September 24 2013

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Hold the peak possibility for everyone


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda delivers new insights on how to make enriching our lifestyle. Living the essence of enriching is not giving up on ourselves, holding ourselves by ourselves to our highest possibility, while not giving up on others. Enriching raises us to a higher frequency, allowing us to see that everyone is part of us. Now why would we give up on others, knowing we are essentially giving up on ourselves? When we give up on ourselves, we declare bankruptcy with the Cosmos! Let us declare to enrich ourselves, others, and live our highest possibility in Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching!

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

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I welcome all the devotees, disciples, samajis, satsangis, viewers, visitors sitting with us all over the world through Nithyananda TV, Sadhana TV, and two-way video-conferencing, and Lotus News Channel, with us all over the world.

The cities sitting with us all over the world in two-way video-conferencing: San Jose, Surrey-British Columbia, Ohio-Prayag, Houston-Kalahasti, Guadeloupe-Rameshwaram, Kuala Lumpur-Palani, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Seattle, East London, Singapore, Hyderabad, Devon, Tiruvanmiyur, Dubai, New Zealand-Adi Arunachalam, East London-UK, Indrani-New Jersey, Enriching Temple-Bidadi, Hong Kong-Sirkazhi, Oman-Sivagangai, Varanasi, Jorpati-Nepal………..

I welcome all of you with my love and respects.


Please understand, when you bring Integrity into your thinking, Authenticity into your actions, Responsibility into your cognition, Being, whatever happens is only one part of you. If you bring Enriching in your life, literally your whole life is raised to the next frequency. Enriching raises you completely to the next frequency.

Please listen! Let me define “Enriching”. Enriching means, “Constantly raising you to the higher levels with the clarity that others are also part of you.” Constantly raising you to the next level whether it is physical health, mental health, or spiritual well-being, in relationships, or in anything, raising you to the next level, knowing others are also part of you. Basically, please understand, it boils down to not giving up on you and others, not allowing this status quo lifestyle which Indians are in love with.

If I have to describe the whole India in one word, I will describe “Status Quo”. Really, I am telling you! Anything, “status quo” is our default program! Just “status quo”! Whether it is a social problem to be solved, or a property issues!

One guy came to me and he told me, ‘Swamiji I am sitting in a property for the last thirty years. Please bless me that I should get the property documentations in my name.’

I said, ‘What do you mean? Thirty years you are sitting and you don’t have the documentation in your name? Means it’s not your property?’

‘No, Swamiji. When the property came in the court for a case, before he got the stay order, I just went and sat inside the property. I went inside as if I am going to brush my teeth and do 1-2-3 and come out. Morning I heard when I was in the property, I got the Status Quo! And for the last thirty years I am in that property.’ Already “Status Quo”.

“Status Quo” means, just it is there. It should be there as it is; undisturbed. Only in India you can have this thirty years status quo and all. And now this fellow thinks he can get ownership!

Please understand, if you are from some other country and you are watching the satsangh, you may laugh! But, in India, it is a lifestyle! The first thing we need is to get out of this pattern of status quo.

Even in your life, you can see. Indian divorce is nothing but status quo. Husband and wife, both will be living in the same house. Not one day, two days; 15-20 years they will be living in the same house, they won’t even be talking to each other! Sometimes, both of them will use the same bedroom, but things are in status quo! What is the status quo?

Same way, I have seen these religious leaders, peethadhipathis, when they face even a small conflict in their life, they put themselves in status quo. I have seen a few peethadhipathis who are in status quo for the last forty years! After their coronation, they have not moved anything else other than one or two things in their life which should not be moved! No! The whole thing is just status quo! Getting out of this status quo mentality……

Please understand, again and again, I am asked this question, ‘Why can’t I just live this middle-class life and die? What is the use of unnecessarily working so much, thinking so much?’

Life oozes through your body for fulfillment, for its highest expression. Please understand, when a bank gives you a loan of a million dollars, it expects you to become rich by doing business, putting your intelligence and effort into it. Not only you will pay back….. Of course, if you don’t pay back, they will take away your properties that is different, but all the banks don’t expect when they give you the loan that they have to only take away your properties. They really expect you to flourish, pay them back with interest and continue to develop more and more relationship. Any good bank will expect you will become successful in your life.

Same way, when the Cosmos gives you life, it expects you to become the peak possibility. It is not expecting you to become bankrupt. It is not expecting you to declare bankruptcy. Understand, giving upon you is “declaring bankruptcy”. And never, ever expect again any loan from Cosmos! If you give up on you, you are declaring bankruptcy with Kalabhairava! Forget about any good thing in your life anymore! Forget about it! The guy who declares bankruptcy cannot expect new loans in life. The guy who declares bankruptcy cannot expect the bank to do any good thing. Same way, a person who gives upon, especially the vows you take, the commitments you give it to Kalabhairava, when you give upon them, forget about any good thing in your life! Get ready to the long-drawn, suffering-filled life, and births and births and births!

