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Integrity is you fulfilling the word and thought you give to yourself and to others and experiencing a state of Poornatvacompletion with yourself and with life.

When you give your word to yourself and others that is the bone structure of your life. If you continually break the bone then you will experience pain and suffering.

Creation is possible only when you are established in the state of integrity and utter your words. When you are in integrated to integrity, integrity will be in integrity with you.

Everything in your life is totality of honouring the words you give to you and to others. Because the respect you carry for you and the respect others carry for you, the confidence others have for you and the confidence you have on you, these two put together is your life.

When you bring Integrity into yourself, the way they look at you will transform immediately. Integrity brings so much of strength and power.

Being your own boss is being the master of your own cognitions and understanding.Replace your cognitions with integrity. Put your whole being to fulfill it or drop it. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam


Integrity is the first sacred principle of life. Integrity is the principle on which the cosmos runs!

The sun rising every morning without missing a day is integrity. Your heart beating continuously without missing a beat is integrity. By nature, God built you with integrity. Your inherent nature is integrity. That is why, whenever you are not in integrity, you feel so uncomfortable and incomplete.

Undertstand: Integrity is neither honesty nor morality. It is beyond both.

Honesty is not integrity. Integrity is honesty also. Integrity is neither morality nor ethics. It is beyond both. Integrity is neither honesty nor morality. It includes both, but it is beyond both.

We all know honesty. But with the tattva of integrity, I am taking you a step deeper than honesty. With honesty, you only have to honor the words and commitments that you give to others. With integrity, you have to honor even the words and commitments you give to you!

Two Components of Integrity

Integrity has two components.

1. The first part is – Whatever word you give to you, you either have to honor it or complete it by withdrawing it. 2. Secondly – Whatever word you give to others, you either have to honor it or complete it by withdrawing it.

For example, if you have told somebody that you will give them one lakh rupees, you have to honor your words even if feel you have to give up your life for it! However, if for some reason you realize that even if you give up your life you will not be able to give that person one lakh rupees, at least complete it by telling them, ‘I won’t be able to fulfill my word; I am completing it.’

In the same way, every thought you give to you is a word you give to you. If you have told yourself, ‘I will buy a car for myself, lots of clothes, and a big house’, remember that it is a promise you have given to yourself! You have to honor it even by giving your life. If you think you can’t honor it, then you have to complete with yourself. You have to do completion even with yourself.

So bring straightforwardness into any dealing – with yourself, with others, with the world, with God, with the Guru. Be straight and keep your word with integrity.

Living Consciously

Your life is built on the words you give to you and to others. That has to be without any unconsciousness, unawareness. Your manana – internalizing has to be continuously with awareness. Listen, shravana has to be with awareness. Manana – internalizing means the words you give to you and to others, the words you talk to you and others. The internalizing has to be with awareness with full consciousness. When you use the words with consciousness, you will naturally have less words... you will be aware that is forming the basic infrastructure of your life. The structure of your life is nothing but the words you give to you and to others. I tell you, the strength of your life is based on the words you give to you and to others. If it is conscious, your life will be conscious. If it is unconscious, your life will be unconscious. Integrity forms the basis for your life.

Why is it so important to honor your words?

Whether you realize it or not, your life is built on your words and commitments. The words you give to yourself and others is the structure on which your life-building is built! If your life can be compared to a building, the words you give to yourself and others is like the foundation of this building. It has to be free from dust and rust, which means that it has to be free from unconscious patterns.

The unconscious words you give to yourself and others is the dust and rust on your building. A building built upon a rusty, dusty structure cannot last long! It has to be made of pure, authentic, strong steel. In the same way, your life is built on the words and commitments you give to you and to others. It has to be without any unconsciousness or unawareness.

I tell you, the strength of your life is based on the words you give to you and to others. If your words are conscious, your life will be conscious. If your words are unconscious, your life will be unconscious. When you utter unconscious words in your relationships or in your business, you will be unaware of what consequences life is going to bring to you. When you are unaware of the consequences of your words, life will always bring shocks to you. If life is continuously bringing shocks to you, understand – you are not living in integrity!

Integrity forms the basis for your life. Integrity is part of your very life energy. It is the energy on which you and the whole cosmos run! At the end of the day, write down all the words and commitments that you have given to yourself that day. No editing; just write everything that comes to your mind. For example: I am going to meet my mother this weekend, I am going to quit smoking in a month, I will get to work on time tomorrow, etc.

Writing brings to your awareness what you think about yourself and your commitments you make to yourself. Do this exercise for eleven days. You will realize how your words and commitments shape your life.

Integrity is not just in actions

Integrity is also not about your actions alone!

For example, going to work on time every day, or coming on time to morning satsang – all these are good, of course, but integrity is much more and much deeper than that.

Coming on time is not integrity. That is the side-effect of integrity. Your very thinking should be integrity. I tell you - a person who lives in integrity will always be on time – because punctuality is just a side-effect of integrity!

If you are thinking in integrity, you are in the space of unclutching, continuously freeing yourself from the negative mental patterns that you create and suffer with. Integrity has to be practiced continuously. Your very internalization – your manana - has to be with constant integrity.

Today, throughout the day, continuously try to think with integrity. That means, be very aware of the words you say to yourself and others, and the consequences of your words. Remember: in order to be in integrity, you have to fulfill the commitments you give to yourself and others! You have to live it as if your life depends upon ful lling those words. It does! Be very clear about this. So think ans speak only in a way that allows you to ful l the words which you give yourself and those around you. Create the space of integrity within you in that way. Constantly create that ambience, that atmosphere of integrity inside you.

In the previous activity, you had made note of all the commitments you give to yourself. Now, bring awareness to the commitments you HAVE NOT ful lled. See how you could have kept each commitment, instead of dropping it.

Why Non-integrity Hurts You

Listen: when you give a commitment to yourself or to others, it becomes the bone-structure of your very life itself. If you continuously break the bones of your life, can you imagine how your life will be? Full of pain, distorted, and perverted!

The words that you give to you are the bone-structure of your inner personality. The words you give to others are the bone-structure of your success in the outer world. If you are constantly breaking the bones of your life, naturally life will be painful!

You function based on the words and commitments you utter to yourself and to others. Am I right? Everything in your life starts with these two things. So the words you give to you and to others is life, literally Life! They are the basis of your actions, inaction and reactions. In order to be successful in your relationship with yourself and with life, you must keep your word. It is your very life!

If, for some reason, you are really sure you can’t fulfill your commitment, at least do bone-transplantation! Don’t fracture the bone. Do bone transplantation, which means completing the word by declaring that you will not be able to ful ll it. When you do this with yourself and others, it is called completing with that original commitment. By completing, you free yourself and the person to whom you committed, so that they are released to nd another way to ful l the commitment you made to them.

