August 07 2013

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Dont support your powerlessness


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares the number one disease that humanity suffers from – powerlessness! Unfortunately, we associate ourselves with our powerlessness, feeling it can be justified. We can’t afford even one minute of powerlessness! The way out of powerlessness is to clean up our living space and disassociate ourselves with our powerlessness. How can we do that? By practicing completion and enriching others! The more effort we put into the process of completion, the more mature beings we become. Let us not fall down in incompletion but raise ourselves up into the space of completion!

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Don’t Support your Powerlessness

Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||


I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

Today’s Nithya Satsang subject will be the continuity on “COMPLETION”.

Yesterday, we had a Maheshwara Puja in the ashram, and then a Sangha meeting. I am going to give the essence of that only today as a satsang. “Laughs…” No, actually I tell you, now I am so happy, when my sannyasis sit together they speak such rich things! Actually, yesterday during the discussion, I could see everyone is so logical when they question others. And when they enrich others, they are so logical and so clear, so alive, so aware, so conscious. When the same problem comes to them, the same words does not work for them! No! This is inauthenticity! Understand, humanity suffers with this only one disease. Please listen! Please come to the space of listening! I am sharing some of the very important sacred secrets.

Humanity suffers only with one disease – wrong association, dussangha. Why you are able to enrich others? One of my sannyasinis commented, ‘The exact words which don’t work for me I am throwing it on others; it works for them! The exact advice which I gave it to myself when I was in problem didn’t work for me; but when I give it to others it works for them! Why?’

Please understand, the wrong association of associating with your powerlessness and feeling that is you, is the biggest suffering. Please listen! Instead of you associating with you, you associate with your powerlessness; then, no teaching works; no words work. You are on the wrong side; you are on the wrong side. When you are on the wrong side, nothing will work! Nothing will work! Nothing will work!

Mulla Nasruddin goes to a man and says, ‘Give me some money.’

The man asks, ‘Why?’

He said, ‘I am going to buy an elephant.’

This guy said, ‘If you don’t have any money to buy elephant, you cannot afford to keep, maintain an elephant.’

That guy immediately says, ‘I came here to get money, not advice!’

Understand, no advice will work on you, as long as you associate yourself with your powerlessness!

Listen! Whole of humanity suffers with this one disease of powerlessness. Listen intently! The next, next, …..these are very important things! When you give the same words as advice to others, when you enrich others, you are not associating yourself with their powerlessness. That is why you are able to handle it so beautifully, properly. But when you are enriching yourself, you associate yourself with your powerlessness. That is why you miss it! That is why you miss it! Why the same words which does not work for you, work for others? Because, when you utter those words, you don’t associate yourself with their powerlessness. You have already created a distance. So, you will have the conscious clarity. You are not in dussangha, wrong association. You are not in wrong association. But when the same problem is happening for you, you associate with that powerlessness. That is why the same words does not help you.

Please listen! I tell you, even if you think those words are not working for you, enrich others with those words. You will see, first it may not work for you. Enrich others; it will work for them! That itself will give you the strength! And, next time, when you use the same words, you will create a distance between you and your powerlessness, you and your powerlessness.

Please understand! You cannot afford to celebrate your cute powerlessness.

Unfortunately, you think, ‘What is this? So many years, so much of sacrifices I did! I was always powerful. Can’t I afford to be just powerless for a few hours?’

No, You can’t say, ‘Hundred years I lived. Can’t I afford to die for just a ten minutes?’ No! You can’t! You can’t!

Don’t be child, childish. I tell you, when you associate yourself with your powerlessness, your whole life is useless. Even if you die for a few minutes, your whole life is over! It is over! Your history will be re-written constantly based on your victory or failure. Please listen! Your history will be constantly re-written based on your victory or failure. Your history is not stagnant. Your history is not the actions you did, but the context you carry now. The context you carry now! For example, in the Second World War, if Hitler had won, the whole history would have been different! In India, if Subash Chandra Bose was alive, the whole of history would have been different! I tell you very clearly from the Akashic Records, it is Subash Chandra Bose and Bal Gangadhara Tilak, they are responsible for the freedom of the country! It is they who made British shiver! If they were alive, history would have been different!

So, the context you carry…..please listen, I am throwing unconnected different ideas! Listen intensely! In the end I am going to connect everything and make you understand the ultimate truth.

First, the words, the advice, the teachings, with which you are not able to enrich you, you are able to enrich others! How? Why? Because you don’t associate with others’ powerlessness, your words work for them. You associate yourself with your powerlessness; that is why the same words does not work for you. So, the first thing you need to do is disconnect, disassociate, create a distance between you and your powerlessness. Don’t celebrate your powerlessness. Don’t try to hide it from others. Clean your living space and throw out all the ______ ______ ( DASH DASH) out! Don’t try to hide it inside your bedroom so that others cannot smell it, others don’t know! If you are hiding it in your bedroom, to keep it away from others, who is going to suffer? You are going to be suffering! All the fellows who hide their powerlessness from others to save themselves and keep the powerlessness deep inside you are the people who keep the _____ _____ (DASH DASH) away from others and keep it in their bedroom, may be just under the pillow. The space you operate from when you work with others is different from the space you operate from when you work with yourself. So, the whole difference is, when you work with yourself you associate yourself with that powerlessness, dussangha. When you work with others, you keep a distance from the powerlessness; you are associating yourself with powerfulness, satsangha. Whether you are in satsangha or dussangha, that’s all! This is the first idea I am conveying, the first truth I am conveying.

