August 29 2013

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Disown Your Incompletions.


Swamiji describes how the results we produce in our reality indicate whether we are functioning from pattern or possibility. Completion should be carried till we feel we are one with the space of Nithyanandoham!

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam | Asmadaachaarya Paryanthaam Vande Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome you all with my love and respects. I welcome all the television viewers, devotees, disciples, samajis, and satsangis. I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today we have two alankaras (decorations):

Kali standing on Mahadeva, it is a philosophical representation of Prakriti standing on Purusha and, Purusha is useful only when Prakriti is active. Means, only with the Shakti, Shiva becomes alive. And on the other side, “Vel Valai Erindha Padalam”. There is a story that Indra was really jealous of the Pandya Kingdom because of its richness and wealth and the people in the Pandya Kingdom were happier than the people who were in Heaven. So Heaven’s Devatas, gods and goddesses started moving to the Pandya Kingdom. So this really hurt Indra’s ego and he stopped the rain in Pandya Kingdom. Then, Ugra Pandya, who is the son of Shiva and Meenakshi, who is Subrahmanya himself, he goes and arrests all the gods responsible for the cloud and rain and brings them. Indra comes directly personally to fight with Ugra Pandya. Ugra Pandya just throws his anklet, and that’s all! Indra was defeated and he runs away to Heaven. And then Indra sends a letter to Ugra Pandya. ‘You please release them (the gods arrested by Ugra Pandya). I agree with you, that I will give regular rain to Pandya Kingdom.’

And, still the agreement is executed properly. Never ever Pandya Kingdom suffers without rain. Still there will be no drought! All over the world there may be drought, and the Pandya Kingdom does not have big rivers like Kaveri or Ganga and all that. It has only a small river like Vaigai, a man-made river. Vaigai is the only river which does not reach even the ocean. Do you know that it doesn’t reach the ocean? In the whole world there is only one river which does not reach the ocean! It just reaches a lake and disappears in a lake! Means, that much quantity only water! It does not even reach the ocean. With that small river, the whole Pandya Kingdom never suffers lack of water, water scarcity, due to the agreement between Indra and Subrahmanya, Ugra Pandya. It is Ugra Pandya’s Samadhi on which the Tiruparamkundram shrine is built.

So, today, you are seeing, the fight between Ugra Pandya and Indra. And on the other side, Kali standing on Shiva. If you want to know the secret of how Kali is having four hands, you can see one hand is having Kaavi! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…!

I will start the satsang. Today’s subject for Nithya Satsang: “COMPLETION AND ENRICHING”.

Listen! Please come to the space of listening!

I will give you some of the important sacred secrets on your inner space and its patterns or possibility! Please listen, whether your inner space is Pattern or Possibility, I tell you, you can easily understand whether you are established in Pattern or your Possibility by looking at the results you produce by your actions. The results you have as your inner and outer reality of your life are the real reflection of the inner space you are carrying which is either a space of Pattern or space of Possibility. You need to understand, the result you produce, based on that you can very clearly see, find out, whether you are established in the space of Patterns or Possibility. I wanted to expand on this same subject continuously so many days, because when I expand on the same subject so many days from every angle, you understand. One more thing, I am not an entertainment show; I am an entrainment show! So, I will have to constantly repeat till you reach what you are supposed to reach. Sometimes, some of the truths should be constantly repeated, constantly reminded, constantly settled.

I tell you, the best way to reach the Completion is, never allow the pattern to stand up to get a second beating. Before the fellow stands up, beat again! Please understand, the biggest problem we have is, today we complete – and if we feel complete, great – then we take rest till the next time again when the pattern comes up and we feel suffocated. That is wrong. Even if you feel complete, continue the Completion process by digging out, digging out, digging out, ‘is there any other incompletion, is there any other ideas I carry as impossible?’

Please understand, if you are not able to fly, that is incompletion with your ability to fly! If you are not able to disappear in the air, that is incompletion with your ability to disappear! Anima, Mahima, Laghima, Garima…..there are eight Major Siddhis. Means, you can become as heavy as a mountain; you can become as light as an atom. There are eight Maha Siddhis: Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Vasitvam, Ishitvam, Prápti, Prákámya. Even in these eight siddhis, if any one siddhi is not expressing through you, you have incompletion with that siddhi! Start completing!

