June 05 2013

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In today’s morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the astonishing adventure of rebirth during our lifetime. We have the potential for six types of birth during one human life. Physical birth we have all experienced. Then the obsessive mind is born when we develop our root pattern, the source of our troubles. As we release the root pattern, we take true birth! This is the birth of integrity in us. From that infant integration arises the decision to expand, the awareness of our possibility. That is the birth of authenticity. Once we take responsibility for the world we are born into maturity – the birth of leadership. Ultimately, as we enrich others with our understanding we experience divine birth, from which there is no return to the old life – we are liberated.

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Today, I will continue to expand on Spiritual Activism; what I mean by the word ‘Spiritual Activist’. I think, this is the best word which will suit me and this is the best word which will suit all of you, because all of you are reflection of me.


Let me expand on this one word, ‘Spiritual Activism’. Spiritual Activism means, please understand, actively understanding, analyzing, realizing, cognizing the way you look at the world itself through the spiritual frame. Get it. Get it.

What is birth? Understand with spiritual cognition. What is life? Understand with spiritual cognition. What is death? Understand through the four tattvas. How you need to respond to every situation? Understand everything through the four tattvas. Whether it is birth, life, death, meditation, anger, daana, tapa, vairaagya, maturity, growth, expansion, money, how to achieve money, relationships, what is relationships and how to achieve relationships, what is success and how to achieve success; everything cognize with the four tattvas, with spiritual strength, spiritual understanding.


For example, birth. The body which you are using, when it fell on to the Planet Earth - that is the first level of birth. One level of birth happened. Listen. When your body fell on the Planet Earth, one level, one kind of birth has happened. When the first actual root-pattern is experienced by you, next birth happened. Unfortunately, the first physical birth started with deep pain. Even the mental birth started with lack of Integrity, because any root-pattern you carry will not be in Integrity with life. That is why you need to complete with it. When you complete the root-pattern, that moment your birth as per the Integrity starts. Integrity is born in you the moment you complete your root-pattern.

Listen. I am describing different types of births.

When your body happens, it is physical birth.

Actual, when your root-pattern starts happening, it is the birth of you.

When you complete the root-pattern the actual conscious birth starts in you. Your conscious birth starts when you complete with your root-patterns.

When you decide to expand, authentic birth happens.

When you start taking the Responsibility, maturity happens.

Each one of these are different levels of births.

When you start Enriching, Enriching others, the divine being in you starts, is given birth.

Listen. Look at the whole thing.

When your body is born, it is just physical birth, biological birth. There are millions, I can say even billions, see only biological birth and biological death; Over. That is why I tell you, blessed are the kids who are in the Gurukul learn in the very young age what is the real birth. Real birth is not just you coming out of your mummy’s tummy. It is physical birth, biological birth. That’s all. That’s all. When your root-pattern starts, your mental birth starts. That is when your birth starts. When you find your root-pattern and complete all the root-patterns, that is when – understand, listen, listen, get it – that is when your real birth, birth in Integrity starts. When you decide to grow, listen, there are some people who die just with the physical birth. There are some people – not some, I can say, one more billion – dies just with the birth of the root-pattern. Billions of people don’t even have the knowledge about their root-pattern; just in that ignorance they die. They die. They die in the ignorance. When you find your root-pattern and complete with it, your conscious birth starts. Only when you complete with the root-pattern, conscious birth starts. Millions die in this level itself. In the conscious birth, Integrity opens up. Understand, when you decide to grow your Authenticity is born. That is your authentic birth.


1. Physical birth - from mummy’s tummy.

2. Mental birth - when the root-pattern is born.

3. When you complete with the root-pattern, conscious birth.

4. When you decide to expand, authentic birth.

5. When you take the Responsibility for the world, maturity happens in you.

6. When you Enrich others, divine being is born in you, the divine birth happens in you.

I tell you, only the man who has seen all the six births will not have rebirth. Till you see the six births, you will continue to have rebirth. Anybody, anybody wants to go beyond rebirth should see all these six births – Physical Birth, Mental Birth, Conscious Birth, Authentic Birth, Maturity and Divine Birth.

Understand, understand, all these different levels of birth. In the coming Inner Awakening, I will be working on all these births. That will be the unique importance of this Inner Awakening. Only when you have all the six birth, you will not have a rebirth. I have seen some people die with physical birth; some die with mental birth; some die in conscious birth; some die with authentic birth; some die in maturity birth; some die after divine birth. Very few die after divine birth. Anybody dies after divine birth, no rebirth. The space of completion is what I call ‘no rebirth’. Don’t have the life with incompletion. Life in incompletion is hell. Life in completion, life with completion is heaven.

