whether you have or you don’t have, that’s all. No, still I am not able to understand. And even Boards, I see everywhere,” If you are pregnant or think you are pregnant”...... I am not able to understand. No, there are zones they will put a board - “If you are pregnant or you think you are pregnant, don’t enter this zone.” Anyhow, there are some things even I don’t understand in the world. Anyhow. So, there is no such thing as ‘Aspiring Aadheenavasi’. The program is offered to anybody who has decided to become Aadheenavasi, from May 13th. It’s a Orientation Program.

The whole Program is based on 1 truth - Shaktisandhana - uniting with the force, Shakti, power, which is the Source, giving you the experience of Shaktisandhana. So, once you experience Shaktisandhana, manifesting power and manifesting powerful cognitions, both will happen just like that. Manifesting powers and manifesting cognitions. See, if you open your Third Eye and start manifesting, that is Powers, like Third Eye reading or moving the coconut, bending the spoon, bending the spouse, whatever. This is powers of the Third Eye, manifesting powers. But if you understand, from the Oneness, if I can open My Third Eye and My Third Eye is available, then from the Oneness, all Third Eyes are available to Me and start manifesting through all Third Eyes, then it is manifesting powerful Cognitions.

Sadāshivatva will give you the Source experience, primordial experience, Shaktisandhana, uniting with the Source, so you can manifest powers and powerful cognitions. Powers and powerful cognitions. Actually, when you start moving the coconut, you can be initiated into raising or lowering your BP, raising or lowering your sugar, raising or lowering your salt level in your blood. That’s a next. That is a next because same power only need to be used there. Once you master that power, manifest that power, I tell you there is no natural death for you because your vitals will always be kept as you want. Only if there is some accident, from somewhere a stone drops on you…..where you don’t have enough time to get back to that space and all that, only then rarely accident can happen or rarely death can happen. As a natural flow, there is no death. Understand. Keeping the vitals young is one of the side effects of this Depth power manifestation, because see, more Prana, more fat is burnt. More Prana, more purification of the body. So, if you can move a coconut, not just in other’s hand, you should be able to move on the floor, next level and break a coconut and seal. All these powers when they manifest, you can easily use the same power and instruct. I’ll initiate you and help you. Guide you into the next level. You can clean up your body and maintain and control your body, as you want. Your vital organs are also matter. If you can overpower a coconut, you can overpower your kidney. Your kidney is much more near to you, than your coconut. Your brain is much more close to you than your coconut. So the Shaktisandhana, opens too many doors. Opens too many possibilities. Opens too many sweet things, in your life. You will be liberated from mood swings because if you can move this coconut, you can move this coconut anyway you want. Chemical releases, hormonal releases in your system, will be completely in your hand, in your level. Next.


What can I expect to manifest in life, as an Aadheenavasi that I can’t as a Devotee living where I am?


Swamiji - ‘What can I expect to manifest in life as an Aadheenavasi that I cannot as a Devotee living where I am’. First of all, this question….there is no comparison between living where you are and living where I am. Understand. Living where you are, you know what it is. Living where I am, you need to know what it is. How can I compare, if you don’t know both? You know only one. You do not know the other one. Anything I say about the other one will look,” Aah! Maybe he is bragging.” I am not bragging, I am just dragging you here. I am not at all…..I am not at all interested in bragging, I am just interested in dragging you here. So understand. See, as a Devotee, where you live, where you are, yes - you do follow some teachings and manifest some powers, have some completion and good life, maybe happy life, completion, contentment, peace. Yes, I am not saying,”No, to it.” But it can never be compared to living in Kailaasa. Maybe this question need to be answered by the people who are already living in Kailaasa, who tasted Kailaasa, who knows both sides. See, if you living where you are, you do not know My side and I want to tell you, I do not know your side because I never lived liked….where you are living. We should ask somebody who has done that and done this, both. Who lived there as a Devotee and now who is tasting and enjoying Kailash. We should ask them to respond to this question. I will leave this question to them. They can respond. Anybody who has done that and done this, want to respond, can come and respond. Then, I’ll go the next question.


