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Scriptural References

आचारकथना द यग त ाि त नदानतः । महा मत वकथनादागमः क थतः ये ॥ ४३ ॥

ācārakathanāddivyagati prāptinidānataḥ । mahātmatattvakathanād-āgamaḥ kathitaḥ priye ॥ 43 ॥

Because it narrates of the sources of conduct, ācāra, with a view to arrive at the ultimate divine space, divyagati, because it speaks of the truth of the great-souled, mahātma, it is called Āgama.

वे दताऽ खलशा ाथ स धमा थ न पणात ् । दशन ानां माण वा वेद इ य मधीयते ॥ ३७ ॥

veditā'khilaśāstrārtha saddharmārthanirūpaṇāt । darśanānāṃ pramāṇatvādveda ityamidhīyate ॥ 37 ॥

Because it determines the purport of all the communicated, vedita, scriptures and of the sacred Dharma, and because it is the standard direct evidence of all philosias, darśanas , it is called Veda.

~ kulārnava tantra, ullāsa 17, Sadāśiva to Devi

आगतां शवव े यो गतां च ग रजा तु ौ । मतां ीवासदु ेव य त मादागम उ यते ॥

āgatāṃ śivavaktrebhyo gataṃ ca girijāmukhe । mataṃ hi vāsudevasya tasmādāgama ucyate ॥ ~ svacchanda tantra

“That which has come from Śiva’s mouth and directly heard and received by Devi Girijā (Pārvati), which has been ordained by Śri Vāsudeva (Viṣṇu) to govern the world, therefore that is called Āgama.”

H.H Paramahamsa Nithyananda’s Atma Pramana on Agamas

I will define Agamas. The software given by Sadāshiva, received by Devi, adopted by Vishnu, to run this Universe is Agama. The principles given by Sadāshiva, received by Devi, adopted by Vishnu, to run this Universe is Agama.

Agamas are also applied science, practical technology for Veda and Vedanta thought currents. Listen. Vedas and Vedantic thought currents are like pure science. Agamas are more like applied science to make that into reality. Basically all you need is Integrity and listening, so you can internalize these great truths, and make them as part of you. When you know the Cosmic principles with which the Cosmos is functioning, it’s easy for you to align yourself to it and use all those principles to generate health, wealth, relationships, whatever you want make in your life as reality. You can generate, express all of that as a reality in your life.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals the deeper philosophy underlying all four components as He shares that they are centered on the truth of “मातरिश्वा दधाति – Maatharishva dhadhDhaathi”, as expressed in the Ishavasya Upanishad. “The life energy moves and expands itself, supporting all activities – means, the life energy you are carrying has no death. It does not dissolve into something; it does not disappear. It only moves and expands itself.”

Apta Pramanas on Agamas

1429 Conclusions of Suddha Saivam

Nine are the Agamas of yore In time expanded into twenty and eight, They then took divisions three* Into one truth of Vedanta-Siddhanta to accord That is Suddha Saiva, rare and precious. ~ Tirumantiram, Tirumular


Mahadeva’s silence is Upanishads. His words are Agamas. When He breathed in silence, what reverberated in the inner space of the Rishis is Upanishads. When He opened His mouth, started explaining, that became Agama.” - HDH Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Agamas are the sacred inner-sciences, the direct words of Mahadeva, which can manifest our realities and awaken completion, self-respect and strength in us. From bringing God alive in a stone to healing cancers, Agamas amass every science!

In Hinduism, the Vedas are the ultimate, superior authority. Vedas are like a pure science, where the ultimate truths are explained, but Agamas are the scriptures where the applied technology, the applied science is expanded. It is a practical manual of how to, what to, where to, when to, etc. All these are answered in detail with the right context, giving enough of understanding in the Agamas.

All the Hindu organizational bodies, such as Kashi Vidvat Sabha, the Akhada Parishad, etc, accept Vedas and Agamas as Shruti. Everything else is followed as Smritis and they have their own status and respect.

What is Agama?

