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Everything in your inner space, which does not allow you to manifest Sadāshivoham is fear.

Art of Facing Your Fears

Everyone Wants A Fear-Free Life!

Fear is the running thread of the lives of most people. Without realizing, most people are only operating from fear or greed in every big and small decision of their lives. Be it the fear of losing their job, their wealth, their reputation, their girlfriend, or the fear of public speaking, most decisions taken by people are taken from fear. Unfortunately, people go on taking decisions based on fear because they do not know how to go beyond fear. No one wants to have fear, but they don’t know how to let go of the fears they are already having.

The “Yes” And “No” Loop

In an effort to let go of the fear, there is a continuous struggle inside. The struggle is the conflict between saying a “Yes” and a “No” to the fear. For example, the fear of losing wealth. When someone faces that fear, they don’t need to start believing that they will lose all their wealth one day, but that is what they do. In an attempt to face the fear, people argue with themselves. They tell themselves, “Alright, now I lost my wealth, now what can be done? Let me face what happens when I lose my wealth.” Then, one part of them feels convinced that they really will lose their wealth, and immediately, they argue back, saying, “No, no! How can I live like this? What is this? Why am I thinking all this?” So now, they are caught between whether they are going to accept that they are going to lose the wealth one day, or to just suppress the fear and tell themselves, “No, I am not going to lose! I am not going to lose! I am not going to lose!” Even when they say that they are not going to lose the wealth, their own hearts do not completely believe it. They are caught in an endless loop of “Yes” and “No”!

Find The Root Of The Fear

In actuality, every fear has a root, a beginning. No one is born with their fears. They pick it up during the course of their lives. To go beyond any fear, the root of the fear needs to be found. The fear does not have to be denied or accepted, but rather, its root needs to be dug out. Once the person becomes aware of the root of the fear, he needs to complete with that root incident.

For example, for someone having a fear of public speaking, they need to trace back when was the first time they experienced the fear, or when was the first time they had an unpleasant experience with public speaking. In reality, the fear of public speaking is nothing but the fear of talking to one’s own self. So, when the root incident of when the fear started is found, the person needs to complete with that incident, and with his own self. This will heal and remove the fear from him. No arguments about the fear will arise, because the fear itself will lose its power over the person.

Integrity, The Key

Sometimes, people keep struggling with their fears without being able to find the root of the fears. To be able to go to the root of a fear, integrity in thinking is a must. When someone thinks with integrity, they are able to catch the thoughts that cross their mind, and hence, catch the original incidents of when a fear started. Integrity brings awareness in the entire thinking process. Otherwise, the mind is just a football being tossed around from one thought to the other. With integrity in thinking, the root of every fear can be found. Once completed, the person not only becomes free of the fear, he can also help others overcome their fears!

Melt Fears, go beyond Maya Matrix

Any powerlessness which stops you radiating Sadashivoham is fear. It can be in a form of withdrawal, giving up, guilt, negative visualizations, negative expectations, negating the possibilities. It can be manifesting in any form. It can have multiple expressions.

  • 1- negating life
  • 2 - negative visualizations

If somebody says, “Good is going to happen to you,” the way you perceive and fastness with which you visualize that and if somebody says, “Something wrong is going to happen to you,” and the way you perceive and the way you visualize that.

If some wrong is predicted, you work 10000 times and overwork, do extra time and visualize that and taste that. That is the worst thing. Nicely sit and chew like a sugar cane.

If somebody says, “Some good is going to happen,” say, “Okay, let’s see when it comes.” When somebody says, “Some bad is going to happen” - You are ready! You are all ready to receive it. If it does not come, you will feel cheated, so let me create it. See after preparing so much if it doesn’t come, what to do? You’ll feel cheated. So you don’t want to feel cheated, so you yourself manifest it.

The negative visualization, guilt, hatred towards yourself and others, hatred towards certain system, anger of your inability, all these are fear only. All these are various fruit, flower, stem of fear. But fear is the root on which all this grows.

It can be about your identity, it can be about your wealth, it can even about your name and fame, it can be about your health, it can be about your mental health, it can be about anything, ultimately it can be just unknown.