I tell you, in every level looking at the life with four tattvas, living and enriching others, is Spiritual Activism. This is Spiritual Activism. If you are feeling depressed handle it through four tattvas; not with medication, not even with meditation. Even meditation is a kind of accepted medication. No. Even meditation is accepting your defeat, understanding you are powerless and asking for some help. Live with these four tattvas; no question of powerlessness, no powerlessness.




Listen. Right understanding about maturity - I tell you, the maturity my Gurukul kids carry, you can never imagine. In the world, so-called world, maturity is associated only to your cell-phone and cigarette. If you can handle a cell-phone, have a IPAD and smoke or drug, you are considered to be the mature kid. I am shocked, even in Bangalore, high school kids are so freely able to have access to drugs and if you don’t do drug, you are not ‘cool’, you are not modern! Drug is considered, unfortunately, as symbol of maturity. Oh, God! What happened to India? What happened to Bharath? O, Bharat!

Maturity means ability to take the Responsibility. Ability to take Responsibility is maturity. Only my Gurukul kids know the real meaning for maturity. Maturity is becoming adult, a man, a woman, being ready to take the Responsibility. I tell you, when you become physically matured, if you don’t grow and get mentally matured – what is mental maturity? Ability to take the Responsibility for others. If you don’t allow the mental maturity to happen, I guarantee, the physical maturity which happened in you will make you depressed, will put you in depression. It will lead you to so many other perversions, searching here-there, here-there, here-there, expecting different things from different places, finally, you will fall into depression.


Some people who are not matured enough were complaining, ‘Why our Gurukul kids are taking the Responsibility of other kids?’

The grown-up kids are expected to take Responsibility of another one kid. I tell you - that will make the kids so alive. The kid who is taking Responsibility of other kid will really grow, because he will stop throwing all tantrum. Now he has to take care of another tantrum. When you have to take care of another one tantrum, you become so aware. I tell you, when I started taking care of all my disciples, so much of growth has happened in me, so much of Responsibility has happened in me, life has happened in me.


Yes, maturity needs new definition. Death needs new understanding. Life needs new understanding. Joy needs new understanding. Success needs new understanding. Continuously, through the Nithya Satsang, I will expand everyday on different subjects and giving a new understanding through the four tattvas.

If your root-pattern starts, see, when the root-pattern starts, that is the moment you feel yourself as a individual identity. If it starts in an accidental moment, your life will be an accident forever. It is a eternal accident. Till you complete with that root-pattern, you will continue to have accidents in your life.


I tell you, become a Spiritual Activist. Your life has reached its peak. You have realized it. You got it. You got it. Spiritual Activist means, every part of life, about everything, having right understanding through the four tattwas and Enriching the world through the four tattwas.


Understand about birth. When your body happens, it is only physical birth. It is just physical birth.

When your root-pattern happens, it is only mental birth.

When you complete with your root-pattern, conscious birth starts. Only when you complete with your root-pattern, you can be called as ‘Dwija’ – ‘reborn’. Reborn. Dwija. It is conscious birth.

When you decide to grow, expand, become authentic, your authentic birth starts.

That is not enough. When you are ready to take the Responsibility, Responsibility for life, others, life and others, maturity happens to you.

When you start enriching others, divine birth happens to you.

See clearly, this is exactly the way you have to understand every dimension of life, every dimension of life. Understanding and enriching others is Spiritual Activism. Again and again and again, I request every human-being should become a Spiritual Activist. Living it and enriching others. You living these spiritual truths and understandings and enriching others with these understandings.


I have seen, many time, when my Gurukul kids, elder kids take the responsibility of younger kids, immediately the amount of maturity, responsibility happens in them; that responsibility brings so much maturity. I tell you, the joyful childhood is matured childhood. You are matured, but you are in that body of a kid. That is a best life.

Listen. Many people write the history of golden childhood, glimpses of a golden childhood or golden childhood. No childhood is golden, because they were immature when they were in the child body. When they are matured they are already in the adult body. I lived a most matured life in a childhood body. I tell you, I have a real golden childhood. Golden childhood is ‘child body, matured being’. When a matured being lives in a child body, that’s a golden childhood. You will be as innocent as kids, as enlightened as more than any adults. Matured being in a child body is a golden childhood.

All other idea of golden childhood, look back, actually when you were a child how were you? You were frightened about your teacher. You were frightened about your hostel warden. You were frightened about your classmates. You were frightened about the bullying by other colleagues, sorry other friends or students. Then how can you call that as a golden childhood? And you are pulled and pushed, dragged by the small, small desires like a candy, a toy. You have so much of incompletions when you were a child. How can you call that as a golden childhood? NO. Matured being in a child body is the golden childhood. That is golden childhood. I tell you, I had golden childhood. I am giving the authentic golden childhood to my kids in the Gurukul. (Gurukul kids start blowing the conch.)


