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Who is Educated?

Education means ability to handle the blind spots.

If your inner space is capable enough to complete with all the blind spots you need to handle in that field, you are educated. For example, doctor. What all the blind spots, if an ordinary man suddenly tries to become a doctor, what all the blind spots he will have. He will not know where to cut, where to stitch, he will not know where to put the medicine, he will not know what medicine to apply; he will have too many blind spots. If you are able to handle all those blind spots properly, you are a doctor.

Same way, an engineer. If an ordinary man tries to build a building, he may know a few things- a building should have a few pillars, it should have foundation, it should have roof. But he will have a lot of blind spots; what should be the size of the pillar, what should be the size of the foundation, what should be the size of the roof. So many blind spots he will have but if you are able to handle all of those blind spots, you are educated engineer, that’s all.

What is the Purpose of Education?

Purpose of education is educating the child to be manifesting whatever he is capable of, and being a very good, beautiful and best contributing citizen of the planet Earth and for humanity.

Generalization, in Modern Day Education

So much of dilution due to generalization. When you generalize, you always think of the weakest link

Examination in Vedic Education

In Vedic tradition, examinations are not done by question answer method. That is McCaulay's method - clerk making. In Vedic tradition all examinations are conducted by the thought current you carry. The person will be made to speak in the presence of the pundits who have mastered that thought current. They will see whether he can spontaneously express that thought current. Then he has mastered it. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

What is Real Education?

If we are teaching the science of completion to our kids, we should be able to guarantee, you can't get even one lie out of our Gurukul kids. That is what is education. Education is making you master a thought current. Which becomes their lifestyle. Which becomes the cognition style. Which becomes their very being. For hours you cannot speak on a subject unless it has become your thought current; the way you cognize. Change of thought current, transformation of thought current is the success of education. Each Upanishad adds a thought current to you. Transformation of thought current is success. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Nithyananda Mahayoga

"Your brain is the most powerful, amazing, wonderful and unutilized component of your system," - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Explaining that we use a mere 99% of our gray matter, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how manifesting extraordinary powers creates synapses and awakens parts of the brain never otherwise used.

The particular branch of Nithyananda Yoga that explores powers and other dimensions is called Nithyananda Mahayoga, and real education, as enjoyed in Nithyananda Gurukul, explores this.

Context of Indian Education System

Shanti Mantra auṁ saha nāvavatu | saha nau bhunaktu | saha vīryam karvāvahai | tejasvi nāvadhītamastu mā vidviṣāvahai || auṁśāntiḥśāntiḥśāntiḥ ||

Translation - Let both of us be together and be protected. Let us not hurt each other. Let us not cherish enmity towards each other. Lets not cherish anger towards each other. Shanti Mantra sets the context of Indian Education system, and in Indian Education System, there is no higher and lower. Means: teacher is not considered as higher than you. Student is not considered lower than the teacher, because it is very clear, teacher also goes on learning by teaching.

It is a student who makes person into teacher. Teacher, cannot be self-centric and education is such, both constantly gets enriched.

Playing the role of a teacher for millions for last more than 12 years, I wanted to tell you this. I started teaching I think in 2001, and now it is 2015, almost 14 years. Being the teacher, playing the role of a teacher, also for millions for last 14 years, I want to tell you—I am enriched more than any of my students by teaching. Please understand, all my classes, the only person who attended is Me. The only person who attended all my classes is me. Students change, but teacher is same, and fortunately, I have the habit of sitting aside, sitting beside and listening to what I am saying. - HH Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

All of us know Master cannot cherish any anger towards the disciple. What is there? Why should the line say – Let both of us not cherish the anger. It means: there is always a possibility, disciple can have a Self-Doubt, may be my ignorance is being explained. Maybe because I am ignorant, he is not only teaching me, he is constantly pulling, putting me down. Understand, presence of Ignorance is always painful.

Pain is the method; pain is the method to measure the presence of ignorance. Pain proves the presence of ignorance. Ignorance always will be causing pain. Make this as a scale—anything does not cause pain, is not ignorance. Anything ignorance will cause pain, will cause pain. Understand, when you are sitting with so much of pus, wounds internally, externally, even if Master tells you—“please apply the medicine,” you will feel hurt “see, He is pointing at my wounds, he is all the time thinking about my wounds.” Understand, my job is the most difficult job, I tell you. I have to cut your ego, without you feeling the pain. First thing, I have to make you understand, which part of you is tumor, and which part of you is muscle.

...Understand, arrogance remembers the pain caused by others, not the benefits. Arrogance never lets you remember the benefits caused by the Guru, only it remembers pain you created using the name of the Guru. The teacher’s job is the most difficult job. Teacher’s job is the most difficult job. He has to constantly deal with your conflicts, controversies, confusions. Morning you will say, “please do what needs to be and give me enlightenment.” Evening you will come and say, “I am giving up, I don’t think either you are capable or neither I am capable of standing, living with you.” And then again next day morning, you will come and tell, “No, no, Swamiji, I have decided to surrender, please awaken me, help me to become enlightened. Which one should I believe? So naturally I wait. When I wait, again I get blamed for that, so long I am here under your feet, still I have not become enlightened. Alright, tell me you have been living under my feet, are you surrendering or pulling my feet? More number of times, people have pulled this leg, then the number of times they worshiped, that is why I sit down and teach. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Involvement of Guru & Disciple in Vedic Education

Vedic Education System is not about giving you some informations, not being bothered about you. It is one of the most subtle and most powerful awakening systems. Awakening means so much of involvement between Guru and disciple is required. That is why in original Indian Education System, Guru and disciple are supposed live together, 24 hours. Disciple needs to absorb the Guru, not observe, absorb the Guru 24 hours.