Ma Nithya Swaroopapriyananda - So, after having lived this, Swamiji’s Devotee in the outside world. I can say the highlight of my day or the joy of my day, would be watching Swamiji’s Satsang or checking Facebook to see if Swamiji has made any post or liked any of my post. And that sweet in a way. But living here in Kailaasa with Sadāshiva himself, the highlights of the day become so far expanded beyond just checking Facebook or watching Swamiji on a screen. The highlight becomes seeing Swamiji in the physical form. The highlight of the day, in the outside world, might be when Swamiji says something that clicks with us in our inner space. We get that feeling that we understand what he is saying and the feeling we are living what he is initiating us into. But here Swamiji Himself, personally guides us, personally sees our progress. Lets us know when we are aligned lets us know when we are missing it. So that we don’t have to wonder whether or not we are coming into that space of Oneness with Him, whether or not we are understanding his teaching. We no longer….like Swamiji said,” The last decision the mind has to make, is the decision to become Aadheenavasi.” From there He’ll personally take care of us and there is no way you can put into words, how great that feels especially when it comes to the manifesting Shaktis. See, being initiated via 2-way, the way everyone in the….around the world Centers have been today. It’s great, but here you might get called to Swamiji’s own Courtyard. You can sit in Swamiji’s own home. You can actually be among the people who have been living with Him, for so many years, that you can see Swamiji in every Gurukul Balasant and in every Purna Sannyasi, every Krama Brahmacharini, every Aadheenavasi. See, when you become an Aadheenavasi, you’ll also see what it is to see Kailaasavasi. You will see so many reflections of Swamiji, everywhere you look. You can never live one moment of your life forgetting Him. In the outer world, you might go to your job for the day and you will be wearing your Mala, so when you look in the mirror, you see Swamiji’s face smiling back at you and those will be nice moments. You’ll be in the remembrance of Him. But here in the Aadheenam, every single moment, you are surrounded by Swamiji.

See, there was somebody who came recently with an Aura measuring machine and they were measuring even just the auras of the Krama Brahmacharini….sorry Krama Brahmachari, who is sitting in the Welcome Center and his aura was expanded beyond anything that machine had ever measured before. When we hear that, we can imagine how expansive is Swamiji’s own aura, Sadāshiva’s aura. When we enter this energy field, you are literally in his aura, in his space. Of course the entire World, the entire Universe is within His aura but here it is so much closer, so much more intimate. If you feel any love towards Swamiji or if you feel you want to be a part of his Mission, serving Swamiji from where you are in the world, it still keeping some separation between You and Him. When you want to be completely with Him, dissolved into Swamiji’s space, a part of Swamiji, then there is nothing like being an Aadheenavasi of Bengaluru Aadheenam and some people were asking,” What if they come here, but they really meant to be doing something in the world, sharing Swamiji’s teachings with people, in other physical places?” I was wondering,” How can anybody even have that question?”, because if that’s really what you are meant to do, don’t you trust Swamiji Himself, will send you to the place where you are supposed to be and make sure you do it. So, don’t be somebody who is on the outside looking in, sitting on the other side of the fence. The grass….they always say that,” the grass is always greener on the other side”, but it’s only when you become an Aadheenavasi, you realise from the outside, it looked like the grass is greener here and even when you are here, the grass is definitely greener here. So, wherever I go in this space, whether it to the temple, to the Gurukul, to one of the different Sabhas, everywhere I look, I am just feeling,” Thank you so much Swamiji, for letting me be here.” And….and I am enjoying life and looking forward to life with Sadāshiva.


Ma Nithya Anupamananda - Nithyanandam, this is Ma Anupama. So about 6 years ago I came and asked Swamiji…..because when I first met Him, I didn’t know anything about Enlightenment. All I knew is, He is something that was so compelling that I had to be with Him. So I remember one December, Sri Sadhana and I came here and we said,” Swamiji, we want to move in here. We want to be here with the kids.” And he said,” Okay, I’ll tell you when the time is right.” Six years later, I am here. I just want to say that, just to say that, “there are so many of us that have longing….that have longed to be with Him for so long and now the door is opening up”. It is not something that comes lightly, this kind of an opportunity to be in His physical presence. So I would say,” Just jump at it.” The other thing I’d share is, you know being conditioned in the outer world, we always think to get something we have to give up something. But I have seen in Swamiji’s space again and again, it’s just win, win. In face it is win, win, win, win, win, beyond even your ability to understand. So it’s not that we are giving up anything in the outer world. I have personally experienced, whatever I think I need to give up to spend time here is actually the first thing that gets fulfilled, because that is what now helps me get on to be closer to Swamiji, to be get closer to that space of powerfulness, being the New Species, radiating the powers. So, that’s it. Let’s see no more poverty consciousness here. It’s no longer win - lose. Win, win, win, just jump on board. If you here, it means somewhere within You, you are realising this and we are all meant to be here and the other thing I’d say,” If you have kids, please, please, please, bring them to Swamiji.” We have a choice. They can grow up to be like us or they can grow up to be like Him. So, if you have kids, do not miss the opportunity to have them come, be like these beautiful New Species, Balasants that are growing up, in His love and care and in His….you know. So please...that’s what I had to say. Thank you Swamiji.


Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami - Nithyanandam. When I read the question - “Why should I be an Aadheenavasi, if I can be a Devotee there?” For me the question itself seems little interesting, because for me, the question would be,” If I am a Devotee, why would I want to stay there?” I would want to stay here, living with Swamiji, when he is physically around here.


Swamiji - See, if you are there, you will see Me. You will know what I am talking, what I am doing, what I am…..but everything on screen, flat! You can’t experience the 3D. If you can’t even experience the 3D, how are you going to experience the 4th - 5th - 7th - 11th D. If you are a Devotee where you are, it’s 2D experience of Me. If you are in Kailaasa, it is 11D experience of Me.


Ma Nithya Jnanatmananda Swami - And, what I really wanted to share - it is literally like this question you know brings me...brings inside in me a question, which is like - ‘I want to get married and you live where you are and I live where I am’. Right, it can only be a conceptual marriage, it cannot actually be a physical marriage. Similarly, when you are having that feeling connection with the Guru, there are so many things which cannot be transmitted only be words, which cannot be transmitted only when you come for programs. I have been living around Swamiji, for the past 71/2 years and in all these years, all the teachings that I have had from Swamiji, is by living around Him, watching Him 24/7, watching Him conducting classes, watching Him training the Sannyasis, watching Him…..watching Him have His meals, watching Him sitting with all of us, joking, laughing, just watching Him in close quarters, actually brings that deep feeling connection with the Guru, in which all the transmission can happen from the Guru to a Disciple. So, if you are just….if you are just watching Swamiji via 2-way Video Conferencing or just coming and attending programs, what you can actually receive from Him, I would say from my experience is not even 10%. The actual transmission can happen only when you are living around Him, watching Him, like literally living the way you were living with your parents. That is the way, you will grow, that kind of a deep feeling connections, surrender, trust, everything can happen, only if you live around Him, watch Him 24/7. If you are only watching Him on the stage conducting some public program, you are only watching maybe like a 2 Dimension of Swamiji. All the other 9 Dimensions is….I don’t know, it’s just an experience beyond description and it is….we always read these great Epics - Ramayana, Mahabharata, and feel like, “Wow! How nice it would have been like read the Shiva Purana. How nice it would have been, if we were living in the same age as they were.” Now, an Avataar has happened. He is living here in the physical form, in the human body.

It is a great opportunity for all of us to become a part of this great history, the greatest revolution that ever happened on the Planet and I..I...it is difficult for me to believe that somebody would actually want to stay away from Bengaluru Aadheenam. I am still not able to understand, why? So, all of you, just come here and enjoy the greatest experience happening and the…. the actual transformation, the transmission from a Guru to a Disciple, can only, only, only, happens not when you learn through your logic but when your muscle memory, bio-memory, your bio-energy, just trust Him every... in every dimension and that can only happen if you watch in close quarters, if you live around Him, if you literally...like share your entire life with Him and that’s what I would say. And I want to welcome, each and everyone, to the greatest experience that a human being can have. The second thing is that out of so many people who... you know..ask me,” You have become a Sanyasi, you have left your family and come here, isn’t this not escaping from your responsibilities?” Actually, what I would like to share is when you are not leaving anything, you are not dropping your responsibility, you are expanding your responsibility. So instead of living in a family with 1 mother, 1 father, 1 brother, you actually get to live in a Cosmic family, where you have 100s of mothers, 100s of fathers, 100s of sisters, 100s of brothers and you live in a huge Cosmic family. So it is...and in a day….and in a day, when you are living here in this huge Cosmic family, there are 1000s of people who are looking at you, smiling at you, relating with you, talking to you, it just enriches your life so much. So it is not escaping from where you are, it is actually expanding your cognition, expanding your life and enjoying life. Thank you.