For example, suppose you give your word to someone that you will give them one million dollars within a certain period. Now you must do everything to ful ll it - as if your life depends on it! You have to ful ll that word. If, for some reason, you are very sure that even with all your sincere efforts, you will not able to ful ll that commitment, then at least complete with the person. Let them know that you will not be able to ful ll it: ‘I am taking that word back. Please look to some other source for the money.’ This is also integrity - your taking the responsibility to communicate about the commitment you gave.

But this second choice should be used only as a last resort, as a ‘bone surgery’, not as a way of life. Will you do bone surgery on yourself everyday? No! Only rarely would you even consider doing bone surgery. Bone surgery cannot be done every day. In the same way, completing a commitment you gave by taking back the word also cannot be done every day!

Whether with yourself or others, the habit of not keeping your word creates one more negative pattern in you that will erode your con dence in yourself and your reputation in the hearts of others. Only rarely is the bone surgery of completing with the person and not ful lling allowed.

Fulfill your word, or complete if you can’t ful ll your word. These are the only two choices available to you when you want to live in the space of integrity. There is no room to leave anything without fulfilling or completing.

Today, fulfill the words or commitments that you give to others - as if your life depends on it! Don’t make excuses for yourself. Just decide to do whatever it takes. You will take a leap to a whole new level of living.

Non-Integrity is Unconsciousness

You should be aware that when you give a commitment, your life has already started getting built around that commitment. You have started building your life based on the commitment, and your life- energy has already started owing to make that commitment a reality.

If you find yourself out of integrity continuously, look into you to see what pattern you are carrying. It could be a lot deeper than just having issues with managing time. It could mean that you are living in utter unconsciousness, because when you give the word, you are not aware of what you are doing! If you give one hundred commitments and ninety-nine are not kept, what does that mean? It shows that you are not even aware of what you are doing, or how you are abusing the energy of your life. Eventually, even you lose respect for your word, because you don’t even remember by afternoon the commitments you made in the morning.

Not caring to keep your word is also a subtle sign that you have no respect for life. When you carry too many incompletions with yourself or others, one of the first things you drop is integrity. This is a highly dangerous pattern, because you entire life’s natural flow is towards integrity! Being out of integrity is like you fighting your own life-energy. Drop this pattern immediately and restore completion and integrity in your life. Experiencing a state of poornatva - completion with yourself and with others - is the only natural way to live life.

When you give a commitment, be aware that your life-energy has already started owing to make that commitment a reality.

You are blessing your words!

Take the words you utter in your inner space very seriously, very sincerely. Whatever the words you utter, the most powerful being in your life is responding the saying, ‘Tathaastu, tathaaastu! So be it!’ Who is that being? YOU!

You are sitting inside you as the antaryaami, the inner Divine, and continually blessing whatever you are saying inside, and making it the reality of your life. If you keep saying, ‘I am sick. I am tired. I am not good enough. I am broke. I really can’t do the work, and even if I work they will exploit me’, then your Being is saying, ‘Tathaastu, tathaastu, tathaastu! So be it! So be it! So be it!’ Then, when you feel tired, sick, broke and exploited, you wonder, ‘How did this happen to me?’

Listen! You are the source and you are the solution. So bring integrity to every thought, word and action in your life.

Sit and write down all the words that you say to yourself about yourself. Do it without editing and changing anything.

Read what you have written.

Now rewrite any negative words that you say to yourself in positive words.

For example, if you think, ‘I am not good enough’, change it to ‘I am good enough.’ Keep repeating these words to yourself for at least one week. You will see that what you think about yourself will change - and life will bless you with that.

Integrity in Relationships

Relationships are not something external, they are the expression of how you feel about yourself; how you feel with you will only be projected as your relationship with the world. When you bring integrity to your relationships - means either honouring or completing - how much of confidence you will have over others and others will have over you; the conflicts will drastically drop. Success happens in life, fulfilment happens in life when the conflicts reduce. When the conflicts reduce, the life energy begins to flow through you. - Paramahamsa Nithyananda When you honour the word you give to others, not only they will have confidence and respect over you, only then the relationship exists.

Each human-being carries so much of energy. Even if you have an integrated relationship with only one human-being, your life can be different. Because, every person with whom you have an integrated relationship adds strength to you, not just mentally like confidence, morale boost or social power, consciously they add strength to you.

If you are having integrated relationship with your mother, consciously she adds strength to you. If you have integrated relationship with your father, consciously he adds strength to you. Every individual with whom you have integrated relationship, those people consciously enrich you…!'

'When you bring Integrity, honoring the words you give to others and you, in your relationship with others, suddenly the friendliness in your relationships increase.

Demands in your relationships, breaks the relationships and makes it dry. Friendliness in your relationships adds juice to the relationship and keeps it stable and growing. Above all, the relationships become worthy of living…!” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda If you have integrated relationships with others, consciously they add strength to you. Everyone you have integrated relationship with, consciously they enrich you.

Integrity expands your relationship with others

Integrity expands your relationship at different levels.

You will be able to sit with yourself with completion with yourself. When you know you have to fulfill your every word, then you have to speak every word with awareness. Only when you honour the word you give to others, they will have confidence over you and the relationship expands. Relationships are not something external, relationships are expression of your inner state. When you bring in the state of integrity, others will have confidence in you and the conflicts in your life will end.

Unfortunately, humans are not ready for permanent solutions, they only search for temporary solutions. That is the reason why Guru or teachers give temporary solutions. Permanent solution, even if it takes time, if you start living it, it can immediately end your conflict. When integrity becomes your way of thinking, then, your self-confidence on you and others’ confidence in you increases. Listen, take on only permanent solutions in your life.

Integrity expands you in your view and you in others view. The power of Integrity can make into a Siddha Purusha. Not only this, Integrity brings friendliness in your relationships. Integrity is an amazing practice that can continuously bring completion in your life. Without integrity you will not know the speed of your life. Only with integrity you will know the purpose of your life.

All fear is negative, self-fulfilling prophecies. It is like you plan for your failure and you plant your failure into the Cosmos through your deep fear. Whatever you sow will grow. That is why I tell you, if you think with Integrity you will break all the fears and you will be liberated from all the fears, and you will have success.


Integrity brings all Auspiciousness in life

When INTEGRITY is lost all is lost. Listening to your inner space is the beginning of Integrity.

When your inner space says there is nothing more to listen, there is only silence, you have achieved Integrity.

