June 27 2013

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In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that the most powerful collective delusionary pattern we live with is food! He shares with us a very astonishing sacred secret declaring that our bodies do not need the quantity of food that we consume. In fact, we don’t even require food at all! Through the very powerful technique of the Nirahara Samyama, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is able to rekindle our innate ability to produce food from the air and space; liberating us from our mental dependence on food and ultimately, food itself!

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Nithyanandeshwara Samaarambhaam Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamaam |
Asmath Aachaarya Paryanthaam Vandhey Guru Paramparaam ||

I welcome all of you with my love and blessings.

I have a beautiful announcement. California Government has declared October as a month for ‘Hindu Awareness’. I congratulate Senate Majority Leader, Ellen Corbett, Ellen Corbett and all the other people who worked for it. We will also be participating that October month for Hindu Awareness in a very big way. That one month, whoever visits the temple, we will give Bhagavad Gita copy as our gift; full October month. And we will also go around all the hotels, motels, run by Patels distributing Bhagavad Gitas and all the Hindu restaurants everywhere. From all those places we will distribute Bhagavad Gitas freely as a gift, only with one condition that nobody should waste it. The receiver should know about Bhagavad Gita, should have the sacred reverence for Bhagavad Gita. Whoever knows and has reverence for Bhagavad Gita will be given the copy as a gift. So, now, California Hindu Festival, one month, all our volunteers, devotees, disciples also will participate in our own way enriching Hinduism.

And I have one more very great news and good news. Nithyananda Gurukul is now affiliated and recognized. Affiliation and recognition for the Nithyananda Gurukul has already come. Not only that, now it is a recognized international school, because it is recognized and affiliated by world’s largest educational organization. So, it is a international school teaching IGCSE syllabus as per the international standards.

Now, now I give my call, now I give my call once more. If you are a Hindu family, plan at least one child for enriching Hinduism. If you want two, give birth to three. Send one to Dhyanapeetam. We will bring them up, train them and make them enrich Hinduism. Hinduism needs urgently spiritual activists. We need at least 100,000 sannyasis, million spiritual activists, 25,000 Krama Brahmacharis. We really need. It is time. We need men, men with responsibility, who can be responsible. This clarion call is not just for Indians. Many countries like Bali, Indonesia, Malaysia, Canada, US, millions of Hindu families have settled all over the world and many practicing Hindus. I have not mentioned all the countries. Almost all the countries in the world has Hindus settled down. It’s my request to all of you - if you are planning for your family with two kids, give birth to three. It is not a difficult job, I know, for you. Then come on. It will be such a best thing for the future of the Hinduism.


And I also invite all over the world, anybody who is interested in enriching Hinduism, understand, as a Mahamandaleshwar of Mahanirvani Peetha, I take the responsibility of calling people to come and learn Hinduism in a deeper way and be a spiritual activist, enrich the world with Hindu tradition. I am inviting people from all over the world, whoever is interested in devoting your life for enriching the world with Hinduism. We have also grown. I tell you, when I changed the focus of our responsibility, I can see Sangha is evolving with a right conscious Mamakaara, and conscious Ahankaara, and consciously taking responsibility for others’ Anyakaara, consciously developing Swa-Anyakaara. So, I request people from all over the world, it is time we take the responsibility for whole world’s spiritual strength. We need lot of spiritual activists. Lot means, LOT.

And if you are planning for two kid in your family, have three and give the one to the Sangha. Even at the age of seven you can bring the child. Of course, till seven you may have to bring it up. Still I have not created the facility for that. But soon I assure I will create for that also.

And one more thing, yesterday I saw the news in Tamil Nadu, one female child was given poison and killed by the parents because they can’t bring up. Now I take the responsibility and announce, as I am speaking in the Lotus News Channel, any child, male or female, if you are not able to bring up, please bring the child to the nearest Dhyanapeetam and hand over. We will take the responsibility of bringing up the child.