Mahayogini Nithya Mahayogananda - Nithyanandam. I am Mahayogananda...Nithya Mahayogananda and I actually wanted to talk only as a new joinee, so I can’t call myself an Aadheenavasi, who has lived here for a long time, but I tell you in my first Inner Awakening, which I did it in December 2010 with my father. I on the last day, I was hugging Swamiji and telling,” Don’t send me back, don’t send me back.” And of course, I was newly married at that time and lot of things were there. It was…. I couldn’t see anything at that point. But Swamiji said,” No, wait. I’ll call you”, and after that it was like this. Other powers and all started manifesting from the next year and I was also excited but still I was always seeing him on the screen, 2-way connection, daily on NTV and all that kind of stuff and naturally every other program, Kailash and everything I would see. You don’t know how much I used to haunt Aadheenavasis at that time, telling,” You tell me your story. What does Jayaji...what does Swamiji do, when He is….a...when He is with you. Does He tell you some stories?” I wanted to know what kind of a relationship, they were having and it would break my head.

Then I used to feel,” Okay, fine. You know I am still outside, whatever.” I could not...I did not even know how to make a decision and first of all I never knew what an Ashramite and in those days they would be called Ashramite. I didn’t know what an Ashramite was? I didn’t know what anything was. Then slowly for every Inner Awakening, I started coming. Swamiji said,” You come for all the IAs”, and I started becoming an Inner Awakening Acharya. There also again I will see, how He treats the Aadheenavasis and the Balasants over there. So….I can’t even say fatherly, motherly, because it’s the kind of father - mother, relationship that I have known. And I really have amazing biological parents. They have really given me a good life, but beyond that I saw something. When He was dealing with all the Gurukul kids, someone who just opens up everything and gives. He wants you to be better than what you thought you could do, best for you. Now, you all will hear that,” this is the best life”, even for Inner Awakening we’ll tell you,” this is the greatest decision, step in , jump in.” Now for Aadheenavasi, we are telling you,” step in, jump in.” So when this whole Aadheenavasi thing opened up, I suddenly realised that,” Hey, if I am outside….”, see I travel to every IA. So every month, I am at IA and in between the 20 - 22 days, I am outside handling some work, handling whatever. And everyone will ask me,” So, what’s your base ma? Where’s your home?” I’ll be scratching my head and I am like,” Uuh...well looks like Bidadi only is my home, because half the time, I am here only.” And everywhere else I am only visiting and coming. When the Aadheenavasi decision happened, I just felt,” If I am living outside, I really getting outdated.” Whatever I want, I keep saying,” I love you, Swamiji, I love you.” And all that kind of stuff and enjoying so much with this Sangha and it was never a decision for me to leave my family or leave my businesses.

You know, I want to share the conversation that I had with Swamiji, very casual. The day we had a….I think an LSP or another program, the end of it, I got very excited and I said,” You know Jayaji when.….” Jayaji means Swamiji, that’s what I call Him. So I said,” You know Jayaji, when I join in as an Aadheenavasi and I settle down”....I said,”I am gonna ask for a lion cub and a horse.” So, I didn’t know He will even look at that message and He’ll reply back immediately. I thought I’ll get like a thumbs up or something. But immediately He said,” I’ll get you both, come and even I also want a lion…..” I tell you this, I am a animal lover and my dad is a Veterinarian. I kind a grew up with animals and every time I would ask my parents,” Get me a dog.” They’d say it’s a lot of work, you have to be responsible, you have to take care.” Naturally, that’s what everyone tells you or anything that you want, it is based on certain things. That’s what...I can’t blame them or anyone. Ask any parent, you..your daughter wants something an (??animal??), it is lot of work. They’ll think about the bills to pay, they’ll think about whatever. Here, Swamiji did not even tell me,” You want a lion, you are mad or what. So many people, now new Aadheenavasis are coming, what’ll I do? What if people complain?” Nothing at all, just said….that just changed my entire head at that point. I was like,” What?!” Just like that. See, powers and everything, He has always showered on me and it was like even I didn’t know why it was happening, that kind of thing. Later, I started understanding, it is Oneness and saw how it’s happening for everyone. But, in these so called small things, where I would like to be...He did not say,” If you get a lion, will you still be responsible as a Shri Mahant? Will you still be taking care of Yogic Sciences? Will you be good Acharya?”