"Understand - even if you had negative self-fulfilling prophecies for 1000 years, if you do not encourage them for just 10 days, they will die. Even if the tree has grown for 1000 years, it takes just a few minutes to die if you pour acid. Integrity is the acid that can destroy the weeds of negative self-fulfilling prophecies in you." - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Integrity brings Awareness

When you take the responsibility for the words you utter to you and to others, what do you think will happen? A sharp reduction in the words in your inner space will happen. The amount of inner chatter that goes on continuously inside you will lessen considerably.

The father of yoga, the sage Patanjali says, Yogasysa pratamam dwaaram vaang-nirodhah. The first step towards yoga is the reduction in the words you create inside you. When you bring integrity, the words inside and outside will drop drastically. When you bring awareness to what you are saying and committing to, automatically your authenticity will increase, and your capacity to ful ll your word will also increase. A beautiful, enriching virtuous circle begins when you practice integrity.

When you take the responsibility for the words you utter to yourself and to others, your inner chatter will drop on its own.

Integrity kills inner chatter

Words that are clearly expressed with awareness create fulfillment. The word that is perverted and hurting yourself is guilt. The word that is hurting others is violence. The word that goes on expanding you is desire. The commitments that constantly keeps you in a state of completion and expansion is integrity.

If you just decide, ‘From this moment I will honor the words I utter to others and me as my life!’, the inner thoughts and inner chattering will drastically reduce. A huge breakthrough in your thinking process will happen, because the moment you become aware of the thought or word you give to you and others, you will know whether your thought is from ego, jealousy or arrogance, and immediately you will complete it, correct it. You will create so much good health in you with this breakthrough in your thinking. Each new cell created in the space of integrity will transform your body so that it expresses vibrant health.

Every morning, the moment you wake up, decide consciously and repeat to yourself: ‘From this moment, I will honor the words I utter to myself and others as my life!’ This will act as a powerful mantra and a reminder throughout the day. Integrity increases with awareness

With integrity, not only will you honor the words and commitments you give to you and others, but you will constantly live in a space where less words are created.

You must learn to make commitments consciously, so that you have enough time and energy and space to ful l those commitments. The great enlightened saint, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says again and again, ‘mann mukh ek karo’ - unite the heart and speech.

Integrity is not just about living as per your word - it is also about creating a space where you carry less words, so that the words you commit to yourself and the words you commit to others can be fulfilled by you.

Listening - shravana – has to be done with awareness. Internalizing - manana - has to be done continuously with awareness. When you use words with consciousness, you will naturally use fewer words, because you will be aware that those words are shaping your life.

For just 24 hours, work on carrying less words within you. Whenever you become aware, consciously stop the endless flow of words inside.

Living Without Mind

Living true to your word means living without your mind. You may not have destroyed the mind, but you will use the mind when you need it. You will be moving through your life in an unclutched way. Being unclutched means you will not be tossed around by a constant ow of random thoughts. You will be in an inner space of restful awareness that expresses as integrity and high achievement.

If you are truly integrated, you will not give a single false promise to yourself or others. With integrity, you will literally wipe clean your inner space of all the unwanted beliefs that you constantly carry. The strong belief you carry that you are a failure will continuously lead you to failure. When you start living in integrity you will diagnose those self-ful lling negative prophecies that you constantly feed to yourself, and remove them from your inner space. By continuously consciously cognizing this, your incompletions get healed.

Exercise Write down all the self-ful lling negative prophecies that you constantly feed yourself with . One by one, cancel them out and make a conscious declaration not to allow them into your inner space again.

Awaken your Kundalini through Integrity

Your inner potential energy known as Kundalini is like a big fountain full of water ready to gush out, but your negative commitments, the energy clots in your system, are big rocks stacked on top of that fountain, blocking the path so that no water can flow.

When you choose to live with integrity, you will continuously align your thinking with your being. You won’t create any confusion, contradiction or con icting thoughts and actions. Practicing integrity and doing completion clear those rocks away. It means that there will be a clear path for the Kundalini energy to travel through your body and express in your life. It is like having all the blockages in a hose cleared so that the water flows easily through it to nourish all the plants and flowers in the garden.

When you bring integrity into your life, your fantasies of how life should be will disappear, your fears will disappear, your habit of worrying will disappear, your need for attention and approval from others will disappear, your jealousy or comparison will disappear, your serious ego will disappear, and your discontentment with life will disappear. Integrity will dissolve all of the energetic blocks and open up all your seven chakras (energy centers) for the Kundalini energy to flow freely! Your health with be at its peak and your life will be beautiful!

  • Integrity will clear the path for your energy flow
  • Authenticity will awaken the latent Kundalini energy in you
  • Responsibility will send the awakened energy into the world so that the world will listen to you, the world will take you seriously
  • When you enrich yourself and life around you, the world just follows you! Not only will others listen to you, but they will just follow you!

When you are integrated and authentic, your Kundalini is awakened very safely. With responsibility, it ows into the world to ful ll your inner visualizations. It will make whatever you want into reality. With enriching, your peak potential in every dimension will become reality. You will create heaven on earth for yourself and others.

When you bring integrity into your life, your fantasies, your fear, your habit of worrying, your attention need, your jealousy, your ego, and your discontentment will disappear.

Remove Negativity with Integrity

All your negativity is rooted in the past

The first thing integrity will do is remove all the weeds rooted in your past failures that you are constantly cherishing. As I said earlier, when you become aware of your inner chatter, you will see so many negative tracks playing inside you: ‘I’m a loser.’ ‘I can’t get things right.’ ’I’m so stressed.’ ‘I can’t ful l all my responsibilities.’ ‘Something is wrong with me.’ ‘I’m not good enough.’ ‘I can’t have what I want.’ ‘Everybody hated me.’ These are just a few examples of the negative tracks that constantly play as the background music of your thoughts. They all have their source in your past.

Negativity needs some past evidence as a support for it to survive. Remembering the past with a negative, limiting story creates negative weeds. Please be very clear: negativity cannot be based in the future. Negativity can be rooted only in the past! The events of the past are the seeds for negative weeds to grow. So when the weeding happens through integrity - by keeping your word with yourself and others and completing with your past, you and your future are free from the past.

Listen! All your negative thinking, your fears, your anxieties - everything is rooted in the past. If you look a little deeply into yourself, you will understand. When you become aware of your thinking, when you become integrated with your thinking, your past no longer has power over your future or over your inner space. You will not hold onto your memories of your past and project it onto your future, limiting your possibility. Even carrying fears for your future is a direct result of harboring wrong ideas from your past and forcing them onto your future. You abuse your future with the wrong impressions from your past.

Exercise Write down all the negative inner chatter or thoughts that you have about yourself.