Software with which individual God and cosmos functions is Agama. The software with which Jeeva - the Self, Jagat - the cosmos, and Ishwara - God, all these function. If you decode the software you can have all the benefits of Jeeva, Jagat and Ishwara. ~ H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

The fundamental principles of existence, your existence as individual self or your existence as part of the society, your existence as part of your family, your existence as part of your community, your existence as part of your country, your existence as part of the humanity, your existence as part of the Cosmos, in every level of existence there are some fundamental principles to manifest what you want as reality. Mahadeva, Sadashiva explains this science as Agama. ~ H. H. Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Four components of Agamas as per Mahadeva

CARYA - The Lifestyle

Carya is the lifestyle which purifies us. It starts from personal hygiene, keeping the place clean and keeping your inner-space clean. How you should wake-up; how you should brush your teeth, how you should wash yourself, how you should take bath, etc. From the time you wake up till you go to bed, purifying your whole muscle-memory is what Mahadeva is teaching through Carya.

KRIYA - The Spiritual Processes

Agama is only spiritual inner-science to manifest anything you want as reality. If you want to bring God into a stone and want to make Him live in that stone, there is a kriya, there is a process. If you want to heal your stomach pain, there is a kriya. If you want to heal somebody's cancer, there is a kriya. If you want to bring rain, there is a kriya. If you want to stop the rain, there is a kriya. If you want to bring the Sun, there is a kriya. If you want to stop the Sun, there is a kriya. Everything you can achieve through these certain kriyas, processes. You many not do all the Kriyas, but knowing that science helps you to manifest the reality as you wanted. Once you understand the science of kriya, you don't even need to create the fire and pour the ghee. Just by changing your breath, you can manifest the same Agni from your body, and that Agni will manifest what you want as reality. You don't have to put rice and pour ghee into the fire. Just by pouring rice and ghee into the fire of your stomach, you will manifest whatever you want.


The Yoga padha is practiced from the lofty space of powerfulness. Here, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals how the Shashtanga yoga of Sadashiva is far superior to the Ashtanga yoga of Patanjali. He shares, “Patanjali definition of yoga is – yogah citta vritti nirodaḥ – cessation of the mind is yoga. But Sadashiva doesn’t prescribe/ propose mind control anywhere in the whole Agama. He says thoughts are too superficial; don’t be controlling or fighting or playing with it, they have no meaning!

Sadashiva’s definition about Yoga is experiencing Oneness with Oneness itself; union with Oneness is Yoga.

Shashtanga yoga (revealed by Sadashiva) includes 6 paths – Pratyahara, Dhyana, Pranayama, Dharana, Asana, Samadhi – to manifest the experience of Sadashivatva. Every component is crucial to manifesting Sadashivatva; there are no cultural frills. Yoga comes from Hinduism for manifesting Sadashivatva – the highest reality possible.”

JNANA - Knowlege

The Sanskrit term “Jnana” if often translated as knowledge.

But Sadashiva’s definition goes well beyond the ordinary. As Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals, “Sadashiva’s definition about Jnana is Enlightened about everything that exists is Jnana.”

As you can see, this lofty definition is as vast and infinite as Sadashiva! Ultimately, the practice of Agamas develops tremendous self-respect, and manifests wonderful powers in us. With this, we are constantly centered on our highest self and powerfulness.

Here, the presence of a living Avatar of Sadashiva provides a quantum leap in the practice and experience of Agamic truths. As Sadashiva Himself explains, “First, a person needs to start practicing the preparations – charya. You do puja, yoga, pranayama, apply bhasma, wear rudraksha – all the lifestyle practices. Then, you start doing kriya, tuning your body and mind to higher realms. Then, connecting with the higher realms, that is yoga. And living in that higher space itself is Jnana. This is the normal course of a spiritual seeker in regular Shaivite method.”