You don’t know, you are afraid but you don’t know why? And the worst thing, last thing is FEAR of fears. Fear that you will get into fear. You know you are afraid of snake, but you cannot avoid clicking on the Facebook... video comes - a snake swallowing a elephant or a snake swallowing a lion. You know you are afraid of snake. Even if you see the video two days, you will be seeing that in your dream. You will be having nightmare, but you can’t miss clicking that. You will not even click in the center, you will only press the side because even the snake’s mouth, you don’t want to touch on the screen. Desire to swallow fear, desire to swallow powerlessness—that is what I call chewing like a sugar cane. How the village boys chew the sugar cane, like that chewing the fear.

Everything in your inner space, which does not allow you to manifest Sadāshivoham is fear.

It is like an undigested material in your bio-memory. In your muscles, if something is not digested, becomes part of your muscles, it will become cancerous.

In your bio-memory, if something is not digested and stays back, it becomes fear.

Reduction of bad cholesterol in your body and your health are directly proportional to each other. Reduction of fears in your system and your Enlightenment is directly proportional.

Understand. How the reduction of bad cholesterol and your health is directly proportional to each other, same way of fears and manifestation of Sadāshivoham is directly proportional to each other, because the cholesterol does not stop on the extra tire around you, your waist, it sits there and spoils everything.

Life sits in Ananda Gandha and makes everything positive; like Guru sits in one place, but clears the ignorance and raises people all the world.

Negative fellows sit in one side and create disturbance everywhere, like a….they sit in one place and send virus’ all over internet. Same way cholesterol will sit on your stomach but sends disturbances to all organs of your system.

You need to understand. Fear - you may be thinking is only in one corner but it doesn’t keep quiet. It interferes in everything. That is reason I am saying – reduction of the cholesterol is directly proportionate to your health, bad cholesterol. Reduction of fears is directly proportionate to your manifestation of Sadāshivoham.

Everything under Matrix only can create fear in you. Anything above Matrix cannot create fear in you. Something which is beyond Matrix may not be attractive towards you, to your mind as of now, but understand that can never generate any fear.

I wanted to tell you one important thing, be rest assured, even if you think you are under the Matrix, ultimately there is a space in you which cannot be bound by any Matrix, that is Sadāshivoham. Ultimately He does not give up on you.

When you melt down the fears, when you melt down the fears, you will understand what I am saying. When you melt down the fears, you will understand what I am saying. Today let’s melt down the fears. I will switch on My heater. Let the fears melt down. It’s time to melt down the core fears. We will start working in layers and layers of fears and ultimately fear of death. Today you are all going to go through the process of going beyond death.

How to Overcome Fear

Witnessing and acceptance

When you are faced with fear, don’t try to resist it or suppress it. Just look at the fear, note the fear and accept it. Acceptance of the fear dissolves the fear. Allow the fear to shake you. If your body trembles, let it tremble. If your eyes water, let the tears come. Just be like a blade of grass in the wind, bending without resistance.

A small story: On a dark night, a man was walking on a narrow path. Suddenly, his foot hit a rock and he stumbled and slipped down. He managed to catch hold of a branch hanging over the rock. It was completely dark. The man tightly held onto the branch. He shouted for help but the only response was his voice echoing back. Hearing the echo, the man was terrified that he might be at the mouth of a huge abyss.

The night seemed endless and the man was desperately holding on, hoping he could get some help. Finally dawn arrived. The man looked down to see how deep the abyss was, but there was no abyss; just two feet down was a big rock! Your fears are exactly like his, you think it is an abyss but it is actually just a few feet. If you can face your fears, you see they have no depth. Because you magnify the fears, you imagine them to be an abyss. It is your choice – to let go of the branch and the fear, or to keep clinging onto it and torturing yourself.

Acceptance is the only way to conquer inevitable things. When you accept, suddenly you see the fear disappears. The moment you accept, fear loses its power to frighten you. When you don’t fight with it, you will see fear as deep peace. When the fear stroke happens, just live it. That is the only way.

When you have an object connected to fear, accept it. That acceptance transforms. The more you fight, the more you empower fear. Diverting your attention away from the fear is also not the way because then the fear still remains with you. It does not mean that you are out of fear.

Allow the fear to take over itself. Go into the fear two to three times. Live the fear intensely without any reservations. Suddenly you will find that it doesn’t touch you anymore!