One by one, start completing with them, saying goodbye and letting go of them, because they belong to your past, not to your future. Stop your negative self-ful lling prophecies!

How does negativity take root in you?

Listen: any negativity can only become strong in you if you constantly remember your past experiences through the lter of failure. They become your thinking habits. Negativity cannot grow in your inner space, cannot have power over your inner space, cannot have strength in your inner space, if your past memories are not continuously supplied as evidence.

It is through your unconscious commitment to your thinking habits and behaviours that you keep the negativity alive in your system. Again and again you supply your thinking with negativity as evidence of your limited story of you and your possibility. You create a small life and look around at all the ‘proof’ that exists to support the negative beliefs you carry about yourself.

For example, let’s say you have the negative thought pattern, ‘I’m not good enough’. You continuously support that belief by judging yourself by what you haven’t accomplished; what is missing and what has yet to be done. You have a long ‘To Do’ list, which is a burden to you; you spend more time worrying about it then actually creating and following a plan to successfully complete it all.

This creates a vicious cycle or self-fulfilling prophecy of failure that roves your idea that you are not good enough! It is as if you take a weed, find a special plot of land for it, fertilize the soil, plant it, water it regularly and then after a few years wonder, ‘How did this garden become so full of weeds?’

When you become integrated, the first thing you will understand is that your past failures are not actually failures in the way that you think. Your failures do not make you a failure! The number of times you remember your failures is the real problem, not the failures themselves. If you just learned from the situation and moved on, everything would be ne. But instead, you are caught brooding over it, sometimes for years! There is an emotional hangover from the event, so it doesn’t leave your system. It is like you go on vacation for only one or two days, but for months afterward you show those photographs to everyone and keep on enjoying them! You bring so much importance to those memories, that it makes the vacation look too big for you – much bigger than it actually was!

Exercise In a diary or book, write down your most frequently occurring negative thoughts and ideas about yourself and life. Repeat this task for the next four days. Each day, just write down everything without editing and close your book.

At the end of five days, open the book and read what you have written. You will realize how you are replaying the same negative thoughts in your inner space!

Drop your past failures

Every moment, the load of your past does not allow you to progress in the future. The load of your past is like a huge iron ball chained to your leg! How long can you drag it and expect to move forward?

Listen: you are capable of taking responsibility only for your future. You cannot do anything with your past! When you practice integrity, you will not allow your past to come and interfere with your present moment. What I am sharing is the most practical principle of life. Negativity has its roots only in your past. Most of the time you are caught in fear, jealousy, anger, lust , without even being aware. When you start practicing integrity with integrity, you will be aware of every thought you are having.

If you don’t remember your past again and again and again, the first thing that will happen is that you will be free from your past, and your inner space will be available for your future responsibility and responsible future.

Positive thinking is always negative

I have received a question: Swamiji, can you please clarify the difference between complete cognition and the so-called positive thinking? Listen: the so-called positive thinking is always positive/negative thinking! Usually your thinking is negative/positive thinking. In positive thinking, you shift to positive/negative thinking, that’s all!

Your ordinary thinking is usually negative, because you rarely think positively. Positive thinking is like consciously trying to be positive, but falling into negative, then again starting with positive and falling into negative, and so on.

Positive thinking is just ghting with the negativity. It can never heal the negativity. Only complete cognition will heal the negativity. The deep wound, where you start believing that negativity is going to be your permanent lifestyle, can be healed only in complete cognition. Positive thinking cannot heal your strong belief that failure is always going to be part of your life. Only with complete cognition, you can have the totally positive experience. Complete cognition is poornatva or completion.

I have one more question here: Is positive thinking a deliberate conscious ego-building?

I tell you, it is a deliberate conscious ego-building - without a foundation! It can collapse anytime, and when it collapses, the damage will be too much! A small earthquake is suf cient for the whole thing to collapse, and the damage will be too much. Positive thinking is just ghting with the negativity. It can never heal the negativity. Only complete cognition will heal the negativity.

Your only enemy

Many times, people come and tell me, ‘I am not able to get out of my fear.’

Please listen: why you are not able to get out? Because you already committed with that negativity many times! For example, you tell yourself again and again, ‘I am going to be destroyed. I am going to be destroyed. This is the way it is going to happen. I am going to be a loser, loser, loser.’ It means that one hundred times you have committed to yourself you are going to be a loser. Then, naturally, your whole energy will work only to ful l that concept - the commitment you gave to yourself that you are a loser.

After repeating this to yourself a hundred times, if you once decide to say, ‘I am a winner’, that will look too silly even to you! You yourself won’t believe it. Making a positive af rmation a few times will not be enough to compensate for the hundreds of times that you declared that you are a loser. You don’t even really believe it, because the past incompletions are still alive in you. It is only for the sake of argument that you say, ‘I am a winner.’

Sometimes, when you have an argument with your spouse, you know for sure that your spouse is going to win the argument, but just to record your opposition, you make some statement, knowing that anyway you are going to lose the argument! That is the way it will look to you when you try to convince yourself that you are a winner, after you have uttered a hundred times to yourself that you are a loser!

I know the space of utter positivity, complete positivity. I know the space, I cherished that space, I am cherishing that space. I am exactly in the mood of the Vedic rishi (seer) when he roared:

Shrnvantu vishve amrtasya putraaha Vedaahamekam purusham mahaantam ‘Oh Sons of Immortality, I know the path to it. Wake up and achieve it!’

I tell you, other than your own negative beliefs about you, you don’t have any enemy in your life! Just understand this truth and liberate yourself! I am not teaching you; I am not inspiring you; I am not ordering you: I am requesting you to do this.

Other than your own negative beliefs about you, you don’t have any enemy in your life. Just understand this truth and liberate yourself!

Plan for success, not failure

Many times, you plan for failure because you want to be ‘prepared’ whenever it actually happens!

Drop that planning!

Your mind may say, ‘If I suddenly fail, what to do? At least if I think it through beforehand, I will be ready for failure.’

There is no such thing as ‘being prepared for failure’, because failure will always come from some unexpected zone! Use your logic. If you prepare and prevent your failure, then how can it happen? It can only come from some unexpected angle; something you didn’t consider or were not able to plan for. So your precaution and preparation cannot protect you. It is not going to help you in any way.

First, because of wanting to be well-prepared for failure, you visualize that situation so strongly in your mind that you actually create a possibility for it. And thinking that you won’t be able to handle failure if it comes by surprise is one more negative commitment you give to yourself!

See the layers and layers of negative commitments you give to yourself. It has gone on for so long that it is second nature for you to think and feel in this way. You really know only suffering. Unfortunately you persist with it by planning to protect yourself from imaginary failures in the future.