No, nothing. All responsibility on Him and that really made me understand, being an Aadheenavasi is about such an expansion, you entire family just expands. Now Swaroopapriya is my sister. I have so many sisters, so many brothers. I have so many people over here that are becoming Aadheenavasis, because in the beginning they told me,” Oh, I thought you are enjoying both worlds, spiritual - you are here for IA, and then when you go back, you are there for...with your family.” And only I know that it was not enjoyment, it was more like a grinding and now only when they saw that I have made the jump, they are also jumping into it. Very readily, because we all understood how exciting it is and how much more expansion is happening. I am not talking about spiritual expansion. You should see the way we are jumping here and laughing with each other, decking each other, taking care of how we are dressing. There is no jealousy, no comparison. Everyone wants you to do your best, to have your best, to enjoy your best. Everyone’s children are your children. There is a new baby in the Sangha. It’s my baby, our baby, our sister. That’s how we feel over here and I just wanna say, maybe before you would have some kind of assumption that,” Oh no, you’ll get lot of firing, scolding. There is no such thing. It is just….He is the mother of mothers, father of fathers and I just told myself... in the beginning I used to ask Swamiji,” I want to join”, and this time it was not...Swamiji never said,” Mahayoga, I think you should become an Aadheenavasi.” No! Ma Jnanatma Swami called me, middle of the night, at 2 am in the morning and she is like,” Ma, What are you doing?” And I was like...I was thinking,” No, I’ll declare now but I just have little work to finish”, that’s how I was telling her. Then I was like - “ What stupidity, it is not Jnanatma Swami is calling me, it is Swamiji, who is making the call.” Otherwise why are we talking so much about Oneness and powers and everything.

So the moment I decided, I tell you, my life, I am not the same. Even people are responding differently and I have not given up anything to be here. I know that everything in my life, is just gonna come back and live here. I always wanted living so grandly like a queen, treated like a princess. How many people want that for us? So I thought I’ll come and share, my side of the story, where even though you see so much at IA and how it feels to be this newly declared Aadheenavasi. There is no fear at all. Come, ease...I heard this...Swamiji said,” He is going to built a Golden City here. You know when Krishna built Dwarka, how many lucky people stayed over there. Now Dwarka lies buried under the Ocean. This is going to be the new Dwarka, I think billion times multiplied. Be there in the development. Don’t come later, when you need a guide map to say,” Oh, where to go, what to do, which language do they speak over here?” Because you will see us flying. You’ll see even our lion cubs will be materialising. So, it will be too much to catch up with. So I am telling all of my friends on the 2-way cities, everyone, come, join and if you are joining, please join Nithyananda Yogic Sciences, because that’s what I am heading. I don’t want to miss this opportunity - Be a Nithyananda Yogi. I’ll let you play with my lion cub. Alright, so with that, thank you so much. If anyone else wants to share, we’ll see if we have the time. Thank you. Nithyanandam.


Swamiji - This….this place will be much beyond Dwarka because Dwarka had to be given up after He left the body. But this is going to be Kailaasa. It’s going to radiate forever. You see, Thiruvannamalai - Sadāshiva called Vishwakarma and asked him to make it. Madurai - Meenakshi sat and built it. Here, I am sitting with Vishwakarma and building it.


Ma Nithya Prabhananda Swami - Nithyanandam, my name is Ma Nithya Prabhananda Swami. So when somebody asked this question,” How is it being a Devotee from there and living in as Aadheenavasi different?” - It is just asking a question,” How is a child growing up 1000s of miles away, seeing mom on a camera, on a cell phone, on a TV, compared to a child who is growing up, in the lap of the mother and in the arms of the mother.” You can clearly see the difference. So how can even we describe the love that we experience in a Cosmic mother’s….. Can you imagine living around a Cosmic mother, her love. Also this.. like explaining to a born blind man,” What is the difference?” I thought talking about Inner Awakening is difficult, but talking about Aadheenavasis is more difficult. So definitely you can imagine (??leaving/living??) a child who is growing up 1000s of miles away compared to a child being raised in the arms of mother in the lap, so much love and care, beyond what can even we think or we imagine. Please come and experience. Nothing you can even visualise or imagine, even how much we share. It is something for you to experience. Thank you. Nithyanandam.