Vedic Education was never a day scholar method. The day scholar method is the non-involvement narrative education system.

Modern Day Education - the Non-Involvement Narrative Education System VS Vedic Education - Living with Guru

The non-involvement narrative, where the teacher talks to the blackboard, you talk to your neighbor, the classmate, friend or the birds through the window. In the class, if you are all the time gazing through the window, you are going to become a poet. All the time if you are talking to your friend, you are going to become a politician. The original Vedic Education is such, the teacher sits with the disciples, disciples live with the teacher. 24 hours observing the behavior, the way teacher carries himself. Modern Day Education - Based on Updation VS Vedic Education - Based on Specialization Method

The Western education system is based on updating. The more you delay purchase of any IT product, you will get a cheaper and better product, the more you delay you will get a cheaper and better product, because it an updation method.

Vedic Education is a specialization method. The more number of years you spend on it, the more you will be specialize. Weaving, carving, agriculture, building. That is why in our education system, in our social system, we insisted son doing the job of the father. It is so stupid, it is so stupid that system was questioned, abused, beaten, finally destroyed. Now, we don’t have identity and we are not able to be self-sustaining. Because the stability of our society is destroyed. Earlier we know, every year how many engineers will be produced, who many agriculturists will be produced. The whole society will be so stable. It is the stability of the society decides the value of your currency.

Gurukul - The Future of Education

The future of education is where the teachers and students live together in one place. If needed let the parents also stay there. But, because basically kids do what you do, they won’t do what you say. Understand they do what you do. They won’t do what you say. Whatever you do, simply they will do. They will never do what you say. Most of the time, they don’t care for what you say. The future of the Indian Education System, I can say, the future of any intelligent education system will be Gurukul system.

I am not talking out of pride or arrogance, I am taking seeing the future, I am telling you—I will be leading this revival in the education system through our Gurukul system, through our Gurukul system. It is going to be the Gurukuls.

In Indian Education System, complete involvement is required from the side of the Teacher and the student. Student needs to study the Teacher; Teacher needs to study the student. Understand, after thoroughly studying the student, teacher identifies the right subject in which the student will be successful. Few things are basic for everyone like science of Completion and Enlightenment. Other than science Enlightenment, all other things, Master selects the subject in which the student will be successful and then student is trained specifically in those fields with the knowledge of Enlightenment, with the science of Enlightenment, with the truth of Enlightenment as the context. Even if you learn the archery, Enlightenment is the context. If you study administration, Enlightenment is the context, If you learn about business, Enlightenment is the context. If you learn plumbing, building houses, sculpting, Enlightenment is the context. Indian Education System is more of a transmission of the knowledge not transfer of knowledge. It is not just information based. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Vedic Education is Education Centric - It Gives the Basic Tools to Explore

Our Gurukuls are not teacher centric, our Gurukuls are education centric.

Student can develop, invent something which his Guru doesn’t know. He has a freedom.

Basic tools to awaken knowledge is taught. Then, the student is left free to explore on his own. Gurukuls are not with the set of rules or frame, they only supported people to explore the highest possible creativity.

Gurukuls are not like dams for your inspiration and energy. It is like an embankment for the wild river.

That is why many of the Advaita Gurus' disciples were Visistadvaitis or Advaitis, or many of the Visistadvaiti Advaiti Gurus’ disciples were Advaitis. Only the basic analysis scales were given to you but you are left to feely analyse. You are given spoon not spoon-fed. The freedom, freedom itself shows, otherwise you will be shocked Ramanuja’s Guru was a great Advaiti. Being Advaiti, Ramanuja was even able to think in the language of Visishtādvaita shows the freedom available in the Gurukul. And same way there are many Advaitis studied at the feet of Dvaitis or Visistadvaitis.

Sanatana Hindu Dharma gives only the tools to explore, but it is not putting you any frames, any restrictions, dams. This whole verse, if you read the Shanti Mantra, it is education centric, not teacher centric.

Unfortunately, in the modern day, because teachers have not taken the responsibility to be education centric, it has become more teacher centric. Actually, it is because we are education centric, we were able to explore and reach the new new heights of seeking. New, new heights of seeking. That is where even the Ishta Devata concept has come. Guru encourages disciple to travel, discover, reinvent, invent their own paths, their own methodologies. He continues to encourage the disciples to explore on their own. Just being available as a good support, guide. Not being heavy on them. I can say, the uniqueness of our Gurukuls are freedom to explore, create, the constructive freedom they enjoyed. Even in our Gurukul, I initiate them into various powers, and let them explore.

See when I had enlightenment at the age of 12, the third eye awakening has happened I was able to see all the 360 degree. I initiated the kids into that power and let them explore. Now they are coming up with too many new, new powers. They are able to download languages, they are doing many more things which I did not do. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam


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