First of all, failure is not going to come if you don’t create self- ful lling prophecies. Second, even if it comes, you have the capacity to face it. Whether you believe it or not, accept it or not, understand it or not, there is no such thing as the idea that you cannot face the failure if it comes suddenly. Preparing for possible failure is just one more negative commitment you give to you! It is the logic you use to constantly create negative patterns in you. Are you getting it? That idea itself is one more negative commitment you are giving to you!

Negativity only leads to more negativity. It cannot lead to joy. It cannot take you to ful llment. Negativity itself is a strategy for failure. Do you want to succeed at failing in your life? If not, root out the negativity so that your natural positivity and integrity express through you.

The next time you plan something, remind yourself not to plan for failure, even unconsciously. Create the space for success, and it will happen.

You are facing it everyday

What is the biggest fear of all human beings? Death! Understand: even your biggest fear - death - is going to come suddenly and you are going to face it!

Everything you consider as a failure is going to come only suddenly, and you are going to face it. There are millions of times when what you call failure came to you suddenly and you faced it. Draw courage from that! See the strength in you and support that.

Once you drop the negative commitments you gave to yourself, you cannot justify your planning for failure. You cannot justify your negative plans in any form, in any way. So, drop fantasizing about failures! Drop visualizing about failures. When you do, integrity will simply flower in you.

The burdens from the past are the roots of the tree of failure. The negative commitments and negative self-image are the leaves and branches. Weed them out with integrity. You will start experiencing the space of Positivity.

Sit and undo the negative commitments that you gave to yourself layer by layer and complete with them.

You have to remember them, complete with them and drop them. Only then can you really conquer them. Only then can you release the blocked energy and make it available for you to create your new life with integrity.

You can’t just say, ‘I hereby drop all the negative commitments I gave to me’ and think that it’s over. No! First you need to know all the negative commitments that you gave to you, and only then drop them. That will happen only when you start investigating your thought patterns and complete with them.

Technique to cancel past negativity

I am teaching you the Mathematics of Life. You need to listen intensely. Every negative commitment you give to you is alive! It has energy. Each negative commitment has to be nulli ed. Until it is nulli ed, it continues to give fruit.

Nullifying it is simple mathematics! Bringing integrity to your inner space and life is simple mathematics.

Imagine your life as a mathematical equation, with all the negative statements you continuously make to yourself placed on the equation as the pluses and minuses, multiplications and divisions.

Now what is the equation of your life at this moment? You don’t know.

Assume that it is an equation like A+B-CxD2xF/G+HxI+J3-K – a complicated mix of negative commitments like this. Looking at this equation, you don’t even know which negative commitment has been multiplied by some other negative commitment, resulting in some other negative commitment!

If you multiply any mathematical equation by zero, what do you get?


However big and complicated the equation may be, the moment you say ‘x 0’ (multiplied by zero) at the end, the whole equation is reduced to zero.

Similarly, integrity is the ‘zero’ that can cancel out the equation of all your multiplied negativities.

Even if your life has been any number of negative prophecies and negative commitments till now, just put ‘x integrity’ (multiplied by integrity) at the end of your life equation from now onwards; the whole thing is reduced to zero!

But some people say, ‘No, no, Swamiji! You don’t know the complications I created in my life! A+B-CxA2/C2xB-Q/ABCDE = what?? My life is that complicated! You don’t know!’

No! It doesn’t matter. Whatever the equation, if you just put ‘x 0’, at the end, the whole thing is zero! Similarly, no matter what negativity, lack of integrity, negative commitments, self-ful lling negative prophecies you have created in your mind in the past, just say ‘x Integrity’ from now onwards! Over! The whole thing becomes equivalent to positivity and integrity.

Just declare it and start living! This is a foolproof solution.

But there is a way to cancel out all this negativity in a single stroke!

Click Integrity is the ‘zero’ that can cancel out the equation of all my multiplied negativities

You are struggling with three realities

When you are not living in integrity, there will be a conflict between the three realities you are living with - the reality you want, the reality you need, and the ultimate Reality.

When you don’t have integrity, your idea of what is the best life will be continuously changing, because you are aware of neither what you want nor what you need in life. Whatever you see or experience around you, you will pick up some ideas from that and create your idea of the ultimate life. So you will have a certain idea of the ultimate life in the morning, a different idea in the evening, and a totally different idea the next day! And none of these ideas will be in tune with what you really need to progress in your life. So you will be pushing and pulling and struggling with these diverse realities.

Listen: any struggle is a defeat for all parties involved in the struggle. Any reconciliation is a win for all parties involved in the reconciliation. If there is a struggle between you and you, all your desires are doomed for failure, and none of your realities can be fulfilled.

When you are established in integrity, you will be completely focused on experiencing the space of positivity. There will be no incomplete cognitions or negative prophecies con icting with this space. When there is no conflict inside you, the reality you want, the reality you need, and the highest Reality, will all fall naturally into alignment.

When you don’t have integrity, your idea of what is the best life will be continuously changing, because you are aware of neither what you want nor what you need in life.

Integrity frees your energy

Your distorted cognition of life is the lter which keeps you in maya (illusion). When you establish yourself in integrity, this filter between you and life is removed, and you will start cognizing a new reality.

All your energy, which was blocked by these negative cognitions and negative commitments, is now freed to experience life and to manifest the reality you want. Instead of being bound by the reality you experience, now you are free to create the reality you choose!

The brain that is established in integrity and authenticity can read any book and understand the truths from that book. Just as a Paramahamsa swan can separate water from the milk in a mixture of milk and water, the brain established in integrity can separate truth from untruth effortlessly. The brain established in integrity and authenticity is what I call Paramahamsa, supreme swan.

When integrity expresses through your head, it expresses as intelligence. When it expresses through your heart, it expresses as sympathy. When it expresses through your being, it expresses as peace.

With fresh eyes, look at everything in your life - your business plans, your relationships, your decisions about your future, your decision about your age - everything. Listen! You can even decide how long you want to live on planet earth; you can decide what you want your reality to be! When you practice integrity and authenticity, your Kundalini energy is so alive and awakened, it radiates and lls anything you touch!

When you establish yourself in integrity, the filter between you and life is removed.

Integrity is Integrating YOU

Listen: when you are not integrated, you are like a bunch of people living inside one body! Sometimes, I have seen ten people or personalities living in one body! And each of your personalities is running its own show inside your body. Imagine the chaos and confusion!