Anger, the active form of fear

Fear is the passive form of the energy while anger is the active expression. Fear is what leads to anger. Fear is the passive form of the energy while anger is the active expression.

A small story: A man rushed into the post office very angrily with a bunch of papers in hand, saying, ‘How dare they send me threatening letters like this!’ The official at the post office said, ‘Yes, sending threatening letters is a legal offense. Do you know who has been sending you these letters?’ The man shouted back, ‘Of course, I do! It is the Income Tax people!’ “You just need to be aware of yourself and witness how the emotions subtly change from one form to another.”

When you are angry, just look into the anger. At the root of it, you will find a deep fear. Try this for yourself: if you are feeling fear, express anger at that time. Throw your hands, stamp your feet and express the energy. You will see that the fear disappears. You will see for yourself how fear can simply transform to anger. Similarly, fear can also transform to hate. You just need to be aware of yourself and witness how the emotions subtly change from one form to another. When you understand this play, you can easily get out of the game.

All Fears are Ultimately Fear of Death

All our fears, be it fear of losing physical health, mental stability, wealth, name and fame, or loved ones, are actually fear of death under various disguises.

A small story: A man had prepared thoroughly to deliver a speech at a public function. He suddenly went blank when he stepped on stage and took the microphone in hand. He was gripped by stage fright! He just stood speechless in front of the huge crowd for a few minutes. Then suddenly, after some time, he said, ‘The human mind is the most amazing thing in this world. It starts working from the moment you are born and never stops working until the moment you die – except when you have to make a speech!’

The social fear or fear of being rejected by society makes us do things to please society, even when it is not good for us. In this process, many times, we sacrifice what our being really wants to do.

That fear of not being accepted by society is just another form of the fear of death. It is the death of the ego. Every act of ours is unconsciously related to death and the fear of dying. Understanding death can change your entire perception of life. It can simply transform the way you handle all your fears.

Meditation Technique on Death

All mystical traditions on the planet Earth use this technique of meditation on death.

Focus on fire rising through your form, from the toes up, until the body burns to ashes, but not YOU.

Katopanishad (sacred Vedic text) describes this technique wonderfully. I can say that the most used technique in Vedanta for enlightenment is this death meditation. Everybody, before taking sannyas, has to go through this technique. In Buddhism, anybody who is initiated into sannyas has to first go and sit in the graveyard for three months, continuously facing the dead bodies being burnt, while visualizing that he is also being burnt.

During my parivrajaka (spiritual wandering), I personally had this experience in Varanasi at Manikarnika Ghat, where they burn 300 bodies per day! When you continuously see this happening, you actually lose respect for death. Now you have too much respect, too many ideas about it. It is nothing! The breath which went inside did not come out. That’s all!

When I saw the bodies being burnt continuously, the little fear which was there initially disappeared and slowly, it became interesting. I began to go near and helped them. I started to think, “After all this body is also going to become like this. Yes. Over! Oh, God. Yes, in the same way this body is also going to burn. Let it happen.” That click opened up a deep fear of death which spread all over the body.

When the fear met my awareness, it became a death experience. I faced it consciously and could see the fear very clearly. Understand, whenever your fear is suppressed, it stays inside you as suppressed fear. When it comes out and you are not facing it consciously, it becomes a fear stroke, shakes and breaks your whole nervous system – you experience a nervous breakdown. If it is faced consciously, it becomes a death experience. I was able to see very clearly the body is dead. It was not moving. Two and a half days – no food, no water, no thought, no questions. I could see with closed eyes that the body was dead and without movement. Suddenly that deep click and clarity happened – ‘The body is dead, but I still exist. I am here.’ Slowly I opened the eyes and was able to move the body. The first thing I felt was such a deep ecstasy, joy, gratitude – bliss! I knew I would not be alive any more as I thought, because the fear of death left once for all. I can say this is one of the very strong experiences that transformed me towards my enlightenment, towards the ultimate, spiritual truth.

Akashic Readings on Death

Transcript - http://www.nithyananda.org/akashic-readings/akashic-readings-–-death-part-1-read-through-nithyananda-27-september-2012#gsc.tab=0

Akashic Readings on Death Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQOOKjNRvcw

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Meditation techniques to face your fears

Physiologically and psychologically, this meditation will transform your life. This technique is not only for healing, but it can also directly open you to deeper and deeper levels of consciousness, to enlightenment.