Understand! Understand what I am saying, just because you feel light, relieved in your heart, the suffocations are less in your heart, don’t think Completion is done. Feeling that no suffocation is there is the first step of Completion. With this you get the signal that you are in the right direction. The board “Bangalore – 97 Kms” is not Bangalore. The moment you see the board “Bangalore – 97 Kms”, aah! You say, ‘come on, great!’ And you just lie down and put your tent and start cooking and rolling on the ground! No! The board “Bangalore – 97 Kms” is not Bangalore itself! Same way, the relief you find during the Completion for the first few days is not end of Completion! Completion should be carried till you become enlightened! Understand, till you feel you are one with the space of Nithyanandoham! Till you experience the space of Nithyanandoham!

Day-before-yesterday, I was doing some research on how this “Nithyananda” name landed on me. Because, some of my ashramites they were writing an introduction about me. They mentioned my old name. I said, ‘I never remember associating myself with this name; so, don’t even mention that!’ I told them, ‘Just write as “Paramahamsa Nithyananda”; that’s enough.’ And, then later on I was thinking how did this name land on me? And I wanted to put this on record, and I wanted you to know, even I don’t know when this name has landed on me! During two-three of my initiations and sannyas, it has been confirmed. You see, when I heard from Hamsanandapuri, ‘this will be your sannyas name’, it was not like a new name given. I just knew this was my name from forever! Actually, early morning, he gave sannyas, one day before we were having a discussion and he was asking me, ‘Swamiji what name you want to take?’ Even before he gave kavi, I was wearing kavi, because I was doing parivrajaka yatra. He asked me, ‘Swami, what is the name you wanted to take?’ A casual discussion we were having. And, I myself said, ‘Nithyananda will be the best name.’ And next day, he gave the same name. So, I was digging out when exactly this name landed on me. I have no answer that is the truth! Even when Mahavatar Baba gave that name, I did not even associate that name with me. That is another one fun! I thought someone else with the name of Nithyananda he was telling me to go and meet! Otherwise, why will he tell my own name to me? Because, in a way I was associating, I was just like inborn that word “Nithyananda” was oozing out of me!

Ramana Maharshi says in one place, please understand, Ramana Maharshi says, ‘I do not know when the word “Arunachala” started overflowing in me.” He says, ‘from the time I know me, without anybody telling about me, I just know Arunachala is my place, abode! He says, “I did not even know whether Arunachala is a hill or town or a place. I just know Arunachala is my abode!’ He says, ‘Arunachala Spurana, when it started, happening, I j don’t even know!’ Same way, this Nithyananda Spurana, when it started happening, I don’t even know! That’s the truth!

When I was referring the scriptures last few days, I saw this “Nithyananda” name is invariably used in all sampradaya. Shaivites call Shiva as “Nithyananda” in Rudram. Vaishnavites call Venkateshwara as Nithyananda in their stotras. Devi is addressed as “Nithyanandakari” by Adi Shankara in Annapurna Stotram! It is like a universal name, universal concept!

Please understand, till you experience that universal Nithyanandoham, go on doing completion, go on doing completion!

Completion is a basic requirement even to breathe. I tell you, if you have asthma problem, complete with your breathing pattern. If you have knee pain, complete with your weight pattern. If you have heart problem, complete with your emotional patterns. If you have headache, complete with your thinking patterns.

All your failures should reach your head, not the heart! All your successes should reach your heart, not your head! Understand, all incompletion is your failure. It should reach only your head so that you can start completing them. Don’t take it to your heart. Don’t associate yourself with your incompletions. The biggest problem we have is associating ourselves with our incompletions. I am seeing even some of my own ashramites suffering so much because of their incompletions, foolishly. Very recently, I have seen even among devotees or among the disciples or ashramites, I have seen people suffering with their incompletions, and they just try to escape, run away to save themselves from their incompletions. But I wanted all of you to know, please, I have a good news for all you guys. Listen, whoever carries any incompletions with you and struggling with those incompletions, please raise your hand. (People raise their hands). I have good news for you guys. With Integrity, Authenticity and Responsibility, I tell you, I had the same incompletions you have. This is the good news. How can it be good news? Because I had and came out! So, you also may have, you can come out.