When a group of personalities live in one body, the problem is that all of them need to share your body! So one person owns your hand, another person owns your brain, another person owns your heart. So all of them are incomplete, as no one owns the whole! Tell me, if twenty incomplete people are put together, can they do the work of one complete, integrated person? No - because only one person owns the brain! When you align yourself to integrity by practicing Swapoornatva Kriya and completion, you suddenly become one being. You become integrated, whole, complete.

When you integrate YOU, you can just declare whatever you want to achieve and do it. You will see - when you experience integrity inside you, the whole word co-operates with you. When you maintain integrity with others, others’ confidence in you increases.

When you maintain integrity with yourself, your con dence in you increases. When you have confidence in you, you will realize that you are the ultimate doer, the causer of reality!

Exercise Write down five painful childhood memories that impacted your life. Sit and talk out these incidents in front of a mirror or with a person who was part of that incident. Relive and Relieve.

Your confusion is just lack of integrity

Your confusion and forgetfulness are nothing but lack of integrity. It happens because one of your personalities makes a commitment which the other personalities don’t remember or don’t feel the need to ful l! When you lack integrity, you even forget what you really want. You not having what you want in life if forgiveable, but you not even knowing what you want in life, is not forgiveable! Not having what you want is poverty. Not even knowing you want is ‘horror-ty’!

When you bring integrity in your thinking, you become aware of every anxiety you go through, every fear you go through, all the forgetfulness you go through. You become aware of how you are responsible for creating negativity in your life; how you are anxious to create negativity in your life! You also understand how you can align to yourself, and the world will just align itself with you. When you bring integrity in your thinking, you become aware of how you are anxious to create negativity in your life!

What If Others Don’t Reciprocate In The Same Way?

Even if others don’t reciprocate, it can’t be the reason for you not doing it! Remember, you are not being integrated for the sake of others. You are doing it for your own enlightenment, your own expansion, your own success, your own victory in life! Others may not need to reciprocate because they are not interested in enlightenment, they are not interested in spirituality, they are not interested in success. You are the one who is interested, so you will have to take up the responsibility of establishing yourself in integrity. But you will find that when you establish yourself in integrity, the world also will start reciprocating! - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Integrity is a basic requirement for life

If you have integrity - nothing else matters. If you don’t have integrity - nothing else matters! No technique, no method, no technology, no meditation, no kriya will work for you unless you bring integrity into you. Only with integrity does any technique, any kriya, any spiritual teaching, any life start happening in you. Constantly digging out the root pattern which makes you powerless, which makes you struggle with life, can happen only with integrity.

Authenticity can be practiced. We can allow a certain practice period for authenticity. Integrity has no practice period. And it does not need any practice period. You just have to start living it!. A man without integrity, even if he says ‘I am surrendering’, you cannot believe him. He doesn’t have the integrated being to be able to really surrender. Whether you live a spiritual life or ordinary life, integrity and authenticity form the basis for life.

Integrity has no practice period. You just have to start living it!

Integrity – Path to Your Life’s Purpose

When you bring integrity into your thinking all your patterns get destroyed just by the existence of integrity. Because every time you think, every statement you complete, you will see if it is in alignment with your existence, your life’s purpose. When the integrity in the words starts, you will create workability in the outer world. When the integrity in your thinking starts, you will create creativity itself in the inner world.

When you are aligning your every thought with the purpose of your existence, integrating your every thought with the purpose of your existence, you are creating, it is creativity. Creativity is not just painting something or sculpting something or designing something; creativity means creating life as you want. When you align your thoughts, just visualize and see if you are applying integrity.

Integrity and Authenticity = Living Enlightenment When you integrate your intellect it becomes knowledge. It leads you to life solutions, you will understand about the cosmos. When you integrate your emotions, it leads to devotion; you will feel connected to the cosmos. When you integrate your being it leads to Dhyana (meditation) – you will realize the cosmos. Understanding, emotional feeling connection, realization.

All these three happen just by integration. Integrity is the ultimate yoga. It solves all the problems of life. I can say, it dissolves all the problems of life. So have integrity and achieve enlightenment.

Every thought, every idea you consciously acknowledge is a promise given to you by you, so you have to fulfill it. So you will be aware before giving any promise to yourself. You will see, it is a commitment; will I be able to fulfill it or not? Am I going to believe only my past records or am I going to believe my possibility?

My past records make me feel I am a failure. The fight between past records and possibility is the fight between creativity and laziness.

Do not believe in past records. Believe only in possibility.

Integrity, the Principle Force of Shuddhadvaita

Integrity is the Meru Danda (spindle) on which the whole Cosmos flows. Oneness (Advaita) is the core of the Meru Danda. When the Meru Danda moves, the force generated is integrity. Integrity is a power. When ordinary people try to teach integrity, they try to control others through it. With The Avatar™, Paramahamsa Nithyananda, being integrated is a way to manifest powers. He manifests powers through such a person by empowering them.

Integrity gives the glimpse of Sadashivatva (the experience of Sadashiva). When practicing integrity, one will feel good about oneself. The body becomes the best space to live; the inner space becomes the best way to exist; the physical, physiological, psychological, neurological circuits become complete. Integrity is literally like a doing prana pratishtha (infusing cosmic energy) into oneself. Only with integrity, Sadashivatva starts happening.

The students of Nithyananda Gurukul maintain a high level of integrity. Sadashiva is empowering them and manifesting powers through them. That is the witness evidence that The Avatar™ is using integrity only to empower devotees, not to control devotees.

It is with integrity life starts. It is with integrity that one reaches the core principle, the spindle (Oneness). Only integrity is the scale to find out whether one is completing, or cheating oneself and cheating others. When integrated, Sadashiva manifests powers through them. When Consciousness starts functioning, friendliness is the smell.

When Advaita starts moving, integrity is the force generated. Align to that force. Integrity is the scale with which one can measure whether they have completed or not, whether they are healed or not, whether they are evolving or not. First, have completion with integrity; love integrity. It is one of the amazing powers a human being is given. It is not a controlling mechanism, it is living mechanism. It is a lifestyle, breathing style. By bringing integrity, one will empower oneself and discover a new being. Integrity will literally make one Sadashiva. Practicing integrity leads to experiencing Advaita and manifesting the powers of Sadashiva.

Experience the Power of Creation with Integrity

Energy minus Integrity is fantasy

Having desires is not wrong. Not having the integrity to ful l those desires, which are the words you have given to yourself, is wrong! When you are integrated, you will either work to convert your desires into reality, or if you are not able to ful l those desires, you will complete with yourself and accept the reality as it is. When you don’t have the integrity to convert your desires into reality, they remain hanging as unful lled fantasies and incompletions in your life.