Hamsa Mantra

This is a very powerful technique that can be used twenty-four hours a day. Whenever you are attacked by fear, just sit back and relax. Put your awareness only on your exhaling breath. Repeat the word ‘sah’ silently as you exhale, that is, with the outgoing breath. Exhaling is like relaxing and letting go anything that can die. While inhaling you will be constantly trying to hold on to something. Exhaling is like letting go. Focus on exhaling without bothering about inhaling. When you inhale, repeat ‘ham’ silently.

Place more awareness and energy on the exhalation. Help yourself exhale deeper. Let the inhalation happen automatically through the body. Place your energy, attention and effort only on exhaling.

It is a silent intonation of ‘ham…sah…., ham…sah’. Silent intonation of this hamsa mantra* will suddenly take you into the awareness, the relaxation, that never dies. Whatever can die will leave your system, your inner space.

This technique can also be practiced at other times when you are not faced by fear, while you are sitting, talking, walking, eating, even while you are sleeping. It is a very powerful technique. Constantly, all twenty four hours, place your attention on exhaling and just intone the hamsa mantra* silently as ‘hamsah’, ‘hamsah’, ‘hamsah’. When you inhale, intone ‘ham’ and when you exhale, intone ‘sah’.

Understand, when constantly intoning this mantra, it will become ajapa japa * or chanting without effort. Chanting with effort is called japa. Chanting without effort is ajapa*. It means that which goes on automatically in you. You just need to intone, that’s all. Fall in tune, that’s all. The whole day it will be resounding within you.

Whatever can die will leave your system, and you will realize that whatever can die can never be part of you. If you are identifying yourself with something that can die, that identification will be disconnected and you will be unclutched.

Whatever can never die, you will feel connected to that. Whatever cannot die is your very being. You will realize you are that which can never die, that which we call the Truth, enlightenment, Consciousness. If the intonation of the hamsa mantra* becomes ajapa* in you, you become a Paramahamsa*!

Try this technique for just three days. Whenever you remember, inhale with the silent intonation, ‘ham’. Exhale with the silent intonation, ‘sah’. Let your awareness be more on the exhalation. You will suddenly see that the fear of losing your wealth, parts of your body or your health, or your near and dear ones, or the fear of unknown and all the fears will disappear.

When your awareness is on exhaling, whatever is occupying your inner space as a part of you that can die, will simply leave your inner space. You will be liberated.

Darkness meditation

We are born out of darkness, the darkness that exists in the mother’s womb. Darkness is not negative as we usually think. It is intense healing. It is a motherly, positive energy. The darkness that exists in your mother’s womb is an intense energy. It is not the empty darkness of the graveyard. It is the Whole, the energy from which you came. The darkness existing in your mother’s womb is the energy from which your body was created. It is called the causal body, the karana sharira*. The darkness is the root cause for your body. Not only that, even the sky or the space is intense darkness. Space is not intense light but intense darkness.

The vedic scriptures say that at the beginning of creation, darkness was covered by darkness. That is the beginning, the source.

Darkness is the infinite base. When you board a flight and look outside the window at night, you can understand what I mean. The space is darkness. Darkness is the only thing that is. Anything else that is added comes and goes. Understand, darkness is not negative as you have been taught. Most of us are taught darkness is death, the emptiness that happens after your death. You never realize the emptiness that existed before your birth is also darkness! Now change the understanding. Darkness is not the emptiness that happens after your death. Darkness is the fulfillment, the creative energy before your birth, from which you took birth. This clarity can make you feel connected to darkness. You need to first understand about darkness with more clarity and more positive understanding, only then you can do this meditation. If you are afraid of darkness, you can’t enter into this meditation.

This technique can heal four things: chronic fatigue, insomnia, oversleeping and depression. All these can be straightaway addressed and healed just by this single technique.

Instructions: Total Duration: 25 minutes Close your eyes and sit. We all know how to close our eyelids but not our eyes. Closing the eyes means to completely stop seeing inside, behind the eyelids also. Usually when you close your eyes, you start seeing many things inside you. The inner television will never be switched off, it constantly goes on!

Now close your eyes and completely stop seeing inside. Turn off the inner television!