But in the presence of a living Avatar – Sadashiva gives a beautiful description, “When you have an Enlightened Guru, Shiva Yogi who is established in the space of Sadashivatva, first you get initiated – you experience and understand Oneness. After that, the lifestyle practices you do is not for achieving power; it is for MANIFESTING the powers of Sadashiva.” List of Agamas

1-Kamikam 2-Yogajam 3-Chintyam 4-Karanam 5-Ajitham 6-Diptam 7-Sukshmam 8-Sahasram 9-Amsumad 10 -Suprabhedam 11-Vijayam 12-Nisvasam 13-Svayambhuvam 14-Agneyam 15-Viram 16-Rauravam 17-Makutam 18-Vimalam 19-Chandrajnanam 20-Mukhabimbam 21-Prodgitam 22-Lalitham 23-Siddham 24-Santanam 25-Sarvoktham 26-Parameswara 27-Kiranam 28-Vathulam

Practice Agamas to Manifest Shaktis

To awaken completion in you, to awaken strength in you, to awaken joy in you, to awaken respect for yourself in you — Mahadeva helps you to manifest so many Shaktis (spiritual powers) in the Agamas. Anybody who practices Agama, develops tremendous respect for themselves about themselves. It is not ego. Ego will always be based on powerlessness. Self-respect will always be based on powerfulness.

Self-respect for yourself is never an ego. Mahadeva does that to you, when you practice Agama – the lifestyle of Shuddhadvaitam. If you understand the science of Kriya as per Agamas, every moment of your life, you will become more and more powerful. You will become more and more intelligent, more and more energetic.

Why Follow Agamas


“What is the reason to follow this lifestyle Swamiji?”

“In Agama, Sadashiva has given 100 instructions. The moment 10-20 instructions have become My experience, my Anubhuti, My reality, My life, My experience, My, whatever, whatever, reality—that's it. Now, I am not going to waste My life, waiting to get convinced about the remaining eighty instructions.I am going to fall head over heels and start practicing all the hundred.

Fools are those, who think, “Oh, I know when I put rudraksha in the ears, my listening has gone up, my energy has gone up, my third eye is active, alive. But, about putting the Rudraksha in the hip and end of the hair, I will wait and see whether it became my experience, then, after that that I will wear. By the time you experience and put the Rudraksha everywhere, you have to go to the burial ground, hundred years will be over. Fools are those who wait for every instruction in Agama to become their experience and then they will start following. Then by that time; you come to your leg to put the Rudraksha at the feet, leg, your ankles, you may not even have the leg. You may be walking with somebody else leg. Listen carefully. The moment 10-20 instructions of Sadashiva has become My reality, I am not a fool to wait and reinvent the whole thing, and wasting My life for reinventing. Understand.

.. Don’t waste your time in waiting for the remaining every instruction to become your experience or reality. You neither have that strong logic, nor have that strong body, nor have that long life. Fools are those who wait for every instruction to become their reality. The moment, the power manifestation and Enlightenment has become My reality—I am not going to question, analyze, the other instructions of Sadashiva, about how to brush teeth, or how to apply vibhuti, or how to take bath. I am going to fall head over heels, and practice everything He says, because every time if I bring up the neem stick and brush My teeth, just the memory that I am brushing as per His instruction, makes Me sweeter than the bitterness of the neem tree. That is Shaktinipata. Kailasha, under the huge Kalpavriksha— making Devi sit on His lap, holding Her hip with all the love and care—the way He thought Her to brush the teeth and take bath, I am exactly doing that. That is all I need to make My day. That is all I need to make the neem stick sweet. That is all I need to make My life, that is Shaktinipata. Understand.

Unmanifest powers in you manifest, when you follow the instructions of the Guru, without even waiting for logically to get convinced. Let those great fools wait to get logically convinced, it is middle class mentality. Waiting to get logically convinced about each instruction. Don’t be a middle class, be elite.

.. Elite means, he knows, my parents had right lifestyle—so I will inherit their whole knowledge. I will not be waiting for me to get beaten up every time. I know my parents know the best practices. I know Sadashiva knows the best practices. And He has given it as Agama, then why will I waste my life is a stupid way... When you know, logically, you don’t wait to get convinced and start moving just because He wants you to do—you are My inheritor. You are Elite. You are no more middle class.