Giving up on you is declaring bankruptcy in the Cosmos. Sometimes it’s like you take a loan of a million dollars telling the bank you are going to do big business and then pay the bank back with interest and all that. Suddenly you decide after seeing one million dollars, ‘What is the problem? I think these one million dollars if I will keep with me and eat every day. Every day my expense is only twenty-five dollars. My whole life I will keep these one million dollars and die. What is the need of unnecessarily doing business? What is the need of anything else?’

Please listen, just like how we make concrete….. See, when concrete pillars are made, first they make a wooden box all around, then they pour concrete, the concrete sets, and then they remove the wooden box. Same way, all the vows given to you, all the commitments you give to others and yourself, means, the Mamakara, Ahankara, Anyakara, Swa Anyakara, these all are the four sides wooden box. When the energy is poured into you, that is the life, the concrete which is poured inside the box, just like that the energy which is poured inside you is life. Before the concrete sets if you remove these vows, what will happen? Not only the pillar will not be created, the energy poured on you, the concrete poured on you will be wasted. And the Cosmos does not like you to waste things!

In marriage, the moment you commit with the other person with the vow, your energy becomes double. Now you are two. You are no more one person. You are two. Not only you are two, many problems which can stop you, being a single, are taken away. So you are more than two. For example, if you are alone, it is not that you are one. One suffering with loneliness! So you are not even one full person. When one more is added, you are not just two; the suffering with loneliness is removed; you are more than two. So when you become two through commitment, through the vows of the marriage, so many things happen between both of you which are irrevocable. All the support you gave to your husband or wife cannot be taken away when you divorce. If you want to divorce, at the time of divorce, the irrevocable exchange of being happens. That is why I am telling you this kind of commitments can never be treated as a business. This cannot be treated as a business agreement at all. You cannot say, ‘What is there? They both tried to live together. They are not able to. They are not compatible with each other. It is a mutual agreement. They both separated.’ No! There are tons and tons of things. It is an energy mould. As I said, in a wooden box when you pour the concrete, remove the wooden box before the concrete sets, how it completely damages the possibility of the pillar, same way when you give up on you, you become a blot on the Cosmos.

15 min

Please understand, Enriching, I am defining Enriching. Enriching is nothing but not giving up on you and others who are part of you and continuously Enriching yourself and others! Continuously Enriching you and others, knowing that others are part of you. It all boils down to one line. I can say, in this one line I can finish defining the whole Enriching: “Not giving up on you, holding you to yourself by yourself to the highest possibility of you.” Holding you by yourself to the highest possibility of you. Holding you high up continuously with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility. If you have a Master, hold yourself high up to his Anyakara; you are done! You will have everything imaginable and beyond your imagination!

Understand, if you can hold yourself up to the Master’s Anykara, you will automatically have Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching and everything! If you don’t have a Master in your life, at least hold yourself up to whatever you understand as Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching.

Understand, this dhamma is self-purifying. Please understand, any sutra has to be self-explanatory; Any Dhamma has to be self-purifying. Means, even if you start with your understanding, it will lead you to the deeper and deeper understanding and ultimately to the goal of Moksha itself. Dhamma is always designed in such a way that even if you start in a very raw, crude form, it purifies you, enriches you in such a way, you evolve, evolve, evolve, and finally reach the goal!

Please understand, it is like when you enter school, straightaway you don’t start studying Ph.D. syllabus; you only study A for Apple, B for Brinjal, C for Cat; but the education takes you to the next, next, next level, and you achieve the ultimate goal. Same way, dhamma!

That is why Krishna says in the Gita, ‘Even if it is practiced in a very crude form, don’t discourage people practicing dhamma, because dhamma is self-purifying system.’

Vivekananda says, ‘Even the most cruel forms of practices which you call primitive, even those things I will not try to abolish, because even from there you can beautifully evolve to the next, next, next level and achieve the ultimate goal; the goal of Completion, fulfillment, the goal of enlightenment.’

It may start in a very raw, crude form, but it will reach the ultimate dhamma. Even if you start practicing Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility the way you understand, these truths are powerful enough to purify itself and raise you to the next, next, next level. I tell you, these truths are so powerful, they will swallow all your patterns and they will become the owners of your being!

In Tamil there is a proverb: “If you just give a place to sleep, he will take over the whole house.” Same way, these four tattvas. If you just give a little place for it to be in your being, it will take over your whole cognition.

Understand, I am giving you the essence of this Enriching; essence of Enriching: Don’t give up on you and others who are part of you. Constantly hold you and others to the highest possibility and live just for that, think for that, act for that, be for that. Whatever is your peak possibility, think for that; that is Integrity. What is your peak possibility, act for that; that is Authenticity. Whatever is your peak possibility, be for that; that is Responsibility. Thinking for your peak possibility is Integrity. Acting for your peak possibility, is Authenticity. Being for your peak possibility is Responsibility. Living for your peak possibility is Enriching.