And I also commit with the world, this is my commitment with the world and Kalabhairava, I will never force any child to take sannyas. I will never force any child to take sannyas. I will give all the options in front of the child. Whatever child chooses, the child can be the decision-making authority for its own life. Whether it want to marry or take sannyas, it will be the child’s decision.


So, now, as we are the internationally-recognized school, I wanted to expand, concentrate on the school by putting my energy more, of course, more intelligence and more time. And I commit with you all, I commit with the future of the Planet Earth, future of the Time, Kalabhairava’s future hands, I commit with you, I will give you at least million enlightened beings, million enlightened beings for spiritually activating the world, for spiritual activism.

Either you should take sannyas, if you can’t, as a prayaschittha give birth to one child and bring that child up till the age of seven and hand over to Dhyanapeetam Peethadeeshwar’s Training center. Now we are a recognized school. I can call for kids.

See, Hinduism is the place of education. It is a religion of spiritual knowledge. This is the one word with which I can define Hinduism – ‘Religion of Spiritual Knowledge’. A farmer in Hinduism, ordinary village agriculture farmer will speak of more philosophy than any PhDs, in American universities. I can challenge for this. Go to any Indian village farmer who doesn’t know who is his Prime Minister, who is his MLA or who is his MP. Talk to him. He will say what philosophy and Gothra he belongs to. He may not even know who is his MLA. He may not know where is the next nearest police station. He may be disconnected so much from the world, but if you ask him, he will tell his Gothra, his Kula Devatha, the spiritual philosophy he belongs to, the spiritual tradition he belong s to; he will know completely the whole basic spiritual truths. He will know Mahabharatha. He will know Bhagavad Gita. That is the beauty; because spiritual knowledge is our lifestyle.


Anybody and I will also take the responsibility of adopting street childrens; all of them. Wherever you see street children who want shelter, bring them up, please hand over them to the nearest Dhyanapeetam. I will take the responsibility and start bringing them up.


And coming Saturday we have a special webinar on Spiritual Activism, on Spiritual Activism. It is time we create the future leaders with a lot of intelligence, energy, understanding and life.


With this, I will move to Nithya Satsang.

Today’s subject for the Nithya Satsang: ‘NIRAHARA SAMYAMA – NITTY-GRITIES OF NIRAHARA SAMYAMA’.

Listen. I am uttering two important sacred secrets. Please come to the space of listening; two important sacred secrets.

First, your body does not need the quantity of the food you take in. It is not just physical need. This is the first statement.

Second, your body does not even need food to live.

Understand, first statement I am making - Your body does not need the amount of food you take in because the food is not just physical requirement. Most of the time, with the food pattern hundreds of other things are associated, hundreds and hundreds of other things are associated. When you understand that and complete with all those patterns; actually to be successful in the Nirahari lifestyle, you have to complete with all the patterns related to food. The first three levels of Nirahara Samyama - Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, you have to complete with all the root-patterns and patterns related to food.


Yes, now you have so many doubts: ‘What is this? Medical Science says without food we will die. Have you proved?’

Yes, I have proved Medical Science is wrong. I have thousands of my disciples living with simple juices, few living just on water and air. If you see them, you won’t find them very thin, skinny and all. They are good-size people. May not be obese, but good-size people. They look very healthy.



I have proved with enough of scientific studies. I have proved enough, enough, enough. Now all you need to do, all you need to do, just listen, all you need to do is just try it once.

Nirahara Samyama is not fasting, I wanted to make it clear. Usually, people fast to feast. When you start the fasting, you will be counting number of hours when you are going to end it and start feasting.

Nirahara Samyama is not fasting. It is awakening, rekindling the power of your bio-memory to produce energy and food directly from air and water and space. Listen. It is to produce energy directly from the space.


You need to understand, you need to live, you need to realize, only by living you will understand - the food is one of the powerful collective delusory pattern. ‘Collective Delusory Pattern’, that is what is the closest definition to Maya, the closest defining term for Maya. Understand, ‘Name’ is different, ‘Term’ is different. ‘Term’ defines what it means. ‘Name’ brands what it means, but does not define. Name is different, Term is different. This is the closest. Maya is the name, but it does not define completely. But this word defines. This is the term for Maya. Food is one of the major collective delusory pattern we human-beings have created for ourself.