Ma Nithya Atmananda Swami - Nithyanandam. This Ma Nithya Atmananda Swami. The very doubt after seeing Swamiji,” Can I become Aadheenavasi?” - is really a doubt for me because the moment you see him, it’s like you are out and what else you want in your life? What else will be the tastiest thing in your life? It’s like a...you see your dream boy or dream girl or whomsoever and if you say like,”.......(Swamiji - Aaay….) years together….years together you say,” Hi, Bye”, in the Internet and ……. Once you meet that person and try to touch His finger,” Is it okay?”, and then try to go even more closer,” Is it okay?” It’s like when you guys attending to the program is like that, it’s like when you see first time, it’s like unknown love always happens. And without knowing you’ll come to next program saying,” Okay, what is going to see, let’s see, taste”, and then third program like,” Okay, taste good”, and fourth program,” It will be okay to spend more time here”, and then finally you are there - here. Whether knowingly or unknowingly, you are here! So why to waste this much time. It’s like….it’s over. You are already saw him. That’s it. Just jump in. It’s you can’t...you know…. Jumping as an Aadheenavasi is like you are just decided to be with your love eternally. It’s not just this body, it’s like for Janmas of...waiting for something, I don’t what it is but it is there literally available and filling you 24/7, 365 or beyond that. After even if you leave your body, He is there just taking care of you and the whole life here as an Aadheenavasi is like….generally in our day to day life, every time, everything, we try for something new. It’s like even if it is an ice cream,” Okay, I tried strawberry, now let me try mango or let me try something new.” Here you don’t even need to expect this.

The moment you open your eyes on the bed, you don’t know what will be happening around you. It always be something different, exciting and you really have to jump. There is no other go for you. So it’s like when every moment is new, when every moment is filling with overflowing love and what else we are waiting outside. After all our life is only to fill fulfilled. He is always, already fulfilling us in the form of Aadheenavasis, in the form of different lifestyle, in the form of….everything, then why to miss this jackpot. So the moment you saw him, you are out. So don’t waste the time, just jump in as an Aadheenavasi and enjoy the huge, extraordinary, vast family. So here, Aadheenavasis are like...however you want to listen from the life, for example you want to…..you want the life to be lovely or you want the life to be like training you or you want the life to be like a family or you want the life to be like a mother or father…. Everybody here are playing that role, taking you more and more and more closer to Swamiji, where even you wanted to. So just don’t waste the time, just jump in and become an Aadheenavasi and enjoy for your lifetimes. Thank you.


Swamiji - Understand. All the best things of Kailaasa, I am making it available here. Best Yoga - Nithyananda Yoga, from the original Source. Best food as per the Cookbook used in very own Kailaasa. Understand. Cookbook used in Kailaasa. Actually, if you were happy with Aadheenam food, when you go to Kailaasa, you will not have cultural shock because this the same manual, they follow there. The same Cookbook followed there. You just know,” Aye, get that chutney. I like that very much in Bidadi also.” So maybe even in the different form in Kailaasa but the same Cookbook. The best food, the Cookbook as per Sadāshiva, the Bhagha Shastra, Subha Shastra, from Agama and the best inner software, Agama, Integrity and ultimately the powers of Sadāshiva. He is available for you to play with. And I have solved literally every need. Need for feeling loved, being needed and physical need like a food, clothes, shelter, housekeeping, medical needs or the psychological needs, love, peace, joy, fulfillment, contentment or the spiritual needs, completion, the space of Nirvikalpa Samadhi, Sadāshivatva and manifesting powers and ultimately Enlightenment itself. Of course, not but not least, even the economical needs. If you want more details, call Ma Jnanatma.