Even if you carry one powerlessness, your life cannot be called as golden. The normal kids have so many powerlessness. If you look back at your childhood, you had so many powerless moments. Then how can you call that as a golden childhood? No. It is only your fantasy. Your childhood becomes real golden childhood when it is full of powerful moments, no powerlessness. And I give this as a command to all my Gurukul kids, understand, no powerlessness any moment of life. Okay? No powerlessness. (Gurukul kids start blowing conch.) Life should be full of energy and powerful.


I request all the viewers, television viewers and everyone, decide to become Spiritual Activist. Decide to become a Spiritual Activist. No question of having powerless moments in the life. No question of powerless moments in the life. I tell you, we should really do a Spiritual Activism revolution, revolution of Spiritual Activism. I am going to lead, I am leading this revolution. My Sangha is the movement of Spiritual Revolution, Spiritual Activist Revolution.


The essence of all the spiritual literatures, Gita, Upanishads, Brahmasutras, everything is just one word: Become Spiritual Activist. That is the essence. Become a Spiritual Activist. Become a Spiritual Activist.


Understand, if I make million people Spiritual Activist, I will feel I have done what I want to do, what for I happened on the Planet Earth.

In everything, in everything, in everything, look at every moment you are powerless through the four tattvas and understand with the spiritual clarity. I tell you, in every taluk, every village of India, we should create a Spiritual Activist community. In each city, town, taluk, village of India, we should gather people who are ready to become Spiritual Activists and create a Sangha, community, people who are really interested in living the spiritual understanding and enrich others with this spiritual understanding. You can be a brahmachari, married - grihastha, or a sannyasi. This should be our goal - Creating Spiritual Activists everywhere. Creating Spiritual Activists everywhere. In different parts of the world, creating Spiritual Activists is my mission. This should be done. This is only one and only priority for all my followers and disciples.


Understand, I am not saying this is your first priority. This is your ONLY priority. Become a Spiritual Activist. Make more and more people Spiritual Activists. Everywhere we will dedicate our time, talent, treasure, life, everything, to make Spiritual Activists who will live the spiritual truths, who will understand everything through the four principles of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, who will live through these four principles, who will enrich everyone through these four principles.

Spiritual Activism is our life breath. Spiritual Activism is our lifestyle. Don’t just go and continue your everyday routine life after listening to satsang. Go and start radiating. Reach out to people. Enrich people. Every day come with new, new methods to enrich people, reach out to people. You wasted your whole life just listening, not moving. It is time MOVE. Unless you move, nothing can be done. This whole country should become Spiritual Activist country. The whole world, every human-being should become Spiritual Activist.


I am not saying it is first priority to my disciples. I am saying it is ONLY priority to my followers and disciples. Create more and more Spiritual Activists. This is the purpose. This is the purpose. Live these four tattvas, make people live these four tattvas. Live these four tattvas. Make people live these four tattvas. Become a Spiritual Activist.



Every village, every town, every taluk, there are so many spiritual places created - not useful to society or nobody is able to run. I request all my disciples, devotees to approach the people who are holding those spiritual places like ashrams, temples, schools, goshalas, request them, partner with them, make all those places active, alive, and make those places as a Center for Spiritual Activism. Enrich people to be Spiritual Activists. Spiritual Activist means, who takes the oath of these four tattvas, four principles, living Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching yourself and others. Whoever takes the oath of living these four principles, is Spiritual Activist.

And let us create thousands of temples, annalayas, goshalas, vidyalayas to spread Spiritual Activism as Spiritual Activist Centers, as Spiritual Activist Centers. Too much of time we spent in spiritual loneliness and aloneness. It is time we all wake up and enter into Spiritual Activism.


I want every Healer, every disciple to become Spiritual Activist. Every individual in this country should become Spiritual Activist. That is the only way to raise this country. Understand, this country is not going to raise through political revolution. It is not even going to raise like so many fools are imagining if you bring all the black money back the country is going to raise. No. It is not even through the black money, bringing the black money back. The fellows who are screaming about black money, they all built their organizations through black money. It is not even by bringing the black money back or any other socio politico economical revolution. India is going to lead the world only by Spiritual Activism, only by the spiritual revolution, only by spiritual revolution, and Spiritual Activism.



Aaj satsang ka saaransh hai (The essence of today’s satsang is)

Become a Spiritual Activist. Understand these four tattvas – Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. Live them. Radiate them. Be a Spiritual Activist. Enrich others to be a Spiritual Activist.


Spiritual Activism is the only solution for all the diseases this country is suffering, the citizens of this country is suffering, the world is suffering. Spiritual Activism is the medicine for all the diseases the world is suffering. Understand, life, death, birth, power, energy, money, relationship, everything with this clarity of Spiritual Activism through four principles - live and radiate. That is the only solution.

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