Then you will see the intense darkness from which you were born, the darkness in your mother’s womb, the same darkness that you still carry in your inner space. Out of the same space energy in your mother’s womb, the whole world has emerged. You came out of one bit of space energy from your mother’s womb. When you came out from your mother’s womb, you had already imbibed that darkness, that space energy, into your own inner space.

If you close your eyes and stop seeing things inside, you will see intense darkness. Just be with the intense darkness for at least twenty minutes. If your mind wanders, just come back and get centered. Be with the darkness.

After twenty minutes, open your eyes and bring the same darkness outside for five minutes. With your eyes open, see the same scenes that you saw in the darkness. See the same thing with intensity. This may take up to a month of practice. But if you can see the same darkness inside and outside, you will see you are able to switch off your mind whenever you wish!

Understand, the ability to switch off your mind whenever you wish liberates you from all problems, all disorders related to the mind, whether it is insomnia, oversleeping, chronic fatigue or depression. All these things are related to the causal body or the fifth energy body in us. All diseases related to the causal body will be completely healed once you enter into the deep darkness inside and outside.

Physiologically and psychologically, this meditation will transform your life. This technique is not only for healing, but it can also directly open you to deeper and deeper levels of consciousness, to enlightenment.

Awareness of swadhisthana chakra

Step 1: Remember the swadhisthana. Be aware intensely of the being center, two inches below the navel. Intensely chant the hoo kara* by producing the sound hoo, through the mouth as you exhale as loudly and as long as possible. This will create a vibration effect around your mouth. Allow any fear that comes up to come up. If you are trembling or shaking or feeling disturbed, it is ok. Intensely chant the hoo kara* mantra.

Step 2: Relax in the being center. Pure greed is intense bliss or excitement. Pure fear is intense peace. Through bliss, you can achieve. Through peace also, you can achieve. Relax into the peace, and you will see that you are completely alive!

  • Hamsa mantra – Also called soham mantra, it is practised by silently intoning ‘hmmm’ while inhaling and ‘sssaaa’ while exhaling.
  • Ajapa japa – Chanting a sacred chant involuntarily.
  • Paramahamsa – Supreme Swan, title bestowed on enlightened beings.
  • Karana sharira – Causal layer, the fifth energy layer in us, corresponding to deep sleep. The source of conditioned memories or engrams
  • Hoo kara – ‘Hoo’ sound produced from the mouth during exhalation in meditation.

Patterns and the Biological Clock

I tell you; all your big patterns are just bio-clock, connected with some bio-clock, that’s all. When the time comes, your mouth will ask coffee, when the times comes, cigarette, when the times comes, beer. It is just connected to the bio-clock. Few days, few days just move, move them, move them, move them. If you don’t entertain a pattern just for two-three months, you will see that it becomes powerless in you and just dies. It just dies; it is just biological clock, nothing else. When it is morning, the Manipuraka will become active asking for food, when it is evening, the Swadishtana will start getting active asking for rest and feeling insecure. That is why, the evening always your fears will rise. Once it is night, around 10 or 11 the Mooladhara will become active asking for the sexual pleasure. This is just a biological clock; That is why the tradition in the Akhada Sampradhaya, always a Sadhu has to take bath after 9 in the cold water, come and sit and meditate, he should not engage himself in any external activity because any external activity you engage yourself in at that time, it will only be searching for sexual pleasure, it will only be inspired by that fire.

In the morning, any activity you do, it will only be inspired, pushed by stomach, Manipuraka. If you are going towards fulfilling that, it’ll push, if you are going to do something else also, it’ll be always reminding you, ‘I’m here you’re unattending ,I am unattended, I am unattended,’ asking, the breakfast fire, till you attend to it, it will be asking. Same way, by the time it becomes “sandhya” the evening sunset, Swadhisthana will become active bringing life, giving life to fear patterns. By the time it is night -that is why I always insist after 10 you should only do completion and fall asleep. Any action you do, I insist any action you do, whether attending phone calls or chatting, any action you do it’ll be driven by the fire of lust. The Sannyas Sampradhaya after 9 any interaction with other gender whether it is a phone call or direct talk, or chat, should be completely avoided, because your biological clock will be functioning based on Mooladhara ; In akhadas they have this rule.

