Completion: Technique to Alter your Past

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Completion: Technique to Alter your Past In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the nature and purpose of completing the unfinished situations in our lives. When we carry uncompleted problems we cannot begin anything new. The beliefs and emotions connected with our unfinished troubles continue to create the same difficulties in our future. Once we attain completion our previous patterns are burned and we are set free to initiate a new way of being. Intention is the key to successful completion. When we devote intense, focused time and energy to completing our patterns we evolve and become integrated. From that integrity we can embody the principles of authenticity, responsibility and enriching.


Just today morning, I have discovered some of the very important truths about Completion. I will expand on it.

First thing I wanted you to understand, only in "completion" four tattwas work. Only in "completion" you are able to live four tattwas as it should be lived. Please understand, only in "completion" the four tattwas happen in you as it should happen. When you don't spend enough of time, energy, intention towards the completion, dhyan se suniye, intention is important ingredient for completion. You need to understand intention is important ingredient for completion.

Let me define "Completion". Let me define "Completion". You need to understand "incompletion" first; then you will understand what is "Completion".

Listen! Whenever you talk to yourself, there is a part of you disrupting you constantly - is "incompletion". Means, non, not believing! Understand? You say, 'I will live four tattwas!' Immediately, one part of you laughs at you: 'Like this you said millions of things! ehhh' You say, 'I will be successful!' 'ehhh You tried so many things! What happened?'

Understand, when you utter something, when you talk to yourself something, one part of you which does not believe you, one part of you which does not agree with you, one part of you which is not saying "Yes" to you, is "incompletion".

One of the biggest problem with this incompletion, listen, one of the biggest problem with this incompletion - you will not be able to settle with you. You will not be able to live within you. Constantly, means, really constantly, you will be having kind of a "life imprisonment" experience and because of that incompletion, you will not be able to live any tattwa. Neither you will be able to live Integrity nor you will be able to live Authenticity or you will be able to live Responsibility or Enriching.

See, incompletion first attacks your self-assessing mechanism. You have a self-assessing mechanism in you. Just like internal auditing for any organization, just like internal auditing for any organization, there is a self-assessing mechanism. Once in a while, you see, 'What am I doing? What am I doing? What is going on? Am I on the right direction? Will I be on the right direction? Is this okay?' The more number of times you do self-assessing, more you will be self-centered and self-torturing. It is incompletion which gives you the insecurity, makes you do self-assessing again and again.

Tattwas as it should be lived when you don't spend enough time, energy, intention towards completion. Intention is important ingredient for completion.

Please understand, understand, listen, only with completion inside, you can even LISTEN even at this moment. If your clothes are unwashed, lying in your room, if you have put some clothes in your laundry machine, if you have kept milk on the oven, it's boiling, if there are any incompletion around you, you will not be settled, you will not LISTEN! Listening happens with "completion". Listening happens with "completion"!

One more thing you need to know. How the incompletion will be, I explained. How the "completion inner space" will be, I can't explain! The space of Completion, how it will look, how it will feel, I can't explain; because any word I use you will not understand. It will be "Shuddha Sukhabodha Chinmaya Swabhavananda"! What you understood? :) No! You can't! What is "incompletion", I can explain; you can understand; because it is your experience. When you are in the space of "incompletion", any decision you make, part of you will laugh at you; not co-operate with you; not say "Tathaasthu" to you; not listen to you; not involve itself to you!

Understand, in the state of incompletion, you don't LISTEN! You act like listening; you don't listen! You don't SEE! You act like seeing; you don't SEE! It is very important. Human-beings need to understand. With incompletion, you will neither be able to practice four tattwas, nor the four tattwas will bring those desired results in you. If there is incompletion, you can't practice Integrity with integrity. Only when you practice Integrity with integrity, listen, only when you practice Integrity with integrity, you will have "Vaak Siddhi"!

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