The mooladhara chakra or root energy center is the energy center that controls your ability to create the reality that you want to experience. The energy ow to this center gets blocked when you are lled with fantasies and unful lled expectations about life. When you lack integrity, your life will be nothing but unful lled expectations from you and others.

The mooladhara or root center chakra has a certain innate energy. A vast reservoir of inner potential energy lies dormant in the mooladhara. When you have integrity, this energy will become a powerful visualization which can manifest as reality. When there is no integrity, your desires will remain as unfulfilled fantasies.

Whether what you visualize is going to become reality or not depends on your ability to live integrity. Your verbalization or inner chatter becomes visualization only when you have integrity. Only then can your words be transformed into reality.

Exercise Today, choose a desire you would like to fulfill. Throw your whole energy into fulfilling that desire.

At the end of the day, if you are unable to fulfill it, then complete with yourself that you are unable to complete the task and accept the reality.

Try this practice for a few days.

You will see that you will become integrated in your thinking and words, and the right energy will flow to fulfill your true desires.

Awaken your creative capacity

Without living in integrity, which reduces your inner chatter, you cannot clearly visualize the highest vision for your life. You will only be filled with irritation and useless verbalization.

What is verbalization? One way to think of verbalization is to use the analogy of thread being created out of cotton. Visualization is like the cotton, the base material. Verbalization is the thread, the product, made out of that base material. If you have cotton, then it is easy to make thread out of it. If you have only thread, it is not possible to make cotton out of it!

When you add integrity to your life, suddenly the visualization power in your mooladhara awakens. Right now, you have only verbalization. Unless it becomes visualization, it can never become reality! Can anything be made into reality if you don’t visualize it? No!

If you clean out your inner space with integrity, you will have powerful visualization. Then picking up the right verbalization is very easy, and you will create what you want in the world.

When you are practising integrity, try a small test to see the powerful effects of visualization. Try visualizing something and see it happen. For example, visualize that a friend is going to call you and see if that person calls you! Visualization leads to creation

Verbalization is the cosmic feminine energy known as naada. Visualization is the cosmic masculine energy known as bindu. When they both meet, creativity happens - kalaa, the creation of the cosmos.

The science of creating requires visualization. If your inner space is overcrowded with verbalization, how can you visualize anything? You can’t! There is no space for the visualization of what you want to happen in you. Only if you are continuously completing with yourself and with others, retaining the space of integrity, will you have proper visualization.

The energy of your mooladhara, your root chakra, is the raw material out of which you carve your life. If it is a pot of molten gold, you will be able to make a golden deity out of your life!

Integrity has the power to awaken your visualization and make whatever you want into reality!

Integrity makes you a super-achiever

If you have Integrity, every word the Master gives you will just become reality in your life! Even the instructions I have not directly given to you, but which exist in my visualization, will be realized in your visualization!

I have some disciples who know exactly what to do in a given situation, and they take responsibility to do it without ever being asked or guided. They simply pick up on the energy which I am radiating. And there are others - no matter how many times I give them instructions, it doesn’t happen! They may have many reasons, but in the end, it is the burden of unful lled verbalization and incompletions in their inner space that doesn’t allow them to visualize and follow through with the instructions.

So bring yourself to a high level of integrity through completion with yourself and others. You will become an amazing high-achiever in your work, in your relationships and in your life.

Integrity to Bone Structure

Paramahamsa Nithyananda has explained why integrity is a critical aspect of life. With the power of integrity, whatever one says becomes Reality.

This is irrespective of whether what was said was in line with the laws of physics and laws that govern the physical world. Integrity itself is an important spiritual power. It simply manifests as the power of words.

One’s integrity is essential for receiving the initiations from the Master when he guides us into manifesting more and more powers. It is only through integrity that the Master expresses through anyone. “Integrity is a bio-memory stored in the bone structure. If you are integrated to your bone structure, automatically, integrity starts happening in words, actions, lifestyle, behaviour, thinking structure and every aspect of life.”

There are two ways to build integrity. All the qualities can be developed mentally and reached to the level of physical or it can be manifested from the physical and reached to the level of reality.

Mental technique: Integrity can be practiced as a mental technique. In this case, you complete with all the statements that you did not honour in life, declare completion with them and the people involved. Then you go on to create the cognition of an integrated being and keep practicing honouring your words in every relationship in life. This is a mental practice. This takes a long time (typically a 12-year duration) to manifest integrity as part of your bone marrow and it becomes your reality. This is a technique from Vedanta.

Physical Technique: Paramahamsa Nithyananda presents a unique practice from Agamaantha, ‘the skeleton dance’, to build integrity in the bone structure. Here Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives integrity as a physical practice. Building integrity from the physical level is very powerful and fast, working from the inside out and it helps to push and manifest powers in all aspects of life. Instruction: “You will visualise your skeleton structure. The strength of your skeleton structure is the strength of your integrity. Either for 21 minutes or 42 minutes visualize your bone structure and dance. Without losing power over visualizing your skeleton structure, you go on jumping, dancing for any song. Your body should be active; as many bones as possible should be moving; but your inner space should be holding the whole skeleton structure’s visualisation. It will almost be like a skeleton dancing. You will see in your inner space the skeleton dancing, but that cannot reduce the speed of your dance. Your movement should be there and the skeleton structure should be held in your inner space.”

Here, one is aligning with integrity from inside their bone structure. In this case, within one or two months, integrity can be made as part of the desired reality.

Integrity With Spiritual Routine

As explained by Sadashiva, Pratyahaāra means withdrawing life and energy from everything else and centering it on something.

Then, Pratyahāra, withdrawing, becomes Dhaārana, centering. Dharaāna means centering, flowing towards something.

When that Dhāaraāna happens, that on which one is flowing, reveals itself to the person. That is Dhyāana.

Being in that state continuously is Samāadhi.

Everything designed by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, whether waking up in the Brahma Muhurta , doing yoga or doing Pancha Kriya or doing Puja or doing Kirtan or sitting in the Satsang, everything is designed for one to build oneself.

As part of the Shashtanga Yoga, Sadashiva gives an important instruction in Agama - tremendous Sattvic bliss, Ananda, comes from non-violent activities. The bliss that comes from non-violent activities - that is what He calls as ‘Sattvic-Ananda.’ That is the anti-dote for that layer of pitta to be cleansed.

This is the right reason and context why one should always be blissful, with and in ‘Nithyananda.

When the brain is covered by a subtle layer of pitta, a certain amount of sadness, withdrawal, frustration, powerlessness, lower frequency of existence, that becomes the default functioning style. Only then, because of the powerlessness, people think “Let me do anything and manage the situation.” Joy destroys cunningness, joy destroys crooked thinking, joy destroys lack of integrity.It gives a larger vision.