And of course, if she doesn’t answer, send a Facebook message - Inbox Me and I am opening My Facebook. You can Inbox any questions, related to becoming Aadheenavasi. Anybody wants to become Aadheenavasi, I am opening My Facebook Inbox to you. You can message. You can put your questions, you can send your messages related to becoming Aadheenavasi. And you are welcome, to be part of the Kailaasa and radiating Sadāshiva and making others radiate Sadāshivatva. I think, I almost answered all the questions. If you have more questions, send your questions. You can Inbox Me directly and you can also send your questions to Ma Jnanatma, Ma Swaroopapriya, to the Office of His Holiness. Already we have 3 Email IDs given. Jnanatma, can you project the Office of His Holiness. You can send an email to that, to….There are multiple Teamilies formed like Office of His Holiness Teamily and Nithyanandam Teamily and Nithyananda University Teamily and Social Media, SM Enriching Teamily and Nithyananda Global Media Teamily. There are multiple teamilies evolving. You can join and become part of any teamily. You can send an email to any of these 3 Email IDs. Asking any of your questions, doubts or signing up to become Aadheenavasi. So, to sign up as an Aadheenavasi, this is the link. Sign up to be an Aadheenavasi. You can sign up or call. Welcome to the best way to exist.

With this….with this, I bless you all, let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching, Causing, Living Shuddhadvaita Saivam, the Eternal Bliss - Nithyananda.

Thank you. Be Blissful.



What is the Purpose of Life, and How can it be Realized? A Personal Invitation for YOU!


Delivered on 23rd April, 2017, in this clip from the Be Your Own Boss program, His Holiness Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda Swamiji explains the purpose of life is to live the state of Sadashiva, radiate the space of Sadashiva and manifest the powers of Sadashiva. This can be done only in Kailash, guided by Sadashiva Himself. Swamiji invites you and all people to come live in Kailash Itself, Nithyananda Peetham, Bengaluru Adheenam. Come!

Link to Video:

Video Audio


Attune to the Logic and Flowing Logic of the Cosmos and Experience the Core of Life


In this clip from the Living Sadashivoham Process delivered on 23rd April, 2017, Swamiji explains the powers of Length, Breadth and Depth Dimensions. Length Dimension is the Logic of the Cosmos; Depth is the Flowing Logic of the Cosmos and Depth is the Core of Life Itself. When you experience Oneness with Sadashiva, you come into a space of knowing all three.

Link to Video:

Video Audio


Living Sadashivoham Process

Living Sadashivoham Process

Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process begins with a Manifesting Shaktis demonstration featuring the Depth Dimension. Living Sadashivoham Process - Here delegates show mind over matter and move the coconut without using the hands. Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process - meditation Living Sadashivoham Process


Living Sadashivoham Process - His Holiness explains Shaktisandhana - To Unite with the Source, Manifest Powers and Powerful Cognitions Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process Living Sadashivoham Process - Blessings, end of 1st session.

Manifesting Shaktis

Manifesting Shaktis Practice Session - mind over matter: moving the coconut after initiation into the Breadth Dimension. Manifesting Shaktis Practice Session Manifesting Shaktis Practice Session Manifesting Shaktis Practice Session Manifesting Shaktis Practice Session Manifesting Shaktis Practice Session Manifesting Shaktis Practice Session

Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session

Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session Question and Answer Session


Kalpataru Darshan Kalpataru Darshan Kalpataru Darshan Kalpataru Darshan Kalpataru Darshan Kalpataru Darshan Kalpataru Darshan Kalpataru Darshan Nithyananda Yoga at Nithyanandeshwara Sadashiva Temple Nithyananda Yoga at Nithyanandeshwara Sadashiva Temple Nithyananda Yoga at Nithyanandeshwara Sadashiva Temple Nithyananda Yoga at Nithyanandeshwara Sadashiva Temple IA Completion and Sharing Session IA Completion and Sharing Session Nithyanandeshwara Sadashiva and Nithyanandeshwari Adi Shakti Murthy of Bhagavan Sri Nithyananda Swamiji dressed in Sadashiva Leela Alankara. http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2017-3apr-23rd-nithyananda-diary_DSC_6062_bengaluru-aadheenam-IA-day4-temple-deities.jpg http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/2017-3apr-23rd-nithyananda-diary_DSC_6067_bengaluru-aadheenam-IA-day4-temple-deities.jpg

Living Sadashivoham Process

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