Second, don’t celebrate your powerlessness. Nobody is ready to listen or accept, entertain your powerlessness. Your powerlessness cannot be “Cutiefied”. justified and nobody is interested in it. Either you throw your powerlessness out, or people will throw you also along with your powerlessness out! Either you throw your powerlessness out, or people will throw out along with your powerlessness, you also out! Nobody is ready to listen to your cutiefied, powerless stories.

You say, ‘No, why, I sacrificed so much! I did this, this, this, this, this…..! Can’t I afford to be powerless for a few minutes?’

No! No! Your brave childhood histories cannot be the reason for you to be powerless now.

One guy was bragging about his brave childhood history. ‘See, listen to my childhood history.’

Everybody was curious. ‘Please tell us! Tell us!’

‘I kicked the lion’s face! I pulled tiger’s tail! I broke cheetah’s legs! I threw elephants!’

‘Then what happened?’

The guy replies, ‘Then the toy shop owner kicked me out!’

This is all your childhood history! This is all is your history! Understand, nobody is ready to listen to stories about you kicking the lion’s face, pulling the tiger’s tail. Broke cheetah’s legs, Threw elephants. No! Don’t entertain powerlessness by justifying it or cutiefying it. It is a new word I have created – “cutiefying”. Don’t, don’t justify or cutiefy your powerlessness.

Next, I wanted to tell you a very important truth. Please listen! Even if some great truths are not working for you, don’t stop enriching others with it; because when you enrich others with the truth, you operate from the right space; then you will learn the process of how to operate from the right space. Then the same truth will start working for you, because you learnt to operate from the right space.

And I wanted to reveal a very important truth, a very important, shocking revelation to all you. All my satsangs are the words which didn’t work for me ten janmas (births) before! Listen All my satsangs, all the words with which I am enriching all you guys, are the ideas, truths which didn’t work for me ten janmas before! Then I learnt how to operate from the right context, how not to associate with the powerlessness. Then it started working for me. That’s all! That’s all! When you spend more and more time in the space of completion, you are becoming matured soul. When you spend more and more time in incompletion, you become immature soul. Listen! When you spend more and more time, when you spend more and more time in the space of completion, you become matured soul. When you spend more and more time in powerlessness and incompletion, you become immature.

I tell you, when you spend time in incompletion, no one can expect you will stoop so low!

Sometimes, my disciples are surprised, ‘Swamiji, how come the ex-devotees who lived around you for years can stoop so low?’

Please understand, when you entertain powerlessness, associate yourself with powerlessness, powerlessness is so powerful in destroying you! Powerlessness is worse than alcohol and poison! Poison destroys your physiology. Alcohol destroys your psychology. Powerlessness can destroy both your physiology and psychology! Both! Poison destroys your physiology. Alcohol destroys your psychology. Powerlessness can destroy your physiology and psychology, both! Alcohol also destroys your physiology, but slowly, gradually. It destroys your psychology first. It makes you imbalanced immediately. Powerlessness can destroy both! When you are constantly entertaining powerlessness inside without doing completion, even you cannot expect you will stoop so low!

If you entertain powerfulness, if you complete, the same way completion will raise you so quickly! Please understand, I never expected I will achieve the enlightenment experience so soon. When I was 21, I was clearly planning, I will live in the Himalayas till I will get enlightened ….I was expecting, may be, alive for ninety - ninety-five years. Because Raghupathi Yogi prepared my body and he always told me… he told me “you will live quite a long time because I have prepared your body”’ And I also know how he prepared my body. Because, your longevity is nothing but the length of your breath. Your longevity is dependent on the length of your breath. And Raghupathi Yogi aligned my breath very properly and beautifully with proper yogic training. He made me believe and I also believed and I will live for quite a long time. And I was planning, may be, some ninety - ninety-five years I will live in the Himalayas. Either I will get enlightened before death, or during the death I will become enlightened. Whether I become enlightened or not, I will live for enlightenment and die. I never ever thought or felt, I will become enlightened.

I tell you, just a simple decision to be in completion has opened such ultimate experience in me! Please understand, even a few minutes if you decide to be in incompletion, it can put you in a space where you will stoop so low, all the janmas of spiritual achievement will be destroyed! And the same way, even if you decide to be in the space of completion for a few minutes, it can open up a new consciousness for you! The powerfulness and powerlessness, completion and incompletion, does not work logically; it works miraculously! When you allow incompletion, you can’t say, ‘Oh, I allowed incompletion only for three minutes! How can my thirty years of spiritual practice be destroyed?’ That’s the way life is. You can’t say, ‘Only a drop of poison, how can one litre milk become poison!’ Same way, one minute deciding to be complete, in the space of completion, your janmas of sins will be washed away! You cannot say, ‘What is this? It is unfair! This fellow, only one minute he was in the completion space! How can all his sins be washed out and he can become a saint?’