Please understand, don’t associate yourself with your incompletion. My Guru, Raghupathi Yogi, Yoganandapuri, one great thing he did is, he broke my laziness pattern. He will make me do Surya Namaskar from morning sunrise to sunset! Please understand, these are all literally true! I am talking with Integrity and Authenticity! And then I’ll almost be dead; and when I lie down, he will tell me, ‘eh, don’t associate yourself with your body! Don’t associate yourself with your incompletions! Don’t associate yourself with your laziness!’ No, I tell you, it really, really, really worked on me! When you don’t associate yourself with your incompletions and the tortures you need to go through because of your incompletions, moving towards completion and getting enlightened becomes such an easy job, so easy! Don’t associate yourself with your incompletions! ‘Yes, I had this incompletion. This is the way my system was functioning. Now it is time, let me say “bye” to my incompletions!’

Understand, when a robber, burglar, murderer can become Valmiki overnight, when a womanizer like Arunagirinatha Swami can become a great saint overnight, your incompletions are nothing in front of all of them! Why, Tulasidas… front of Tulasidas, your attachments and incompletions are nothing!

Understand, your incompletions will get more and more powerful as long as you associate yourself with them. When you just push yourself behind, behind, behind the association with your incompletion, don’t constantly associate with that incompletion. Don’t even own up! Just disown! Disowning incompletions is complete Completion! Very convincingly, means, if you are convinced you disowned these incompletions, you are complete; that’s all! If you are convinced you disowned these incompletions, you are complete!

Understand, disassociating yourself with your incompletions is “complete Completion”. Disassociating yourself with your incompletions is “complete Completion”. I can say, this is the line you have to contemplate today whole day. This is the punch, the sacred secret from this satsangh. Even while you start completing, don’t own up all your incompletions. Only the incompletions with which you are not able to disconnect, disassociate yourself…..!

See, there are some incompletions, simply, straightaway you can disassociate. You yourself will believe you are disassociated from it. There are some incompletions, even you don’t believe you are disassociated from it. Complete only with those incompletions! Disassociating yourself with all incompletions is Completion! The more you become complete, the more you become a matured soul. The soul which is complete is equivalent to the soul which has seen the life, which has experienced everything. Please understand, if you are not completing, you might have taken two-thousand janmas, but still you’ll continue to be animal. Animal does not mean you will have only four legs. There are a lot of animals roaming around with two legs! It will have almost human body, the human body itself! But that does not mean you are man! Understand, incompletion makes you more and more immature. Completion makes you more and more matured. Completion makes you more and more matured.

Just to teach this science of Completion, I think we should continuously build Ashrams and Temples and Annalayas all over the world. And I also declare, we will continuously circulate a complete volume on the science of Completion free of cost, which is already coming up. One book called “Science of Living Enlightenment”, abridged version, already I am working on it. It will teach a person, it will give an introduction about the science of Completion, why it is needed; what is completion; how it can be done; if you don’t do how you will live; if you do how you will live; why you think the way you think; why you act the way you act; why you behave the way you behave; and the science of Completion, how to complete with yourself and how to complete with others and how to create the reality of your choice! Literally, the essence of Inner Awakening will be printed as a book and it will be circulated free of cost. I feel this is the “Dhamma”.

Please, understand, even people who can’t afford money, who can’t afford to spend, even they should not miss the science of Completion! Really, I wanted this ‘Science of Living Enlightenment’ specially written for kids. Already I’m working on it. And especially for youth, guiding them! And this book, helping the youth to live this science of Completion should be printed freely and distributed in all schools and colleges!

Understand, Completion is life. With Completion starts life. With Completion starts life. With Completion life is awakened. With Completion everything auspicious starts in your life.

So, the essence of today’s satsang is:

· Disassociate with all your incompletions. With whatever incompletions you are not able to disassociate, complete with them. That is the essence of today’s satsang.

Let you all live health, bliss and enlightenment! Namah Shivaya!

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