I tell you, all your patterns are nothing but your biological clock. If you don’t entertain them for two three months, suddenly they will become powerless, they won’t have any more power over you. Sometimes, I wonder, human-beings not knowing how to get out of these simple patterns, they mess up their whole lives; get into worst relationships, suffering so much, giving up such huge beautiful possibilities. Never entertain fear starts during sunset, never entertain lust starts during night never entertain the hunger starts in the early morning when the sun raises, never entertain all these three because they are not real. Never make a decision based on all these three. The hunger in the morning should not give you agitation, make you agitated if you don’t give food. Never entertain all these three , I am not saying don’t eat in the morning , I am saying don’t entertain the patterns associated with that morning breakfast , you will see such, such amount of stress and the confusion gets awakened along with your morning hunger. Same way, after the sunset, the amounts of fear will get generated.

Making Life Your Goal Not Fears

WE feel happy or satisfied when we are running after desires or when we run away from our fears. So every moment, we are continuously either in greed by running after our desires or in fear by continuously running away from something. Our happiness in every moment is measured only by either greed or fear.

But how can you be happy or satisfied when in this moment you are running towards or away from something? This means we are not actually experiencing the moment. We are not actually living in the present moment.

We are continuously in the web of greed and fear. We are either living in the past or we are in the future thinking about our list of desires. We fear if our desires will get fulfilled due to past experiences.

We are never in the present moment. We can enjoy something totally only when we are completely in it and we can be complete only when we are totally in the present moment, enjoying what we are doing here and now.

When you are in the current moment, when you are completely in the present moment with full enthusiasm, you are in a state of bliss. Bliss is the state of joy which has no reason and which is not affected by the past or future. It is not affected by either our fear or our greed. It is always there. Then, the current blissful moment will give birth to future moments of bliss. You enter a virtuous circle rather than being caught up in the vicious circle of fear and greed that you are now caught in.

This running towards or away from something is fundamentally because we think that life has some goal to be achieved. If you are running behind a goal in life, you will be disappointed at the end of life. Sadly, you will feel terribly dissatisfied; you will feel a complete void when you look back at what you have been running for. But when we see life itself as a goal, we make the path itself as the goal. So every moment when we are on the path of life, we are achieving the goal. The goal is achieved every moment of your life. The self-realised person is active and happy because he is completely in the present moment, living in reality. The Divine Energy simply blissfully flows through him and he does his activities with that blissful Energy. He no longer needs to derive energy for his activities from desire.

Fear, Greed and Inspiration

Using fear and greed to maximize performance is neither wrong nor right. Please understand, the purpose of life is expansion. Purpose of life is being a high achiever. Self actualization leads to self realization.

For self-actualization, you may need to use fear and greed. But for self-realization. you need to drop fear and greed.

When you know this, you will use fear and greed, but you will drop it also, you will not be bound by it. In every relationship, in every decision making, in every interaction, in every evaluation, remember this - if somebody is able to come to his peak through only fear or greed, use that. Even if you yourself are not able to do the peak performance without fear and greed, use it on yourself. But know it very clearly, once you are able to be in peak performance as a high achiever, drop it. When you achieve peak performance without fear and greed to fuel you, you are Buddha. When you are able to guide a group of people to be high achievers you have created a sangha. The way in which you do this is Dharma. Every successful fortune 500 company has a core sangha. Whether you know it or not, at a certain level the Sangha has evolved - at least 10 people who have actualized themselves and helped others to actualize themselves. Unless at least a few people evolve to this level, no successful venture is possible.

Bring Authenticity to Overcome Fear

Ability to stare into the inauthenticities is your abilities to look into the eyes of Kalabhairava.

Why do you think Kalabhairava and Maha Kali are depicted with big big eyes,because they are constantly exposing your inauthenticities to you and you are afraid to look into their eyes.

Only a man in authenticity, living authenticity is the liberated one.

State of fear can be born in you only when you are inauthentic.

Courage of authenticity is the ornament of sanyasi. Courage of authenticity is the ornament for sanyasi. It is the grace of sanyasi. Courage of authenticity should be rudraksha for sannyasi. Courage which comes our of authenticity. Courage of authenticity is the only true ornament around the neck of the sanyasi.