Understand, when you miss dhamma, even Shiva cannot save you. When Sati missed dhamma, Mahadeva says, ‘Don’t go!’ When Sati wants to go back on her commitments with Mahadeva, when she wants to fall back to Daksha’s palace, to the father’s bio-memory, Mahadeva says, ‘Don’t go!’ She is not ready to listen. When she is not ready to listen, even Mahadeva is not able to save her. No one can save you when you fall from dhamma. See, finally! Of course, it is not that Mahadeva did not have love for her. Even after that, Mahadeva sent Nandi, Shiva Ganas. ‘Be with her and protect her from Daksha and Daksha’s army.’ But nobody expected that the bio-memory which is sitting inside her is going to destroy her. Finally, she gave up her life. Of course, Shiva was able to do only one thing; because of his commitment to her, he brought her back in the next janma, purified her and then accepted her. As Sati, even Shiva is not able to save Sati. When you fall from dhamma, no one can save you. Even Mahadeva cannot save you!

I tell you, dhamma is so powerful, even living a little bit brings so much of good. Like Adi Shankara says, ‘Even one drop of Ganga water, once reciting Govinda’s name, once reading one Gita sloka, leads to liberation.’ Dhamma, even if a very little is practiced, can raise you to a different level which you can’t imagine. Same way, when you fall from that, the after-effects also can’t be imagined at all!

Enriching is nothing but “Don’t give up on you and don’t give up on others.” You hold yourself for the highest possibility which you declared, which you committed. Hold others for the highest possibility which others declared and others have committed. Please understand, especially in the Sangha, I wanted everybody to take up this Enriching as a practice from today. Not only you will take Responsibility for what you declared as you, you will hold the other person also as his or her declaration and hold yourself responsible for Enriching the other person to his or her declaration.

When you don’t hold the other person as the person’s possibility, you are the Rahu for that person. If you hold the other person as the person’s possibility, you are the Ketu for the person. Don’t go around and be Rahu for people. Go around and be Ketu for people. When you go around in your life and if you hold the other person as the possibility declaration, ‘I will create the largest Shiva temple!’ When you look at that person, ‘Wow! Here is a guy who is creating such a beautiful thing, space!’, then you are Ketu for that person; you are constantly reminding that person and Enriching that person to hold that person to that person’s declaration! And if you constantly go around, ‘Oh, this one! He is already sleeping! All the time in depression! And this is Dippu only’, then you are Rahu for that person. Already that person is in dippu, and when you also confirm, that person is going to fall more and more into “Dippu”. “Dippu” is the nickname given for depression! “Dippu” is the name given for depression in our Sangha! When the person is in depression, and you also hold him in the same space, then you become Rahu for that person. I tell you, constantly hold the other person also to his possibility, not to his lower level.

It is so unfortunate, it is so unfortunate, constantly one acts as the Rahu for the other, and the whole bunch becomes Rahu’s! Instead, one should act as the Kethu for the others, and the whole group should lead each other into jnana, into enlightenment, into the space of possibility!

I tell you, from today, this is the Enriching we are going to practice. We will all hold ourselves responsible for every other person’s declaration without giving up. First I declare, I hold myself responsible for making all your declarations into reality. I’ll hold myself responsible. In my cognition I will be responsible; in my Authenticity I will be acting; in my Integrity I will be thinking to make everyone of your declarations into reality. I‘ll do it and I can do it! I request each one of you the same way to hold yourself responsible for your declaration, your possibility, and everyone around you, their possibilities. For everything, hold yourself responsible.

I tell you, when you hold yourself responsible for everyone’s declaration, possibility, only then the real Enriching happens. Out of that real Enriching, the expansion which happens is Enriching. That is real Enriching!

E is for Enriching. Only when you decide life is for Enriching, life starts happening to you, any good thing starts happening to you. And when you start making your life for Enriching, you will see everything that happens is miracles!

I tell you, if you are made of diamond, how much ever the attack happens from outside, it will only polish you. If you are made out of some other stuff, how much ever scent you use, you will stink inside,and the stinking inside will come out, because the scent smell will fade away in a few days, few hours. The stuff out of which you are made decides what you are. So let Enriching be the material out of which you are made!

I tell you, let you be made out of Enriching. Let that be your thinking, action, being. Let your thinking be out of Enriching. Let your actions be out of Enriching. Let your being be out of Enriching. Let Enriching be your life and lifestyle. Let Enriching be your life and lifestyle. When you hold yourself for Enriching, every moment of your life miracles continuously happen, because life is miracles!

Understand, Enriching is the essence of life. That should be your breathing. That should be your Lifestyle!

I bless you all! Let you all radiate with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, with eternal bliss, Nithyananda! Thank you!

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