See My Balasanths, they don’t wait to get convinced about My instruction, that's why they inherit what I have. If you wait to get convinced about every instruction, you are a devotee, outsider. If you just jump head over and heels, and start living—before I even complete the instruction, you are an insider, disciple, inheritor, you have the right to feel— Brahmanyam Bahuputrataam.

Whatever Arunagiri Yogiswara had, I never felt, He need to initiate Me, He need to give Me that. I just know, if He has it is mine. Just like how my Baalasants feel, “If Swamiji has it is mine.” They don’t feel, I need to initiate them I need to give it to them, if He is having, it is mine. … Understand. For the unmanifest to manifest in you, all you need is Shaktinipata— Shaktinipata means start living the instructions and initiations without waiting for your logic to get convinced,is Shaktinipata. The joy you experience, when you live, just because He said, that's it. That joy is called Shaktinipata. Understand. When I live my orthodox lifestyle, I just know, I am doing it because He said it, and that joy is Shaktinipata. That keeps me whole day and night, my whole life in Shaktinipata with Sadashiva. With that Shaktinipata, whether you pick up a stone, or clean the floor, or cook, and feed the devotees, or do wiring, or do book publishing, or stand there and give flyers to people— everything is Shaktinipata. Understand, life in the Sangha is Shaktinipata” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Four Deekshas to convert into Hinduism


Samaya Deeksha, Visesha Deeksha, Nirvana Deeksha and Acharya Abhisheka

There is this argument that one cannot officially convert into Hinduism since Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life. But this is not true. Sadashiva, in his Agamas, has clearly defined a set of initiations for someone who wants to officially become a Hindu. For Millenia these four Deekshas – Samaya Deeksha, Visesha Deeksha, Nirvana Deeksha and Acharya Abhisheka – have been followed in the traditional Shaivite Mutts for anyone wanting to become a Hindu. In the past 10 years lakhs of non Indians have officially converted to Hinduism in the Nithyananda Adheenam in Bengaluru adopting Hindu names and following Hindu rituals, lifestyle and worship.

Essence of Agamas - Sarvajnottarāgama


Mahadeva’s seat is called Sarvajna Peetha. The essence of everything He taught through the five faces – Satyojātam, Tatapurusham, Vamadevam, Aghoram, Ishanam; through all the five faces. Through four faces, he revealed four Vedas; through the fifth face, all the Agamas. The essence of all that is Sarvajnottarāgama, which he taught to Subramanya.

In that, the essence of Sarvajnottarāgama is – reminding Subramanya the experience of Shivoham. Once Subramanya experiences that, He was made to sit in that seat of Sarvajna Peetha. This is why the Agama is called Sarvajnottarāgama.

When you learn from the teacher, one quarter you learn; when you discuss among the friends, you learn the next 25%, when you ask him questions and get clarified, you learn the next 25%. Only when you start teaching, you learn the last 25%. So first 75% is done. Mahadeva taught to Subramanya, 25%. Subramanya discussed with his friends, 25%; Subramanya asked questions from Mahadeva, and learnt 25%. Now Subramanya has to teach and learn the last 25%. Mahadeva says, “Don’t waste time in finding a student; come on, sit. I will listen. I will learn from you, and get that next 25% also.” That is why in Swamimalai, Sadashiva becomes disciple. Sadashiva becomes a student, and Subramanya learns to teach and gets that last 25%, becomes perfect Jnana Skandagurnathan. He sat in the Sarvajna Peetha.

The Agama beautifully describes, that Mahadeva had Subramanya on His right shoulder. When Subramanya was teaching, He suddenly moved him to the left shoulder. Subramanya asked, “Why, am I heavy?” He said, “No, I want your mother also to listen to you; because this side belongs to her. I want your mother to know how beautifully you are teaching. I heard enough, now I want your Mother to know how beautifully you are teaching, because the left belongs to her, Devi.”