Sadashiva Himself when He lands into a person, He creates intense joy in the system. That is the way He lands. A person’s cognition (about his own self) is very important; based on that they adopt strategies for life.

There are some people who do everything but do not bother about the larger values of life. This can be done only by a person whose brain is covered by pitta layer and does not have high frequency to their existence.

If Sattvic-Ananda can be added to people’s lives, the whole world will live in integrity! The benefits a Sattvic-Ananda person gets can’t even be described. The benefits happen at the physical level, muscle-memory level, physiological and psychological level. When the pitta in the brain reduces, it develops a power called ‘eating its own dead cells and cleaning it’ – that is the power of Rudra.

“Do not allow your physiology and psychology to enjoy joy [that] which comes from torturing [the] other person. No! Then your brain loses its capacity to hold Sadashiva in you. And always encourage, grow, the Sattvic-Ananda. Don’t be shy to grow the Sattvic-Ananda, means, nonviolent joys should be grown so much into the system. I tell you, more and more dosage of non-violent bliss develops a larger and larger vision of life. I tell you, Sattvic-Ananda makes you a Shaivite! That makes you live Shuddhadvaitam, Sadashivoham.” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

“ Spiritual routine helps in building more and more Sattvic Ananda in the system. For example, when people jump and dance during Nithya KirtanSM, that bio-memory gets into their system, and helps make every process so powerful. The bliss is inhaled by every pore of the body! It becomes a part of the muscle-memory and bio-memory. Doing puja is also a way to build Sattvic-Ananda. “The way your body flows, with that I can tell you, the level of Integrity you have and the efficiency or the vision about life.” - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Integrity comes from a Simple Decision!

“Practice may make you perfect, not integrated. Cognitive shift makes you integrated. Decision makes you integrated. That is why when you miss integrity… I am not asking you to practice integrity, I am making you to decide to be integrated from now. Declarations are decisions of reminding yourself, 'Let me burn me with Integrity, let me awaken me to my Integrity. Let the best of me be awakened in me.' " - Paramahamsa Nithyananda Paramashivam

Integrity: Language of Conscious Cognizance

When you think and speak with integrity and authenticity, the language you speak is deva bhaasha – the language of the gods! Conscious cognizance is deva bhaasha.

In ancient India, the common man’s language was Prakrit or Pali. During the Vedic age, the common man’s language was Prakrit. During the age of Buddhism and Jainism it was Pali. Sanskrit was the language of only the initiated ones; it was the consciously created soul’s language. The word ‘Sanskrit ‘ means well done, perfectly created. Sanskrit is not just a language. It is the source of language. When you take conscious cognizance of everything, the Deva Bhaasha happening in you is Sanskrit.

That is why German scholars today are saying that Sanskrit should be used as the base language for translation into other languages. Sanskrit consciously carves your speaking and thinking. With integrity as the chisel, authenticity as the hammer, responsibility as the polish and enrichment as the radiance, you can create a conscious-cognizance language. When you think and speak in this language, the very cognition which happens in you is deva bhaasha.

Listen: I am creating a deva bhaasha in English - the world’s largest spoken language! When you learn and live these tattvas as satyas, your conscious cognizance becomes a new language, and the new language happens, expresses and radiates through you. How many of you feel the new language is actually happening in you? How many of you have become very conscious and aware in your thinking? It will evolve, it will evolve! It will evolve.

Each master created his own dialect of deva bhaasha. We will call the deva bhaasha we create though our conscious cognizance ‘eN-glish!’ The hyphen is a gap - which is consciousness. Just give the gap of consciousness to English, and it becomes eN-glish! eN-glish will be the name of our deva bhaasha, the language of conscious cognizance. You can now catch any master’s language, because conscious cognizance happens in the same frequency for all masters.

The language you use very strongly impacts the consciousness you have! A man cannot be continuously saying, ‘God will take care of me, God will take care of me’, and not believe it in one corner of his heart! It is not possible. When you live in conscious cognizance and communicate this conscious cognizance, the language which happens is deva bhaasha.

When you think and speak with integrity and authenticity, the language you speak is deva bhaasha – the language of the gods!

Mystical powers need integrity

Bring integrity into your thinking, and you will see so many extraordinary powers expressing through you.

When you continuously live in integrity, your bio-memory becomes so subtle that it stops asking for food from outside and starts absorbing food directly from space! Anyone who has practised the nirahara samyama (technique for going beyond the need for food) would have experienced this. If you have done this samyama and failed, know that you are not in integrity. When you bring integrity into your thinking, you do not waste energy in your inner space, and your bio-memory stops asking for matter and food from an external source. When you bring integrity into your thinking, your bio-memory stops asking for matter and food from an external source.

Akashic Readings on Integrity

Q. Respected Kalabhairava, can you please enlighten us on what is Integrity from the cosmic perspective?

Kalabhairava: When the pure prana gets converted into words in a body, that individual Will plays a major role in moulding those words “for” life or “against” life. If the individual Will supports life and allows the prana to get moulded into words, it is called “Integrity”. Individual Will supporting non-life, chaos in life and allowing the prana to get moulded as words is “Non-Integrity”. Integrity is all about allowing your pure prana flow inside you and allowing the pure prana to live, utter, radiate, act through your body and mind and being. “Find out what you are integrated to. Are you in poverty? You are integrated to that. Are you feeling rich? You are intgerated to that. Are you feeling healthy? You are integrated to that. Are you feeling "Wow, I have a great future with Swamiji and Sangha"? You are integrated to that...All the problems of life can be solved by re-cognizing to what you are integrated to. " Integrity to Guru manifests Sadashivatva in you

“Integrity to Guru means seeing who is using this body. Contemplate on that.” 

- Paramahamsa Nithyananda

He explains that integrity to the Guru is the best way to exist. It is being aligned with the ultimate Truth, that He is an incarnation of Sadashiva Himself.

When every action, every thought and decision is aligned with this truth, that is integrity with Guru. Aligning the whole being, integrating everything with this truth is being integrated with the Guru. Powers of Sadashiva express as a side effect of integrity with Guru. More integrity with Guru establishes the person more and more in the original state of Sadashivatva, making the powers manifest very casually.

Integrity is falling in love with your higher personality. It’s romance with higher side of you. It’s romance with a higher possibility of you. The scale to measure whether you are integrated or not, you will manifest Sadāshivatva - ME. when I fell in love with Arunagiri Yogeshwara, the first thing happened is Integrity to Him, means the space of listening. Space of listening and Integrity is one and the same. I decided to listen to Him with My whole Being.Integrity is the expression of love. Integrity is the experience of love. Integrity is the personification of listening.


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