With authenticity even halahala poison cannot do anything to you.With inauthenticity , even if you drink nectar, you will be cut into pieces.

With inauthenticity, Rahu drank the nectar He did not live, he did not achieve the result of the nectar, he did not achieve what he should achieve by the nectar. He became piece, piece. Still he is hiding without identity,it is called shadow planet.

With authenticity even if you drink halahala poison it will not do any effects. It can’t do any of its effects because enrichment protects you, Devi protects you. Halala cannot cross the power of enrichment heart.That is why it could not cross throat to anahata where Devi is sitting enriching. If enrichment is sitting in the heart, even poison cannot cross your throat.

Authenticity is the ornament of sanyasi. Only with authenticity love starts flowing

I tell you with authenticity comes real love,care and concern. Only with authenticity comes, not giving up on people. Not giving up on people, not giving up on people. Only with authenticity you can express true love.

Drill yourself again and again with authenticity and integrity

Again and again let your thinking become integrity and authenticity

Only with authenticity you can enrich others and yourself. Whether you or others you can enrich only by authenticity.

Enriching, go on enriching, in every possible way enrich people. It will happen only with authenticity. Inauthenticity is the pus,unless it leaves your system neither you will be healthy nor you will make others healthy. Remove the pus from your system, you will be healthy and you will make others healthy. Inauthenticity is the unnecessary fat in your body. Push it out..no other shortcut.. you can’t put everything under the carpet. Bring integrity, bring authenticity in every step in every line, in every thought. In all possible ways enrich people. That is possible only with authenticity.

Inauthenticity makes postponing pattern happen in you

Listen, every time inauthenticity is allowed to live in you, it leaves powerful fear in you. Inauthenticity makes postponing, procrastination as a pattern in you. Postponing as a pattern in you. How many of you can cognize inauthenticity starts in you the first symptom of inauthentic is postponing.

Continuously, continuously, bring authenticity to you, it is possible because inauthenticity cannot take roots in to you, all your inauthenticity is only roof garden not rooted garden. Rooted garden only difficult to uproot, roof garden has no roots. Roof gardens are only to the depth of few inches of sand.

Constantly, inauthenticity puts you in a state of postponement.

Suniye, inauthenticity can put you in a mental state of postponing life. I tell you postponing life is nothing less than death. If you are not living even you breath what is the use.

Don’t postpone, live along with your breathing. The pattern of postponing when it settles in you, eats away your breathing period, kills your breathing period. Puts you in death, Keeps you in death temporarily even while you are alive.

If you decide to do something, decide to express your life in some way, don’t postpone. If you are postponing, postponement is temporary death. You are dead. Postponing is death.

Unfortunately, postponing does not convey the meaning, the seriousness of postponement. Postponement is death as long as pattern exists. Postponement is death as long as pattern exists.

Stretch to other’s Anyakara

I tell you only when you take the risk of stretching to others anyakara you will know the miraculous powers you are carrying if you have not tasted the miraculous powers you are carrying life is boredom for you. .

Go on drilling yourself. Go on drilling yourself. Go on drilling yourself with integrity and authenticity. I tell you, only when you take the risk of stretching to other’s Anyakara, you will know your power, inner power, miraculous power you are carrying. If you have not tasted the miraculous powers you are carrying, life is boredom for you. You will have life only as a boredom. I tell you if you see any miraculous power me having it came to me only when I decided to stretch myself to all your Anyakaras. You have no right to have Anyakara about me may be fact, but that is not authentic. When I am ready to stretch to your Anyakaras I saw the extraordinary powers expressing through me.

Continuously practice authenticity and integrity. You will experience miracles. You will see miracles happening in your life continuously. I am seeing, I am seeing miracles happening our life continuously.

Today I wanted all of you to do the homework of finding out how Dhamma happens in your life reminding your inauthenticities to you and how you are afraid of Dhamma and avoid it. Dhamma is the power radiates in my eyes, which you are afraid to look in when you have done something Adharma. When you are in inauthenticity, you will be afraid to look into my eyes. What you are afraid of is Dhamma which is radiating in my eyes. Whenever you are afraid to look at my eyes and you know it will be burning, be very clear at that time my third eye is also open! Because I am looking at you with the third eye, you are not ready to look at it; you are afraid. Your inauthenticity runs away.



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