See Arunagirinathar! A great saint from Thiruannmalai. And see Pattinathar! See Valmiki! What is Valmiki’s history? He just decided for a moment, he will be disassociating from all the incompletions, all his powerless space. And Angulimala! He in ‘Just for a moment decided, ‘I will be dropping all my powerlessness!’ So, the science of completion, please understand how completion and incompletion works, how powerfulness and powerlessness works, how the space of satsangha and nissangha works. And I wanted to remind all of you, all the words with which I am enriching you guys, did not work for me ten janmas before! But I did not stop. I continued to create the right context, work with it, work with it, work with it! Now, Of course, a few janmas before itself it started working for me and, naturally, working for others.

Continue to enrich others. Continue to enrich others. Continue to help everyone to find their root-pattern and complete. I tell you, especially with this context of the science of root-pattern completion, any philosophy I study, whether it is Shaivism, Vaishnavism, any philosophy I study, I see the essence is this: the Science of Completion, Poornathva!

I really wanted with this context of making spiritual philosophies user-friendly, spiritual philosophies user-friendly, please listen, making the spiritual philosophies user-friendly, we should create universities. O, Veda Matha! I commit with you, with my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, I will establish universities for Advaitha, Kashmiri Shaivism, Shaiva Siddhanta of Tamil Nadu, Laghuleesha’s Shaivism, and Vaishnavism, Dwaitha & Visishta Advaitha philosophy of Ramanuja and Madhwa! Surely, because all these philosophies should be made user-friendly, directly useful from the context of completion, the science of completion.

I was feeling, really, at least, some twenty universities should be established. University of Shaiva Siddhanta in Madurai; Kashmiri Shaivism in Delhi – because in Kashmir, now you can’t run; it is no more place where Hindus can live! At least in Delhi, University for Kashmiri Shaivism. And in Baroda, University for Laghuleesha’s Shaivism; and Bidadi will have university for Basavanna’s Shaivism, Lingayat Shaivism and my contribution. We should have a university for Vaishnavism either in Melkote or in Srirangam. At least twenty universities for each of those philosophies. With the context of user-friendly, making it user-friendly – please understand, that should be the context – with the context of making it user-friendly, just through few visuals and Power point presentations, these principles and philosophies can be beautifully presented. It should be continuously published. University for Nyaya, Sankhya, Vaiseshika, Advaitha should be established in Haridwar. University for Shaktha in Kamakhya. I will do it! I commit with Veda Matha! That is the only way. This is the only way we can awaken the world. Humanity can understand the science of completion and live a blissful life, humanity can create the right context and right space with powerfulness, matured souls to live.

I will give you the essence in Hindi.


Understand the essence of today’s satsangh:

The space of completion or incompletion does not work horizontally, logically. It works vertically. If you are in the space of incompletion, you fall vertically down. If you are in the space of completion, you fly vertically up. The travel with completion or incompletion is not horizontal; it is vertical. Whether you fall vertically down or you fly vertically up. Your idea of horizontally travel is wrong.

See Arunagirinathar, a saint who lived in Tiruvanamalai. Till the age of thirty, he was a drunkard, womanizer and what not! One moment he decided be complete, to live in the space of completion. A whole shift happened. He became a saint!

Pattinathar, one moment he decided to be complete. And became saint!

Valmiki, one moment he decided to be complete. Became saint!

Tulsi, Tulsidas himself, one moment decided to be in the space of completion. Became saint!

Same way, there are millions of stories where people decided to be incompletion only for a moment…..and became sinners! I can give you a big list!

Hridayaram Chattopadhyay in Ramakrishna’s story. Served Ramakrishna so sincerely for almost twenty years. Only one moment he decided to be in the space of incompletion due to his anger…..and collapsed, disappeared from Ramakrishna’s life with a big curse from Ramakrishna, and became a worst sinner! The way he died! The way he suffered from depression! Unimaginable!

One Perumal Swamy in Ramana Maharshi’s life. Served Ramana Maharshi so much. Just decided to in the space of incompletion for a moment vertically fell down.

And Sheela in Osho’s life!

In my life you know many names!

One moment of incompletion, you can vertically fall down! One moment of completion, you can vertically fly up. Because completion or incompletion does not work logically in a horizontal way. It does in a vertical way.


With this I will move to the Nirahara Samyama. Please sit straight. Close your eyes. Cognize you have become Bidadi Kalpavriksha. With this, inhale through both the nostrils and mouth simultaneously. Hold as long as you can. Exhale only through both nostrils as slowly as possible. Do this for the next twenty-one minutes.

With my Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, I bless you all! Let you all experience Kundalini awakening, and live health, bliss and enlightenment by producing energy directly from space! Namah Shivaya!

Let you all achieve, experience, Live, express, radiate, share & explode in eternal bliss Nithyananda.

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Sri Nithyanandeswara and Nithyanandeswari Muneeshwara Nandhi Ambal Swamiji's Utsavamurthy Purna Kumbha to Welcome Swamiji in Temple. Morning Paduka Puja in Progress. Morning Satsang on Completion.