I tell you, if you do this Kriya, Nirahara Samyama Kriya which I will be teaching on July 1st in the Nithya Satsang, your bio-memory will be awakened to produce the food directly from space. As I said, so many people got healed of so many diseases from this Kriya and through this Nirahara Samyama.



Slowly, slowly, training your bio-memory to produce the energy directly from the space and liberating you from all the patterns you created about food and food itself; that is the purpose of Nirahara Samyama. And it is possible. It is possible. Your bio-memory, once awakened, will do so much good which you can’t imagine.


I am not giving you false promises; I am just giving you possibility. When you enter into the space of Nirahara, not only you go beyond food, suddenly your consciousness rises to the next level. Your consciousness rises to the next level; completely to the next level.


Nirahara Samyama will undoubtedly prove your own higher possibility for you. I tell you, if you want to practice shraddha, Authenticity, gain confidence. First thing, hit at the root-pattern of food. Hit at the root-pattern of food.

When you hit at the pattern of food, you will gain confidence about your Authenticity. You will gain confidence that you can be authentic, you can do something which others are afraid of doing, you can do something which even you are afraid of doing.

Nirahara Samyama is one of the most powerful technique, most powerful process.



Understand, it is so unfortunate, it is so unfortunate, human-beings have forgotten their capability so much, it takes so much to remember and bring them back to that space of remembrance of their capabilities. Nirahara Samyama will really, really, really help you to experience Authenticity, to live Authenticity, because it’s a direct experience which you can see directly, which you can listen directly, which you can visualize directly, the pattern with which you can directly play, complete.

First thing required for Nirahara Samyama, start practicing Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. Complete all the patterns related to food. I tell you, once you reach completion, you don’t need the quantity of food you are taking.

Now I am developing the Gudakesha Samyama; means, going beyond sleep. Only thing you need to go beyond sleep is, complete inner space. Just if you complete and reach the space of no dream, you can just go beyond the sleep. So, intense completion is required.

I wanted all the devotees, disciples, sannyasis, Gurukul kids, this is a Poornathva Rithu, Season of Completion. So, everyday, before going to bed, before falling asleep, at least one hour you should spend in completion, you should spend completing, completing, completing. Completing, completing, completing. Learn what is completion and continuously practice completion. Only this can lead you to Nirahara Samyama and the next coming Gudakesha Samyama.


Understand, the essence of today’s satsang:

Nirahara Samyama not only liberates you from food, it liberates you lot of patterns you created based on food and many bondages related to food.

See if you want to remove a rock, first you blast. Then it becomes loose. Then removing the rock is easy. Same way, all your patterns, if you blast that patterns with Nirahara Samyama, then removing all the patterns is very easy.



Rudrabishekam http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/Nithyananda_Swami-27-6-13-11.JPG Rudrahoma Swayambu Linga Ambal Dakshinamurthy http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/Nithyananda_Swami-27-6-13-5.JPG Banyantree Morning Paduka Puja Morning Satsang http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/_MG_8359-27-6-13-3.JPG http://nithyananda.org/sites/default/files/photo-gallery/_MG_8381-27-6-13-1.JPG Sarvadarshan Final Blessing - _MG_8407.JPG Final Blessing - _MG_8406.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8388.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8385.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8382.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8379.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8377.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8376.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8347.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8345.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8368.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8383.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8378.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8384.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8381.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8380.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8372.JPG Nithya Satsang - _MG_8371.JPG Temple Homa Abhishekam Swamijivisit - IMG_8205.JPG Temple Homa Abhishekam Swamijivisit - IMG_8202.JPG Temple Homa Abhishekam Swamijivisit - IMG_8203.JPG Temple Homa Abhishekam Swamijivisit - IMG_8216.JPG


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